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Davidson William, bootmaker, 10 Rose st
"William, painter & paperhanger, 2S North Bruntsfield place ;
res. 8 North Bruntsfield place
William, laundry keeper, 251 Causewayside
William, confectioner, 6 South Lauriston gardens
William, seedsman, 153 Warrender Park rd
"William, inspector, 76 Inverleith row
William, commission agent, 55 Montgomery st
William, linen draper. 46 Hanover st
William, stationer & bookseller, 12 Merchiston terrace
William S. manager, New Zealand & Australian Land Co,
Limited, 54 Castle st
Davie G-. commercial traveller, 8 Hamilton place
James, furniture dealer, 40 Blair st
John, furniture deal-r, 31a Pleasauce
John, clerk, 13 R.mkeillor st
Robert & Son, plasterers, Montgomery sfc
Davies Catherine H. spirit merchant, 77 Clerk st
Charles, grocer &, spirit dealer, 19 Broughton st
Charles, grocer, 20 Royal crescent
â–  Christopher, apartments, 22 Rutland square
Mary H. tobacconist, 23 Brougham place
Walter G. cabinet maker, 74 Morningside rd
William A. manager, 4 Hermitage place
Davis & Primrose, engineers & machine makers, Etna
Iron Works, 49 Bangor rd. Leith
Davis Joseph, mortgage broker, 4 George st ; res. 118 Princes st
Ovinius, photographer, 16 Princes st
Robert E. engineer (Davis & Primrose), 13 Restalrig terrace, L
W. H. dairyman, 3u Bayton terrace [rd
William Albert, accountant, 37 George st ; res. 96 Marchmont
William, cabinet maker, 16 Downie place ; res. 40 Gilmore pi
Davison George H. civil engineer, 9 Leven terrace
Dawson Adam, merchant (John Gillon & Co.), 15 Inverleith terrace
David, joiner, 83 Loehend rd
J. D. M a. teacher, 11 Claremont terrace
â–  John, Venetian blind manufacturer & bellhanger, St. Stephen
st ; res. 1 West Claremont st
John D. coal merchant, Morningside depot
John G. merchant (John Gillon & Co.), 24 Royal terrace
Rohert, slater, 204 Rose st
Thomas, J.P. constable, 1^ Bristo place
William, hosier & glover, 5 Catherine st ; res. H Parkside ter
Day St. John Y. civil engineer and patent agent, 48 Manor place
Dea George, egg merchant, 138 Pleasance ; res. 100 Causewayside
Deacher Charles C. student, 4 Meadow place
De-if & Dumb Institution, Henderson row
Dean Cemetery, Dean ; office, 21 York place— John Mathieson,
of Guild Court, Royal Exchange
of Guild Office, City Chambers, Royal Exchange
Deanbank Institution. Stockbridge— Miss Fraser, matron
Deaue Joseph, shopkeeper, 185 Great Junction st. Leith
Deans Mis. — , 19 Dundas st [rd
Adam, skinner & wool merchant, Beaver bank, Lr. Broughton
Adam, householder, 3 Bowhill terrace
David, teacher of music, 19 Dundas st
â– & Moore, coal maste s A merchants, 29b Frederick st. & 24
Commercial st. Leith ; depots— St Leonard st. & South
Leith ; head office. Smeaton park, Inveresk
John Christie, m.a., S S.C. 49 Castle st ; res. The Cottage,
Laverock Bank rd. Trinity
Wiliiam & Walter, builders, Hope crescent, Leith walk ; res.
14 Brunswick st
Dear Thomas, confectioner, 64 Lauriston st
Deas Alexander, plumber, &c. 14 Broughton st
David, clerk, 323 George st
George, civil engineer, 122 George st
George S. householder, 33 Manor place
James, French polisher, 41 Circus lane ; res. 5 Glenogle house
James & Son, lithographers and engravers, North-West
* Thistle Street lane ; res. 5 Keir sfc
John W. solicitor, 50 Leamington terrace
Joseph, commission agent, 10 Duncan 9t
Lindsay G. a.r.a.m. prufessor of music, 122 George st
Su=an/householder, 10 Duncan st
Wiliiam, plumber & gasfitter, 25 Thistle st ; res. 13 N. W.
