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M'Pherson Thomas, clerk, 23 Archibald place
Macpherson Thomas, plumber, 126 Duke st. Leith
M'Pherson William, dairyman, 1 Tollcross
Macpherson William, plumber, 24 Dublin st; res. So Scotland st
M'Pherson William, grocer & spirit dealer & house agent, 1 Albert
place, Leith walk [row
William 8. painter (M'Pherson & Noble), 3 St. Bernard
M'Phte Allan, Albert billiard rooms, 28 Greenside st ;
res. 10 South College st
M'Phie Flora, dressmaker, 4 Church st
M'Philip Susannah, clothes dealer. 43 St. Mary st
M'Q'iade Michael, pawnbrokers' salesman, 79 St. Mary st
Thomas, broker, 9 Pleasance
M'Q'iarrie Alexander, cutler, 15 Home st
M'Queen Bernard, victualler, 23 South Richmond st
Charles, tailor, 52 Lauriston st
Macqueen Daniel, m.d. 2 Clarendon crescent
M Queen David, spirit dealer, 45 Eirkgate, & cork cutter, 10 Laurie
st. Leith ; res. 1 Wellington place, Leith
Donald, plumber & gasfitter, Tanfield ; res. 1 Catherine place,
Warrist >n rd
Edward, clerk, 12 Carlton st
Jamea, stevedore, 2 Dock place, Leith
â–  John, uphohterer (R. Grieve & Co.), 2 Straiton pi. Portobello
John, picture frame maker, 2 Danube st
John, cooper. 122 Constitution st. Leith
John & Co. wholesale sugar merchants, 35 G-eorge IV. bridge
Macqueen Mary J. tobacconist, 29 Grindlay st
Robert, solicitor, Granton Lodge, Granton rd
M'Rae Alexander, draper, 1 Brunswick rd ; res. 1 Brunswick place
â–  Alexander, artihcial florist (M'Rae, Richardson & Co.), 72
Haymarket terrace
Alexander, chemist & druggist, 46 LTdy M^nzies' place
Macrae and Cameron (late Willis and "Williams),
clothiers to Her Majesty and the Royal Family, 105
George st
M'Rae & Co. spirit dealers, 45 Nicolson st
Macrae Colin George. W.S. (Macrae, Flett & Rennie), 45 Moray pi
, Flett & Rennie, W.S. & N.P. 57 Castle st
M'Rae George, spirit dealer, 24 East Drummond st
George, draper, 42 Grassmarket [place
Macrae Horatio R., W.S. (Macrae, Flett & Rennie), 14 Gloucester
M'Rae Isabella, wine & spirit merchant, 44a Broughton st; res. 2
Barony st
Macrae James', plumber & gasfitter, 166 Rose st ; res. 33 Castle st
John, C.E. 107 Princes st ; res. Strathearn House, Portobello
M'Rae John, slater & chimney sweeper, 55 Fountain Bridge cres
â–  John, householder, 19 Warrender Park crescent;
\ John, grocer, 2 Clarence st
Kenneth, spirit dealer, 45 Nicolson st
Margaret, china dealer, 63 Main st. Newhaven
M'Rae, Richardson & Co. artificial florists, &c. 71
Princes st
Macrae William, clothier (Macrae & Cameron), 9 Hampton terrace
William, smith & engineer, North West Thistle Street lane &
21 South St. David st ; res. 41 Chalmers st
Maerea f h Mary, dressmaker, 10 South Charlotte st
M'Ritohie& Fisher, warehousemen, 17 South St. Andrew st
Macritchie, Bayley & Henderson, W.S. 4 Hill st
â–  David, C. A. 4 Archibald place
M'Ritchie Jane, apartments, 85 Marchmont rd
John, manager, 25 East Claremont st [lane
â–  John, warehouseman (M'Ritchie &. Fisher), Annville, Canaan
Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 21 Charlotte st. Leith
M'Rohb John, hairdresser, 10 Shrub place, Leith walk
M'Robert William, toy & fancy warehouse, 7 North Bruntsfield pi
Macrorie & Thomson, stockbrokers, 41 George st [rd
John, stockbroker (Macrorie& Thomson), 51 Warrender Park
M'Taggart William, r.s.a. figure artist, 21 Charlotte square
M'Tavish Mrs. — , apartments, 54 Melville st
James, clerk, 10 Panmure place
William, Bridge Hotel, 1 Princes st
