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Cooper Hugh H. shipping agent, 2 Commercial st ; res. 3 Summer-
side st. Leith
James, dentist, 31 Howe st
â–  James, apartments, 27 Hamilton place
James 9. picture framer, 341 Leith walk, Leith
John, assistant burgh engineer, 1 Parliament square; res.
25 Warrender Park terrace
Margaret 8. householder, 2 Millerfield place
Robert, tailor, 43 Kirkgate, Leith
Robert, lodgings, 20 Albany st
Thomas, confectioner, 3 Tobago st [Jeffrey st
Thomas & Co. wholesale warehousemen & manufacturers,
Thomas H, warehouseman (Thomas Cooper & Co.), 10 Green-
hill place
William, dairyman, 2 Sunnybank place & 36 Broughton st
William, manager, 9 Leven terrace [manager
Co-operative Stores, grocers & victuallers, Newhaven— J. Linton,
Cope James, watchmaker, 18 Earl Grey st
Copeland David, manager, Scottish Vulcanite Co. 2 Chalmers st
Robert, householder, 7 Leslie place
Copenhagen & Christiansand Steam Packet Office, 16 Bernard st—
James Currie & Co. agents
Copestake, Hughes, Crampton & Co. lace manufacturers & general
merchants, 17 South St. David st— P. Portescue, manager
Copland Mrs — , dressmaker, 1 Coates' crescent
Jane, dressmaker, 2 Stafford st
Mary, apartments, 37 Frederick st
Corbet Patrick, tpacher, New Greytriar's school, Vennel
Corbett Alexander, provision dealer, 95 St. Leonard st
Catherine, newsagent, 164 West Fountain bridge
John, coal merchant, 6 Port Hamilton
William, session clerk & teacher, 155 Canongate ; res. 7 East
Montgomery st
William, coal merchant, 10 Port Hamilton
William, butler, 24 Dairy rd [Market close
Corcoran Catherine, rag merchant, 268 Cowgate ; res. 10 Old Fish
Cordiner & Barron, greengrocers, 15 Carnegie st
Cormack Mrs. — , ladies' nurse, 37 William st
Mis. — , ladies' nurse, 12 Union st
Mrs. — s ladies' nurse, 1 Marchmont st
Alexander, dentist, 2 George square
— — Alexander, joiner, Causewayside ; res. 8 Livingstone place
& Co. printers & stationers, 34 South Clerk st [Union st
Daniel A. consulting engineer, 27 Quality st. Leith ; res. 8
Edwin A. l.R.c.p. & R. Edin. dentist, 102 Lauriston place
Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 21 North Richmond st
James, dairy, 18a Meadow bank
James, ship owner, 4 Bernard st. Leith: res. 22 Glencairn ores
James, printer (Cormack & Co.), 51 Clerk st
James, shopkeeper, 267 Cowgate
Jessie, fishmonger, Tanfield ; res. Victoria place, Trinity
â–  Jessie, householder, 12 Henderson row
John, tailor (Cowan & Cormack), 9 Montcrieff terrace
John, shoemaker, 22 Caledonian rd
Corn Exchange, Grassmarket
Exchange, 35 Constitution st. Leith
Corner Miss — , dressmaker, 17 St. Patrick square
Alexander, tailor, 72 Thistle st ; res. 9 St. Bernard's row
Margaret, householder, 27 Nelson et
James, clerk of works, 5 Claremont ter
James M. wood engraver, 1 Park st
Mary, ladies' belt & stay maker, 161 Rose st
Peter, joiner, 39 Leven st ; res. 10 Drumdryan st
Cornillon H. W., S.S.C. and secretary to the Royal Association for
Promotion of the Fine Arts in Scotland, 130 George st; res.
