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uio^uii jouii, egg merchant, '£ juiiu s piace
John C, C.A. 1 Eglinton crescent
Joseph, draper, 12 Vittoria place
M. Berlin wool repository, 111 Nicolson sfc
Margaret, householder, 10 South Clerk st
Margaret, apartments, 31 Marchmont crescent
Margaret, ruilk dealer, 14 Stafford st
, Mercer & Co. contractors, & coal & lime merchants, 204, 206
& 208 Causewayside, & 101 St. Leonard st
Mungo C. merchant (George G-ibson & Co.), 24 Abercrombie pi
Peter, telegraphist, 124 Constitution st
R. plumber, Torphichen st
Gibson R. & T. provision merchants and Italian ware-
housemen, 93a Princes st
G-ibson Robert, builder, Greig's Hall, Dalkeith rd
â–  Robert, writer, 4 Bonnington terrace
Eobert G., S.8.C. 26 Frederick st ; res. 35 Leamington terrace
Thos. architect, 4 Maitland st ; res. 1 Westhall gardens
Thos. provision merchant (R. & T. Gibson), Aboukir Villa,
Ferry rd
Thomas, iron fence manufacturer (Thomas Gibson & Son), 35
Leamington terrace
Gibson Thomas & Son, iron & wire fencing & gate
manufacturers, Bainneld Iron & Wire Wonts, West
Fountain bridge — See advertisement
Gibson Thos. R. iron fence manufacturer (Thomas Gibson & Son),
35 Leamington terrace
William, solicitor, 43 Ann st
William, draper (Hewat, Gibson & Co.), 18 Duncan st
William, butcher, 37 North bridge
William, W.S. 85 Great King sfc
William, dairy, 1 Dumbiedykes pi [Smith's pi
William, spirit dealer, 17 Albert pi- & Orehardlield pi ; res. 11
William, merchant, 11 Lauri&ton gardens
Gidden William, private hotel, 32 & 34 Melville st
Gidney James M. (Inland Revenue), 71 South Clerk sfc
Gifford Andrew & Co. boat builders, 1 & 3 Old Church st
John, cashier National Bank of Scotland, 41 St. Andrew sq ;
res. Cargen Lodge, Whitehouse terrace
Thomas, coal merchant, 3 Bainneld terrace
William, merchant (William Gifford & Co.), Helen grove,
Park rd. Trinity
William &, Co. ship brokers, coal exporters, bark and chicory
merchants, oil importers and owners, and agents of the
Bruges & Leith Steam Shipping Co. 2 Dock pi. Leith [st
William F. grocer & spirit dealer, 10 Spittal st ; res. 26 Home
Gilbert Edward, telegraph superintendent, 11 Roxburgh st
Jane, victual dealer, 7 Mulberry pi. Bonnington [cres
Thomas, clerk & secretary of the University, 10 Warriston
W. Mathews, reporter, 16 Glengyle terrace
Gilberfcson John, grocer, 1 Prospect terrace
John, bootmaker, 19 Drumdryan st
John, house agent, 45 St. Patrick sq ; res. 2 Prospect place
Thomas, photographer, 2 East Tollcross
â–  William, manager, 8 Hillside st [ton pi
Gilbey Samuel, builder, East Newington pi; res. 4 North Newing-
W. & A. wine importers and distillers, 7 & 8 Clifton ter. Hay-
market ; branch offices, 8 South St. Andrew st : 6 Hunter
sq ; also at Pantheon, 357 Oxford st. London ; & 31 Upper
Sackville st. Dublin— William Murray, manager
Gilchrist & Cameron, fancy feather merchants & cleaners, 4
Arcade, Princes st
& Son, carvers and gilders, 22 Montrose terrace
Anthony, wood merchant & saw miller, 89 Great Junction st.
