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Home Alexander W. grocer, 2 White's place
B. J. engraver (Robert Home & Son), 31 Gayfield square
for the Aged and Infirm, 45 Gilmore place
: for Destitute Girls, 11 Henderson terrace. Dairy— Annie
Oakden, matron
for Emigration of Destitute Children, Lauriston lane— Miss
Tait, matron
for Friendless Girls, 4 Bank st— Jane Drennan, matron
for Homeless Girls, 10 Lauriston lane— Mrs. Drennan, matron
for Ladies addicted to Intemperance, Queensberry Lodge-
Thomas P. Nelson, governor
G. P. chimney sweeper & slater, 57 Thistle st
Hugh, clerk in Chancery, 10 Baker's place %
John. W.S. 68 George st
Robert, agent for Campbell & Co. dyers, 30 Morrison st
Robert, fancy goods dealer, 24 West Maitland st
Robert. & Son, music & general engravers, lithographers and
letterpress printers, 11 Greenside lane
Honeyman Agnes, dairy, 4 Blackfriars st
Alexander, joiner & cabinet maker, 4 Lord Russell place
Honeyman & Wilson, wholesale tea. coffee, fruit &
spice merchants, 11 & 13 Meuse lane
Honeyman Charles, coal merchant, 4 Preston street West, and
Caledonian, Morrison st. & Hayraarket stations ; branch
office, Dairy rd
Robert, tea dealer (Honeyman & Wilson), 6 Mayfield gardens
Thomas)|dairy keeper, 1 Warrender Park rd
Hood & Douglas, milliners & drapers, 7 Brandon terrace
Andrew, joiner, Shrub hill, Leith walk ; res. 27 Brunswick
at. Leith walk
David, grocer, 39 Dundas st. & 30 Cowgate
David P. manager, 5 Madeira st. Leith
Elizabeth, householder, 21 Broughton st
- — - James, smith & beam maker, 2 Macdowall st ; res. Rose Cot-
tage, Abbey hill
James, boot & shoe maker, 3 Nicolson square; res. Albion
Villa, Belugas rd
James, potato merchant, 69 North Fort st ; res. 179 Ferry rd.
â–  John, butcher and poulterer, 35 Argyle place
John, draper (Hood & Douglas), 16 Hart st
John, grocer (Keddie & Hood), 38 Charlotte st. Leith
Robert, physician, 5 Salisbury rd
Hook Jane, bootmaker, 16 East Richmond st
Robert, stationer, 27 Brougham st
Robert, baker, 106 Rose st
Thomas, ironmonger & smith, 37 Cumberland st
Hope James, W.S. & N.P. (Hope, Mann & Kirk). 119 Princes st
James, joiner, 11 St. John s hill
James, W.S. 42 Charlotte square; res. Belmont, Murrayfield
John, W.S. 31 Moray place
John D., C.A. 67 George st
, Mann & Kirk, W.S. & N.P. 119 Princes st
Robert, shopkeeper, 96 Abbey hill
Thomas, civil engineer, 18 Hartington place
Thomas, contractor, 198 Morningside rd
William, bird & animal preserver, 44 George st ; res. 3
Gardner st
Wm. merchant (Robertson, Hope & Laidlay), 19 Carlton ter
William, printer (Steven & Hope), 20 Woodville terrace
Hopkinson W. H. professor of music, 154 Morningside rd
Hopkirk Eliza, dairy, 93 St. Leonard st
Helen, householder, 6 South Clerk st
Hopper Catherine, broker, 293 Cowgate [Lodge
F. G. marble agent. 27 Grove st ; res. 14 Wolseley ter. Jock's
Hormann Albert, corn factor (Hormann, Cochrane &Co.), 25 East
Hermitage place. Leith
, Cochrane & Co. corn factors & commission agents, 84 Con-
stitution st. Leith
Horn James, messenger, Crown Office, 1 Charlotte square
Margaret, householder, 109 Warrender Park rd
S. Maule, clerk, 18 Frederick st
William, advocate, 3 Rothesay place
