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Henderson Ann, grocer, 14 Rose st
• Archibald, jeweller & watchmaker, 4 Grey friars place
. Basil, cabinet maker. 17 Argyle Park terrace
. Catherine, householder, 10 Rankeillor st [Newhaven
> — D. & Co. provision dealers, 37 Kirkgate, Leith, & 100 Main st-
^E— David, gardener & florist, 23 Melville terrace
m~ — David, foreman, 5 Gibson st. Broughton rd
m. — David, householder, 18 Moray place
ft- — David, dairyman, 10 Dean st
M- — David, hatter (David Henderson & Co.), 'Grace Mount, Liberton
§- — David, secretary to the Edinburgh Cemetery, 3 East Trinity
rd. Trinity
I David, joiner, Roseburn place, Murrayfield
I- David & Co. hatters, 4(5 North bridge & 19a Broughton st
i- David W. & Son, grain brokers & factors, 39 Constitution st. L
ft — David Wemyss, merchant (D. W. Henderson & Son), Hermit-
age park, Lochend rd
F- Donald G. traveller, 6 Buecleuch terrace
|- Elijah, grocer, 5 Duncan st
Elizabeth, earthenware dealer, 35 Leven st
Elizabeth, spirit dealer, Echo bank, Dalkeith rd
I. George, warehouseman, 20 Lauriston gardens
I- George, law clerk, 14 Scotland st
I George, iron merchant, 58 Leith sfc; res. 20 Hillside place
I George, horse dealer, 2(3 Grassmarket
| â–  George, architect (Hay & Henderson), 7 Greenhill park
Graham, clerk, 24 Bellevue crescent
Isabella, newsagent, 30a Cumberland st [row
I James, carpet warehouseman, Silver mills ; res. 73 Inverleith
Jame?, dairy, 21 Balbivnie place & 20a Queensferry st
James, wholesale stationer (P. & W- Macniven), 4 Chalmers st
| James, Bhopkeeper, 11 Couper st. Leith
â–  James, watchmaker, 29 South bridge ; res. 5 Roxburgh terrace
\ James, butcher, 284 Leith walk
James, smith & farrier, 4 Murray st
' James, grocer, 34 South Back Canongate
James, baker, 14 Comely G-reen place [Wardie
! James, stationer, (M'Niven & Cameron). Bellevue, Perry rd.
[ James, -wine merchant (Cockbum & Co.), Claremont, South
Lauder rd
James, horse dealer (Mitchell & Henderson), Echo bank
i James L. architect, 15 Pohvarth gardens
[ . James M. corn merchant, 48 Broughton st ; res. 14 Dryden st
Mrs. Jane, 6 Carlton terrace
Jane, confectioner, 25 North Bruntsfield place
[ j Jessie, baby linen & Berlin wool repository, 53 South Clerk st
Jo on, curator, Phrenological Museum, 26 Chambers st [st
John, flesher, 60a Fountainbridge, 59 Grassmarket, & 101 Rose
| John, clerk, 2 Airlie place
[ John, assistant manager (The Clydesdale Bank, Limited), 29
George st ; res. 5 Inverleith place [Frederick st
; John, shipping agent & agent for Atlas Parcel Express, 1
[ John, C.A. 2S Frederick st; res. 22 Gillespie crescent
John builder, 21 Castle st
John, m.d. & surgeon, 7 John's place, Leith
John, dairyman, 27 Trafalgar lane, Bonnington
John A. & Co. cork merchants, 160 Constitution st. Leith
Laurence, traveller, 22 Rosslyn crescent
Laurence, grocer, 100 Main st. Newhaven, & Kirkgate, Leith
Magnus, clerk, 39 Raeburn place
Margaret, newsagent, 31 West Port
Margaret, shopkeeper, 1 Clyde st
Henderson Marion, dressmaker, 11 Hope st
Henderson Mary, householder, 2 Melville st
Michael, apartments, 18 Walker st
p Peter, joiner, 35 Haddington place
Peter, eating house, 72 Leith st
Peter, traveller, 91 Marchmont rd
Henderson Peter L. architect & surveyor, brewers'
architect & engineer, 122 George st; res. 15 Archi-
bald place
Henderson R. M. seedsman, 38 & 40 Grassmarket
Ralph, glass & china dealer, 17 Dairy rd
Robert, fancy bazaar. 54 North bridge, and 32 George IT.
bridge ; res. 2i Calton hill
Robert, householder, 13 Rankeillor st
"Robert, tailor (Irvine, M'Leod & Co.), 6 Mansfield place
Robert, traveller, 28 Lauriston gardens [Leith
Robert, builder (Henderson & Wilson), 20 East Hermitage pi.
