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> Warrender Park
39 York
Meunie Mrs. — , apartments, is Alva st
Menzies Misses — , ladies' school, 11 Gilmore place
Miss — , teacher, 14 Niddry st
Miss — , matron, John Watts Hospital, 87 Duke st. Leith
A. J. optician (Aidie & Wedderburu), 2a Albany sfc
Alexander, J P. clerk, 13 Warrender Park crescent
& Co. ship & boat builders, mast & block makers, & ship
smiths, Wet Docks, Leith
& Scott, painters & paperhangers, 26 Argyle place
Annie, school, 11 Gilmore place
Annie, greengrocer, 195 Fountain bridge
â–  Archibald, S.S.C. 7 St. Andrew square; res. 10 Hart st
Chas. D. ,W.S. (Menzies, Coventry & Soote),lf ~ ~
, Coventry & Soote, W.S. 123 George st
Menzies D. architect and civil engineer,
place ; res. Aunesley, Craigmillar park
Menzies David, surgeon, 21 Rutland square
Fletcher Norton, Esq. secretary, Highland & Agricultural
Society of Scotland, 3 George IV. bridge ; res. Balmacneil,
Ballin'luig, Perthshire, and New Club, Edinburgh
James, coal & coke merchant. 25 Prince Regent st. Leith, and
Haymarket station ; res. 9-i Pitt st
James, manager, 10 Upper Gilmore place
James M. engraver, printer & lithographer, 30 Dairy rd
Janet, china merchant, 16 North West Circus place
John, engraver, 13 Lothian rd
John, coal merchant, 195 Fountain bridge
John & Co. wholesale booksellers, 12 South Hanover st
John & Sons, coal merchants, spring makers, smiths, &c.
Hope Crescent lane, Leith walk
John R. bookseller (J. Menzies & Co.), 3 Grosvenor crescent
John S. inspector, Crescent Cottage, Trinity crescent
John U. commission merchant, 10 Bernard st. Leith ; res.
Lochleven Lodge, Trinity
Robert, S.S.C. 5 North St. David st ; res. 40 Dublin st
Thomas, commercial traveller, 23 Marehmont rd
Thomas, joiner, 20 West. Nicolson st ; res. 28 St. Patrick sq
Thomas, shipbuilder (Menzies & Co.), 8 Hermitage place, L
Thomas H. registrar for St. George's Parish, 6 Lothian rd ;
res. 17 Torphichen st
Thomas H. coal agent, 26 St. Patrick square
William, surgeon, 3 Lothian rd
William, bootmaker, 15 Caledonian crescent
William, commission agent, 18 Picardy place
William H. draper (Menzies Bros.), 17 Keir st ; res. 13
Warrender Park crescent
William John, W.S. (Menzie9, Coventry and Soote), Canaan
House, Grange loan
Mephins John James. London Hotel, 2 St. Andrew square
Mercantile Heritages Co. Limited, 18 Queen st— J. & R. A. Robert-
son, agents
Marine Office. 66 Commercial st. Leith— John Hutchings, r.n.
