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res. 2
; res. 65
Hunter Misses — , boarding & dav school, 32 Dublin st
A. chemist (Duncan & Flockhart), 10 Glengyle terrace
Adam C. grocer & spirit dealer, 4 Lothian st ; res. lOTeviot pi
Alexander, M.D. 8 Belgrave crescent
Alexander, van & lurry builder, 77 Abbey hill
Alexander T„ C.A. (Watson & Hunter), 18 Belgrave orescent
& Glover, confectioners & wine merchants, 3 North hi. An-
drew st
& Scott, drapers, 65A South Clerk st
Andrew, glass & china dealer, 11 Home st
Andrew, iiesher, 6 Fowler terrace .
B & A. day school. Taymount. Nile Grove, Hormngside
Blair & Cowan, W.S. & N.P. 7 York place
Charles, paraffin oil dealer. 9 Greenside row
Hunter D. Bonningtoa Academy, Newhaven road
Hunter David, artist, 17 Teviot place rr„™,. r ,-o^ „t
David, flesher, 11 West Salisbury place ; res. 5 Upper Giay st
David, smith, Canonmills bridge
David, bookseller & stationer, 2 Canon place, Canonmills
David, dairy, 375 Leith walk
David, bag & sack dealer, 54 Bernard st. Leitn
David, baker & confectioner, 32 St. Leonard st
David, 8.S.C. 29 Dundas st
David, builder, 7 Lewis terrace, Dairy rd
Evan Allan. W.S. sheriff clerk of Ayrshire (Hunter, Blaii &
Cowan). 11 Maitland st
Frank, W.S. (Hunter, Blair & Cowan), 11 Maitland st
George, writer. 3 Coinlev Green orescent
Georie, boot & shoe maker. 58 Main st. Newhaven
. Geor|e, grocer & spirit dealer, 12 West port and 4 Polwaith
place ; res. 32 Gilmore place
George, cook, 8 Barony st
George, bootmaker, 53 Leith walk
George, lodgings, 118 Princes st .
George & Son, grocers and spirit dealers. 4 Polwarth orescent
Gilbert, bootmaker, 53 Leith walk, Leith
H. W. metal merchant, 3 Forth st ; res. 8 Hope crescent
Henry, clerk, 20 Dairy rd
Isaac, slater & chimney sweep, 1A Haddington place
Isabella, newsagent, 3 Vittoria place
j. m. agent for East Coast Railway Co. 9 Princes st
Hope Park crescent
James, warehouseman, 16 Bryson rd
James, bookseller & stationer, 32a Eaeburn place
James, drysalter. Granton harbour
James, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Drumdryan st
Warrender Park rd .
James, r.R.o.s. lecturer on physiology, 20 Craigmillar park
James (G.P.O.). 14 Henderson row
James, hay & straw dealer, Murdoch terrace
James, smith, 27 South Norton place
James, cement, china clay & commission agent, Granton ;
res. Taymount. Nile grove, Morningside
James, J.P. constable, 297 High st
James, traveller, 4 Hart st
James, newsagent, 21 Caledonian terrace
James, cooper. 22 Storrie's alley, Leith
James, miller, 9 Coltbridge terrace
James, baker, 2 Adam st. East
James, stationer (Tullis & Co.), 51 Mintost
James Adam, M.D. 18 Abercromby place
Jane, apartments, 11 Lauriston park
Jessie, dressmaker, 16 West Kichmond st
Jessie, newsagent, 76 Fountainbridge
John, grocer, 21 Greenside st ; res. 7 Hillside crescent
John, f.r.p.s. analytical chemist, Lennox row, Trinity
John, greengrocer, 15 Dean st
John, clerk, 23 Broughton place
John, boot & shoe maker, 4 Dairy Park place
John & Son, mill masters, Murrayfleld
John N. S. draper (Hunter & Scott), 14 Queensferry terrace
John M. school, 20 York place ; res. 1 Magdala terrace
Margaret, householder, 6 Leopold place
Margaret, stationer & tobacconist, 15 Portland place, Leith
Mary, dressmaker, 18 Tait place
Mary, shopkeeper, 10 Bangor rd. Leith
Mary Ann, academy, "2 Dublin st
Mason, artist, 6 Shandwick place ; res. 24 Buccleuch st
Peter, traveller, 28 Montrose terrace
Hunter Philip, cooper, 18 St. Patrick square, and 26
West Crosscauseway
Hunter Richard, stationer, 11 Queensberry terrace
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 7 Walker terrace. Dairy rd
Robert, publisher (Johnstone, Hunter & Co.), 17 Upper Gil-
more place
Robert, sorter (G.P.O.), 12 Valleyfield st [10 Ainslie pi
Robert, manager, Agra Bank, Limited, 17 St. Andrew sq ; res.
