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Hamburg Steam Packet Office, 16 Bernard st. Luith— James Currie
& Co. agents
Hamil Mrs. — , grocer, 4 Reid terrace
Ham ill Amies Margaret, shopkeeper, 4 Reid terrace, Glenogle rd
â–  David, fish dealer, 71 Great Junction st. Leitb
Hamilton Miss — , fringe & tassel maker, 68 George st
f â–  A. clerk, 36 Warrender Park terrace
Mrs. — , eating house, 101 Nicolson st
A. & J. tea & coffee merchants, 1 Roxburgh st
Adam, professor of mu?ic, 18 Castle st
- Alexander, ironmonger & smith, 10 Whitebank
& Armour, stock & .-hare brokers, 34 St. Andrew square
Hamilton & Inches, goldsmiths & jewellers, 88
Princes st
Hamilton &. Muller, organ builders & music sellers, 116 George st
I Aiidrsw, tea merchant (A. & J. Hamilton), 109 Warrender
Park rd
Ann, greengrocer, 97 Pitt st
Carl D. professor of music, 19 Manor place
â–  D. merchant, Quality lane, Leith
Daniel, baker, 38 Kirkgate, Leith
Ernest, W.8. (Hamilton, Kinnear & Beatson), 35 Queen st
Gavin, teacher of classics, 4 Morningside park [bridge
George, stationer & circulating library, 162 West Fountain
George, dairyman, 4 Dundee terrace
Hubert, advocate & sheriff substitute, 55 Manor place
Harriet, dairy, 49 North Port st. Leith
Helen, householder, 13 Leamington terrace
J. Guy, advocate, 11 Hartingtoa gardens
James, artist, 13 Jordan lane, Morningside
Rev. James, chaplain to Royal Infirmary, 6 Upper Grey st
James, tea merchant (A. & J. Hamilton), 10 Warrender Park
James, commission agent, 21 Montague st
James, boot & shoe maker, 1 Raeburn place
James, spirit dealer, 122 Nicolson st
â–  James, joiner (J. & W. Hamilton), 6 Union st. Leith
James & William, joiners, 89 Junction st. Leith
James, H. t^a merchant (Brodie, Hamilton & Co.), 17 Leo-
pold place
Janet, householder, 72 South Clerk st
Jessie, confectioner, 87 St. Leonard st
John, superintendent, North British and Mercantile Insur-
ance Co. 7 Leopold place [24 Rosslyn crescent
John, agent for Arthur & Co. Limited, 57 North bridge ; res.
John, householder, 22 Melville place
John, householder, 68 George st [4 Hatton place
John Lyon, stock and share broker, 34 St. Andrew square ; res.
John M. warehouseman, 36 Barony st
, Kinnear. & Bealson, W.S. 35 Queen st
, M'Culloch & Co. coal owners, 7 North Bt. Andrew Bt. &
Morrison Street dep6t
Mary, greengrocer, 17 Balfour st
Mary, tobacconist, 39 Hanover st [talrig terrace
Matthew, tea merchant, 11 Quality lane, Leith ; res. 23 Res-
Matthew, saw maker, 4 Merchant st
R. W. insurance agent, 7 Pitlochry place
Hamilton Robert, oil, iron, metal, nail, chain and
cement merchant ; sole agent in Scotland for the
New Sedgwick Gunpowder Co. Limited, and agent
for Nobel s Explosives Co. Limited, 29 St. James's
square ; res. Trinity Lodge, Trinity
Hamitron Robert, teacher of music, 4 Park st
â–  Robert, gardener, 10 Canon st [Parkrd
Thomas, organ builder (Hamilton & Muller), 63 Warrender
â–  William, boot and shoe maker, 29 Argyle jdace ; res.
