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M'Kay E. & C. drapers & milliners, 34 Morrison at
Mackay Edward, fishmonger, 269 Morningside rd
M'Kay Elizabeth, dressmaker, 2 Causewayside
Mackay Francis A. accountant (Royal Bank of Scotland),
3 Buckingham terrace
M'Kay George, wood & ivory turner, 53 High st
George, surgeon, Loohrin House, Lochrin
Mackay George, paper manufacturer, 34 Howard place
George, carfcwrighfc & van builder, Cranston st ; res. 4
Greenside place
George, bootmaker, 2a Grindlay st
George, brewer (George Mackay & Co.), Bella Vista,
George & Co. brewers. 9 St. Leonard st
George D. manufacturing chemist (John Mackay & Co.), lb
Learmonth terrace
Georgina, dress & mantle maker, 1 Alva st
Henry, clerk, 31 Broughton place
J. A. & Co. drapers & clothiers, 11 Brunswick sfc. Leith walk
James, dealer in antiquities, 56 Rose st ^
James, manufacturing chemist (John Mackay & Co.;, w
Lonsdale terrace
James, priDter, 27 East Preston st
James P., W.B. (Fyfe, Ireland & Mackay), 7 St. Bernard s cres
James P. coal merchant,5A Frederick st ; res. 21 Restalrig ter
Mackay James G. watchmaker, jeweller and manu-
facturer of hair jewellery; repairs and ordered
work done on the premises toy efficient workmen, 3
Arcade. Princes st
M'Kay James M. artist, 52 Morningside rd
Mackay James E. accountant (British Linen Company s Bank),
37 St. Andrew square
Jane, apartments, 2 Hope Park crescent
M'Kay Jane, greengrocer, 19 Stafford st
jane, householder, 14 Henderson row
Jessie, bookseller & stationer, 12ft Lauriston place
Mackay John & Co. wholesale druggists, manufac-
turing chemists & aerated water manufacturers,
makers of gelatine, baking powder, flavouring
essences, &c. Canning st. Atholl crescent
Mackay John S. teacher of mathematics, 69 Northumberland at
John S. clerk, 12 Feltes row
Joseph, china dealer & rag merchant, 156 Pleasanco
— Lewis, insurance agent & fire loss assessor, 10a North St.
David st
M'Kay Louisa, servants' registry, 3 York place
Mackay Mary, householder, 20 Grange loan
Mary, householder, 190 Warrender Park rd
Neil, builder, 15 Morton st. Leith
P. S. manager (Mackay, Cunningham & Co.), Marionville,
Sciennes gardens
Peter, aerated water manufacturer, 501 Lawnraarkeb
Bobert, butcher, 97 Broughton st ; res. 76
M'Kav Robert, cabinet maker, 17 Archibald place
Sinclair, greengrocer, 1 Hercules st
Thomas, clerk, 99 Warrender Park rd
Thomas, bootmaker, 6 Northumberland plaC9
j W. & J. printers, 9 Carpet Ian* 3 , Leith
Mackay William, egg merchant, 53 Circus lane
William, boot- aker, 5 St. Andrew st ; res. 9 Angle Park ter
William, cork cutter, 31 Blair st
M'Kay William, smith, S St. Peter's place [Lennox st
Mackay William B. wholesale druggist (J. Mackay & Co.), 17
William D. artist, 1 Warrender Park crescent
Wm. H. clothier (Mackay & Mouat), 3*5 Montgomery st
M'Kean E. fancy repository, 5 Ferry rd. Leith
James, teacher, 3 Warrender Park terrace
John, salesman, 67 Inverleith row
John, photographer, 1 Perry rd
E. Gordon, clerk, 26 Hartington place
Robert, hairdresser, 12 Montrose ter; res. Haddington
House, South Back Canongate
M'Kechnie Mrs. — , householder. 8 London st
& Wright, drapers, 3 Hanover st
