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Brown James, County Hotel, 81 Lothian rd
James, watchmaker, 1 West Adam st ; res. Hillside st
James, manager, Elizafield House, North Fort st. Leith
James, buoymaster (Northern Lights), 11 Madeira place
James, joiner, 51 Pilrig Model buildings
James, smallware dealer, 13 Gibbs' entry [dens. Trinity
James, brush manufacturer (Duncan & Co.), 1 Mayville gar-
James, writer, 15 Montague sb
James A., C.A. (Brown & Macdonald), 24 Ann st
James F. householder, 19 G-illespie crescent
James K. painter, 11 Deanst
Jessie, fruiterer, 44 Morningside rd
John, paper merchant, wholesale stationer, paper bag maker,
printer, &c. 3tj &38 East Preston st ; show card, &c. writer,
4 North bridge ; res. 5 Rosehall terrace
John, carver, 3 St. David's terrace
John, apartments, 10 Archibald place
John, confectioner, 5 Little King st ; res. 4 Argyle Park terrace
John, brassfounder, 7 Livingstone place
John, mason, 5 Paul st
John, van & lurry builder, 20 & 22 Blackfriars st
John, clerk, 50 Brunswick st
John, fruiterer. 17a Dundas st
— John, clothier (Brown Bros.), Olive Bank, St. Alban's rd
John, writing engraver, 23 G-aylield square
John, missionary to the blind, 52 Marchmont crescent
â–  John, manager, 24 Haym irket terrace
John, confectioner, 58a Nicolson st
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 28 Bat four st. Leith walk
John, butcher, 7 Shrub place, Leith walk, & 1 Tait place
John, grocer, 43 St. Patrick square
John, eating house, 218 Canongate
John, fruiterer & confectioner, 237 Great Junction st. Leith
John, joiner, 4 South Fort st. Bonnington [West Preston st
John, joiner & timber merchant, 57 St. Leonard st ; res. 27
John, butcher, 47 St. Andrew st. & 8 Horse wynd, Leith
John, shopkeeper, 28 Easter rd
John, saddler, 339 Leith walk ; res. 20 Colston st
John Clifford, surgeon dentist, 13 Lothian rd
John E. ironmonger (Brown & Glegg), 7 Morningside place
John L. engraver on wood, 5 Keir st
Joseph, carrier, 17 Cheyne st
Joseph, spirit dealer, 1 &2 Brunswick st; res.51Deanb.augh st
Joseph, hosier, 37 Earl Grey st ; res. 80 Lauriston st
M. Royal Alexander Hotel, 124 Princes st [Musselburgh
Marcus John, solicitor & N. P. 1 George st; res. Linkneld,
Margaret, dressmaker, 93 Broughton st
Margaret, iish dealer, 50 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Margaret, milliner, 39 West Nicolson st
â–  Margaret, dressmaker, 23 Gay field square
Margaret, spirit dealer, 34 Castle st
Margaret, greengrocar, 84 Leith walk
Marion, fishmonger, Lochrin
Martha, watchmaker (Blyth & Brown), Greenside House
Mary, dairy, 3 Rosehill pi ice
Mary, confectioner, 2 Gillespie crescent
Mary, draper & dressmaker, 9 Gladstone place [place
Matthew, auctioneer, &c. (Matthew Brown & Sons), 1 Luttnn
Brown Matthew & Sons, auctioneers, cabinet makers,
house agents & timber merchants 9 Chambers st
49 South Cleric st. & 59 St. Leonard st
Brown Murdoch, m.d. 2 Coates' place
P. R. tea merchant, SWallis st
Peter, wire worker, 1 Hamilton place, High Riggs
Peter, bootmaker, 42 Cockburn st
Peter, dairyman, 5 Charles st [Lauriston place
R. & W. grocers & wine merchants, 20 Broughton st. and 67
Richard, photographer, 16 Brougham st
Richard, C.A. 2d St. Andrew sq ; res. Hillhouse, Kirknewton
