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Kerr William, fishmonger, 9b Gladstone place
William, newsagent & tobacconist, 15 West Richmond st
Kerray. John, shopkeeper, 13Palsbaw at. Leith walk
Kerse William, stationer (W. & J. Milne), 21 Gieenhill gardens
Kerss Peter, dining rooms, 165 Fountain bridge
— - William, Working Men's Refreshment Rooms, 82 Grove st
1 William, fishmonger, 21 Caledonian, terrace
Kessack Robert M. spirit dealer, 54 Couper so. Leitb TBroughton sfc
KeU-hen Peter, grocer & spirit dealer (Forsyth & Ketchen), 93
Ketehidh William, seed cleaner, 21 West Lauriston place
Kettle Adam, joiner, 11 Murdoch terrace
Kewley H. bootmaker. 2a Albany lane
Key William, bootmaker, 32 Earl Grey st
Kidd & Pendrich, jewellers, 51 Hanover st
David, merchant (Sorensen & Kidd), 6 St. James's place, Leitb
; , Eunson & Co. wine & spirit merchants, & commission agents,
8 Quality st. Leith
James, tailor & clothier, Ha Lsith Street terrace
John, baker & victual dealer, 21 Arthur st
Robert, slater, 10 Wright's Houses
â–  â–  Susan, apartments, 5 West Maitland st
Kiddie Agnes M. greengrocer, 90 Pitt st
Andrew, builder (T. & A. Kiddie), 2 Lily terrace
T. & A- masons & bouse carpenters. Dean park
Thomas, builder (T. & A. Kiddie), 25 Dean Park st
Kiddy Walter, bookseller (W. & R. C. Kiddy), 4 Gladstone terrace
Walter & Robert C. booksellers & stationers, 12 West Newing-
tou terrace
Kieser Miss — , teacher of music, 26 Noble place
Kilgour Christina, apartments, 29 Howe st
James, classical teacher, 9 Caledonian place
* John, surveyor. 37 Frederick st ; res. 29 Howe st
Kdpatrick H. G. clothier (Christie & Kilpatrick), 18 Dick place
Helen, milk dealer, 46 Great Junction st. Leith
Hugh, tailor, 10 Brugharnst
Kim John, clerk, 8 Spring gardens, Abbey hill
Kindersley Captain Henry W. 46 Inverleith row
King Mrs. — , hairdresser & perfumer, 15 Castle st
Catherine A. china dealer, 100 Causewayside
Charles Scott, traveller, 2 Windsor st
D. & A. grocers, 1a Thirlestane rd
David, nurseryman, &c. Murray field
Eliza, tobacconist, 7 Waterloo place ; res. 5 Pioardy place
George, bird dealer, 153 High st
George S. coach painter. 9 Grove st
J. engineer, 35a Restalrig terrace
J. Falconer, city analyst, Lmend House, Russell place,Trinity
James, jun. gentleman's attendant, 118 Princes st
James, newsagent & tobacconist, 1(3 Morrison st
James, tailor, 118 Princes st
James, plumber, 13 Gayfield square
James, newsagent, 31 East Crosscauseway
Janet, spirit dealer, 24 St, Andrew st. Leith [81 High st
John, agent (Townhill Coal Office), Scotland Street station, &
John, traveller. 1-1 Lauriston gardens
John Y. compositor, 2 Marchmont crescent
Percival, cricket & football warehouse, 54b & 54c Lothian st.