Leith; res. 51 Bonnington rd
Archibald, ironmonger, 22 Nicolson st ; res. 12 Fast Mayfield
Bros, grocers & spirit dealers, 173 Pleasance
Catherine, greengrocer, 9 Blackfriars st
George, schoolmaster, 2 Inverleith gardens
John, plumber & gasfitter, 9 Clyde st
— John, cabinet maker, 74 Rose sfc
John, coach builder, 9 Leven terrace
Margaret, shopkeeper, 85 Rose st [wick st
Marion, spirit dealer, 6 & 7 Milne sq. High st ; res. 33 Bruns-
Robert, joiner, 6 Valleyfieid st [burn sfc
â–  William, waterproof and india rubber goods dealer, 44 Cock-
Giles Arthur, bookseller (Grant & Sons), 49 Bruntsfield place
Gill Mrs. — , dressmaker, 19 Commercial st. leith
â–  James, grocer & spirit dealer, 10 Portland pi; res. 14 Lauris-
ton gardens
John, S.S.C. 35 Frederick st ; res. 2 Heriot row
Robert, apartments, 29 Alva st [West Coates
Thomas, silk mercer (Romanes & Paterson), Dunstane Villa
â–  William, grocer & spirit dealer, 104 Abbey hill
Gillan Peter, shopkeeper, 52 Pitt st. Bonnington
Gillespie A. G. secretary. Northern Assurance Co. 20 St. Andrew
sq ; res. 9 Strathearn place
& Cathcart, merchants & commission agents, 27 Bernard st L
& Paterson, W.S. 81a George st
Archibald R. merchant (Gillespie & Cathcart), Hay Lodne
East Trinity rd. Trinity & '
G. R. advocate, 5 Darnaway sfc
Gordon J. spirit merchant, 14 & 15 Sandporfc st. Xeith : res 7
North Fort st. Leith
James, grocer, 23 Bread st; res. 3 Greenhill gardens
James, private boarding house, Willow Brae House, Jock's
James Donaldson, m.d. physician, 10 Walker sfc
John, clerk, 39 Bangor rd [Dean ter
John, agent, Bank of Scotland, 15 N. W. Circus pi • res 3 Upper
Sir John, W.S. & N.P. (Gillespie & Paterson), secretary tothe
Royal Company of Archers, and the Royal Caledonian
Hunt, S1a George st ; res. 53 Northumberland st
Mary, laundry, 18 Grange loan
Thomas, traveller, 13 Ann st
â– Thomas, writer, 11 Laurel terrace
G-illespie's Schools, Gillespie crescent;
GUihuoly James, uruKer, 2o7 cowgate
Thomas, grocer & spirit merchant, 234 Cowgate
Gillie Catherine, apartments, 16 Panmure place
Lily D. school, 42 Kankeillor st
Gillies & Kennedy, drapers, 47 & 49 Grassmarket
Mrs. — , householder, 2b Gillespie crescent
Angus, dairy, 88 Lady Lawson st
â–  Ann, confectioner, 42a Potter row
Blair, plumber & gasntter, 78 Grove st
Gillies Bros, silk mercers and drapers, 32 & 34 George
Gillies Euphemia, apartments, 6 Torphichen st
George, tailor (Beveridge & Gillies), 8 Kerr st
George (Courant Office), ]2 St. Giles sfc
Helen, draper, 2 Deantank place, Stockbridge
Isabella, dressmaker, 6 Forth st
James, silk mercer (Gillies Bros.), 7 Great Stuart st
James G. printer (Lorimer & Gillies), 23 Grange rd
John, greengrocer, 29 Simon square
John, confectioner, 46 Buccleuch st
John S. engraver, 140 Rose st
Peter, printer, 22 Charles st
â–  Robert, boot repairer, 244 Leith walk [Salisbury place
Thomas, cabinet maker, 134 Causewayside ; res. 8 West
William, plumber, 3 Church st ; res. 10 Leslie place
— William, draper (Gillies & Kennedy), 14 Brougham place
William, draper, 72 Lauriston place
Gillis William, fishery officer, 2 Dock place ; res. 4 Fingifs place
Gillon John x Co. preserved provision manufacturers, British
wine makers, & lime juice importers, 5 Mitchell st. Leiih
Robert, carpenter, 47 Bridge st
Gilmour Alexander, teacher, 5 Mary's place
George, joiner (Drysdale & Gilmour), 30 Crighton place
George, draper and dressmaker, 23 Tobago st ; res. 4 Gard-
ner's crescent
H. & Shaw, stockbrokers, 18 St. Andrew square
Hugh, grocer & spirit dealer, 44 Albert st
Hugh, stock & share broker (H. Gilmour and Shaw), 4Dick pi
John, warehouseman (J. & T. Gilmour), 13 Inuia sfc
J. & T. flower, feather and straw hat manufacturer, 34c
Hanover sfc
Margaret, householder, Coldwell place
Oliver, tanner (W. & O. Gilmour), Portobello
Thomas, warehouseman (J. & T. Gilmour), 44 High st
W. & O. tanners, curriers, leather merchants, & machine belt
makers, 78 South Back Canongate
William, tanner, &c. (W. & O. Gilmour), 16 St. John st
William, grocer, 4 Washington.place
— — William, chemist (Lindsay &, Gilmour), 10 Elm row
Gilray John, iron agent, 18 Lonsdale ter
—^— Joseph, grocer, 7S South Clerk st ; res. 21 Lutton place
Gilroy & Vallance, milliners and dressmakers, 49 James st. .