Macternan Charles, grocer & spirit dealer, 263 Cowgate
F. snirit dealer, 76 Grassmarket
M'Vey William, grocer, 184 Rose st; res. 16 Marchmont rd
M'Vicar Elizabeth, baby linen outfitter, 156 Causewayside
Margaret, apartments, 1 Alva st
M'Vitie Robert, baker, 12 Antigua st. 3 East London st. & 23 & 21
Queensferry st ; res. 2 Atho'l place
M'Waters William, shopkeeper, 108 Canongate
Macwatt C. H. law agent, 34 St. Andrew sq ; res. ^ Inverleith row-
Mac Watt Hay. advocate, 14 Dublin st
M'Whannell Mary, apartments, 54 Frederick st
M'Wharrie Robert, m.d. Avenel, Colint-m rd
M'Whea George, librarian, Edinburgh Subscription Library, 25
George st ; res. 11 West Maitiand st
M'William Alexander, bookkeeper, 17 London st
Robert, S.S.C. 2 Elm row
M'Williams John, slater & chimney sweep, Tanfield
Madden James, shopkeeper, 1S2 Pleasance
Madsen & Borch, commission agents, coal exporters & pit wood
importers, 23 Constitution st. Leith
William, commission agent (Madsen & Borch), 9 Wardiecres
Magdalen Asylum. Dairy rd
Maiden Hospital, Meadows
Mailer James, painter, 4 Marchmont rd
Main Agnes, spirit dealer, 142 Canongate ; res. 15 St. John st
A. & J. & Co. iron fence & gate manufacturers, sole manufac-
turers of Main's pntent continuous iron & wire fences,
Corn Exchange buildings, Grassmarket, and at Glasgow
and London
Alexander, superintendent, Leith police, 8 Smith's place
Ann. dairy, 12 North Bruntsfield place
Charles, bootmaker. 3 Buccleuch st
Charles sUter & chimney sweep, 10-5 High st
- — Thomas, dairyman, 12 North Bruntsfield place
| Main William, tobacconist, 47 Albert st
■ William, tin plate worker, i»2 West Bow
Mair Alexander, chemist, 162 Ferry rd. Leith
Maitiand & Lyon, W.S. 7 North St. Andrew st
Robert, draper, 50 Grove st
Makgill Arthur, advocate, 5 Shandwick place
Malcolm Alexander, chemist & dentist, 18 Frederick st
Andrew, clerk, 7 St. Vincent st
David B. Wardie Hotel, Wardie, & 114 Causewayside
Gavin, smith, 35 New st
James, notary (Pearson, Robertson & Finlay), 7 India st
James, cabinet maker, 81 Gilmore p ace
James, mattress maker, 64 Cowgate
John, horse dealer, 2i> South Back Canongate
John, smith, Allen's close. 269 High st
John D. wine merchant (Malcolm, Kyle & Co.), 25 Pitt st
, Kyle & Co. wine merchants, 27 Coatfield lane
Mary, apartments, 15 Atholl crescent
Mary, broker, 276 Cowgate
R. Butler, district goods manager, Caledonian Railway, 11
Princes st ; res. 4 Warrender Park crescent
Robert, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 4 Swinton row; res.
8 Bristo st
Robert Bowes, m.d. & surgeon, 126 George st
William, confectioner, 171 Leith walk
Malcolmson Alexander M. grocer & spirit dealer, 23 North Fort
st. Leith ; res. 34 Madeira st
Malloch Duncan, spirit dealer, 11 Tobago st
Patrick & Son, map mounters, 306 Lawnmarket
Peter 3.. S.S.C. 2 Queen st
Malloy Emily, fruiterer, 1 & 2 Waverley market
Mahnros Oscar, United States Consul, 8 York buildings
Maloney Bernard J. watchmaker, 17a Queen st
Manchester Fire Insurance Co.— Murray, Beith & Murray, 43
Castle st. and Couper &, Cook, 37 George st. agents
Manclark James M. clothier & outfitter, 1 Charlotte st. Leith & 12
Earl Grey st ; res, Isa Villa, Restalrig rd
Manderson Christian , china & glass dealer, 161 Rose st
Jane, milliner, 6 Hope Park terrace ; res. 40 St. Leonard st
Manfredi John, eating-house, 8a Catherine st
Manitoba Investment Association, 57 Castle st — Macrae, Flett and
Rennie, agents
(The) and North West Loan Company, Limited, 21 Hill st.