10 Marchmont rd
William, bakers' utensil manufacturer, Teaman, Dairy park ;
res. 6 Murdoch ter
William C. (G.P.O.), 3 Bowhitl terrace, Perry rd
Wm C. joiner, &o. (J. & W. Hamilton), 2 Snmmerside st. L
Wm. L. hatter, 43 North bridge; res. 7 Bueeleuch place
Hammond Thomas, pyrotechnist, Castle Works,
Craigmillar ,- postal address, 5 Rose bank place—
Sec advertisement
Hamond Willi mi, master mariner, 19 Polwarth gardens
Hampton Misses H. & 8. L. 4 Merchiston place
James, smith, St. Andrew's place
James Scott, S.S.C. Amphion Cottaae, Trinity
Ha nan Hugh, seedsman & florist, 16 Bank st
Hand Mary, pawnbrokers' saleroom, 42 St. Mary st
Handyside David, clerk, 57 Montgomery st
G. B. coal agent, 53 Montague st
Helen, confectioner, 73 Causewayside
Handyside Robert, West 'End Laundry and Carpet
Beating and Cleaning Works, Georgie rd
Handyside Robert C. traveller (Hunter, Ban* & Co.), 16 Princes st
Thomas, spirit dealer, 12 Shore, Leith
Hanlon John, shopkeeper, 52 Charlotte st. and furniture broker,
100 Constitution st. Leith
J. shopkeeper, 57 Blackfriars st [land st
Hanna Eliza, apparel dealer, 18 West Nicolson st. & 47 Cumber-
Thos. C, C.A. 45 Frederick st ; res. 7 Magdala crescent
Hannah Ellen, dressmaker, 39 East, Crosscauseway [st
John M. philosophical instrument maker, 19 West Rieamond
Margaret, lodgings, 8 Frederick st
William, surgeon dentist, 67 Northumberland st
Hannan Miss — , school. Craighall rd
James D. civil engineer, land valuator & estate agent, 10
Eildon st
Hannay Lyon, W.C. chemist & apothecary, 13 Calton st; res. 5
Eyre crescent
Hanning Adam, tailor & clothier, 52a Grove st
Hansell W. J. missionary, 12 Warrender Park terrace
Hansen H. P. Monte Videan Consul, ship broker, coal exporter,
and commission agent, 2 Hock place, Leith ; res. 8 Cherry
Bank, Newhaven rd. Leith
Hansen Henry, tobacconist, 31 Albert place; res. 23 Brunswick st
J. H. tobacconist, 31 Albert place
Hanson Charles H. sub-editor, 14 Windsor Bt
Robert W. printer (Ballantyne, Hanson & Co.), Clare House,
38AFindhorn place
Susan, householder. 21 Fettes row
Wm. merchant (Collier & Hanson). 21 Fettes row
Hanton Mrs. — , apartments, 15 Leven terrace
James, tailor, 59 South bridge; res. 37 Argyle place
Harbey David, grocer, 45 Arthur st
Harbour Masters Office, Granton harbour
â–  Master's Office, Foot of Shore, Leith [Gay field sq
Hardie Alexander, cabinet maker (VV. Hardie, Sons dc Low), 19
Alexander, gardener, Glensross Cottage, Morningside park
C. M. artist, 10 Pi card y place
Charles, traveller, 44 Cumberland st
David, newsagent, (54 Cumberland st
George, hosier Shatter, 239 High st. & 1 Spring gardens;
res. 37 Forrest rd
Helen, dairy, 21 Springwell place, Dairy rd
Isabella, glass & china dealer, 4 Hamilton place
J. surgeon dentist, 12 Lothian rd
J. & W. wine merchants, 4 Picardy place
James, musical instrument maker, 17 Richmond place
James, wholesale tea merchant (James Aitken & Co.). 11
Alva st
James, dentist, 12 Lothian rd
Jane, householder, 2 Haddington place
Miss Janet, 8 James' place, Leith
John, musical instrument maker, 10 Clyde st
John, merchant (J. & W. Hardie), 20 Broughton place
Margaiet, apartments, 3 Rochester terrace
E. S. L. stock & share broker, 19 St. Andrew square; res. 3
Rochester terrace
Robert & Co. printers, 77 Rose st [27 Quality st. Leith
Robert &. Co. commission merchants and insurance brokers,
Thomas, m.d. 10 John's place, Leith
Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 233 Great Junction st. Leith
Thomas, cabinet maker, West Thistle Street lane ; res. 1 St.