Mercer & Orombie, lace merchants & muslin & ribbon warehouse,
13, 15, & 17 Nicolson st
â–  James (G.P.O.), 1 Roseneath terrace
Janet, householder, 35 Broughton st
Janet, clothes broker, 26 Cowgate
■ — - Michael, rag, glass & china merchant, 249 & 251 Cowgate
â–  Violet, fruiterer & confectioner, 22 Ciledonian terrace
â–  Walter, lace merchant, &c. (Mercer & Crombie), 3 St. Cathe-
rine's place
Merchant Company Hospital, Schools, Hall & Offices. 14 Hanover
st— A. KirkMackie, S.S.C. secretary ; James R. Carphin,
C.A. chamberlain
Company Porters, 61 Bernard st
Merchants' Hall, 4 Hunter square [intendent
Merchiston (North) Cemetery, Slateford rd — Win. Falconer, super-
Meredith Rev. W. M'Donald, senior chaplain of St. Mary's Cathe-
dral, 9 Rosebery crescent
Merrilees William, flesher, 6 & 67 Main st. Newhaven
Merry Quinton, furniture dealer, 6 Dairy rd
Mersy Peter, hairdresser, 31 Lothian st
Metcalfe W. & J. & Co. seed, cake & manure merchants, 137 Con-
stitution st. Leith, & at Dalkeith [sec
Meteorolosical Society, chambers, 122 George st — Alex. Buchan,
Meters & Weighing Office, 2 Dock place, Leith
Methuen James & Co. fish curers. 33 Constitution st. Leith, and
236 Leith walk, Leith
Methven David, ironmonger (Law & Methven), 6 Valleyfield st
Henrv W. nurseryman (Thomas Methven & Sons), 2b Great
King st
John, nurseryman (Thos. Methven & Sons), 6 Belle Tue cres
Peter, baker & confectioner, S Middlefield, Leith walk
Methven Thomas and Sons, nurserymen, seedsmen
and florists, 15 Princes st; nurseries, Leith walk,
Warrieston and Inverleith
Methven William, insurance agent, 35 India place
Metropolitan Cemetery Co. 2 York placs— J. & W. Pollard, C.A. sees
Lodging House, 89 Grassmarket
Mewhort James, bookseller, 3 Elm row
Meyer Albert H. e-irver & guilder. 26 Forrest rd ; res. 12 Graham st
â–  Charles, cabinet maker and upholsterer. 12, 13 & 15 St. Pat-
rick square & St. John's hill
Mpyerowicz A. Nicolay, teacher of German, 27 York place
Michael Henry, tailor and clothier, 158 High st; res. 80 South
Clerk st
Jacob, working jeweller & watchmaker, 102 South bridge ; res.
6 South Findborn place
Michie George, bootmaker, 5 Brandon terrace
Helen, confectioner, Tanfield
â–  Henry, bootmaker, 1 Haddington place
John Coutts, artist. 16 Picardy place
John D. artist, 4 Maxwell st. Morningside
Mickel Agnes, householder, 14 West Preston st
â–  â–  J. G. commercial traveller, 30 East Preston 9fc
-Robert, tea merchant (James Peddie & Co), 16 Melville fcer
Middlcmass Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer,
Leven st
Middlemass James, clothier (James Middlcmass & Co,), 12 May-
field terrace, Newington
Middlemass James and Co. clothiers, shirtmaliers,
outfitters and pulpit robe makers, 15 South bridge
Middlemas John, biscuit manufauturer(Robert Middlemas & Bon);
80 South Clerk st
Robert, biscuit manufacturer (Robert Middlemas & Son), 25
Findhorn place
'Robert, Edinburgh Hotel, 36 Princes st ; res. Green Park,
Robert & Son, biscuit manufacturers, 20 West Preston st. and
77 Causewayside
Thomas, watchmaker, 47 Lothian rd ; res. 32 Castle terrace
Middlemiss John A., C.A. 14 Archibald place
Middleton A. T. carp enter (Middleton & Robertson), 4 Ladyfield pi
Alexander, grocer, 1 Portland place, Leith
Alexander, clothier, 46 Kirkgate
& Robertson, house carpenters, 4 Ladyfield place
David, grocer & spirit dealer, 22 South St. James st
James, spirit dealer, 5 Hope st. and 21 Rose st; res. 49
Leamington terrace
James, bootmaker, 4 Fort place, North Fort st. Leith
James, householder, 20 Hillside st
Jessie, smallware dealer, 55 Causewayside
John, draper & clothier, 11 Lothian st
