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Hervey Henry, cabinet maker, ti Valleylield st
Hetherington James, householder, 12 Atholl place
Hetherton Henry, sen. missionary, 1 Summerhall place
Henry, bellhanger, 13 South Clerk st ; res. 1 Summerhall pi
John, clerk, 50 Kankeillorst
Hewat Andrew, commission agent & broker, 1 Assembly st. Lei'h,
& Lloyd's sub-agent, Granton
Archibald, secretary (Edinburgh Life Assurance Co.), 12
Saxe Cobourg pi
, Gibson & Co. drapers, &c. 59 Hanover st
Margaret, householder, 112 Lauriston place
, Peden & Co. tea & coffee merchants, 2 Forth st
E. K. agent, 3 Summerhall place
Richard G. tea merchant (Hewat, Peden & Co.), Bellfield
House, Portobello
Thomas, draper (Hew at, Gibson & Co.), 11 Grindlay st
Hewit David G. tanner (J. Hewit & Sons), 32 Grange loan
J. & Sons, leather merchants, 6, 8 & 10 Niddry st : & tanners
& curriers, 125 High st. & City Tannery, East Market st
Jessie, apartments, 11 Barony st
Thomas, tanner (J. Hewit. &. Sons), 32 Grange loan
Hewitt Jane, shopkeeper, 34 North Kichmond st
Jane, householder, 4 Rankeillor st
William, baker, 52 Cumberland st
Heygate Captain W. N" B. adjutant, 1st E. C. A. V. 2 Elder st ;
res. 7 Carlton st
Hey wood J. M. dressmaker, 92 Fountainbridge
Hicks George, egg merchant, 12 St James's square
â–  Wallace, manager, 3S Hanover st ; res. 1 Dalrymple crescent
Higgin & Thorn, engravers, lithographers & letterpress printers,
9A North Bank st [pi
Higginb^tham Mary Ann, Berlin wool warehouse, 10 Haddington
Higgins E. J. & W. (London), tea merchants, 6 India buildings
— Samuel Adams, agent
, Eagle & Co. (London), lace manufacturers, Hanover st— J. F.
Tate, representative [Nicolson st
Francis, working .jeweller & gold & silver smith, 10
J. & J. contractors, 91 Fountainbridge
William, hairdresser, 46 Fountainbridge
High Court of Justiciary, Parliament square
School of Edinburgh, Calton hill
School, Leitb, Leith links
Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland, 3 George IV. bridge
— Fletcher Norton Menzies, Esq. secretary ; Thos. Duncan,
& Land Law Reform Association, 34 St. Andrew square —
Alexander Mackenzie, honorary secretary [manager
Fisheries Co. Limited, 33 Constitution st— James Blackie,
Hiley Agnes, provision dealer, 15a Carnegie st
Hill Mrs. — , teacher of cutting and fitting, 108 George st
Mrs. — , school, 32 Chalmers st
Andrew, grocer, 371 Leifch walk; res. 6 Rosslyn crescent
C. teacher of music, 32 Chalmers st
, Craig & Co. paper makers, Balerno [age pi
Cumberland, chaplain, St. Cuthbert's Workhouse, 2 Hermit-
David, clerk, 9 Caledonian rd. Dairy rd
Elizabeth, eating housekeeper, 20 Buccleuch st
George, smith & beam maker, 12 Richmond place ; res. 13
Marchmont crescent
George W. clerk, 6 Lonsdale terrace
Hugh, wheelwright, 34 London st
J. L. & Co. W.S. 42 Frederick st
James, bootmaker, 13 Salisbury st
James C. merchant, 30 Bernard st. Leith ; res. 4 Rosehall ter
John, builder (John HiU & Sons), 4 Rosehall terrace
John, spirit dealer, 50 Fox st. Leith ; res. 21 Bernard st
• John, householder, 12 Queen sb [Links pi
John & Sons, cabinetmakers, builders & timber merchants, 4
John B., W.S. (J. L. Hill & Co.), 1 Arthur place
â–  â–  M. tobacconist, 6 Dairy rd
Martin, pickle maker. 24 Potter row
Peter, bouse factor, 12 Guthrie st ; res. 4 GHmore place
Robert, clerk, 10 Rosslyn crescent [Great King st
T. Alexander, printseller, publisher, &c. 18 George st ; res. 67
â–  Thomas, master mariner, 8 Angle Park terrace
, Thomson & Co. Italian warehousemen, importers of foreign
producft, & wine merchants, 45 Frederick st
Walter, tailor (Cowan, Cormack & Hill), 52 Groves st
Wardrop M. commission agent, 122 George st
William, boot maker, 1 Wilkie place. North Fort st. Leith
Will'am. refreshment room keeper, 20 Buccleuch st.
