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MaGiicWSuii Pet t r, uuuDuiaKei' ami leatoicr mei'cnaiifc, oil blioro,
Leith ; res. 18 llosevale place
Robert, m. a. schoolmaster, 18 Woodburn terrace
William W. householder, IS Melville terrace
Matliie Alice R. Berlin wool repository, 20 Great Junction at. L
Franc);., tailor & clotb-ier. 18 Maitland st ; res. IS Torphichen st
John R. customs offieer. 313 Leith walk, Leith
Margaret, portmanteau, bag & brush manufacturer, 5
Hanover at ; res. 26 Drummond place
Robert B. bank manager, IT Grange terrace
Mathieson Alexander, spirit dealer, 7 Arthur st ; res. 5 Salisbury st
Alexander, clothes broker, 39 North Richmond st
Mathieson Alexander & Son, manufacturers of planes,
spirit levels, mechanical, engineering & edge tools,
23 Cockburn st. & Saracen Tool Works, Glasgow, &
at Liverpool
Mathieson Benjamin, butcher, 45 Clerk st; res. 1 Rankeillor st
Mathieson Mrs. D. laundress, no steam power,
chemicals, or destructives used, Ratcliffe House
Laundry, foot of West Mayfield, Grange
Mathieson Elizabeth, householder, 147 Warrender Park rd
George, joiner, Silvermills ; res. 6 Claremont place
<-teorge, church officer, St. Stephen st
J. W. & Co. skinners & leather dressers, Silvermills
I John, S.S.C. 21 York place; res. Craigen villa, 63 Morning-
side rd
f Murdoch, tinplate worker, Beaverbank place
Richard, confectioner, 1 Abbey strand [Glasgow
Thomas A. tool maker (Alexander Mathieson & Son),
William W. coal merchant, 1 Bonnington station
Mathisen P. shipbroker (P. Mathisen & Co.), Sandportst. Leith
P. &Co. shipbrokers, 2 Commercial st. Leith
Mathison Ann, greengrocer, SO Main st. Newhaven
Eleanor, apartments, 2 Melville st
John, S.S.C. (Nisbet & Mathison), Banner place, Morningside
Thomas, spirit dealer. 50 Dean st; res. 11 Cheyne st
William, grocer & spirit dealer. 54 Primrose st
William, broker, 3(5 Lady Lawson st
Matson Miss — , apartments, 5 Lutton placs
Matthew Miss — , teacher, 9 Hope at
â–  Alexander, builder, 29 Grove st
Brothers, linen drapers, 30 George at
Charlea. dentist, 15 Ainslie place
David, clerk of works, 165 Perry rd
James & Son, general drapers, 413 & 421 Lawnmarket, and 58
Bridge st. Leith
John R. general draper, Lawnmarket ; res. 11 Tantallnn pi
P. M. indiarubber manufacturer (A. Cunninghame & Co.),
32 Coates gardens
T. & A. butchers & poulterers, 24 Union place
â–  William D. writer, 10 Gillespie crescent
Mauchlin Robert John, paperhanging & floor cloth merchant, 3G
Cockburn st ; res. 1(5 St. Vincent at
Mauchline Agnes, grocer & spirit dealer, 6 St. James's square
Eliza, householder, 16 St. Vincent st
James, teacher of music, 6 Montague st
Robert, teacher, 36 Warrender Park terrace
Maughan Caroline, day school, 119a George st
Edward, surveyor of tixes, 14 Waterloo place
Maule John, builder, joiner & house agent, 19 East London st
R. and Son, drapers & milliners, &c. 76 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
â–  Robert, merchant ( R. Maule & Son), The Lea, Corsturnhme
Robert, junr. draper (R. Maule & Son), Findlater Lodge,
Laverock bank, Trinity
Mauritius Land, Credit & Agency Co. Limited, 35 Queen st—
Hamilton, Kinnear & Beatson, agents
Mavishank Limited, private asylum, office 2 York place— J. & W.