Robert L. spirit dealer, 43 Grassmarket, & 27 Forrest rd
Robert R. grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Greyfriars pi; res. 16
Marchmont crescent
Robert T. watchmaker & jeweller, 2 South bridge
Sarah, shopkeeper, 2 Salisbury terrace
Sarah, newsagent, 110 Bonnington rd. Leith
Simon, baker, 166 & 168 Fountain bridge, & Brandfield st ; res.
Merchiston park
Thomas, plumber (Henderson & M'Intyre), 6 Upper Grove pi
Thomas, spirit dealer, Bonnington bridge
Thomas, manager, 17 Torphichen st
Thomas, dyer (P. & R. Hay), 12 Smith's place
Thomas, corn factor, 6 East Savile rd
Thomas, traveller, 5 Buecleuch place
Thomas S. school, 36 India st ; res. 25 Drumrnond pi
Walter, contractor, 12 Polwarth gardens
William, agent, Royal Bank. 2 Bernard st ; res. 18 Carlton ter
William, spirit dealer. 1 Shore, Leith ; res. 32 Sandport st
William, greengrocer, 3 Orwell place
William, advertising agent & servants' registry office. 64
Morrison st
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Morrison st
William, chief constable of police, 1 Parliament sq
Hendrie Mrs. — , laundry, East London st
Adam, grocer, &c. 1 Claremont pi. Stoekbridge
George, spirit dealer, 40 West Richmond st
Isabella, lodgings. 11 Caledonian pi
James, tobacco manufacturer, 4 Catherine st; res. 17 TJnion st
Hendrie James, greengrocer, 180 West Fountainbridge
â–  Joseph, cellar man, 39 Barony st
■ R. & Co. wholesale perfumers, 45 Frederick st — William J.
Fox, agent for Scotland
Robert, clerk, 43 Caledonian crescent
Hendry G. & W. painters, 1 Lothian rd. & 4 Drumshengh place
George, painter (G. & W. Hendry), 105 Gilmore place
George, greengrocer, 353 Leith walk
James, painter (James Hendry & Co.), Myrtle terrace
James & Co. painters, 5 Dairy rd
Robert, chemist, 33 Earl Grey st ; res. 9 Leven terrace
Thomas, tailor, 7 Melville place
William, writer, IS Duncan st
William, painter (G. & W. Hendry), 9 Leven terrace [pi
William, saddlers' ironmonger, 28 Westport ; res. 10 Panmuro
Hendy F. J. R. B a. assistant master, Fettes' College. Com lev bank
Henney and Son. clothiers and outfitters, and hatters
and hosiers. 21 and 23 Leith at— See advertisement
Henney Mrs. Mary, clothier (Henney & Son), 7 Union st m
William, hosier (Henney & Son), 21 Lei'h st
Henrlkson Robina, greengrocer, 22 Sandport st. Leith
Henry Alexander, gun and rifle maker (by special
appointment to H.R H Prince of Wales and Duke of
Edinburgh), 12 South St. Andrew st; res. 10 Belle-
vue crescent
Henry Alexander S. artists' colourman & bookseller, 31 Greenside
st ; res. 16 Broughton place
& M'Intyre, grocers & wine merchants, 30 High st
& Scott. 8.S.C. 20 St. Andrew sq
Henry Claude F. chemist. 1 Brandon terrace ; res. 21
Warrender Park terrace
Henry James, leather dresser, 8 Forth st
James M'Intyre, architect, 13 Frederick st
John, dressing-case maker, 30 Hanover st
John, 8.S.C. (Henry & Scott), 29 Rutland sq
John, hairdresser, 2*1 Great Junction st. Leith
Josephine, boarding house, 4 CUrernont terrace
Samuel, outfitter, 34 Sandport st. Leith
William, joiner, 86a East Crossctmseway
Hepburn & Amoore, dental surgeons, 7 Aberoromby place
David, writer, 30 Hamilton pi Stoekbridge
James, umbrella maker, HI Nicolson st
Mary & Margaret, dressmakers, 2a Albany st
Robert, butcher, 51 Montague st
Thomas, joiner, Dumbiedykes rd
William, timber merchant, 23 Caledonian crescent
William, builder. 6 Drmndryan st
Hep worth Joseph & Son, tailors, 70 South bridge, & 31 & 32
Tolbooth wynd. Leith
Her Majesty's Chancery Court, New Register House
Majesty's Gazette Office for Scotland, Exchequer chambers.