Hilliard Harvey, cutler, surgical instrument & truss & bandage
maker, 7 Nicolson st ; res. 17 Gladstone place
Hillock David, bootmaker, 21a Upper Grove sfc
Hills George W. bookbinder, 31 North bridge
Hillson Matthew, smith. East Assembly lane, Rose st
Hilson W. R. joiner, 25 Guthrie st
Hind H. liquid blue manufacturer, 4 Henderson terrace
Hindes James, chemist & druergist, 94 Leith walk
Hinshelwood J. & Co. Globe Parcel Express, 15 South St. David st
— William Lindsay, manager
Hirst Samuel, wool merchant (Crudelius &, Hirst), Dundurn
Trinity rd. Trinity
Hislop Agnes, dairy, 61 West Port
Albert, salesman, 12 Archibald place
Chai-les. brassfounder, 9 Gladstone terrace [House, Seafield
Henry W. stock & share broker, 14b George st; res. Seacote
James, shopman, 8 Rosehall terrace
Hislop John , die sinker & stamp cutter, 38a Rose st
Hislop John, butcher, 8b Viewforth park
John & Son, coach builders & harness makers, 22 Union st. 2
Gayfield sq. & 13 Antigua st. Edinburgh ; & at Goatfield
Coach Works. Haddington — See advertisement
John F. merchant (Kemp, Hislop & Co.), Brunsfield place
John L. salesman, 39 Frederick st
Mary, apartments, 41 Marchmont crescent
Robert G bellhanger, 7 Pitt st
Hislop Sarah, dogger, 110 Grassmarket
Waiter, bicycle & tricycle warehouse, U.P. College Buildings
Castle terrace ; res. 72 Morningside rd [Broughton nl
3; • m ' butter & cheese pail maker, Mary Ann Cottage
— William, coach builder (John Hislop & Son), 2 Gayfield square
Hitt James, publisher, 9 Ethel terrace, Morningside
Hebbs Charles W. agent, 4? Warrender Park rd
— — J. shopkeeper, 4 Wolseley place, Jock's lodge
Hobday Thomas M. Warriston green, Canonmills
Hobson William, warehouseman, 12 Clyde st
William, upholsterer, 59 Broughton st
Hodder Charles D. art master (Board of Manufacturers' Sohool
,t j »?. oyal lactation), 1 South Mansion House rd
Hodge Miss — , dressmaker, 143 Constitution st
Agnes, householder, 12 Clifton terrace, Haymarket
— Archibald, searcher of public records (Douglas & Co.), 101
Gilmore place
C. & T. drapers. 85 South bridge
Charles, draper (C & T. Hodge), 35 Queen's crescent
Charles, m.d. 6 Baniton terrace
David, contractor. 51 & 63 Grove st
George, tailor, 5 South East Circus place
James, clerk, 19 East Preston st
Mary & Jane, newsagents & dressmakers, 7 Dublin st
Peter, grocer & spirit dealer, 37 Dean st
— - Thomas, draper (C. &T. Hodge), 39 Queen's crescent
Hodges George, Inland revenue officer, 37 Warrender Park rd
Hodgkin Harry W. clerk. 20 Eoyal orescent
Hodsdon James W.B. m.d. 30 Walker st
Hofford Mrs. & the Misses, milliners, 25 South Frederick st
Edward E. commission agent, 7 North St. Andrew st; res.