Pollard, secretaries
Mawer George, seed merchant, Silvermills
Mawsor John, ironmonger, 32 Bridge st. Leith ; res. 9 Trafalgar st
Maxton & Co. shirt manufacturers, 51 Cockburn st
& Murray, warehousemen, 25 North bridge
Andrew, shirt manufacturer (Maxton & Co.), 17 Upper
Gilmore place
Archibald, warehouseman (Maxton & Murray), Glenogle
House, Glenogle rd
Maxtone David, spirit dealer, 154 Constitution st. Leith; res.
10 Gordon st
Maxwell Catherine, lodgings, 18 Strathearn rd
Catherine, apartments, 35 South Lauriston gardens
George E. watchmaker and jeweller, 111 Gilmore place
James, saw mill owner, Maxwell st ; res. 14 Coltbridge ter
James, printer, 2 Barony st
Janet and Mary, fruiterers, 65 Haymarket terrace
John, ball keeper, 6 Shandwick place
John M. newsagent, 39 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
John M. bookseller & stationer, & sub-post office, 12 Albert
place, Leith walk
Robert, hatter, 44 Nicolson st ; res. 5 Blackwood crescent
Thomas, painter, 38 Bangor rd. Leith
William, coal merchant (Millar & Maxwell), 12 Bryson rd
William A. manager, 85 Great King st
May James, clerk, 23 Melville terrace
Susannah, apartments, 12 Panmure place
Mearns George, bootcloser, 10 Greenside st
Meai-s William, implement dealer, 24 Buccleuch at
Mechanics' Library, 5 Victoria terrace—David Mein, librarian
Medical Mission House, 56 George square & 39 Cowgate— Rev.
John Lowe, f.r.c.s. superintendent
Office of Health, Police chambers. High st ,
(Royal) Society, 7 Melbourne place
Medico-Chirurgical Society, 117 George st — Charles W. Mac-
gillivray and Alexander James, secretaries
Meek David, dealer in watch materials and tools, 63 North bridge;
res. 28 Gayfield square
1 George & Co. iron & tin plateworkers, 9 Dairy rd
I Meek dames, Householder, j'.' RankeiUor cl
| John, clerk, 16 Upper Grove place
John, shopkeeper, 60 East Crosscauseway
John, greengrocer, 80 West port
John, furniture dealer, 146 Plea3ance
Meekison Christina, greengrocer, 2u Water st. Leith
Megson David, waste paper, &c. dealer, 56 South Back Canongate
Meliren C. & J. von, coal exporters, 32 Commercial st. Leith
Meik T. C, C.E. 7 Newbattle terrace, Morningside
Thomas & Sons, civil engineers, 6 York place
Meikle Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 497 Lawnmarket, and
57 Canning place ; res. 12 West how
Meikle & Fhilp. hothouse builders & hot water
engineers, 37 Torphichen st
Meikle Andrew D. c.a. 30a India st [Hillside crescent
Christopher, actuary (National Security Savings Bank), 2
Elizabeth, newsagent, 60 Morrison st [rd
George, grocer, 31 Minto st ; res. Burrbank, 13 West Savile
James, grocer, 14 Brunswick st. Leith walk
James, bootmaker, 100 West bow
James, actuary (Scottish Provident Ins tit ut ion), Ward iebrnu
House, Perry rd. Wardie
John, dairyman. 9 Portland place, Leith
Mary, spirit dealer, Jock's Lodge
Robert, householder, 63 Madeira st. Leith
Thomas, watchmaker, 39 Ferry rd. Leith
Thomas, hot water engineer (Meikle & Philp), 2 Morrison st
Meikleham David S. merchaiit(Stewart- 8c Heikleharn),6 Wemyss pi
Meiklejohu John, spirit dealer, 127 High st ; res. 9 Upper Gray st
Meiklejon J. & Son, engineers. Murano place, .& Dalkeith
Meiks Misses J. & A. 2a Greenhill gardens
Mein Mary, dairy, 18 Rose at
Thomas, optician, 8 Queensberry terrace
William, pocket bookmaker, 37 North bridge