Parliament sq ; printers, Murray & Gibb, 11 Queen st
Majesty's Works Office. Exchequer chambers, Parliament sq
Herbert & Law, engineers, millwrights .boiler makers,
paper mill machinery of all kinds, speciality chilled
rolled calenders, makers of complete plant for
flour mills on the gradual reduction system,
Heriotfleld Works. Leith walk; London office. 2
Westminster chambers. S-W.
Herbert Charles, engineer (Herbert & Law), Polwarth House
David, teacher of classics, 25 Gilmore place
Mark, coal merchant. 11 Port Hamilton ; res. 31 Grindlay st
Hercus George, boot & shoe maker, 14 Fowler terrace
James W. M. insurance agent, 15 Pitt st. Bonnington
Herd Andrew, cabinet maker, 72 Broughton st; res. Rose st
Annie, apartments, 19 Walker st
John, manager, 15 Leopold place
Walter, clerk, 47 Prince Regent st. Leith
William, painter, 126 Rose st
Herdman Jas. miller (John Herd man & Sons). Coltbridge House
John, miller (Jobn Herdman & Sons), 2 Bruntsfield crescent
John &Sons. millers, ffay market Mills, Haymarket
Robert M- artist, St. Bernard's, 12 Bruntsfield terrace
Herdson Evelina, householder, 22 Grange loan
Heriot David, draper, 42 Couper st. Leith
Robert, shopkeeper, S2 Albert st
Thomas, aerated water manufacturer, Dumbiedykes rd ; res.
12 St. Catherine place, Grange
Heriot's Hospital, Lauriston
Hospital Treasurer's Chambers, 11 Royal Exchange
Hospital Works Office— John Chesser, superintendent. 12
Royal Exchange
Schools — See Educational Directory at end of Classification of
Trades, Sfc.
Heritable Estates Co. Limited, 5 St. Andrew square— F. &F. W.
Carter, secretaries
Securities Investment Association, Limited, 76 George st—
Andrew Paterson, C.A. manager
Heritages Association of Scotland, Limited, 2 York buildings— J.
& W. Pollard, C.A. secretaries
Hermann Loog, Limited, sewing machine manufacturers, 43
Nieolson st— Peter Scott, manager
Hermiston Isabel, householder, 45 South Clerk st
Hermitage Club, 56 George st— George Thomson, secretary
Heron Alexander, l.a. 22 Gillespie crescent
C- M. commercial traveller, 11 Kilmaurs rd [bridge
Colin B. wholesale woollen cloth merchant, 12 George IV.
â–  David, builder, 84 Albert st. & Hope crescent
James,chemist (Duncan, Flockhart & Co.), 4 Merchiston avenue
James, artist. 16 Picardy place ; res. 10 Thirlst tne rd
James, grocer & wine merchant, 1a Arniston place
John & Co. spirit dealers, 1 Queensferry st
William, coal merchant, 122 George st
Herrald Robert, joiner, Circus lane ; res. 55 Cumberland st
Herring Fishery Office, 2 Dock place, Leith
Herriot George' confectioner, -2 Arthur st
â–  James, grocer. 10 Canonmills

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