Vincent st
William, china dealer, 4 Hamilton place
William, brewer, 18 Hope terrace
William, deputy harbour master, East cottages, Granton
William B. merchant (J. & W. Hardie). 7 Coates' place
William F. florist, St. Margaret's Nursery, Strathearn rd. &
5 Beaufort rd ; res. 119 Marchmont rd
Wm. P. clothier (Lauder & Hardie), 4 Scotland st [lane
Wm . Sons & Low, cabinet makers, ti3 North West Thistle Street
Winifred, householder. 23 Lutton place
Harding Charles, superintendent Midlothian Constabulary,
County buildings [Barony st; res. 69 York pi
Henry, contractor and furnace builder, Broughton market,
Hardinge H. Astley, secretary, New Club, Princes st ; res. 3 Inver-
leith terrace
Hardy Henry, architect, 7 St. Andrew squai'e ; res. 32 Minto st
Henry, cabinet maker, 21 North Pitt st
Thomas G. watchmaker & jeweller, 105 Main st. Newhaven
Hare Arthur William, m.d. surgeon, 21 Ainslie place
Robert, telegraph inspector, 64 Broughton st
William, carter, 2 Corunna place
Harkess Mary, undertaker, 12 West Nicolson st
Harkins Michael, marine store dealer, 212 Cowgate [bridge
Harkness John, cu*ter, Fountainbridge West; res. 211 Fountain .
M. dressmaker, 2 Northumberland place
Harkom A. & F. f*ncy. goods dealers, 1j Union place
Henry, gun maker (Joseph Harkom & Son), 19 Union st
Joseph, gun maker (Joseph Harkom & Sou), 22 Buccleuch pi
Joseph & Son, gun makers, 32 Princes st
Harley David, bookseller, printer & bookbinder, 29 Shore, & 70a
Timber bush, Leith ; res. Hillwood, Ratho
Peter, tobacconist, 27 South Richmond st
Harlow Alexander, butcher, 59 North Forest. Leith
Ellen, shopkeeper, 37 Thistle st
â–  John, book marbler, 129 High st
Harold David, baker, 19 Elm row
Harper Mrs. — , lodgings, 8 London st
Mrs. — , householder, 1 Queensferry st
Adam, clerk, 2 Carlton st
Alexander, carver & gilder, Sa Shandwick st
Catherine, apartments, 40 Marchmont crescent
David, prov.sion dealer, 7 Earl Grey st
David, joiner, 24 Bellevue crescent
Duncan, clerk, 139 Warrender Park id
E. Erskine, advocate, 40 Queen st [Spylaw rd
â–  George, inspector-geueral of hospitds, Glen Arthur Lodge,
James, plasterer & modeller, 4 Colston st [pie ores
James, provision merchant, 13 Picardy place ; res. 13 Gilles-
Jessie, apartments, 27 William st
John, ironmonger, 21 Haddington place
John, blacksmith, East London st
Thomas, tailor, a High Riggs
Thomas, newsagent, 23 Howe st
Harpley Flora, greengrocer, 41 Couper st. Leith
Harpper Emily, dress cutter, 3a Shandwick place
Harris Alexander, eating house, 71 Rose st [field pi
Alexander, deputy town clerk. City chambers ; res. 4 Miller-
D. (A. B. Fleming & Co.), Carrie Lee, Colinton rd
Isaac B. (North British Rubber Co.), 6 Bruiitsfield place
James', laundry, 1 Summers place
James, coffee tavern, 27 Grassmarket
James W. inspector (Standard Life Assurance Co.), 3 & 5
George st : res. 2 Royal terrace, Portobello
Thomas, coffee tavern, 235 Causewayside & 2 Rankeillor place
William, builder, 11 Leamington terrace
William, S.S C. 11 Darnaway st
Harrison & Sou, tailors, clothiers, hosiers, glovers
and shirt makers, 36 and 37 North bridge

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