&. billiard room keener, 39 Lothian st [ter
Peter, ironmonger, 16 Caledonian terrace ; res. 12 Caledonian
â–  William, chemist, 2 Marchmont rd. South ; res. 79 Marchmont
William F. m.a., f.e.s.e. Lochend, Russell place, Dean
William L. traveller, 34 Castle st [Bonuington
Kinghorn Hugh, builder, Bonniugton Villa, Bonnington grove,
James, foreman, 12 Parkvale place
William, traveller, 90 Ferry rd. Leith
Kininmouth Harriet, apartments, 10 Lndia st
Kinlay James, joiner & cabinet maker, 8 Potter row
Kinloch Jesse, dairyman, 20 Hanover st
Mary, aparrments, 2 Alva st
Robert, W.S. 123 George st
Kinmont John, S.S.C. 17 Eildon st
William G. surveyor of stamps and taxes. 17 Eildon st
Kinnair W. K. jewel case maker, 63 North bridge ; res, 6 Brigh-
ton sb
Kinnaird William, contractor, 45 Bangor rd. Leith
William, contectioner, 3 Charlotte st. Leith
Kinnear Alexander, 8. ll.d. & q.g. advocate and dean of faculty,
2 Moray place
& Peddie, architects, 3 South Charlotte st
Andrew, confectioner, 234 Canongate
Ann, ladies' nurse, 54 Bristo st
C. & J. greengrocers, 24 Albert st. Leith walk
Charles G. H. architect (Kinnear & Peddie), 12 Grosvenor ores
David, grand cashier, Grand Lodge of Scotlvnd, 96 George st
George Thomas, W.S. (Hamilton, Kinnear & Beatson), 6
Doune terrace
James, builder, Janefield Cottage, Tyneeastle
James, W.S. (Hamilton, Kinnear & Beatson), 6 Doune ter
James, artist, 34 Hanover st ; res. 5 Merchiston Bank ter
Joseph, builder (Kinnear, Moodie & Co.), 19 Bellevue cres
, Moodie & Co. builders, 2" Falshaw st
Robert, builder, Leith walk
Kinniburgh Robert, pawnbroker, 66 St. Mary st ; res. 12 Leventer
Kinninmont R, K. manure merchant & commission agent, &
sausage manufacturer, Carrick's buildings, Dairy rd ; res.
13 Lothian rd
Kinnoch Andrew, iron founder, 59 Abbey hill
Kinross John, architect (Seymour & Kinross), 15 Leven terrace
William, paperhangings merchant (Lothian, Kinross & Co.),
10 Park side terrace
Kirk & Ritchie, builders & mason?, Gilson terrace, Viewforth
Euphemia & Ann, dining rooms, 85 Causewayside
Isabella, baby linen warehouse, 36 George st
John, W.S. & N.P. (Hope, Mann, & Kirk). 12 Claremont cres
John, veterinary surgeon, Dog's Home, Comely gardens
â–  â–  John, stationer & newsagent, 20 Argyle place
Kirk John, hairdresser, 95 Kirkgate. Leith
John, pawnbroker's salesman, 235 High st
William, bootmaker, 25 Leven st ; res. 6 Dairy terrace
Kirkaldy John, spirit dealer, 4 Johnston place
Kirkhope Alexander, grocer & wine merchant, 3 Scotland st ; res.
40 Great King st
John & Son, grocers & wine merchants, 22 Queensferry st ;
stores. Canning st; res. Randolph Villa, West Coates
William, traveller, 32 Rankeillor st
Kirkland Agnes, milliner, 37 North Bruntsfield place
John, coal merchant, 10 & 15 Port Hamilton ; res. 7 Spittal st
Walter, coal merchant, 10 Port Hamilton ; res. 24 Gardner's
Kirkman John, china dealer, 58 Causewayside
Kirkpatrick Edward, artist, 15 Warrender Park terrace
James, surgeon, 22Magdala crescent
- — John, ll.b. advocate, 29 Alva st
Thomas, commercial traveller, 3 Gladstone place
Thomas, pamter, 112 Constitution st. Leith
Kirkup James, spirit dealer, 49 & 52 London st
Kirkwood Alexander, engraver, 13 St. James's square
Alexander, stamp cutter (A. Kirkwood & Sous), 17 Ravels-
ton park, Doan
Alexander & Sons, stamp cutters, die sinkers, and engravers,
• 6 St. James's sq
& Co. Berlin wool repository, 26 Marchmont rd
C. J. glass & china dealer, 47a South Clerk st
Henry Bruce, jeweller (R. & H. B. Kirkwood), 3 Belford pi
