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Glen .David) manager, 11 Leopold place
David, bagpipe maker, 8 G-reenside pi ; res. 10 Hillside st
Glen J. & R. Highland bagpipe makers, 2 & 3 North
Bank street— £>ee advertisement
Glen Jemima, householder, 11 Eyre crescent [place
, - John, musical instrument maker (J. & R. Glen), 14 Archibald
John, smith, 17 Old Assembly close [hill
i Robert, musical instrument maker (J. & R. Glen', 24 Calton
— William, apartments, 5 Howe st
William, blacksmith, 259 Great Junction st. Leith
i Win. B., 3.S.C. 6 North St. Andrew st ; res. 24 Duke st [st
Glencorse Peter, coal merchant, 5 Port Hamilton -, res. 12 Semple
Peter, teacher of music, 2 Airlie place
Glendinning Margaret, householder, 7 Union st
Glennie James, eating house, in Catherine st
Gloag David, teacher, 1 Royston terrace
William Ellis, advocate & sheriff of Stirling and Dumbarton,
6 Heriot row-
Globe Parcel Express (Hinshelwood .fc Co.), 15 South St. David st—
William Lindsay, manager
Glover Andrew, cashier, 26 Gardner's crescent
John, S.S.C. (Scott, Bruce & Glover), 7 Danube st
â–  Robert, merchant (Young, Glover & Co.), Portobello -
Thomas C. civil engineer & contractor, Mount Grange, 29
Hope Park terrace
Goalen George K. (G.P.O.), 258 Leith walk
James, surveyor & house agent, 1(31 Constitution st. Leith
Goddard William, coal merchant, 22 Haymarket terrace
Goddie John, householder, 16 Ann st
Godfrey Robert & Son, coal merchants, 14 Port Hopttoun ; res. 46
Cumber'and st
Thomas, tailor, 12 Bread st
Godsmark Frank W. tea dealer, 34 St. Andrew square [st
Goldie G. A. jeweller & goldsmith, 4 Melville pi ; res. 6 Grosvenor
â–  James, hatter, 16 South St. Andrew st
John, hatter, 27 George IV. bridge
John B. hairdresser, 30 Leven st
â–  P. C. teacher of drawing, 4 Hampton place
Margaret, apartments, 24 Buccleuch place
William, m.d. surgeon, 1 Greenhill bank, Morningside
William, painter (Aird &. Goldie), 23 Lauriston gardens
Goldschmidt H. E. teacher (Fettes College), 5 Moredun crescent
Goldsmid Madame — , teacher of music & singing, 12 Castle st
E. & G. publishers, 12 Castle st
Edmund, f.r.h.s. army and university tutor, 12 Castle st ; res.
Lufra House, Granton rd
Goldsmiths' Hall, 9S South Bridge st
Goldston David, watchmaker (Myers & Goldston), 29 Buccleuch pi
David, picture frame maker, 108 & 77 Nicolson st ; res. 29
Buccleuch place
Gollan C. spirit dealer, 10 High riggs ; res. 71 West Lauriston pi
William, greengrocer, 76 Potter row
Gondie Margaret, dressmaker, 35 St. Stephen st
Good Bros, tailors & clothiers, 73 Fountain bridge
Jareu s, tailor, Echo bank
John, traveller, 22 Lutton place
Mary, householder, 31 Marchmont crescent
Templars' Hall, 429 High st [Mitchell, agents
Words Office, 28 St. James's square — W. P. Nimmo, Hay &
Goodall Alexander, seed merchant, 3D Coburg st. Leith
David, shopkeeper, 21 High riggs [place
William, baker & confectioner, 46a Morrison at ; res.3Thistle
Goode & Whyte, dining room, 4 Portland place
Goodfellow James, missionary, 3 Gladstone terrace
Janet, householder, 13 Union st
Goodlet John, grocer & spirit dealer, 54 Maderia st; res. 105
Albany st. Leith [st. Leith
â–  Selma, teacher of the pianoforte & singing, 34 Prince Regent
â–  William, silk mercer (Gowans & Goodlet), 10 Elm rd
Goodsir George, tailor & clothier, 24 South bridge
James D. clerk, 1 Claremont place
Goodson R. mantle manufacturer, 108 South bridge
Goodwille Bros, drapers, 1 Baxter's place
James, draper (Goodwille Bros.}, 6 Leopold place
Thomas, clerk of works, 15 Brougham st
Goodwin Daniel, saleroom, 9 Riddle's close
Thomas, traveller, 16 Gillespie crescent
William H. traveller, 3 Rosebank terrace
Goodyer Richard B. manager of tramways, Shrub hill
Gordon Mrs. — , midwife, 39a India place
—x- Alexander, S.S.C. 2S Queen at
Alexander, writer, 25 Warrender Park rd
Alexander, albumen manure dealer, 119 Fountain bridge ; res.
