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Croall John & William, coach & harness makers. York lane
Croall Peter & Sons, coach builders & harness
makers, 133 George st. & at Kelso
Croall Robert, coach builder (Peter Croall & Sons), IS Castle st
Robert, post master (Scott, Croall & Sons, & John Croall &
Sons), Craigcrook Castle, Black hall
William, coach builder (J. & W. Croall), 16 Abercromhy place
Croan James, horse dealer, 25 G-rassmarket
Patrick, grocer, 2 West port
Crocket Andrew, hardware dealer, 176 Canongate
â–  James, basket maker, 110 Kirkgate, Leith [res. 26 Grove st.
Crockett David, grocer, wine & spirit merchant, 4 Rosehill place ;
Crole Gerard L. advocate, 1 Royal circus
Croll Janet, stationer, 9 Fountain bridge
Robert, clerk, 69 Warrender Park rd [Grange
Cromar Alex, merchant (Gallie, Laird & Co.), 6 St. Catherine place,
John, dairy, 141 West port
Cromarty Alexander, shipmaster, 2 Mulberry place, Bonnington
Cromb Robert, commission agent, 10 Dean terrace
Crombie Alexander, shopkeeper, 9 Washington place, Dairy rd
Alexander, W.8. (Crombie, Bell & Matheson), 4 Magdala place
, Bell & Matheson, W.8. 1S7 Princes st [crescent
David A. architect, 34 St. Andrew square; res. 6 Cobden
George, engineer (Somerville & Crombie), 18 Downie place
John, assistant inspector of schools, 22 Panmure place
John & Co. merchants & commission agents, 14b George st
Margaret, furniture dealer, 39 Constitution st. Leith
Mark, coach builder, 35 Barony st [crescent
Robert, lace merchant. &c. (Mercer & Crombie), 6 Cobden
Crook Theresa A. Golf Hotel, Bruntsfield Links
Crooke William, photographer, 103 Princes st
Crooks George, provision merchant and ham curer, 97 Kirkgate ;
res. 50 Albany st. Leith
James, clothier (Robertson & Crooks), 5 Comely Green place
â–  Samuel C. grocer, 9 St. Patrick st ; res. 2 Rockville place
Croom John Halliday, m.b., f.r.c.p.s. physician, 25 Charlotte sq
Crosbie Helen, apartments, 27 York place
John, confectioner, 18 East Richmond st
Margaret, householder, 69 York place
Margaret, apartments, 4 Rothesay place
Robert, confectioner, I Hill place [place
Cross Adam P. merchant (J. & J. Cunningham), 10 Drumsheugh
Alexander, merchant (Cross & Donaldsdn), New Bank, Trinity
rd. Trinity
& Donaldson, seed & oil cake merchants, 41 Constitution st.
Leith; stores, WestJ3owling Green st. & Salamander st.
David, butcher, 146 Cowgate
Thomas, greengrocer, 67 Ploasance
Crossan J. & A. milliners, 29 Broughton st
Crossland Jessie, householder, 125 Warrender Park road
Crouch David, jeweller (W. Crouch & Son), 21 Dairy mple crescent
H. Brougham, gold & silversmith & jeweller, 67 Princes st ;
res. 8 Cobden rd
Crouch W. & Son, jewellers, gold & silversmiths &
watchmakers, 56 North bridge
Croucher Robert L. gardener, 19 Wright's houses
Crow Mrs. — , householder, 113 Warrender Park rd
Agnes, ladies' nurse, 31 India st
& Reid, dairy keepers, 3 Deanbank place
Janet, dressmaker, 14 Montague st
Mary, apartments, 19 Panmure place
Philip, bootmaker, 14 Montague st
Crow Thomas, builder & house carpenter, Gorgi8
rd. Tynecastle; res. 5 Ardmillan terrace
Crow William, tailor, 5 Nicolson st
Crowe James D. teacher, 3 Meadow place
William, chemist, 53 Nicolson st
Crown Agent's Office, Parliament square
. Chamberlain & Receiver for Scotland, General Register House