Home & Lyell, W.S. 39 Castle st
Archibald, baker, 130 Pleasance
Catherine, apartments, 138 Nicolson st
George, hairdresser, 4 York place; res. 11 Picardy place
Harriet, boarding house keeper, 19 Great King st
Hugh W. engraver, 37 North bridge
James, cashier, 174 Albert st
Peter, jeweller (Sutherland & Home), 21 Leith st
Robert, clerk of works, 15 Tarvit st
S. M. teacher & translator of languages, 18 Frederick st
Thomas, jun. W.S. (Horne & Lyell), 19 Grosvenor st
Horning Inhibitions and Abbreviates of Adjudications (Registry
of) Office, Register House, Princes st
Horsbrugh H. M., C.A. (Moncreiff & Horsbrugh), 46 Castle st
Horsburgh Miss — , dressmaker, 57 Montgomery st
Agnes, spirit dealer, 10 Tynecastle terrace, Tynecastle
Alison, tobacconist, 49 Sand port st. Leith
— Andrew, tailor & clothier, 8 Caledonian place
Benjamin, greengrocer. 22 Duke st. Leith
John, blacksmith, 225 Causewayside
Horsburgh John, artist, photographer, & portrait
painter (under the patronage of Her Majesty), 131
Princes st j res. St. Albans, St. Albans rd
Horsburgh Margaret, confectioner, 78 Coburg st. Leith
William, butcher, 4S St. Leonard st
Horsfield John H. H. secretary, Scottish Wagon Co. Limited, 5
St. Andrew square ; res. Herri tage Villa, Wardie
Horsley Reynold E. m.d. 5 Chester st
Horta Madame — , teacher of French, 53 Castle st
Horticultural Society's Gardens, Inverleith row
Hosea John, tailor, 35 South bridge ; res. 47 Warrender Park rd
Hoseason Gilbert J. clevk, 38 Broughton st
hospitals — See Public Buildings
Hossack Agnes, school, 1 Bonnington place, Bonnington
5 — A-R
Hossack Daniel, grocer & spirit dealer, 17 Tobago st; res. 7 Hill sq
David F. ironmonger, 44 Great Junction st. Leith
Janet, householder, 1 Bonnington place
Thomas M. bookseller, 40 Chambers st
Hoston H. coal merchant, 10 Port Hamilton
Houlden & Co. stationers A fancy bazaar, 5, 9 & 11 Nicolson st
Wm. R stationer, &c. (Houlden & Co.), 3 Hope Park terrace
Houliston John, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 Catherine st ; res. 22 Elm
Hourston George, agent for the North of Scotland & Orkney &
Shetland Steam Navigation Co. 18 Waterloo place, & 64
Constitution st. Leith ; res. Summerfield House [ter
House of Charity & Home for Poor & Aged Women, 7 Johnston
of Refuge & Night Refuge, Queensberry House
of Refuge for the Destitute, 64 Canongate
of Refuge (Girls'), Dairy [Madeira st. Leith
Houston James P. produce merchant (Chalmers & Co.), 40
Howard & Wyndham, proprietors of Royal Lyceum Theatre
James B. lessee, Theatre Royal (Howard & Wyndham), 11
Pol war th terrace
Howden & Molleson, C.A. 8 York place
Arthur, rope & twine maker, Gilmore park
James, grocer (Dymock & Guthrie), St. Margaret's Cottage,
13 Greenhill gardens
James, grocer, 55 Causewayside
James, bookseller, 33 Dundas st
James, C.A. (Howden & Molleson), 25 Melville st
John, baker, 1 Thistle place ; res. 45 Bruntstield place South
John M., C.A. (Howden & Molleson), 3 Dean Park crescent
Mary, grocer & spirit dealer, 40 Duke st. Leith
Robert, joiner, 22 Forrest rd
Thomas, wholesale egg merchant, & importer of foreign
eggs, & sole agent for Scotland for Banco's XSX. arriving
from Hamburg twice each week, 136 Kirkgate, Leith ; res.