Circus place
D'Egville George H. teacher of dancing, 50b Frederick st
Walter H. teacher of music & deportment, 50b Frederick st
De Flandre Charles, teacher of French, 6 Buccleuch place
De Jardin Benoit, teacher of French, 30 Dairy rd
Dejuy Madame, Bedford Hotel, 83 Princes st
Delaney Thomas, clothes broker, 248 Cowgate
Delani^ Michael, draper, 102 Abbey hill
Dempster A. & Co. milliners, 30 Great Junction st. Leith
Duncan F. merchant. 4 Glenfinlas st
James, traveller, 10 Wellington place, Leith
Jam^s, hosier & hatter, 24 Gt. Junction sfc. Leith
L. W. tailor, 54 Rose st
Margaret, eating house, 18 Shore, Leith
Denby John, stereotyper, 4 Swinton row
Denham James, secretary, Scottish Council of the Liberation
Society, 50 George sfc ; res. 14 Greenhill gardens
James, grocer, 45 Deanhaugh st
James, cabinet maker (James Denham & Co.), 7 North St.
David sfc [Andrew st
James & Co. cabinet makers and upholsterers, 10 North St.
Denholm Mrs. — , nurse, 9 Albany st. Leith
Alexander, watchmaker, 36 Bridge st. Leifch ; res. 15 Cooper st
Alexander, ironmongtr (Denholm &, Co.), 6 Furrest rd
& Co. ironmongers, 60 High st
Francis, milliner & draper, 4 Mulberry place, Bonnington
Francis, confectioner, 244 Canongate
Denholm George, stockbroker, 4 North St. David
st; res. 33 Great King st
Denholm James, last maker, 1 Gilmore sfc
James, smith, 188 Morningside rd
Robert, dairy, 3 Braid place
Robert, S.S.C. 4 North St. David st ; res. 16 Lauriston gardens
T. & A. S. smiths & van makers, 25 Hamilton place
William, sbirt cutter, 6 Gillespie place
Wilham, coal merchant, 8 Spittal st
Denison Alexander, teacher of writing, &c. 1 Panmure place
Denniell James & Son, hat manufacturers, 9 Leith Street terrace
Dennis William 8. commission agent, 40 Minto st
Denton William (H.M. General Board of Lunacy), 7 Woodburn ter
De Pinto S. & Son, ship chandlers & store merchants, 4 Commercial
st. Leith
S. ship chandler (De Pinto & Son), 11 Eastfield, Leith
Deputy Clerk Register's Office, Register House, Princes st
Keeper of Records' Office, Register House, Princes st
Designs & Trade Maiks Registry— Rhind, Lindsay & Wallace,W.S.
12 St. Andrew square
& Trade-Marks R-gistry Office— J. H. Johnson, Day &
Johnson, SS Manor place
Deuchar David, manager, Caledonian Fire & Life Insurance Co. 19
George st ; res. Harlaw, 12 Hope terrace
Deucbars James, householder, 15 Leopold place
Deverell Henry George, m.d. 44 Carlyle place, Norton park
Devine James S. victual dealer, 197 Cowgate
Devlin Ann, shopkeeper, 27 Bridge st. Leith [pi
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 36 Morriston st ; res. 24 Cathcart
James, grocer (Butt & Devlin), 24 Cathcart place
Thomas, fish merchant, 5 Annfield, Newhaven [vale
Thomas, jun. fish salesman, Fish market ; res. 60 Hawthorn.