Office, 9 Parliament square
Crudelius, Hirst & Co. wool merchants, 7 & 8 Citadel, Leith [ter
R. W. wool merchant (Crudelius, Hirst & Co.), 14 Inverleith
Cruelty to Animals, Scottish Society for Prevention of, 88 George
st— A. Langwill, C.A., secretary and treasurer
Cruickshank Alexander & Sons, hosiers, glovers,
shirtmakers, hatters, ladies' & gentlemen's out-
fitters & baby linen warehouse, 57 & 61 George st
Cruicks'iank George B. clerk, 16 Gladstone terrace
James, tobacconist, 6 Orchardfield place
James, builder & fire clay goods agent, 23 Torphichen street ;
res, 4 Roseburn terrace
Cruickshank John, surveyor and assessor of fire
losses, 73 George st; res. 143 Warrender Park rd
Cruickshank Mary, apartments, 99 Gilmore place
Peter, cabinet maker, Elm Cottage, Gibson terrace
William, lithographer, engraver, manufacturing stationer &
printer, 15 Elder st. off St. James's sq; res. 13 Lee crescent,
PortoneUo [7 Crown st
Cruickshanks George, cabinet maker (George Crnickshanks & Sou),
George & Son, cabinet makers & house agents, 88 & 90 Leith
James, cabinet maker (G. Cruickshanks &Son), 2 Gladstone pi
Cruikshank George M. (Glasgow), solicitor of patents, 10 St.
Andrew sq — James M'Cankie, agent — See advertisement
Crumph'n Henry, club steward, 16 Broughton place
Cruttenden Edward, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 3 Shandwick
place ; works, 39 Morrison st ; res. 10 Atholl place
Cuddle William, agent, Cydesdale Bank, 7 Brunswick place, Leith
walk ; res. 11 Gladstone place, Leith
Cullen Christina, ironmonger, 9 West Adam st
John, hairdresser, 55 High st [pi
Martin, grocer & spirit dealer, 194 Cowgate ; res. 12 Gladstone
â–  Michael J. householder, 17 Melville terrace
Thomas, inspector of taxes, 48 Findhorn place
— W. J., W.S. & N.P. 88 George st ; res. 48 Findhorn place
Culley Matthew, spirit dealer, 229 Leith walk
Cumming Allan, provision dealer, 3 Brunswick road
& Duff, S.S.C. 50 George st [burn sfc
& Son, trunk, portmanteau, brush, & basket makers, 2 Cock-
Andrew, dairyman, 135 Fountain bridge
Brothers, photographers, 63 North bridge
Catherine, milliner, 27 Cumberland st [crescent
David, lithographer (M'Lagan & Cumming), 16 Marchmont
James, wholesale wine & spirit merchant, 35 Forrest rd ; res,
8 Chalmers st
James, shopkeeper, 4 Royal Park terrace
James, glass merchant, 44 Chambers st
Robert, S.S.C. & N.P. (Cumming & Duff), 15 Lonsdale terrace
T. portmanteau maker (Cumming & Son), 8 Tantallon pi
William, physician, 18 Ainslie place
William, confectioner, 105 Rose st
William, joiner, Ac. 10 Pitt st. Bonnington
Cummings John, bootmaker, Carrick's buildings. Dairy rd
William, packing case maker, 236 Leith walk
William F. M.D. surgeon, Kinellan, Murraylield
Cundell John Ross, agent, British Linen Co. Bank, 44 Bernard st. L
Cuningham & Co. wine merchants, 56 Frederick st
Edmund, W.S. (Gillespie & Paterson),24 Palmerston place
Thomas, wine merchant (Cunningham & Co.), ii Admiral ter
Cunio Angelo, teacher of music, 3 Granville terrace
Cunliffe James L. steam shipowner, 123 George st; res. Plewl.mds
House, Spylaw rd
Cunningham Mrs. — , householder, 37 London st
A. & Co. glaziers & slaters, 18 Leith st
Alex, marked gardener, Rosebank, Broughton rd. Leith
Alexander, church officer, 30 Chambers st
