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Currie Isabella, apartments, 4 Hope st .
Currie J. & Co. rag, rope, wool, paper stock, jute,
waste metal, and general merchants, Albert st.
Leith walk, and at Long wynd, West port, Dundee
Currie J. & W. wine & spirit merchants & aerated water manufac-
turers. 2 & 5 Elbe st. Leith
j. O. commissary clerk depute, 14 Leamington terrace
James, confectioner (Currie & Co.), 12 Viewforth terrace
James, confectioner (Currie & Co.), 51 Leamington terraoe
James, wine merchant (J. & W. Currie), 10 Wellington place
Jas. rag, &o. merchant (J. Currie &Co.),25 Crighton ter. Leith
James, manager. Scottish Steam Fishing & Shipping Co.
Limited, Ob Granton pier
. Jas. shipowner (Jas. Currie & Co.), Trinity Cottage, Ferry rd.
James & Co. merchants, agents for steam packet companies,
16 Bernard st. Leith
James L. cashier, 72 South Clerk st
Joseph A. cement merchant (Joseph A. Currie & Co.), Sans
Souci, Spylaw road
Joseph A. & Co. ceiuenfc and plaster of Paris merchants, and
agents for J. C. Johnson & Co, (London and Gateshead),
Gihbs & Co. (Essex), and J- B. White & Brothers, Limited
(London), cement manufacturers, and Dr. W. Michaelis'
cement testing apparatus, Sailors' Home buildings. Tower
Margaret, trimming dealer, 96 Kirkgate, Leith
Robert, commercial traveller, 8 Roseball terrace
Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer. Gorgie
Wm. cork manufacturer, 7 Elbe st. L ith* res. 65 Charlotte st
William, wine & spirit merchant (J. & W. Currie), 12 Glad-
stone place, Leith [bridge
William, painter & drysalter, 33 Home st. and 147 Fountain
William, india rubber manufacturer (William Currie & Co.), 6
Strathearn rd
! William & Co. india rubber manufacturers, Caledonian Rubber
Works, Dairy rd
Curror & Cowper, S.S.C. 1 India buildings
David, S.S.C. (Curror & Cowper), 25 Northumberland st
Patrick P. farmer, Myreside, Colinton rd
Curtis Thomas, drysalter, 114 Leith walk & 17 Port Hopetoun
Ousack Maria, pawnbrokers' saleroom, 8 West Crosscauseway
Custom House, Granton Harbour
House, Commercial st. Leith
Cuthbert & Marchbank, S.S.C. 18 Frederick st
Archibald, painter, 29 Nelson st
David, S.S.C. (Cuthbert & Marchbank), 18 Tantallon place
David, paper stainer, Silvermills ; res. St. Helen's pi. Grange
Eliza, apartments, 21 Stafford st
James H. umbrella maker, 20 St. Patrick square
Joseph, butcher, 149 Pleasance
Robt. (British Linen Co. BaDk), 2 Church hill, Morningside
Cuthbertson A. G. & Son, merchants & commission agents, 55 Con-
stitution st. Leith
Alexander, greengrocer, 193 West Fountain bridge
Henry, reporter, 4 Argyle Park terrace
Henry, grocer & spirit dealer, 67 Great Junction st. Leith
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 65 Shore, Leith
William, wholesale stationer & printer, 10 Picirdy place ; res.
1 Malta terrace
William F. stationer, 4 Albany st; res. 2a Albany st
Cutblll Alexander, householder, 17 Castle st
Thomas, householder, 4 Laurel terrace
DAFFORNE John J. bookseller & newsagent, 1b Arniston place ;
res. 4 Queensberry terrace
Daily Mrs. — , staymaker. 13 Carnegie st
John, master mariner. 28 Madeira st. Leith
Review Newspaper Office, 20 & 22 St, Giles st— W. J\ & R.