J. & A. grocers & provision merchants, 12a South Clerk st ; and
fishmongers, 18 South Clerk st
â–  J. & W. plumbers & zinc bath manufacturers 236 Leith walk
James, grocer (J. & A. Kirkwood), 9 Gladstone terrace
James, hardware merchant, 10 Chambers st ; res. 4 Polwarth
James, printer (R. & R. Clark), St. Winifred's, Murrayfield
John, builder, &c. (W. & J. Kirkwood), Morningside park
John Tait, jeweller, 55 Warrender Park rd
R. & H. B. working"]ewellers, 66 & 68 Thistle st
Robert, plumber, 2u4 Rose st
Thomas, nesher, 7 Adam st. West
W. & J. builders & joiners, Annandale Street lane
Walter, builder, &c. (W. & J. Kirkwood), 8 Dryden st. Pilrig
Kitchen John, slater, 16 Cowan's close
Kitsell Thomas, excise officer, 19 Primrose st. Leith
Knight Annie, artist, 6 Shandwick place
George, general dealer, 27 St. Leonard's hill
James, joiner & undertaker, 109 Kirkgate
Marian, householder. 1 Broughton place
Mary, householder, 7 Marchmont terrace
Knoblauch Hugo, grain merchant, 22 Baltic st ; res. Agra lodge,
Ferry rd
Knott J. Clinton, carver & gilder, 21 Frederick st ; res. 2 Lauriston
park [kuowe
Stratton C. merchant (Nielsen, Anderson & Knott), Broomie-
Tavernor, artist, 32 York place
Knowles Andrew, butcher, 12 Butcher market
Edwin, riding master, Northumberland Street lane
â–  Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 33 Abbey hill
Jasper, confectioner, 7 Bank st ; res. 23 Archibald place
Knox & Henderson, joiners & builders, Annandale Street lane
& Hutton, architects, 63 York place
Alexander, fruiterer (Boyd, Bayne & Co.), 2 Merchiston place
Betsy, householder, 133 Warrender Park rd
— — Christina, tobacconist, 7 Bread st
â–  George, hairdresser, 201 Fountain bridge
Grace, householder, 4 East Broughton st
James, joiner (Knox & Henderson), 8 Montgomery st
James & Son, pa-nters & glaziers, 11 Greenside place
John, blacksmith, Shrub hill, Leith walk
Marion, spirit dealer, 25 William sb
Patrick, plumber & gasfitter, 31 Crighton place, Leith walk
Robert, dairy, 2 Richmond, court
Robert, cask merchant & cooper, PLrrie st. Gt. Junction st. L
William, m.d. surgeon, 11 Hart st
William, shopkeeper, 17 Greenside rd
William, architect (Knox & Hutton), 63 York place
Knox's (John) House, 45 High st
Kosrber Hecktor, tailor & clothier. 56 Shore, Leith
John, hairdresser, 37 Sandport st
Kohler Ernest, music seller (E. Kohler & Son), 7 Newington ter
Kohier Ernest & Son. violin string manufacturers and
music sellers, publishers of the "Musical Star and
Treasury," 11 North Bridge— &ee advertisement
Kunz Jules, teacher of French and German, 19 Royal circus
Kupka Carl, ironmonger, 55 Bristo st
Kydd George, 7 London st
Kyle Agnes, fruiterer & greengrocer, 23a Howe st
Agnea, dairy, 9a India st
â–  James, wine merchant (Malcolm, Kyle & Co.), 26 Madeira st
K. H. cabinet maker, &c. 12a Frederick st; res. 1 Leaming-
ton place
Thomas, umbrella maker, 13 Leith walk, Leith
Kyles David, plumber, 14 Thomas st; res. 26 Gardiner crescent
Kynoch Mrs. — , householder, 2 Darnaway st
Alexander, coal agent, 16 Marchmont rd
James, coachman, 55 Cumberland st
LA COUR & Watson, ship brokers & export merchants, 14 Com-
mercial st. Leith
L. merchant (Vice-consul for Denmark) (La Cour & Watson),
17 Inverleith rd
Lackie Gill, fruiterer, 5 North St. Andrew st
Janet, greengrocer, 182 Rose st
Laidlaw Mr3. — , dressmaker, 10 Shandwick place
Andrew, flesher, 55 St. Leonard st
Andrew, bellhanger, 7a Grange rd
D. & A. bakers, 24 Charlotte st. Leith

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