Alex, coal merchant, 6 Port Hopetoun, Caledonian Railway
Coal Depot, Morrison st. & 4 Port Hamilton; res. 12 *
Gardner's crescent
Alexander B. builder (James Cunningham & Sons), 2 Prospect
Bank villa, Restalrig rdj
Allan, confectioner, 27 Melville terrace
& Son, painters &, decorators, 60 Lady Lawson st
Andrew, glass merchant & glazier (A. Cuuningham & Co.),
Craigend Villa, Ferry rd. Leitbr
Andrew, cashier, 5 Annandale st. Leith st
Annie, householder, 18 Graham st
Charles, coal merchant. Port Hopetoun ; res. 9 Brougham st
Charles, porter at Nat'onal Gallery, 3 Frederick st
David, bat manufacturer, 55 Princes st
David G. clerk, 103 Gilmore place
Eleanor, newsagent, 42 Potter row
, Fiaser & Co. nurserymen and florists, Comeley Bank and
Edgehill Nursery, and 45 Queensferry st
Georg^M. civil engineer (Blyth & Cunningham), 2 Ainslie place
Cunningham. J. and J. linseed cake and artificial
manure manufacturers; office and stores, West
Bowling Green street, Leith : chemical works,
Salamander street, Leith
Cunningham James, grocer, 12 Fort place, North Fort st. Leith
James, hydraulic engineer, 302 Leith walk
James, watchmaker, 63 Causewayside
Cunningham James & Sons, "builders, joiners, saw
millers, packing case makers, and malt and
grain scoop manufacturers ; specialities— bloater,
herring and other cut wood for fish curers and
for confectioners' boxes. Elbe street, Leith—
Established 1850
Cunningham Jane, apartments, 20 Rankeillor st
John Thomas, dental surgeon, 41 Lauriston pi
Lennox T. m.d.. r.n. 20 Warriston crescent
M. & H. dressmakers, 1a Crown st
Peter, stockbroker (P. Cunningham & Son), 13 Rutland sq
Peter, baker, 25 Home st
Peter & Son, stockbrokers, 5 St. Andrew square
R. J. Blair, m.d. 6 Walker st
R. S. joiner, &c, 281 Canongate
Robert, joiner. 13 Rose st
St. Clair, merchant (J. & J. Cunningham), 30 Blacket place
Sarah, shopkeeper, 12 Prospect st
Walter, builder (Jas. Cunningham & Sons), 1 Prospect
Bank Villa, Restalrig rd. Leith
William, upholsterer and cabinet maker, 16 Spittal st
William, merchant (J. & J. Cunningham), 6 Inverleith gardens I
William, clothier (James Middlemass & Co.), 13 Queen's cres '
William, traveller, 24 Dairy rd
Cunninghame George G. advocate, 45 Manor place
Cunnison Thomas, grocer, 50 Broughton st ; res. 15 London st
Cunynghame A. M. Esq. Surveyor -General to the Post Office
for Scotland, 27 Glencairn crescent
R. J. Blair, m.d. 6 Walker st
Cupples George, author, Newhaven rd. Leith
Curie Arthur J. teacher of music, 52 North Hanover st
James, shoemaker, 40 Buecleueh st
James, pianoforte manufacturer, 52 North Hanover st ; fac-
tory, Broughton market ; res. 12 Abbotsford park
Robert, smallware dealer & draper, 12 Causewayside
William, confectioner, 25 St. Leonard st
Curll Miss—, teacher of music & singing, 14 Bundas st
Currer Adam, grocer & wine merchant, 79 Queen st ; res. 6 Mer-
chiston avenue
Ann, dressmaker, 3 Antigua st
Currie Misses — , milliners, 33 Brougham st
A. shipmaster, 24 Easter rd
Adam, grocer, 96 Ferry st. Leith
& Co. confectioners. 31 & 33 George IV. bridge
Christina, spirit dealer, 14 Market st
Eliza, confectioner, 27 Leven st
George, grocer, 2a Drumdryan st
Hannah /draper, toy & fancy warehouse, 52 Lauriston place
Helen B. milliner, 33 Brougham st

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