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Gray John B. blacksmith, 31 Pleasance
Joseph T. cashier, 10 Hope terrace
M. spirit dealer, 27 Qneen st. Leith
Margaret, greengrocer, 29 Albany st. Leith
Margaret, teacher of music, 2 Melville st
Margaret, greengrocer, 5 Parson's Green terrace
I R. S. merchant (Leith man & Gray), 1 May field terrace
â–  Richard & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 37 Lochend rd. Leith
â–  Robert, superlntendentof branches (Bank of Scotland), Bank st
Robert C. portrait printer, 72 Northumberland st
Robert, agent for the Howe Machine Co. Limited, Clover
Cottage, 4 Daisy terrace {Regent st
I Robert A. grocer, 41 North Junction st. Leith ; res. 10 Prince
Robert Collie, S.S.C. &N.P. 37 Frederick st ; res. 16 Argyle
crescent, Portobello [Table," 13 George st
| Thomas & Co. printers & publishers of " Gray's Railway Time
Thomas, coal merchant, 2 Kockville place
I Thomas A. boot & shoe manufacturer, Maybole Shoe Ware-
house, 11*5 West port, 175 Fountain bridge, 41 Tolbooth
wynd, Leith, & 7 West Richmond st
â–  W. R. publisher (J. & J. Gray), Western terrace, Midlothian
William, flesher, Rosehill place
i William, ironmonger, 86a Frederick st; res. 17 Hugh Millar pi
William, jun. rlesher, 12S Morningside rd; res. 7 Gillespie pi
William, meter maker, 7 Gladstone terrace
> William, metal merchant, Echo bank, Dalkeith rd
William, lodgings, 3 Coates' place
William, M.D. surgeon, S Middleby st
William, mason (J. Gray & Son), 19 Bristo st
William, teacher of dancing, 27 South bridge
William (G.P.O.), 4 East Mayfield [der Park crescent
William, grocer &. spirit dealer, 21 Tobago st ; res. 12 Warren-
William, joiner (William Gray & Sons), 7 North Merchiston
William, baker & confectioner, 2 Warrender Park rd
William, inspector of gas meters, 32 East Preston st
â–  William & Co. bone crushers, 11 Assembly st ; bone mills, 57
Salamander st. Leith
William & Sons, joiners, 55 Grove st
â–  William B. cashier, 35 Madeira st. Leith
Gray stone Elizabeth, apartments, 6 Gladstone terraca
Great Eastern Railway Company, 25 North bridge— James
Watson, agent
North of Scotland Granite Company, Limited, 42 Castle st —
John F. Moffatt, C.A. secretary
Northern Bill Posting Company, Catherine Street court
- — - Northern Bonding Warehouse, Canning st — Alexander
Dowell, proprietor [prietor
Northern Depositoiy, Canning st — Alexander Dowell, pro-
— 7- Seal Office, Register House
— — Southern Loan Office, 97 Nicolson st— John Miller, manager
Green Mrs. — , ladies' nurse, 7 Spencer's place
Alexander, clothier, 62 Rose st
Charles, clerk, 3 Leamington rd
H. M. Berlin wool warehouse, S West Newington
Henry H. teacher of writing, 59 Castle st
James E. accountant, 13 Gillespie crescent
John, joiner, 12 Potter row
John M. school, 1 Eilgraston rd [Mentone ter
William, bookseller & publisher, 18 St. Giles st ; res. 7
William, macer. High Court of Justiciary, 7 Salisbury place
Greenaway Henry, waiter, 17 Fettes row
Greenbury Isaac, jet ornament manufacturer, also
the new black and onysg and pearl goods, mono-
grams, crests and hair devices promptly executed,
6 Arcade, Princes st ; res 2 Melville st
Greenfield John, bricklayer and furnace builder, 17 Gordon st
William, chimney sweeper and slater, 56 Albert st
William, M.D. surgeon, 7 Heriot row [Ponton st
Greenhill Alexander, corn merchant, 54 Fountain bridge; res. 13
David, greengrocer, 20 Fountain bridge
- — - James, manager, The Clydesdale Bank, Limited, 29 George
st ; res. 32 Regent terrace [res. 32 Regent ter
James, jun. commission merchant, 5tf Constitution st. Leith ;
William, C.A. 123 George st; res. 32 Regent terrace
Greenhorn William, merchant (Wilson, Kerr & Co.), 35 South
Bruntslield place
Greenlaw Alexander, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 29 St. Stephen
st ; res. 29 Clarence st
Greenless William, brewer (Robin, M'Millan & Co.), 12 Cumin pi
Greenshields Andrew, grocer, 13 Angle Park terrace
Mary, householder, 17 Claremout terrace
Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 79 Cumberland st ; res.