Leith walk
George, builder (George Gilroy & Co.), 26 Merchiston park
George, jun. builder (George Gilroy & Co.), 26 Merchiston pk
George & Co. joiners and builders, Viewforth park
Henry, shopkeeper, 42 St. Leonard st
Jeannie, milliner, 13 St. Leonard's lane
John, commission agent, 18 Lonsdale terrace
Robert, butcher, 1 Romilly place
Robert, butcher, 1 Druramond place
Robert & William, butchers, 247 Canongate
Roberfc B. grocer & wine merchant, 147 Jperry rd. & 66 Inver-
leith row ; res. Cockburn bank, Bonnington grove
Susan, dressmaker, 2 Henderson terrace
Gil ruth George R. surgeon, 67 York place
Gilzean & Thomson, pork butchers, 27a Lothian rd
Ginelli John, confectioner, 52 Shore, Leith
Giobatta Genelli, boarding house, 55 Shore
Girdwood Agnes, shopkeeper, 137 Causewayside
Agnes, confectioner, 243 Causewayside
Alexander & Son, painters, &c. 6i Haymarket ter [House
David, laundry, Patriot Hall, Stockbridge ; res. Patriot Hall
David, grocer and victual dealer, 16 Deanhaugh st
R. dairyman, 297 Causewayside [Moray pi
Robert, wool broker, Edinburgh Wool Sales, Tanfield ; res. 30
Girls' House of Refuge, or Western Reformatory, Dairy
Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway Office), 10 Sfc. Andrew
square— William Brown, treasurer and secretary
Given Brimer, bookseller, &c. and circulating library, 2o Bristo st
David, accountant, 27 Danube st [ter
Gladstone Andrew A. builder (Gladstone & M'Beath), 28 Montrose
& M'Beath, builders, 26 Montrose ter
â–  George M. draughtsman, 16 Caledonian rd
Glancy William, draper, 27 Pleasance>
Glanvill Henry, clerk, 1 London st
Glanville M. milliner, 143 Ferry rd
Glasgow Brothers, hatters and hosiers, 23 Bristo st
Evening Times, 16 St. Giles st— John Douglas, agent
Evening News, 5 Bank st
Herald, 16 Sfc. Giles st— John Douglas, agenfc
Glass Miss — , teacher of music, 47 Cumberland st
Catherine, hosier & draper, 18 Roxbuigh pUce
James, coal merchant, 21 Upper Grove place
Jas. wholesale stationer (Ormiston & Glass), 16 Jordan lane
John, gardener, 247 Causewayside
William, teacher, 4 Upper Gilmore terrace
Glasstone Simon, picture frame maker, 59 South bridge
Gledhill & Disharfc, shipbrokers, 24 Bernard st. Leith
Thomas E, teacher of singing, 4 Orwell terrace
Glegg Arthur Thomas, advocate, 62 Queen sfc
Robert (Exchequer office), 9 Kilgraston rd
W. G. ironmonger (Brown & Glegg), 9 Kilmaurs rd
Glen Ann, householder, 8 Hillside st
Archibald, goods station agent, Caledonian Cottage, Granton
Barbara, shopkeeper, 6 South Holyrood st
D. & G. cabinet makers and upholsterers, 5 Maitland sfc

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