Robert, coal merchant, 40 St. Leonard st [Buccleuch pi
Robert, saddlers' ironmonger, 5 Victoria terrace; res. 5
Robert, grain merchant, Corn Exchange bldgs. 31 Grassruark't
Robert, dairyman, 7 Romilly place
Robert, storekeeper, 70 Marchmont crescent
Robert, A.C^. (New Register House), 8 Hope st
Robert, batcher, 4 Tait place
Robert, goldsmith, 35 Myrtle terrace
Robert, bookbinder, 13 North Bank st
Robert, chemist and druggist, 92 Morningside rd
Robert A., S.S.C. 10a George st ; res. 3 Queen's crescent
Robert & Son, Ferguslie Fire Clay Depot, 17 St. Anthony pi
Robert Smith, chemist, 5 Marchmont terrace
Eobina, tobacconist, 32 Greenside st. and 95 Leith walk
Sarah, eating house, 63 Rose st
Samuel, tobacconist & newsagent, 12 Charlotte st. Leith
T. K. tailor, S Great Junction st Leith
Thomas, timber merchant, Montgomery st
Thomas, bird dealer, 5 Marshall st
Thomas, butler, 8 Leslie place
Thomas, engraver, 06 Grange loan
Thomas, tea merchant & commission agent, 4a York place
Thomas, dairy, Summerhall square
Thomas A. artist, 108 George st
Violet, artificial florist, 20 Brougham st
W. and J. painters, 76 Gt. Junction st. Leith
W. Beatie, a.r.s.a. landscape painter, 15 St.Bernavd's crescent
Walter, cashier, 1 Alva st
Walter S. clerk, 11 Rosehall terrace
William, baker, 9 St. James st [2 Greenhill ter
William , hosier & glover, 35 North Bridge st. & 43 Leith st ; res.
William, secretary to Young Men's Christian Association, 14
South St. Andrew st ; res. 6 Dewar place
William, watchmaker, 56 Gt. Junction st. Leith
-William, bootmaker, 11 Chapel st
William, marine store dealer, 13 Greenside row
William, dairy, Sunnybank place
Brown William, fruiterer, 5a Hanover st. 42 Queensferry st. and 9
Dmmsheugh place ; res. 1 Wardale crescent
â–  William, traveller, 16 Melville terrace
William, surgeon, 25 Dublin st
William, accountant (Honaldson & Brown). 10 St. Andrew sq
William, bookseller, 26 Princes st ; res. 2 Greenhill terrace
William, confectioner, 9 South St. James st
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 92 Grove st. & 158 Fountain I
bridge ; res. 12k Gilmore place
William, clerk, 34 Leith walk
William, dairyman, Sunnybank
William Marshall, wood engraver, 27 Elder gt
Brown William S- cabinet maker & upholsterer, 28
Howe st. & Hanover Furnishing House, 22 Hanover
Browne Mrs. — , spirit dealer, 34 Castle st
& Glover, commission agents and fish curers, 30 and 32
Quality st. and 51 Giles st. Leith [mont st
George W. architect (Wardrop, Anderson & Browne),3 March-
J. Neil (Board of Supervision), 42 Argyle place
Robert, greengrocer, 8 Elm row
William F. commission agent (Browne and Glover), 26
East Hermitage place
William J. l.r.op., l.e.c.s. Edin. surgeon, 33 Warrender
Park rd
Bi-ownhill George, traveller, 15 Claremont terrace
Browning John, pawnbrokers' salesman, 8 Gibb's entry
Brownlee Alexander, watchmaker, 8 East Register st; res. 2
West Stanhope place
Georgina, laundry, Canonmillslane
James, grocer and spirit dealer. 26 Barony st
James, mason, 5 Violet terrace
Robert, keeper of regalia, The Castle
Thomas, cabinet maker, 10 Upper Grove place
Brownlie William, dairy, Echo back
William, butcher, 41 Deanhaugh st [Lauriston gardens
William, hatter and hosier. 5 Orchardfield place; res. 6
Brownridge David, grocer (W. & D. Brownridge), 5 Sciennes