Robert, paper maker, 14 Blaeket place
Robert, bootmaker, 14 Drummond st
Robert, merchant (J. Dalrymple & Co.), 30 Moston terrace
Robert, grocer, 7 Walker terrace ; res. 30 Upper Gilmore pi
Robert, dining room, 99 High st
Samuel, builder & sculptor, 209 Leith walk ; res. 323 Leith wk
Thomas, baker. 8 Gladstone place [Henderson row
Thomas, law clerk (Macandrew, Wright, Ellis & Blyth), 5
Thomas M. teacher of music, 113 Gilmore place
W. S. seed, cake & manure merchant, 6 Bank st. Leith ; res.
68 Ferry rd. Leith
Hunter William, bookbinder, 28 Queen st ; res. 6 Eel-
ford park. Dean
Hunter William, .joiner, cabinet maker & undertaker, and house
agent, 21 Leven st ; res. 36 Warrender Park terrace
William, fishmonger, 14B Tobago st
William, wholesale draper (W. F. Cowio, Hunter & Co.), 11
Roseneath terrace
William, broker, 21a St. Stephen st
William, house agent, 28 Marchmont rd
Hunter William, dairyman and greengrocer, 5 Orwell piace
â–  William, livery stable keeper, 15 West Catherine place
William, spirit dealer, 11 Adam st. East
William & Co. clothiers & outfitters, 96 South bridge, and 1
Tolbooth wynd, Leith
William B. M.D. 1 Nelson st [avenue
â–  William P. grocer (George Hunter & Son), 2 North Merchiston
Hunterian Society, 22 Frederick st — T. G. Stevenson, agent
Hurry John, secretary to the Scottish Fire Insurance Co. 31 George
st ; res. 56 India st
Hurst James, traveller, 15 West Newington place [ter.
John, baker & confectioner, 34 Argyle place ; res. 1 Roseneath
John W. jun. baker, 54 Warrender Park rd
William*, shopkeeper, 99 Abbey hill
Husband William, M.D. & surgeon, 28 Clarence st
Hush Alexander, greengrocer, 182 Bonnington rd
Hutcheson James, wood turner, 37 Niddry st
Maggie, tobacconist & newsagent, 28 Leven st
Hutchings John, r.n. superintendent Mercantile Marine Office,
Custom House, Leith ; res. 1 Saxe-Coburg place
Hutchinson Arthur H. merchant, (A. H. Hutchinson & Co.).