—Skene, Edwards and Bilton, agents
Mann A. & G. V., S.S.C. and agents to the Scottish Property In-
vestment Co. 33 Bernard st. Leith
Agnes, dairy, 12 Murdoch terrace [Blenheim pi
Alexander, coach proprietor, Regent Terrace lane, and 4
, Byars & Co. warehousemen (Glasgow), 11 Chambers st —
Philip & Pitt, agents
David, bird dealer &stuffer,'36 Broughton st [ton st
Duncan, spirit dealer, 37 North Richmond st; res. 74 Lauris-
G. V., S.S.C. (A. & G. V. Mann), 27 Pilrig st
Isabella, grocer, 5 Frithfield, Leith
Isabella, shopkeeper. 116 Sdamander st. Leith
Mary, stationer & newsagent, 32 Home st
— William, S.S.C. & N.P. (Hope, Mann, & Kirk), 22 Raeburn pi
Manners George, tailor, 28 North Richmond st
Mausfield James, advocate, 8 Chester st
— * Samuel B. gun-lock maker, 21 Clyde st ; res. 30 Collins plac;j
Manson Donald, householder, 9 Jordan lane, Morningside
John, victual dealer, 11 Trafalgar st. Bonnington
John, ironmonger, 32 Bridge st
Peter, builder, 18 Grove st
Robert, manager, Granton rd
William, inspector of works, 20 Drummond place
William, broker, 67 Giles 3t. Leith
William, grocer, 21 Elm row ; res. 333 Leith walk
William S. bootmaker. 28 Crighton place, Leith walk
Mantica Henrietta, householder, 6 Leopold place [Trinity
Manuel Peter, linen draper, 54 George st ; res. 14 May ville gardens,
William, S.S.C. 37 Frederick st ; res. 34 Hartingtou place
Manufacturers, Hon. Board of Trustees of, Royal Institution build-
ings, Mound
Mapleton Farming Co, Limited, 10 St. Andrew square -James
M'Cankie, secretary [Findhorn pi
Marchbank Jas., S.S C. & N.P. (Cuthbert & Marchbank), 7 South
Marine Hotel Co. Limited, registered offics, 2S St. Andrew square
—Richard Brown, C.A. secretary
Insurance Agency, 50 Constitution st
Marinelle E. & Co. commission agents, 116 Constitution st. Leith
Marion Joseph, conftctioner, 361 Leith walk
Maritime of Liverpool Insurance Co. 39 Constitution st. Leith—
Blackwood, Scott & Co. agents [Cottage, Dalkeith rd
Marjoribanks Alexander (Royal Bank of Scotland), Salisbury Green
Alexander, chimney sweeper, 33 St. Leonard st
Mark Alexander W. teacher, 20 Bellevue crescent
Robert, auctioneer (Oliver & Sons), 22 Chalmers st
Thomas, dairy, 1 Canaan lane, Morningside
Thomas, bootmaker, 83 Nicolson st [st. Leith
Marquis of Lothian's Coal Depot. St. Leonard's station, & 4 Baltic
Marr Adam, boat builder (Marr Brother), 23 Ferry rd
Andrew, joiner & builder, Stanley rd ; res. 161 Ferry rd
Bella, newsagent, Shrub place, Leith walk
Bros, boatbuHders & shipwrights, C tadel, Leith
George, fruiterer & confectioner, 4 Duke st
J. B. smith, Bangholm, Ferry rd
James, dentist, 32 London st
James, boat builder (Marr Brothers), 16 Portland place
John B. joiner & builder, Ferry rd; res. Richmond villa,
Ferry rd. Wardie
Lanes, draper & hosier, 67 Thistle st
Robert A., 8. J. A. accountant, 30 Hanover st ; res. 2 QueeiiE-
berrv terrace, Dalkeith rd
Robert's, upholsterer, 23 Ferry rd. Leith
Thomas, heritable estate agent, Stanley rd

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