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Imperial Boot Company, bootmakers, 164 High st
Life & Fire Assurance Office— Murray & Falconer, 141 George
st — For list of agents, see Fire # Life Offices in Classifica-
tion of Trades
W ■ Live Stock Insurance Association, 18 St. Andrew sq— Robert
F. Naismith, district agent [park
Imrie Henry, confectioner, 55 Forrest rd; res. IS Morningside
f James, householder, 2 Windsor st
Jane, confectioner, 4 Fountain bridge
John, joiner (M'Pherson & Imrie), 3 Dairy Park terrace
• John, spirit dealer, 1 Dock place, Leith
I Robert B. (Scottish Widows' Fund), 6 West Olaremont st
Inch Alexander, contractor & coal merchant, Loclirin
â–  & Riddell, seed merchants, 1 Victoria st
John, farmer. West Mains, Blackford hill
Robert, seedsman finch & Riddell), 1 Crawford st
i Inches Alexander, confectioner, 11 Spittal st
â–  J. H. goldsmith (Hamilton & Inches), 11 Merchiston avenue
Robert K. goldsmith (Hamilton & Inches), 10 Broughton pi
\ William, coal merchant. 12 South St. James st
Incurables, Edinburgh Association for, Longmoor Hospital, 8, 9 &
10 Salisbury pi— Miss Galloway, matron ; J. T. Maclagan,
6 North St. David st. secretary
| Institution for Relief of— Hugh Lyon, S.S.O. 7 North St.
Andrew st. secretary
I Independent Chapels— See Places of Worship
\ Indian Female Normal School, 17 Glengyle terrace
[ Parcel Post Agency, 1 Frederick st— John Henderson
[ Indigent Gentlewomen's Fund, 6 North St. David st— J. T.
Maclagan, secretary
Industrial Schools— See Academies in Classification of Trades, S;c,
Infirmary (Roval), Lauriston place
Ingles Cliristina, toy dealer, 16 Port Hopetoun
Robert, grocer, 190 Canongate ; res. 42 Prince Albert bldgs
Inglis Agnes, City Tavern, 69 Cookburn st. and 3 Milne square
Alexander, saddler, 131 Great Junction st. Leith,
Alexander, grocer, &c. (Moir & Inglis). 9 Roseburn terrace
Alexander A. photographer, 20 Calton hill
&. Allan, W.S & N.P. 8 North St. David st
& Co. commission agents & spirit brokers, 3 East Register st
Andrew, foreman, 87 Albany st. Leith
Andrew, slater & plasterer, East Newington place
I Archibald, belt & brace manufacturer. 39 St. Patrick square
Archibald, m.d. 33 Albany st
â–  Arthur R. architect (D. Menzies), 4 Merchiston park
. Catherine, Berlin wool repository, Sa Gladstone place
â–  Charles S. commission agent, 12 Dick place
David, smith, 62 South Back Canongate
Edward, shoemaker, 36 Warrender Park terrace
Elizabeth, Berlin wool & fancy repository, 17 North Brunts-
field place
Ellen & Catherine, newsagents & tobacconists, 16 Dundee ter
â–  George, clerk, 18 Gladstone terrace
George, sanitary inspector, 8 Windmill st
George S. pianoforte tune - , 17 Claremont terrace
H. Herbert, W.S. 8 North St. David st ; res. 30 Abercrombypl
J. G. tobacconist & stationer, 4 Albert pi ; res. 50 Crichton pi
James, bootmaker (W. & J. Inglis), 8 Leven terrace
James, Alexander, commission agent (Inglis & Co.), 13
Kilmaurs rd
r James M. plumber, gasfitter & brassfounder, 12 Salisbury pi ;
res. 10 South Findhorn place
James T. brewer, 11 Croft-an-Righ ; res. 17 Coates' gardens
Janet, householder, 18 Buccleuch place [pi
the Right Hon. John, Lord Justice General, 30 Abercromby
John, miller & corn merchant (John Inglis & Sons), Bon-
nington brae
John, merchant (John M'Queen & Co.), 3 West Savile rd
I John, C.E. Myrtle bank, York rd. Trinity
John, bootmaker, 4 Buccleuch st