Ellgowan, Dalkeith
A. H. & Co. limber merchants, 84 Constitution st. Leith
Marshall H. chemist, &c. 146 Duke st. Leith
Butchison Alexander, joiner, 5 Beaverbank place
Alexander R. ironmonger, 6 East Montgomery st
Alexander W. wine merchant (Hutchison & Co.), 28 Royal ter
& Co. tea, wine & spirit merchants, 35 Bernard at. Leith
Andrew, smith, 109 Giles st. Leith
Andrew A. advocate, 7 Greenhill terrace
Andrew W. wine merchant (Hutchison & Co.), 28 Royal terrace
David, hosier (Backie & Dickson), 377 Leith walk
David, spirit dealer, 1 Dock place, Leith
David, traveller, 6 Waverley place
Eliza, householder, 100 Liuriston place
Henry, mill master, 11 Eyre crescent
James, boot maker, 22 West Richmond st
â–  James, iron merchant, Pirrie st. Great Junction st. Leith
James, plasterer, Viewforth park
James, tea merchant, 30 St. Andrew square
James & Co. plasterers, Viewforth park
Hutchison James B. grocer, la Warrender Park cres
Hutchison Jas. T. wine rn.ercb.aut (Hutuhison & Co.), 12 Douglas
John, r.s.a. sculptor, 3 Thomas st ; res. 19 Manor place
Maggie, tobacconist, 2S Leven st
Margaret, apartments, 11 Lauriston park
Margaret, grocer, 74 Northumberland st
â–  â–  Margaret Rose, householder, 40 Great King st
Mary, baker, 47 Arthur st
Peter, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 Orchardfield place
Rebecca, stone merchant, 21 Port Hamilton
Robert.wine merchant (Hutchison & Co.), of Carlowie, Linlith-
gowshire, & 28 Chester st
Salvo, compositor, 16 Chapel st
Walter, ironmonger & toy dealer, 36 Albert st
Mrs. William, lessee of Craig Park Quarry, 21 Port Hamilton
William, confectioner, 1 Cumberland st
Huth Frederick, engraver &litbographer, 43 Albany st
Hutson Helen, general dealer, 10 North St. Andrew st
Margaret, apartments, 30 Rankeillor st
Huttou Andrew, painter, 35 Dundas st; res. 23 Pitt st
Archibald* pawnbroker, 82 South bridge & 10 High st
George, solicitor & N P. 8 York buildings ; res. 3 Parkside pi
Helen, householder, 5 Gilmore place
Isabella, butcher, 6 Roseburn terrace
Isabella, householder, 23 Melville terrace
James, teacher, 7 Rankeillor st
Jessie, private day school, 3 Lord Russell place
â–  John, silversmith, 63 North bridge ; res. 8 Panmure place
John, butcher, 43 Grindlay st
John, clerk, 9 Blenheim place
John, inland revenue, 9 Blenheim place
John, architect (Knox & Hutton), 8 Panmure place [Park ter
John P. goldsmith & watchmaker, 34 Princes st; res. 15 Hope
Lilliaa, teacher of pianoforte, 7 Rankeillor st
Peter. jun. joiner, 6 Union st. Leith
-Robert^ tile cutter, Simpson's court, Greenside row; res. 32
Regent place
Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 22 Charles st
William, tile maker, 236 Leith walk
William, china dealer, 21a Brunswick st
William, clerk. 35 Buccleuch place
William, drysalter, 10 India place & 48 Bristo st
William, joiner & timber merchant, 29 Rankeillor st; res. 22
South Clerk st
Huxtable Alfred, teacher of music, 21 St. Bernard crescent
Hyam B- & Son, Limited, tailors, clothiers, & outBtters, 124 & 126
High st. & 52 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Hvde James Wilson (G.P.O.), 145 Warrender Park rd
Hydraulic Engineering Co. 2 South St. David st ; works. Chester
Hyland J. B. engraver on wood, 6 Hanover st [Nicolson st
Hy man Robert, glass merchant & glazier, 132 Nicolson st ; res. 10
Hynde Thomas, tailor (Thomas Hynde & Co.), S Hope Park square
— ^— Thomas & Co. tailors & drapers, 13 Union place
Hyslop James P. session clerk of Lady Glenorchy's Parish Church,
9 Montrose terrace
James M'Adam, m.d. surgeon-major, 22 Palmerston place
William, grocer, 34 Deanbaugh st
William Aird, W.S. 22 Palmerston place
IDDON Jane, fishmonger, 37 Bridge st. Leith
Illingworth William, nock manufacturer, rag dealer, &c. Wel-
lington Mill, West Bowling Green st. Leith
Imlach Archibald F. artist. 13 Ravelston park
Francis B. f.r.c.s.e. 48 Queen st
Imlay George, fish merchant, 8 South College st ; res. 10 Hill pi

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