4 Viewforth terrace
â–  Alexander W. clerk, 6 Maxwell st
& Black, plumbers & gasfitters, 22 Nelson st
David, m.d. 19 Buccleuch place
David, boot & shoe maker, 39 North Junction st. Leith
E. O. & Co. pianoforte warehouse, 21 Frederick st
George, joiner, 20 Bowling Green st
George, paper hanger, 16 Dewar pi
Henry C, W.S. 18 Carlton st
Isabella & Elizabeth, confectioners, 45 North bridge
James, law clerk, 15 Leslie place
James, accountant, 10 St. Andrew square
â–  James, teacher of music, 21 Find horn place
James, W.S. 8 East Castle rd
â–  James, librarian, Bonnington bridge, Bonnington
Jane, dairy, 39a India place
Jane, apartments, 13 Gilmore place
Janet, householder, 23 Brandon terrace
Janet, householder, 99 Warrender Park rd
John, shopkeeper, 34 Gordon st
John, shopkeeper, 14 West Castlebarns
t John, baker, 9 Hall place
John, baker, 65 St. Andrew st. & 116 Bonnington rd. Leith
— John, house factor, 7 Morningside park
t| — A-R
Gordon Margaret, householder, to InverleiUi row
Mary, householder, 30 Royal circus
Mary, householder, 21 Findhorn place
, Petrie & Shand, S.S.C. 50 George st
, Pringle, Dallas & Co., W.S. 3 Queen st
R. G. (G.P.O.), 12 Valleyiield st
Robert, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 5 Heriot bridge, Grass-
market; res. 50 Minto st
Thomas, agent for Union Bank of Scotland, West Maitland
st; res. 1 Grosvenor st [gj
Thomas Jarron, W.S. (Gordon, Pringle, Dallas & Co.), 12 Duke
William, shopkeeper, 3 Trafalgar lane, Bonnington
William, tinsmith, 125 High st
William, tobacconist, 23 South Clerk st. & 15 West Register
st. & South St. Andrew st
William, shipmaster, 15 Pitt st. Bonnington
-William, wholesale wine & spirit merchant, 16 Picardy pi;
res. 7 Forth st
William & Sons, nurserymen & florists, 8 Haymarket ter. &
Coltbridge, Murrayrield
William C. plumber (Gordi n & Black), 23 Brandon terrace
William G. spirit dealer, 6 Baxter's place
William R. solicitor, 67 Warrender Park rd
Gornall Jemima, householder, 7 Montague st [Montague st
John W. depute sheriff clerk, 83 Constitution st ; res. 7
Gorrie Daniel, chemist, 31 Minto st ; res. 12 Rosehall terrace
Isabella J. householder, 17 Melville terrace
John, auctioneer, 10 Coburg st. Leith, & 228 Leith walk
Margaret, apartments, 4 Hope st
Goskirk Alexander, dairy, 18 Caledonian crescent
Alexander, electro-plater, Norton park [North Fort st
Gosman David, cork manufacturer, 104 Constitution st. L ; res. 61
Jane, householder, 50 Rankeilior st
â–  John, joiner and undertaker, Aufield, Newhaven ; res. Grope
Cottage, Newhaven
W. bookbinder, 8 West Newington place
Gosse Mrs. — , Berlin wool and fancy repository, 40 North
Bruntsneld place
Gossip The Misses — , ladies' school, 4 Blantyre terrace
Robert, editor {Daily Review), 3 Chalmers' crescent
Gothard Agnes, dairy, 8 Beaumont place
Gottschau U. T. merchant fC. T. Gottschau & Co.), 3 Wellington pi,
C. T. & Co. coal exporters and merchants, 21 Quality st. Leith