Archibald, builder, Dairy rd ; res. 3 Caledonian 'place
D. advocate, 60 Northumberland st
James, dyer (James M'Kechnie & Sons), 11 Caledonian rd
James & Sons, dvfrs & cleaners, Bells Mills. West Nicolson st
John, drarer (M'Kechnie & Wright), 8 London et
Joseph S. bricklayer, Summerhall square
Thomas, missionary, 5 Forrest rd
William, decorator (Doig, M'Kechnie &Davies). 4-1 Howe st
M'Keggie James & John, painters & paperhangers, 7a India st
M'Kcllar Archibald, bookseller, 537 Castle hill
Archibald, artist & teacher of drawing, 223 Leith walk
Archibald, grocer, Granton harbour. Gran ton
M'Keller Mary, householder 14 South Clerk st
M'Kelvie James, cannel coal merchant (Established
1840), Haymarket; res. 14 Osborne torrace —See
M'Kenna Peter, clothes broker, 47 St. Mary st
M'Kenzie Miss — , householder, 44 Albany st
Miss — , dressmaker. 1 London st
Mackenzie Mrs. — , householder, 48 India st
A. D. grocer & spirit dealer, 36 Cowgate '
M'Kenzie Agnes, tobacconist, 30 Warrender Park rd
Alexander, horticultural builder (M'Kenzie & Moncur), 2
Grove terrace. Grove st
Mackenzie Alexander, accountant & writer to the Privy Seal of
Scotland, 66 Morningside rd
Alexander, saddler, 92 Rose at
Alexander, baker, 6 Washington place & 69 Haymaket ter
M'Kenzie Alexander, draper & clothier, 25 North Bridge; res. 11
Archibald place
AlexanderK. manager(Commercial Bank of Scotland .Limited),
19 Grosvenor crescent
& Black, W.S. 28 South Castle st
Mackenzie & Clark, painters, 35 North Bruntsfield place
& Co. ironfounders, Gilmore park
Mackenzie & Co. chemists, 26 & 45 Forrest rd
& Kermack, W.S. 9 Hill st [ton rd
& Mackenzie,- biscuit manufacturers & confectioners, Brouch-
Mackenzie & Moncur, horticultural builders, and
hot water engineers. Upper Grove place, and "Vic-
toria cross, Glasgow
M'Kenzie & Paton, laundry keepers, 14 Broughton place
Benjamin, photographer, 14 Henderson row
Mackenzie Charlotte, apartments, <3 Glen st
M'Kenzie Charles, advocate, 57 Northumberland st
Mackenzie Colin, traveller, 75 Warrender Park rd
M'Kenzie D. spirit dealer, 104 St. Leonard st
D. & E-, tobacconists, 264 Morningside rd
Mackenzie D. J. advocate, 2 Melville st
David, ironmonger, 10 Victoria st ; res. 22 Melville terrace
M'Kenzie David, lithographic draughtsman, 5 Rosebank terrace,
MacKenzie Donald, dining rooms, 3a Drummondst; res. 8
Montague, st
Mackenzie Donald, W.S. & N.P. 35 Castle st ; res. 9 Greenhill park
M'Kenzie Donald, bank clerk, 27 Dundas st
Duncan, spirit dealer, 143 High st ; res. 11 Drummondst
Elizabeth, marine store dealer, 3 Greenside place
Mackenzie Francis.biseuit manufacturer (Mackenzie & Mackenzie),
1 Bruntsfield terrace
M'Kenzie George, dairy, 12 Coburgst
George, joiner, Gillespie st
George, dairyman, 12 Coburg st. Leith
George, cabinet maker, Bellevue
George, spirit dealer, 48 Hanover st
George H. m.p. surgeon, 1 Northumberland sfc
Hugh, grocer & spirit dealer, 43 Carlyle place
Mackenzie, Innes & Logan, W.S. 23 Queen st
M'Kenzie J. & Co. ship & boat builders. Albert dock, Leith
Mackenzie J. W. & J., W.S. 16 Royal circus
M'Kenzie James, grocer, 33 Fox st Leith
James, tailor, 46 Cockburn st
James, hatter, 71 Banover st ; res. 30 Reid terrace
Mackenzie James, cabinet maker, 2 Guthrie st