25 Brandon terrace
Thomas, launderer, 45 Pitt st
Greenside Society & Sessional Rooms, 7 Greenside place
Greenslade Alexander, teacher of music, 24 Oxford st
Greenville Mrs. — , cap maker, 22 Bread st
Grego Donald, spirit dealer, 39 Giles st. L*eith
Gregor & Mirylees, house agents, 15 Prospect place
• David Clunie, colonial & foreign secretary (Standard Life As-
surance Society), 7 Great King st
Jane, baby linen warehouse, 69 George st
John, writer. 8 Belle "Vue st
Rachael, householder, 11 Duncan st
Gregory Miss — , dressmaker, 9 Raeburn place
A.'C. inland revenue officer, 36 Warrender Park terrace
William, harness composition and blacking maker, 12 Hall pi
Greig Agnes, dairy, 52 Ease Crosscauseway
Alex, secretary to Edinburgh Literary Institute, 19 Bristo pi
Alexander, apartments, 9 Bruntslield place
â–  Alexander, draper, 7 Hall place
â–  Alexander, dining-room keeper, 7 Bernard st. Leith
Alexander, plumber, 10 Merchiston terrace
* Alexander R. dairy, 13 Wallis place
Andrew, veterinary surgeon, 4 & 6 Charlotte Place lane
• Andrew, grocer, 72 Fountain bridge
Greig Caroline, glass and china dealer, 205 Fountain bridge
David, engineer, 9 East Sciennes st
David, householder, 14 Greenhill park
David, letter carrier, 99 Broughton st
David, jun. builder (David Greig & Son), 3 Spittalfleld cres
David, sen. builder (David Greig & Son), 31 Queen's terrace
David, surgeon, 38 Coates' gardens
Greig David & Son. joiners & builders. Sole makers
of Greigs improved patent school desk, Spittal-
Greig George, inspector of poor, 2 Forrest rd ; res. 9 Argyle place
George, bird dealer, 12 East Scierlnes
J. & W. wool brokers, 153 Leith walk, Leith
James, coach lace maker (J. & J. Greig), 7 Scotland st
James, assistant chaplain, RoyM Infirmary, 4 Nicolson sq
James, shopkeeper, 12 Hay market ter
James, C.A. 38 Coates' gardens
Jane, dairy, 20 Spottiswoode st
John, engineer, &c. (John Greig & Sons), 2 Viewforth ter
John, engineer (John Greig & Co.), 19 Brunton place
John, m.a. teacher of music, 7 Scotland st
John, baker & biscuit manufacturer, 7 Tolbooth wynd, Leith ;
rts. 5 Vanburgh place [ton place
John, accountant & agent. 5 St. Andrew square ; res. 13 Arnis-
John & Co. engineers & millwrights, Montrose terrace
John & James, coach lace manufacturers, 7 Queen's p'ace
-John & Sons, engineers, printing press & machine makers,
ironfounders, &c. Fountain House Works, Fountain bridge
John B. pianoforte tuner, 8 Ivy terrace
Robert, spirit merchant, 1 George st. Leith
Robert (Royal Bank), 13 Grange terrace
Sommerville, W.S. 55 Frederick st ; res. 5 Coates* place
Thomas, baker, 11 South Richmond st
Thomas, stationer, 57 Earl Grey st ; res. 12 Leven terrace
Thomas G. wool broker (J. & W. Greig), 2 Barnton terrace,
Walter, University Hotel, fi Chambers st
William, builder, 50 Primrose st
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 32 Trafalgar lane. Bonnington
William C. M.B.. cm. surgeon, 13 Arniston place
Greiner & Stratz, wholesale watch, clock & watch