1 Duncan st. Drummond place
Corns Miss — , teacher of music, 21 London st _
Cornwall Isabella, dressmaker, 16 Howe st
Richard, greengrocer, 58 Lady Lawson st
Corps of Commissionaires, 4 Maitland st
Corrie, Hanson & Co. merchants, 17 Baltic st. Leith
Corrigal James, master mariner, I Union place, Trinity
Corstorphine David, bootmaker, 8 South St. James st
John, spirit dealer, 87 Kirkgate, Leith ; res. 80 Kirkgate, Leith
John, baker & confectioner, 79 Great Junction st Leith
Cosens J. R. advocate, 81 Great King st
Cossar Agnes, apartments, 22 Panmure place
George, clerk. 3 Frederick st
Costa Peter, grocer & spirit dealer, 47 London st ; res. 17 London st
Coster George E. J. gun maker, 20 Hillside st
Cottam John S. music warehouse, 40 Cockburnst; res. 51 Cock-
burn st
Cotterill C. C. m.a. assistant master, Fettes College; res. Glen-
carse House, Comely bank
Right Rev. H. d.d. Bishop of Edinburgh in the Episcopal
Church, 56 Manor place
Joseph Montague, m.b. surgeon. 29 Melville st
Cotton & Valentine, C.A., 9 North St. David st
D.N., C.A. (Cotton & Valentine), 14 Queen's crescent
George, tobacconist & snuff manufacturer, 7 Frederick st ;
res. 8 Abbotsford park
George& Son, tobacco & snuff manufacturers, 100 Princes st
William, tobacconist (Geo. Cotton & Son). 26 Mayfield terrace
Coull Robert, glass & china dealer, 15 North West Circus place
Coullie John, victual dealer, 10 Bonnington rd. Leith
Coulter Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 9 Tynecastle terrace; res.
12 Ardmillan terrace
William G. grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Newton st. Tynecastle
Council Chambers, 10 Royal Exchange, Jlighst
Chambers, 31 Charlotte st. Constitution st. Leith
of Medical Education & Registration, 4 Lindsay place— James
Robertson, branch registrar
County Buildings, Parliament square
County Fir© Insurance Office, 123 George street
(Edinburgh Branch)— Francis A. Bringloe, C.A.
County Police and Prison Tax Office, County buildings
Police Office, County buildings
Coupar George, estate agent, 76 Haymarket terrace
John, traveller, 22 Panmure place
Couper & Cook, accountants, 37 George st
Charles T. advocate, 3 Charlotte square
Hugh K. ship broker & commission merchant, 2 Commercial
st. Leith ; res. 3 Surnmerside st
J. H. (Scottish Temperance League Depfit), 341 Leith walk
Peter, accountant (Couper & Cook), 3 Restalrig rd
William, mason, Holyrood square [Shore
William, signal master, Leith Sailors' Home, Tower pi ; res. 2
William H. town clerk of Leith, and notary public, Council
chambers, 31 Charlotte st ; res. Cardrona, Ferry rd. Leith
Courant Printing & Publishing Office, 10 & 12 St. Giles st
Court of the Lord Lyon, New Register House
Room, City chambers, Royal Exchange
Courts of Chancery, Parliament square
of the Lords Commissioners for Tiends, Parliament square
of Sessions, Parliament square
Cousin & Ormiston, surveyors & valuators, 110
Princes st
Cousin George, surveyor (Cousin & Ormiston), 5 Bruntsfield ter
John W. actuary, 5 Carlton st
Cousland David, ironmonger (David Cousland & Co.), 1 Clerk st
David & Co. wholesale & retail ironmongers, 55 George IV.
Couston Janet A. brush & fancy warehouse, 41 Queensferry st
Coutie Alexander, joiner (M'Gilvray & Coutie), 11 Roxburgh st
Coutts & Cameron, glass merchants, 52 Lady Lawson st
Charlotte, dairy. 4 Bridge place, Glenogle rd
David K. head master, Dr. Bell's school ; res. Restalrig ter
James, J. P. officer. 46 Thistle st
James, teaeherof drawing, 17 Shandon crescent
Janibss, S.S.C. 18 York place
James, New Shetland Warehouse, 6 Shandwick place — The
hosiery purchased only from the knitters
John, coal agent, Sands, Leith ; res. 7 Summerfield place
John, glass merchant (Coutts & Cameron), 33 Tarvit st
L. commercial traveller, 3 Spott'swoode st
William, teacher of classics. 28 Gillespie crescent
Coventry Henry J., W.B. (Menzies, Coventry & Soote), 1
Strathearn id
Isabella, apartments, 84 Great King st
Cowan & Co. paper makers, stationers & envelope makers, 33 West j
Register st. & Craigside Works
& Co. general carriers & contractors, agents for the goods j
traffic of the North British Railway and all railways in!