M'Kenzie James, boot & shoe maker, 9 Lothian st
James, chemist (M'Kenzie & Co.), 2 Rill bank crescent
Mackenzie Janet, dressmaker, 2 March mont cresc nt
John, tobacco pipe manufacturer, St. John's hill, Pleasance;
res. 3 Hill square
M'Kenzie John, teacher of violin, 16 Panmure place
Mackenzie John, silverplater, 10 Jamaica st
John, gardener, 28 Grange loan
M'Kenzie John, spirit dealer, 25 Pleasance
John, spirit dealer. 93 West port ; res. 11 Drummond sfc
John, bootmaker, 61 Pitt st. & 41 Cumberland st
John, painter, &c. 38 North Bruntsfield place
Mackenzie John, sheriff officer, 17 George IV. bridge
M'Kenzie John, bookseller, 43 Lothian st
John, ironmonger, 1 West Lauriston place
Mackenzie John, W.S. 16 Royal circus
M'Kenzie John & Son, bootmakers, 41 Cumberland sfc [st
Mackenzie John Mansfield, W.S. (Mackenzie & Black), 33 Melville
John Ord. W.S. & N. P. (Mackenzie & Kermack), 9 Hill st ;
res. 28 Ainslie place
M'Kenzie Joseph R. manager, 30 Upper Gilmore place
Mackenzie M. Berlin wool repository, 2 Perry rd. Leith
M'Kenzie Mary, milliner, 13 West Lauriston place
Mary, milliner, 3 Teaman place
Mackenzie Mary, A. householder, 14 Hillside st
Melville, accountant, 10 Arniston place
M'Kenzie Captain Roderick, secretary Army Scripture Readers'
Society in Scotland, &c. 5 Sfc. Andrew square ; res. 11 Nile
Mackenzie. Stevenson & Co. general house furnishers, carpet manu-
facturers, cabinet makers, upholsterers, carvers & gilders,
house & property agents, & removal contractors, 129 & 130
Princes street, & Rose St. lane; cabinetworks, Dairy;
furniture stores. West end
M'Kenzie Thomas, apartments, 8 Hill square
Thomas, traveller. 13 Leamington terrace
Thomas, cricket bat maker, 4 Chanel st
W. & Co. tailors & clothiers, 55 Cockburn sfc
â–  W. working jeweller, 25 Clyde st
Mackenzie Wilhelmina, householder, 21 Broughton sfc
W. M. artist, 15 Shandwick place
William, tar distiller, 31 Salamander st. Leith
William (Glasgow), bookseller & publisher, 59 South bridge-
Thomas Wilson, agent
M'Kenzie William, general dealer, 6a Cumberland sfc
William, bookkeeper, 14 Henderson row
Mackenzie William, builder & asphalter, Hope Park End House
WilUam , .joiner & cabinet maker, 23c Haymarket terrace
M'Kemjie William, master mariner, Seaforth Cottage, Park rd. L
M'Keown Jane, dressmaker, 12 St. Vincent st
M'Kercher John, hairdresser, 5u West Register sfc ; res. 59 Mont-
gomery st
M'Kecracher Catherine, milliner & dressmaker, 10 Romilly place
Mackerraeher Jane, Berlin wool & fancy repository. 51a George st
M'Kerracher Margaret, apartments, 7 Panmure place
Mackersey Lindsay, W.S. session clerk for St. Giles Cathedral, 3a
North St. David st ; 2 Rillbank terrace
M'Kefctrick James Thomson (National Bank of Scotland), 7 Colt-
bridge terrace
M'Kichan D. & Co. funeral undertakers, 3 Infirmary st
Mackie A. Kirk, S.S.C. & N.P. 14 Hanover st ; res. 6 Albany st
Alexander, ironmonger, cutler, &c. 8 Melbourne place & 24 &
26 Victoria st ; res 4 Glengyle terrace
Andrew, accountant, 17 Hart st
George, baker (J. W. Mackie & Sons), 1 Coates' place
George, draper (T. & G. Mackie), 38 Restalrig terrace, Leith

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