Mackie, publishers
Daish John, restaurant, confectioner, wine merchant & purveyor,
3 A: 5 St. Andrew st. and Royal Exchange Hotel, High st
Thomas R. stamp cutter, 6 Elder st ; res. 25 Gayfield square
Dalgleish Adam, spirit dealer, 6 West Adam st ; res. 8 Roxburgh
& Bell, W.S. 1 Rutland square
â–  Andrew, spirit dealer, 3 Orcha-dfield st
Dalgleish D. & Son, manufacturers and importers of
cork, South Back Canongate
Dalgleish David, cork manufacturer (D. Dalgleish & Son), 10 Elm
James, contractor, Leith station ; res. 2 Windsor Street lane
James, baker. 23 West Maitland st. & 24 Dairy rd
Jane, dairy & greengrocer, 70 Grove st
Jemima, dairy, 44 Riddle's close, Leith
. John, spirit dealer, 23 Bridge st. Leith ; res, 2 Couper sfc
- — Lawrence, W.S. (Dalgleish & Bell), 2 Douglas crescent
Scott, editor, 25 Mavheld terrace
Thomas, S.S.C. & N'.P. 24 Hill st ; res. 2 Atholl place
Thomas T. cooper, 38 Charlotte st. Leith
Walter S. m.a. journalist, 25 Mayfield terrace
William, glass manufacturer, Holyrood ; res. 17 John st
Dalkeith Colliery Office, Sfc. Leonard's dep&fc — David Johnstone,
DaU k Miller, C.A. 53 Frederick st
Isabella, newsagent, 241 Great Junction st. Leith
James, inspector of weights and measures, County buildings ;
res. 5 Victoria st » [st
Wm. china merchant (William DaU & Co.), 29 EastClaremont
Wiljiam & Co china & glass mei chants, 4 Hanover st
Dallas Alfred, writer. 117 Warrender Park rd
Duncan Forbes, S.S.C. & N.P. (Gordon, Pringle, Dallas &
Co.), and commissioner for administering oaths for the
province of Manitoba, Canada West, 15a South Castle st ;
res. 13 Granville terrace
William, traveller, 40 Minto st
Dalmahoy James A., W.S. (Cuw.ui & Daimahoyj, 69 Queen st
Dairy Cemetery, Dairy [Newinglon
Dairy mple John, tea merchant (J. Dairy mple & Co), 1 Peel terrace,
John & Co. tea & coffee merchants, 1 Johnston terrace
Margaret, ladies' school, 144 Ferry rd. Leith
Robert, builder, Canning st ; res. (38 Haymarket terrace
Dalton the Misses — , dressmakers. 7 Sciennes
Daly Kate, confectioner, 83 Broughton st
Richard, hairdresser, 97 High st
William, teacher of music, 38 Dublin st [gardens
Dalziel George, W.S. (Todd, Murray & Jamieson), 25 Drumsht ugh
Isabella, milliner, &c. (Isabella & Anna Dalziel), 8 Atholl place
Isabella & Anna, milliners, 50 Morrison st
Robert, smallware dealer, 38 Broughton st
Thomas, janitor, 14 Picardy place
Dambmann H. teacher of music, 25 Oxford st
Dane & Co. printing ink & dry colour manufacturers, 3 East
Register st —Peter Cowan, manager
Daniel Margaret, greengrocer, 33 West Nicolson st
Thomas H. b.a. 21 Charles st
Daniell Alfred, m.a., ll.b. 40 Gillespie crescent
Mary Ann, householder, 2 Scotland sfc
Danish (Royal) Vice-Consuls— Walter Berry, 41 Constitution st.
Alfred Steenberg, 20 Constitution st- & L. Lacour, 14 Com-
mercial st. Leith
Danks Elizabeth, fancy warehouse, 4 Bristo place
Danzig Steam Packet Office, 16 Bernard sfc— James Currie & Co.