Joseph, bootmaker, 130 Ferry rd. Leith
Midland Counties Fire and Life Insurance Co. (Head Office for
Scotland), 42 George st— James Trotter ,resident secretary
Railway Co. 9 Princes st— J. Macnaughton, agent
Midlothian Coast Artillery Volunteer Hall, 30 Grindlay st
Conservative Association, 107 Princes st— Hugh W.Adair, sec
Liberal Association, 19 Castle st— P. W. Campbell, W.S. and
Holmes Ivory, W.S. joint secretaries
Midlothian Oil Co. Limited, manufacturers of burn-
ing & lubricating oils, paraffin scale, &c. 63
North bridge
Midlothian Yeomanry Club, 16 Princes st— James Park, sec
Miebach Johann P. Commercial Hotel, 27 Sandport st. Leith
Mielisch Emilie, Baltic Hotel, 14 Commercial st. Leith
Heinrich, Skandcnavish Hotel, Sc coffee house, 12 Sandport st
Milan Thomas, Janefield Laundry, Gorgie rd
Miles James, inspector of poor, 7 North Fort st. Leith
Mill Agnes, householder, 2 Carlton st
& Bonnar, W.S. 15 Hill st
James, provision merchant (Taylor & Mill), 4B Pilrig st
John, greengrocer, 4 Drevar place, Bonnington
John, hairdresser, 93 Pleasance
Matilda, householder, 35 Howe st
Peter, dining rooms, 11 Melbourne place
Robert & Son, slater & glazier, 198 Pleasance
Millan Robert, tailor (Nightingale & Millan), 24 Chalmers st
Millar Mrs. — , householder, 2S Cumberland st
A. & Son, watchmakers & jewellers, 36 Leith st
Adam M. watchmaker (A. Millar & Son), 7 Annandale st
Alexander, draper, 53 Morrison st ; res. 13 Gillespie crescent
Alexander, clerk of works, 19 Primrose terrace
Alexander, coffee room, 47 Great Junction st. Leith
Alexander & Co. drapers, milliners & mantle makers, 52
Morrison st. Haymarket [st
Alexander J. & Son, plasterers & cement workers, 9 Lauriston
& Bryce, searchers of public records, 5a York place
& Co. drapers, 13 Montagu terrace
& Dudgen, grain merchants, 53 Constitution st. Leith
Andrew & Son, watchmakers, 5 West Nicolson st
Brothers, commission merchants, 13 & 14 Quality st. Leith
Brothers, drapers & hosiers, 15 Howe st
Catherine, householder, 47 Warrender Park rd
Daniel, shopkeeper, 23 Charles st
David G. merchant (Millar Brothers), 12 Brandon st
E. C. householder, 1 Lochend rd
Ellen, dressmaker, 37 Forrest rd
Emma, householder, 30 Royal circus
George, die sinker, 51 Hanover st ; res. 16 Albert st
George, mason, 2 Heriot terrace
H. & R. turret clock makers, 6 Castle wynd, Johnston ter
Helen, artist in hair, 43a George st
Hugh, clock maker (H. & R. Millar), IS Earl Grey st
J. H. B. glass engraver, Lovers' lane, Leith walk
James, builder. Marehmont st
James, newsagent, 4 Saunders st. Stockbridge
James, fruiterer & florist, 49 Lothian rd ; res. 41 Grindlay st
James, cork manufacturer, 4 Saunders st
James, fishmonger, 49 Arthur st
James, draper & milliner, 20 Leven sfc
â–  James G. advocate, 31 India st
â–  James, plasterer, 12 Robb's court. High riggs ; res. 3 Glen sfc
Jane, householder, 99 Warrender Park rd
Janefc, greengrocer & dairy, 109 Main sfc. Newhaven
John, solicitor, 12 Woodburn terrace
John, plasterer, 7 Portland place
John, apartments, 14 Glenogle terrace
John, commission agent, 145 Constitution st. Leith
John, traveller, 11 Rosevale place
John, jeweller (A. Millar & Son), 38 Craigmillar park
John, joiner, Marehmont st
John, wholesale confectioner, 68, 70 & 72 Duke st. Leith;
res. Seagrove House, Leith
John, cabinet maker, 10 Nicolson st
John, stationer, 80 Causewayside
John Alex. S. solicitor, Holyrood, Caanan lane
John L. merchant (Millar & Dudgeon), Spring bank, Mussel-
John W. commission agent, 51 Timber bush ; res. Cherry-
bank, Newhaven rd
Nathaniel (G.P.O.). 2V, TJrunfcon place

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