Dewar Mrs. — , lodgings, 59 Broughton st
A. & A. C. architects, 34 Marchmont crescent
Adam, provision dealer, 40 Raeburn place
& Co. wine & spirit merchant-, 1 Kirkgate, Leith
Andrew, accountant, 22 Sfc. Andrew square ; res. 20 Pitt sfc
Francis, auctioneer (Smith & Dewar), 4 Viewforth place
David, bootmaker, 23 Brunton place
Duncan, butcher, 12 East Register sfc ; res. 4 Elder st
Francis L. chemist, 39 Forrest rd ; res. 31 Forrest rd
— -, Fraser & Co. provision merchants & commission agents, 18
Bernard st. Leith
George, baker, 8 Roxburgh place
George, commercial traveller, 6 Lome st
H. B., S.S.C. (H. B. & F. J. Dewar), 37 Inverleith row
H. B. & F. J.. W.S. 52a Frederick st
Henry A. messenger-at-arms & sheriff officer, 51 Hanover st;
res. 14 Rosslyn crescent, Pilrig
Hugh, butcher, 9 West Richmond st ; res. 37 Broughton st
James, whole?ale confectioner, 7 Brown Stree' lane
James, sc-retary for the Aged & Infirm Ministers' Fund of
the Church of Scotland, 22 Queen st ; res. 1 Carlton st
Dewar James F. naturalist, bird stuffcr and im-
porter of foreign birds, aviary and cage maker, 2 St.
Patrick square ; res. 11 Spottiswoode st
Dewar Jessie, fancy bazaar, 13 South College sfc [ton ter
John, provision merchant (Dewar, Fraser & Co.), 2 Bonning- J
John F. bird, &c. dealer, 48 North Hanover st ; res. Hamilton
Lodge, Joppa
John N. hide broker (John N. Dewar & Co.), 41 Lauder rd
Dewar John N hide, tallow and skin broker, 119
Fountain bridge
Dewar Michael, M.B. 110 Lauriston place
Pefcer, cab hirer. Windsor Street lane
Thomas, accountant & house agent, 51 Hanover st ; rea. 31
Morrison place, Piers hill
William, engineer, 16 Marchmont rd
Dey John, traveller, 70 Marchmont crescent
Diagnostic Society, Society's Hall, College
Dialectic Society, University
Diamond Grace, milliner, 65 South Clerk sfc
Dick A. H & J. furriers and milliners, 47 Frederick st [rd
Alexander, baker & confectioner, 1 & 2 Caledonian ter. Dairy
Alexander, printer : 26 St. James's square
Andrew, grocer, &c. 7 Cumberland st [pi
Andrew, iron merchant (Redpath, Brown & Co.), 3 St. Peter's
G. L. & Co. china & glass merchants, 27 Montrose terrace
George, householder, William field, Newhaven rd. Leith
George L. china, &c. merchant (G. L. Dick & Co.), 9 Montrose
Grace, householder, 37 Lauriston gardens, Leith
James, wholesale grocer, drysalter, malt mercbanfc, & com-
mission agent, 16 Laurie st. Leith ; res. 1 Great Welling-
ton st. Leith [riston place
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 66 Grassmarket ; res. 122 Lau-
James, marine surveyor, Corn Exchange, 35 Constitution st.
Lehh ; res. 2 Bellevue terrace
James, china dealer, 9 Caledonian terrace
James W. grocer & spirit dealer, 10 Beaufort rd
John, m.d. surgeon, 19 Dalrymple crescent, Grange
John, shopkeeper, 28 Queen st. Leith
â–  M. W. spirit dealer, 17 Downie place
Robert, chemist (Duncan, Flockhart & Co.), 4 St Andrew's ter
Robert, shopkeeper, 22 Albeit st
Robert, grocer, 139 Kirkgate, Leith
Robert Gibson, che i ist, 1a Lynedoch place ; res. 27 Danube st
Thomas, fish & egg merchant, 10 Brunswick st ; res. 11 Mar-
ket place [st
Wm. superintendent of.the Sun Fire & Life Office, 40 Princes
William, plumber, 12 Royal crescent
William, coal agent, 35 Marchmont crescent
Dickie Alsxander, greengrocer, 3 Grabam st. Leith
Elizabeth, hairdresser, 69 Nicolson st
Henry David, stock & share broker, 38 North Hanover st;
res. 22 May field terrace
Robert, rope & twine manufacturer, Easter rd. Leith; res. 9

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