John, tailor & clothier, 8 Spittal st
John, smith, 7 Richmond place
John, pianoforte tuner, 16 Wright's houses
John & Sons, corn merchants, oatmeal & flour millers,
Junction Flour Mills, Leith
John E. & Sons, cabinet makers, 36 Wright's houses
Margaret, apartments, 4 Atholl crescent
Peter, farmer, East Pilton, Granton
r Robert, publisher (Gall & Inglis), 10 Dick place. Grange
Robert, baker, 457 Lawn market
â–  Robert, joiner, 27S Causewayside ; res. 1 South Findhorn pi
Thomas, coach painter, 4 Airlie place
Thomas, grocer, 38 Lothian st
William, dairy, 25 Abbey hill & Jock's lodge [forth
William, engraver, 11a Hanover st; res. Roae Villa, View-
â–  William, draper, 9 Castle terrace
William, traveller, Edma Cottage, 164 Leith walk
â–  William, publisher (W. & R. Chambers), 12 Dick pi. Grange
William & James, shoemakers, 16 Queensferry st
Ingram Misses — , milliners, 41 Great King st
George, householder, 7 Christian bank, Trinity
John, apartments, 126a Princes st
Mary, Shetland warehouse, 2 & 4 Clerk st
William, warehouseman, 21 Barony st
William P. commercial traveller, 9 Warrender Park terrace
Inkster & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 320 Lawnmarket
James, tailor, 3 Greenside place
Inland Revenue Office (department of taxes), 10 Waterloo place
Revenue Office (stamps & taxes), Waterloo place
Revenue Office, Custom House, &. 12 Bonnlngton rd. Leith
Inman & Co. The London Medicine and Drug Stores,
46 Leith st
Innes Agnes, laundress, 7 Upper Grove place
Alexander Taylor, advocate, 17 Albany st
& Boyd, cabinet makers & upholsterers, 22 Argyle place
& Grieve, grocers, Italian warehousemen & wine merchants,
9 Waterloo place & Regent Arch Vaults
Innes Bridget, householder, 64 South Clerk st
Donald, spirit dealer, 49 Rose st
— — James C. M.A. 18 Caledonian rd
Jane, greengrocer, 2 Carnarvon terraoe
Jessie, confectioner, 128 Canongate
â–  John, S.S.C. (Millar, Robson &. Innes), 40 Blacket place
John, printer, 4 Maryfield place
Mary Ann, householder, 64 South Clerk st [bridge st
R. S. carpet manufacturer (Paterson, Smith & Innes), 3 Cam-
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 35 Northumberland st
Thomas, bookseller, 3 Cambridge st
William, laundry, 16 Meadow place
William (Union Bank of Scotland, Limited), 22a Buccleuch pi
William, coal agent, Morningside depot
Inrig James S. working jeweller, 12 South St. James st
Insall John, shopkeeper, Dumbiedykes rd
Inskip Edward T. clerk, 4 Graham "st [librarian
Institute of Bankers of Scotland, 57 Hanover st— John Grant
of the Young Women's Christian Association, 17 & 19 Young st
Institution (John Watson's), Dean
for the Deaf & Dumb, Henderson row— See Public Buildings
for the Relief of Incurables, Mill lane, Leith
Insurance Company of Scotland (fire), 95 George st— David
Lawrie, manager
Ireland Miss -, lodgings, 22 Gillespie crescent [Lynedoch pi
Alexander Scott, S.S.C. & N.P. (Fyfe, Ireland & Mackay), 10
& Tnomson, nurserymen, seedsmen, &c. 20a Waterloo "place
Craigleith, Comely hank, & Lynedoch place, Dean
Andrew, baker, 64 Dukest. Leith
Ireland D. W. engineer & mill furnisher, machinery
agent, oil and metal merchant, Catherine Street
court ; res. 22 Gayneld square
Ireland David, agent for Dutch flower roots, 15 Quality st
David, merchant (A. & A. Crawford), 7 Rosslyn crescent
Edward, photographer, 7 Hope st
James, oil merchant & commission agent, 6 Shandwick plaoe
John S. seedsman (Ireland & Thomson), 6 Union st