William, fishmonger, 84 Causewayside
Meiners John F. butter merchant, 36 Water sb
Meister Frederic, professor of modern languages, 5 Lutton £>laee
Mekie & Whyte, builders, 5 St. Peter's place
David, builder (Mekie & Whyte), lu5 Warrender Park rd
Meldrum James, householder, Ha London st
Peter, stationer, 6 Earlstou place
Robert, clerk, 8 Tait st
William, baker, 4 Uniou place
Melles, Jones, Reid & Co (London), flowers, feathers, &c. im-
porter, 51 North bridge— W. B. Alexander, agent
Mellon John, corn dealer, 24 Causewayside ; res. 1 St. Margaret's rd
John, contractor. 1 St. Margaret's rd
William, contractor, 18 Lauriston at
Mellor Thomas, dairyman, Ferry rd. Wardie
Melrose Alexander, broker, 34 South Richmond st
8c Anderson, tea merchants, 40 Mitchell st. Leith
Melrose Andrew & Co. tea merchants to the Queen
and H.R.H. Prince ofWales, 93 George st
Melrose, Drover & Co. rectiiiers & British wine manufacturers, 14
to 17 Mitchell st
George, railway inspector, 17 Angle Park terrace
George, wine merchant (Melrose, Drover & Co.), Claremont rd
Helen, dairy, 25 Bread st
James, grocer, Trinity
James, confectioner, 152 Canongate
Jane, laundry, 30 Wright's houses
John, commission agent, 2 Hartington gardens
John, commercial traveller, 23 Polwarth gardens
Melrose John, builder and stonemason, 21 Bonning-
ton rd. Leith ; res. 36 Madeira st
Melrose John, grocer & spirit dealer, 9 Whitebank, Dairy park
Mary, dairy, 24 Jamaica st
Matilda, broker, 97 Canongate
Robt. tea merchant (Melrose 8c Anderson), 6 Greenhill gardens
Robert, shopkeeper, 15 High Kiggs
Thomas, gilder, 23 Livingstone place
William, watch & clock maker. 11 Calton st
Melville & Lindesay, W.8. & N.P. 110 George st
Arthur, artist. 5 Queen st
Charles & Co. .joiners 8c cabinet makers, 156 Morningside rd
David, agent, National Bank of Scotland, Limited, Bernard
st. Leith ; res. West View, Lomond rd. Trinity [st
Ebenezer, plumber & gasiitter, 8 Buccleuch st ; res. 3 Semple
-Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 63 Canongate
Francis S. deputy clerk of session & registrar of law agents in
Scotland, New Register House ; res. 5 West Castle rd.
George, clerk, 30 Rutland square
James, grocer &draper, 29 Main st. Newhaven ; res. Lomond
House, Park rd [King st
James, lithographic writer (James Melville & Son), 3 Great
James & Son, lithographers & engavers, 7 Clyde st
Jame S. draper, 38 Queen st ; res. 8 Dean terrace
John (H.M.C.), 186 Bonnington rd
John, painter & paperhanger, 33 WestNicolson st
John M. Balfour, W.S- Pilrig House, Pilrig st
Peter, traveller, 27 East Preston st
R. H. ladies' outfitter, 85 George st
Robert, eating house & temperance hotel, 14 & 16 Cockburn at
Temple, cork manufacturer, 3 j>ew st
Melvin Alexander & Co. brewers & maltsters, Boroughloch
Brewery, Buccleuch st
Alexander, agent, Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited,
Grassmarket Branch ; res. 40 Warrender Park rd
James, brewer(Alexander Melvin & Cj.),43 Drurnshetigh grdns
Menelaw George, dairy, 7 Gladstone place
Menelaws & Co. grocers & wine & spirit merchants, 143 George st
â–  John, spirit dealer, 1 St. James's place, & SO West bow ; res. S
Comely Green place
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 141 Fountain bridge ; res. 8
Comely Green place
William, traveller, 4 Pilrig st.

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