W. & D. grocers and spirit dealers, 26 St. Leonard st [pi
William, grocer (W. & D. Brownridge), 14 West Newington
Bruce A. gardener, 12 East Mayfield
Alexander, bookbinder, 14 Parkside st
Alexander, m.d., 13 Alva st
Alexander, gardener, 12 East Mayfield loan
Alexander G. chemist, 6 Melville ter ; res. 17 Claremont ter
Alexander L. (W. Younger & Co.), 10 Regent terrace
& Kerr, W.S. 16 Hill st [Thistle st
&Son, jewel-case and plate chest manufacturers, 51 and 53
Andrew, coal merchant, 37 Dundas st
Ann, householder, 17 Brunton place
Arthur M. jewel case maker (Bruce and Son), 6 Pitt st
, Boyd & Co. grain merchants and commission agents, 27 Con-
stitution st. Leith [Melville crescent
-Charles, agent. Bank of Scotland, 99a George st; res. 3
David, chimney sweeper, 3a Pitt st
Edward, builder (Robert Bruce and Son), 20 West Mayfield
George, traveller, 37 St. Leonard st
George, W.S. 1 Charlotte square; res. 2 Glenfinlas st
Helen, grocer & spirit dealer, 19 Carnegie st [land st
Isaac, furniture broicer & dealer in articles of virtu, 5 Mait-
James, teacher, 143 Warrender Park rd
James, gardener, 15 Rintoul place
James, salesman, 14 Hillside st
James, stationer, 15 Shandwick place [crescent
James, coal agent, 9 Port Hamilton; res. 9 Gardner's
James, spirit dealer, 11 Yardheads, Leith ; res. 10 Allan st
James, shipmaster, Madeira place
James, grocer & wine merchant, 17 West Montgomery place
James, shopkeeper, 15 Monr-rieff terrace
James, W.S. (Bruce & Kerr), St. Bernard's crescent
Janet, shopkeeper, 49 Abbey hill
John, W.S. & N.P. (Scott, Bruce & Glover), 7 Melville crescent
John, bootmaker, 6 St. Leonard st ; res. 2 Beaumont place
John, cabinet maker, 34 Lauriston st
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 13 Caledonian terrace
John, spirit dealer, 63 Princes st ; res. 48 Lndia st
John, householder, 16 St. Vincent st
John G. grain merchant (Bruce, Boyd & Co.), 13 Ainslie place
T illias, coal agent, 37 Dundas st
M. teacher, Donaldson's Hospital
Margaret, apartments, 35 Castle st
Michael, tailor, 2 London st
Michael, trimming warehouse, 13 Niddry st
Robert, m.d. 12 York place and Erneston, Boswell rd. Wardie
Robert, draper, 9 Elm row ; res. 3 Antigua st
Robert, traveller, 1 Blackwood crescent
Robert, grain merchant, 25 Greenside place ; res. 6 Brunton pi
Robert & Son, builders & contractors, 25 Greenside plac*
Thomas, shopkeeper. 74 Giles st. Leith [Leith
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Tennant st. Bonnington rd.
William, inspector of works, 1 Sciennes Hill place
Brunton Alexander, dairy, 11 Carnegie st
Brunton & Rew, grain, manure, and oilcake mer-
chants, 4 Bernard st. Leith
Brunton Elizabeth, householder, 27 Howe st
â–  Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Gilmore place ; res. 24 Pol-
warth crescent
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Leven st
Thomas, fruiterer, 2 Claremont terrace
William, grain merchant (Brunton & Rew)., 2 Belle Vue st
William N. ordained surveyor, 14 Forth st
Bryan Robert, cutter, 11 Marchmont rd
Thomas, dairyman, 106 Grassmarket
Bryce & Campbell, dressmakers, 23 Maitland st
D. & J. architects, 131 George st
George F., W.S. (J. A. Campbell & Lamond), 42 Moray place

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