Darge Robert, spirit dealer (R.Darge& Co.), 23 Summerside pi. Leith
Robert, spirit dealer, 52 Giles st. Leith ; res. 23 Summerside pi
Darling Andrew, warehouseman, 25 Barony st
Isabella, dairy, 54 Lady Lawson st
J. & A. iieshers, Mulberry place, & 3(3 Couper st. Leith
James, Darling's Regent Temperance Hotel, 20 Waterloo place
John F. Stormonth, secretary, Bank of Scotland, 38 Palmer-
stone place
M. T. Stormonth, advocate, 10 Great Stuart st [st
Richard, flesher, 45 Clerk st. &.122 West Dort; res. 5a Buccleuch
Richard, greengrocer, (39 Cleric st »
Robert, secretary, North British Steam Packet Office, 4 Princes
st ; res. 5 Summerside place, Leith
Robert (G.P.O.), 28 Barony st
T. Brown, M.D., O.M. 20 Waterloo place
W. H. teacher of.singing, 12 Nelson st
William, grocer, 26 Pofcter row
William James, Lloyd's surveyor, 56 Constitution sfc ; res. 40
Great King st
Darlington William, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 6 & 18 Dundas
st ; res. H6 Great King sfc
Darnell Rev. Charles. M.A. preparatory boarding
school, Cargilfield, Trinity
Darney John, Old Ship Inn, 2 Parliament square, Newhaven
Davev Mary Ann, nurse, 84 Great King st
Davidson Miss — , householder, 12 Broughton sfc
— — Miss — , milliner, 63 Frederick st
Miss — , Kindergarten school, 58 Grange loan
Mrs. — , laundry, 141 Causewayside
Rev. A. B. d.d. professor of Hebrew in the New College, 10
Rillbank terrace
Alexander, joiner, 3 Leamington rd
& Chisholm, joiners & builders, 26 Torphichen st
& Syme, W.S. & N.P. 22 Castle st
Archibald, sheriff of Midlothian & Haddingtou, Sheriff Court
buildings, George IV. bridge ; res. 9 Chester st
Charles S. clerk, 39 Raeburn place
Christopher, spirit dealer, 23 Lady Lawson st
David, sculptor (Johnston & Davidson), 4 East London sfc
David, tailor, 22 Brunfcon place
Donald, fishmonger. 7 Melville terrace
E. dairy, 18 Morrison st
Edward, draper, 108 West port
Elizabeth, householder, 13 Morton st. Leith
Elsie, greengrocer, 4 West Richmond st
G. M. teacher of music, 23 Livingstone place
Helen, confectioner, 35 North Junction sfc. Leith
Helen, dairy, 84 Duke st [terrace
James, stamp cutter, 34 North bridge; res. 3 Buccleuch
James, grocer, 94 Nicolson st. & 29 Clerk st ; res. 3 Kilmaurs tor
James, cashier, 5 Deanpark crescent
James, spirit dealer, 119 High st ; res. 8 Roxburgh sfc
James, coal merchant, 2a Sbandwick place
James, photographer and portrait painfcer, 79 George st
James S. plumber, 104 Nicolson st
Jessie, dairy, 7 South Norton place
John, tobacconist, 3 Lindsay place
John, wholesale stationer & printer, 9 Bernard sfc. & 69 Consti-
tution st. Leith ; res. 9 Smith's place, Leith walk
John, fish curer (Davidson, Pirie & Co.), 28 Maderia st. Leith
John, builder (Davidson & Chisholm), 6 Thirlestane rd. West
John, m.a. teacher, Heriot School, Society
John, portrait painter, 58 Grange loan
John, clerk, 15 Strathearn rd [Calton st
Jonathan, weighing machine maker (J. Davidson & Co.), 11
Jonathan & Co. weighing machine makers, East London sfc
Mark, advocate, 10 Albyn place
Mary, householder, 3 West Preston st
Mrs. Mary .1. householder, 17 Warrender Park crescent
Matthew, publisher, 21 Marchmont rd
, Piiie & Co. fish curers & coopers, 24 Cable wynd, Leith
Robert, baker. 121 Canongate & 53 Home st ; res. 1 Tarvit sfc
Robert, professor of music, 2 West Newington place
Robert, gasfitter, 125 High st ; res. 14 St. John st
Thomas, writer, 4 Hart st
Thomas, dairyman, Gilmore park
Thomas, wool merchant, 9 Leith walk
Walter, grocer, 68 Albert st ; res. 1 Drum terrace
William, silk mercer, draper & milliner, &c. 46 Hanover st

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