connection therewith, and London & Edinburgh Com-
panies, 4 & 144 Princes st. 39 Constitution st. Leith, and
Granton Railway station
& Cormack, tailors & clothiers; 42 Grindlay st
& Dalmahoy, W.S. 12 Hill st [house, 15 Princes sfc I
& Strachan, silk mercers, drapers, & ladies' outfitting ware- «
Andrew G. accountant, 1 India buildings, Victoria st
Archibald, merchant (Archibald Aikman & Co.), 5u Albany st ,
David, C.A. (Bell, Begg & Cowan), 7 Gref-nhill gardens
David, tailor (Cowan & Cormack), 12 Parkside st
Dugald, householder, 12 Lady Menzies' place [ter
George, coal merchant, Morrison Street Dep6t ; res. 9 Argyle
George, S.S.C. (Whigham & Cowan), 15 Woodburn terrace
James, paper maker (Cowan & C >.), 35 Royal terrace
James, fire superintendent (Caledonian Fire & Life Insurance %
Co.), i9 George st ; res. 15 Arniston place
James, grocer, 58 Sciennes [Craigie terr? ce
James M. accountant. 1 India buildings, Victoria st ; res. 61
John, flesher, 15 West Nieolson st
John, merchant (Redpath, Brown & Co.), 6 Salisbury rd
John, W.S. & N.P. (Cowan & Dalmahoy), 7 Greenhill gardens
John James, paper maker (Cowan & Co.), 33 Palmerston pi
Joseph A. fishing tackle maker, 59 Rose st
Peter, traveller. Rose Villa, Wardie crescent, Wardie
R. &Son, dairymen, 13 Greenside st
Robert, W.S. 9 Carlton terrace
Robert Cameron, C.A. 6 St. Andrew st ; res. 12 Dundas st
Robert, contractor, 7 Pattison st. Leith
Wm. gas meter manufacturer (W . & B. Cowan), 5 Colinton rd
William, grocer & coal agent, 1 Lindsay place, Leith
William, silk meicer (Cowan & Strachan), 2 Montpelier
William, householder, 3 Leopold place
William & Benjamin, gas meter manufacturers.brassfounders,
&c. 58 Buocleuch st [hall square
William T. drysalter, 17 Worth Richmond st ; res. 9 Summer-
Cowe & Manson, straw hat cleaners, 91 Rose st
James, spirit dealer, 100 Cowgate ; res. 7 Livingston place
James, apartments, J Stafford st
John, shopkeeper, 6 St. Andrew st. Leith
John, gardener, 34 Clerk st
John F. commercial traveller. 2S Belle Vue crescent
Cowie Mrs. — , apartments, 1 London st
Adam, brewer. 14 Queensberry terrace
& M'Leod, builders. 1 Viewforth park
George, chemist, 78 Queen st ; res. 7 India st
George M. draughtsman (Reid & Cowie), 1 London st
James, joiner, 39 Haddington place ; res. 1 Rosslyn st
Margaret, spirit dealer, 14a West Maitland st ; res. 3 Grove pi
William F. warehouseman (W. F, Cowie, Hunter & Co.), 16
Bonnington place [bers st
William F., Hunter & Co. wholesale warehousemen, 3 Cham-
Cowieson Peter, priutseller & general warehouseman, 39a & 41
Lothianst. & 1, 3. 5. & 7 Brighton st ; res. 4 Morningside pi
Cownie David, tailor (W. Cownie & Sons), 12 Rillbank terrace
Francis S. solicitor, 17 Upper Gilmore place
J. G. tailor, 39 South Bridge st ; res. 7 Brunstane rd. Joppa
Stephen, hank messenger, 2 West Circus place
T. O. tailor (W. Cownie & Sons), 26 Dalrymple crescent

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