material warehouse, 86 South bridge
Greiner Charles, watchmaker & jeweller, 153 Fountain bridge
F. X. spirit dealer, 14 Bristo st; res. 5 Roxburgh terrace
Grieve Peter, spirit dealer, 87 Rose st
Greliche Edward O. E. grocer & spirit dealer, 58 Thistle st
Grerar Miss — , milliner, 15 West Lauriston place
Gresham Life Assurance Office, 97 George st— Thomas Aitken, local
Grey & Son, veterinary surgeons & shoeing smiths, 31 Pleasance, &
119 Rose st
Andrew, veterinary surgeon, 3 to 6 Charlotte Place lane
Annie, teacher of singing, 6 Newington terrace
John E. veterinary surgeon (Grey & Son), 13 East Preston st
Robert A. grocer, 41 North Junction st. Leith
William H. architect & surveyor, 5 St. Andrew sq ; res. 6
Newing tonterrace
Grier Robert B. agent for James Miller, Sons &. Co. (Glasgow), 27
Quality st ; res. 6 Wallis place
Grierson the Misses — , apartments, 4 North Charlotte st
Charles, blacksmith & farrier, 21 North Back Canongate; res.
24 Montrose terrace
Hamilton, advocate, 21 Lynedoch place
James, traveller, 61 Montgomery st
Grierson James, family grocer £s wine Ss spirit mer-
chant, 1 Duke st. Leith; res. 5 Gladstone place
Grierson John, householder, 38*&ankeillor st
John, engineer & machine maker, 10 Murano place ; res. 15
Nelson st
John S. manager, 17 Nelson st
P. J. Hamilton, advocate, 21 Lynedoch place
Grieve Miss — , lace cleaner, 10a Clarence st
Misses — , school, 143 Leith walk
Adam, plumber & gasiitter, 30 Argyle place
Agnes, draper, 12 Morningside rd
Agnes S. draper, 18 Argyle place
â–  & Bruce, dress & mantle makers, 12 Glengyle terrace
Andrew, bookbinder, 13 North Bank st ; res. 3 Valleyfield st
Christina, greengrocer, 274 Leith walk
George, grocer. S8 Clerk st ; res. 4 Mentone terrace
Hay, commercial traveller, 3 East London st [st
Hugh, plumber & gasfitter, 5 St. Anthony place ; res. 14 Spitial
J. & C. fire brick manufacturers & coal merchants, North
British Railway station, & Bank Park, Prestonpans— John
Falconer, agent
Grieve J. Waterloo Hotel (first-class family), Water-
loo place
Grieve James, gardener, Pilrig cottages
James, dairyman, 7 Yeaman place
James, traveller, 23 Brandon terrace
Jane, draper & newsagent, 4 Jeanfield place, Leith
Jane, householder, 174 Ferry rd. Leith
Jane, householder, 9 West Montgomery place
Jane, shopkeeper, 8 Arthur st
Jane, bookbinder, 3 Valleyfield st
John, insurance agent, 2 Thornville terrace
John, Royal British Hotel, 21 & 22 Princes st. & the Balmoral
Hotel, 91 Princes st
John, confectioner, 19 Dairy rd
John C. teacher of music, 8 Rankeillor st
Margaret & Jane, milliners & dressmakers, 27a India st
Mary, milliner, 132 Duke st. Leith [ter*
Nathaniel, joiner, Washington st. Dairy road ; res. 3 Ardmillan
Peter, spirit dealer, S7 Rose st
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 188 Pleasance
Robert, bank agent, 25 Leith walk
Robert, coal merchant, Morrison Street depdt ; res, 35 Home st

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