25 Frederick st
Hogarth Ann, grocer, 12 Canon st
William, hay & straw dealer. 1 Grove st
Hogben Isabella, householder, 174 Ferry rd. Leith [ton rd
— — William S. assessor, 14 Waterloo place ; res. Itedbraes, Brough-
Hogg Agnes B. 15 Bellevue crescent
Alexander, hosier & shirt maker, SS Fountainbridge
— r- & M'Vicar, saddlers, 20 Dock st, Leith
& Moffat, butchers, 3 Drumshough place
Andrew, tailor (W. & A. Hogg), 53 Lothian st
Andrew W. householder, 3 Warristun place
Annie, dressmaker, 2 Buccleuch st [st
Archibald B. solicitor, 7 North St. Andrew st ; res. 10 Scotland
Charles, dairy, 71 East Crosscauseway
Charles, bank teller, 5 Crawfurd rd
Charles B. solicitor at law & law agent, 7 Picardy place
G. Bryson, gas engineer (Armstrong & Hogg), 7 Brougham pi
George, carrier, Cowan's close, East Crosscauseway
George D. agent & house factor, 30 Clarence st
Isabella F. fishing tackle maker, 79 Princes st
James, printer, 9a North Bank st ; res. 4 Henderson row
â–  James, messenger-at-arms, 7 Elder st
John, grocer, 23 Hillhousefield
John, stationer, 2 Pitt st
John, hatter, 7 West Newington place
John, collector, 9 E. Sciennes st
John, corn merohant, 30 Clarence st
John, clerk, 1 North Fort st. Leith
John, shopkeeper, 23 Trafalgar lane, Bonningtoa
John, slater & mason, 39 Howe st
John B. house agent, 2 Lauriston park
Margaret, fruiterer & greengrocer, 39 Howe st
Michael, sheriff officer, 7 Elder st
Peter, smith, 63 Grove st
B. & Co. china merchants, 54 Shore. Leith
Eobert, manager, 41 Marchmont crescent [Pilrig
Thomas, horse repository & livery stable keeper, Moray st.
Thomas, temperance hotel, 2 Hunter square
Hogg W. and A. practical tailors and outfitters, 94
George st
Hogg William, butcher, Drumsheugh place
William, greengrocer, 9 Albert st
â–  William, tailor (W. & A. Hogg), 16 Gilmore place
William, butcher (Hogg & Moffatt), 4 Stafford st
William, plumber & gasfitter, 9 West Crosscauseway
William, architect & surveyor, 6 Shandwick place ; res. 1
Coltbridge gardens
William, ordained surveyor, 11A Hanover st ; res. 1 Colt- ^
bridge gardens. Murrayfield
â–  William, sheriff officer & messenger-at-arms, 7 Elder st
William T. M. teacher of shorthand, 1 Erskine place
Hogue David W. M.D. & doctor of dental surgery, t5b Queen st
' Jemima, householder, 4 Mayfield gardens [Leith
Holburn John G. tinsmith, 4 Greenside row ; res. 330 Leith walk,
Holden Frederick T. schoolmaster, 1 Eoyston terrace
William, ironmonger, 238 Leith walk
Holder James, stationer, 93 Broughton st
John, horse-collar maker, West Gilchrist lane; res. 5 i
Broughton lane
Hole William B. a.r.s.a. artist, 30 Saxe-Cobourg place
Holiday Thomas, engraver, 17 St. James's sq. ; res. 22Lutton pi
Holland Miss Margaret. 3 James' place, Leith
Eobert, greengrocer, 11 William st
Hollands James, dining room, 49 High st
Hollingworth John Piatt, wine and spirit dealer, 50 North Han-
over st ; res. 29 Eose st
Holmbae M. W. commission merchant, 68 Constitution st. Leith
res. 6 Mansfield place
Holmes John, baker, 67 Grassmarket ; res, 4 Marshall st
John, ironmonger, 2 Tobago st
Thomas, letter carrier, 54 Houth Clerk st
Holtum and Welsh, clothiers, habit mailers, breeches
makers, hosiers and hatters, &c. 6 George st
Holywell & Tod, builders, Henry place [bill
Homan Charles H. custom house officer, 6 Spring gardens, Abbey
Home Alexander, grocer, 2 White's place

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