Robert, joiner, 20 Grindlay st
Robert, traveller, 21 Salisbury rd
Robert, clerk, 2 Mayfield terrace
Thomas, accountant, 71 Clerk st
William & Edmund, slaters & chimney sweeps, 22ADundas st
Irons David, G.P.O. 13 Glenorchy terrace [park
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 15 Spittal st ; res. 5 Lauriston
James Campbell, S.S.O. (Irons, Roberts ic Lewis), 9 Windsor st
James Hay (Scott, Croall & Sons). 10 Drumsheugh place
Margaret, householder, 64 South Clerk st
, Roberts & Lewis, S.S.O. & N.P. 5 York pi. & 10 Bernard st. L
Ironside George, baker, 199 Morningside terrace [rd
James, hairdresser, 2 Dairy rd ; res. 9 Richmond ter. Dairy
Margaret, newsagent, 52 Bristo st
Irvine Mrs. — , grocer & greengrocer, 41 London st
Alexander F. advocate, 25 Castle terrace
Charles, bootmaker, 64 Nicolson st
Charles, clerk, 23 Royal crescent
Duncan, bank clerk, 48 India st
Elizabeth, grocer & spirit dealer, 44 Main st. Newhaven
Francis, confectioner, 16 Clerk st
George, blaeksmith, Ronaldson's wharf, Leith
James, greengrocer, 1 Johnston st. Leith
James, confectioner, 14 East Richmond st
James, artist, 1 West Maitland st
Janet, confectioner, 16 Clerk st
â–  John, fishmonger, 14 Bristo place ; res. 15 Bellevue crescent
M. S. collector of police. &c. assessments, 17 Napier rd
Irvine, MLeod & Co. tailors, clothiers, hosiers, glovers
and shirt makers, 61 North bridge
Irvine Robert, analytical chemist. Royston, Granton
Robert, clothier (L-vine, M'Leod & Co.), 13 Marchmont place
William, smith, 4 Bowling Green st 12 Hanover st
Irving Brothers, trunk & portmanteau makers, 78 Princes st. and
Irving George, jun. bootmaker, 102 George st ; res 15
Gladstone terrace
Irving George, bootmaker, 87 Nicolson st ; res. 15 Gladstone ter
James, bootmaker, 51 South bridge; res. 17 Lutton place
Jas. portmanteau maker (Irving Brothers), 12 Atholl place
Jessie, apartments, 19 Pitt st
John, wholesale & retail stationer, 9Sb George at; res. Moss-
giel, Corstorphine [Joppa
Peter, portmanteau maker (Irving Brothers), 1 Dalkeith st.
William C. linen draper, &c. 46 Howe st
Isaacs Maurice, clothier, 19 Bernard terrace
Isacchi Thomas A. dealer in horses, livery stables, job and post-
master. South Mid Rose Street lane ; res. 17 Castle st
Isbister Christopher James, householder, 17 Bellevue crescent
Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 8 Canon st. Leith
George M. grocer & spirit dealer, 7 Kirkwood pi. London rd
John, cabinet maker, 44 Thistle st ; res. 34 Cumberland st
Isdale James, painter & decorator, 1 Howe st [Clerk st
Isles Andrew, leather merchant (Andrew Isles & Son), 25 South
Andrew & Son, curriers & leather merchants & manufacturers
of bookbinding calf, &c. 9 & 11 Blair st
Catherine, apartments, 4 North St. David st
Janet, householder, 6 St. Vincent st
Robert, leather merchant, 9 Archibald place
Ives William & Co. cane & Windsor chair makers, 133 Rose sfc
Ivory Holmes, W.S. (J. & A. Peddie & Ivory), 6 Lennox st
William, advocate, 6 Whitehouse terrace
JACK & Bryson, S.S.C. 39 Frederick st
Andrew, builder, 21 Royal crescent [Dundee ter
Brothers, bakers and confectionprs, 3 St. Anthony pi. and 29
C. S, die & stamp cutter, 15 Blackwood crescent
George (G.P.O. ), 4 Parkside terrace
Gertrude, householder, 20 Dairy rd
Isabella, stationer &smallware dealer, 12 South Richmond st
J. eatiDg house, 61 Frederick st

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