Claremont rd
William, broker, 12 Potter row [Moray st
Howe Alexander, W.S. & N.P. (Lindsay. Howe, Tytler & Co.), 17
Janet, householder, 5 Hope Park terrace
L. artist, 108 George st
Machine Co. Limited, 33 Cockburn st — Robert Gray, manager
Robert P. spirit dealer, 10 & 12 Cockburn st ; res. 37 Forrest rd
Howell & Hay, milliners, 75 George at
Henry H. geologist, 4 Mayfield terrace
Howie J. &R. fire-clay goods manufacturers, 44 Grind lay st
James, law clerk, 3 Leslie place
James, jun. photographer, 60b Princes st ; res. 30 Grange rd
Jessie, boot & shoe maker, 64 Potter row
Howie John, sculptor, Brandon st. Canonmills ; res,
Cosie Cottage. Wardie rd. Wardie
Howie John, draper, 4 Glanville place, Stockbridge
John, bookseller, 7 Monerieff terrace
John, plumber & gasfitter, 82 Duke st. Leith
Lindsay, artist, 108 George st
William, plumber. &c. 27 Grindlay st ; res. 13 Calton st
Howison Andrew, joiner, 55 Cumberland st
Charles, traveller, 23 Lauriston gardens
Christina, apartments, 20 Maitland st
James, joiner, 6 South Lauriston gardens
William A. law agent, 17 Torphichen st
Howkins John, civil engineer, Granton harbour ; res. Queens-
ferry Lodge, Wardie
Howling Abraham, master mariner, 40 Albany st. Leith
Hoy Alexander, cabinet maker, 5 Drummond st
George, confectioner, 50 Bristo st ; res. 21 Charles st
Jane, householder, 1 Union place, Trinity [Manor p!
James, cabinet maker, upholsterer, &c. 27 Cockburn st ; res. 31
Hoyle William Evans, f.r.s.e. surgeon, 32 Queen st ; res. 8 Kil-
maurs rd
Hughes Charles, dairy, 25 Marchmont crescent
Ebenezer, spirit-, dealer, ill High st
Hughes Edwin, saw maker, 67 Tolbooth wynd, Leith ;
res. 323 Leith walk
Hughes Philip, dining rooms, 2 East Tollcross
Thomas, spirit dealer, 51 Giles st. Leith
Thomas L. butler, 22 Stafford st.
Hughson Andrew, householder, 37 Albany st. Leith
John R. watchmaker, 1 Marshall st ; res. 4 East Adam st
Huie D. R. W. secretarv (Royal Btnk of Scotland), Register pi
Richard W. bank agent (Gulland & Huie), 15 Queensberry ter
Hull Frances, spirit dealer. Granton Hotel, Granton Harbour
Steam Packet Office, 16 Bernard st— James Currie and Co.
Humane Society, Edinburgh & Leith, Mill lane
Hume Mrs. — . coal dealer, 9 Dewar place
Hume Brothers and Co. Limited, chemical manure
manufacturers ; offices, India buildings ; works,
Bo'ness, Scotland and Beaufort, South Carolina,
Hume Elliot, drysalter, 42 Grassmarket ; res. 8 Lauriston lane
James, painter, 5 Canonmill place
Jane, dairy, 2 Sunnybank place
John, brush manufacturer, 87 West bow & 37 Chambers st ;
res. 2 Graham st
John, bootmaker, 16 Victoria place, Wardie
John, bookspller & stationer, depository of Scottish Monthly
Visitor Tract Society, 40 Hanover st
Margaret, fringe & trimming manufacturer, 31 North bridge
Thomas, baker, 80 North Junction st- Leith
Thomas, plate chest maker, N.E. Thistle Street lane
Thomas, farmer, 109 Warrender Park rd
Will'am, commission agent, 8 Lauriston lane
William, philosophical instrument maker, 1 Lothian st ; res.
-18 Lonsdale terrace f 8 *
Humphrey George, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 & 4 South Richmond
Robert, householder, Holm Villa, Stanley rd- Leith
Hunt Charles, inland revenue officer, 15 East Thirlestane rd
George, tailor & clothier, 29 Nicolson st ; res. 15 Salisbury rd

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