Goudie & Co. waterproofers and india rubber manufacturers, 25
Princes st
Gilbert, bank inspector, 39 Northumberland st [mills
Laurence J. grower & spirit dealer, 4 Beaver Bank pi. Canon-
Goudy Henry, advocate, 9 Dundas st
Gould George, butcher, 57 Yardheads, Leith
Gounlock Jessie, householder, 109 Warrender Park rd
Gourlay Mrs. — , ladies' nurse, 12 Cumberland st
James, clerk, 8 West Lauriston place
John, plasterer, 12 Dean st
William, confectioner, 1 Abbey Mount & 63 Pitt at
Govan Miss — , artist, 6 Suandwiek place [st
A. & T. umbrella makers, 14 North Bruntsneld pi. & 43 Clerk
Adam, printer, 9 Gladstone place
David, manager, Athelstane Cottage, Ferry rd. Wardie
William apanments, 20 Melville st
William, traveller, 1 Roseneath terrace
Gove James, shopkeeper, 8 Prospect st [North Richmond st
William, watchmaker, 19 Tolbooth wynd, Leith ; res. 27
Govenlock Thomas, bootmaker, 19 St. Leonard st
Governess' Agency, 1 South Charlotte st— Eliza Smith,
Governesses' Benevolent Society of Scotland, 7 Rutland square
Gow Alexander & Co. agents and spirit brokers, 90 Constitution st.
Leith ; res. 40 Great King st
& Coltherd, bootmakers, 67 Hanover st
Daniel, jun. traveller, 14 West Preston st
David, dairyman, 22 Charles st
James, shopkeeper, 8 Main st. Newhaven
James, S.S.C. 67a Hanover st ; res. 19 India st [George st
James, agent, Union Bank of Scotland, Hunter sq; res. 66
John, Rose eitreet Coffee Rooms, 142 Rose st
John, bootmaker (Gow & Coltherd), 29 Frederick st
Louis H. m.a. 19 India st
William, turner, 10 Blackfriars st
Gowan Robert, teller, 26 Napier rd
William, clerk, 26 Napier rd
Gowanlock A. butcher (W. & A. Gowanlock), 8 Chapel st
W. & A. butchers, 57 West Nicolson st
Gowans Georgina, shopkeeper, 2 Semple st
James, railway contractor, architect, builder & quarry master,
31 Castle terrace ; res, 3 Napier rd
James, sub-editor {Edinburgh Courant), 13 St. John st [rd
John Stuart, C. A. 33 Charlotte square ; res. 153 Warrender Park
Thomas, bookseller & stationer, 1 Dundee terrace [Green ter
Gowie Grace, baker & confectioner, 40 Abbey hill, & 14 Parsons
Gracie James, lapidary, 1 St. James's square ; res. 2 Guthrie st
Robert, accountant, 53 George st ; res. 5 Carlung place
Graham Misse3 — , dressmakers, 2 Keith place
the Misses — , boarding & day school, 7 Inverleith terrace
Alexander (National Bank of Scotland), 18 East Claremont st
Alexander, manager (Edinburgh Supply Stores), 10 Gillespie
Alexander, spirit dealer, 31 William st
Allison, spirit dealer, 14 & 15 Dock st. Leith
& Reith, decorative painters, 29 South Caafcle st
Andrew, Caledonian Railway goods agent, 35 Madeira st. Leith
— ■— Andrew, bootmaker, 18 Marshall st
Dr. Archibald, m.d. 1 Chamberlain rd
â–  David, blacksmith, Dewar Place lane
Dugald, secretary of Fishery Board for Scotland, Loehinver
House, Trinity
E. varnish maker, Granton rd. West
■ — ■ Elizabeth, householder, 37 GilleBpie crescent

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