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bourgois Harriet., tavern keeper, bo ij'iesu Market close
Bonrhill Miss — , apartments, 30 Alva st
Rachael, apartments, 35 Hanover st
Boaysson Mdlle. — , dressmaker, 15 Shandwick place
Bow Robert H. civil engineer, 7 South Gray st
William & Co. coachbirilders, Loehrin
Bowaok Brothers, aerated water manufacturers, 16 King's stables
Nieol, aerated water manufacturer (Bowack Brothers), 15
Graham st 1 15 Graham st
â–  William, aerated water manufacturer (Bowack Brothers),
Bowden David, contractor, Fountain bridge ; res. 85 Marchmont rd
John, bricklayer, &c. Trafalgar st. Ferry rd
Margaret, dressmaker. 35 Leith st
Bower Andrew, broker, 14u Pleasance
James, slipmaster, Granton slip
William, medical student, 2 Inverleith terrace
Bowerbank Joseph, railway inspector, 52 Broughton st
Bowie & Thomson, ladies' outfitters, 123 Princes st
■ Mrs. — , feather dresser, 13 Parkside st
Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 52 Fountain bridge ; res.
50 Earl Grey st
â–  Andrew F. merchant (R. Anderson & Co.), 16 Minto place,
â–  Helen, muslin printer, &c. 63 Leith sfc
Hugh, householder, 25 Rankeillor st
J. T., CA., 18 Northumberland st
James, confectioner, 1 Dairy Park terrace
John, m.d. 43 Lauriston place
M. & Co. wholesale tea and coffee dealers, 5 Blenheim place
Malcolm, traveller, 113 Leith walk
Matthew, tea merchant (M. Bowie & Co.), 27 Coates' gardens
Robert, engineer, 19 Rankeillor st
Bowie William,wood carver & cabinet maker, Queen's
place. Greenside row ; res. 29 Carlyle place
Bowie William, grocer and spirit dealer, 12 East, Richmond st ;
res. 7 balisbury bank
William S. tea merchant (M. Bowie & Co.), 27 Coates' gardens
Bowman Miss — , dressmaker, 11 Picardy place
Brothers, chemists, &c. 9 Merchiston terrace
John, chemist (Smith & Bowman), l'l Pilrig st
Bowrey Henry, marble mason, 1 Melgund terrace
Boyack James, engraver, printer & lithographer, 15 St. James's sq
Boyce & Johnstone, ironfounders, Beaver bank, Lower Broughton
Jessie, china dealer, 61 Pleasance
William, china dealer, 49 St. Leonard st
Boyd Alexander, joiner and cabinet maker, 31 Upper Gray st ;
res. 74 Marchmont, crescent
, Bayne & Co. fruiterers, 41 Princes st
E'iza, register office for servants, 43 James st. Pilrig
Helen, confectioner, 43 Causewayside
â–  J. P. Stirling, grain merchant, 3 Newbattle terrace,
â–  James, soap & washing powder manufacturer, West Silver-
mills lane ; res. 40 Scotland st
James, house agent, 297 High st
James, joiner, Dumbledykes lane
â–  James L., S.S.C. (Boyd, Jameson & Kelly), 12 Regent terrace
, Jameson & Kelly, W.S. 55 Constitution st. Leith
John, publisher (Oliver and Boyd), 27 Melville st
John, house agent, appraiser, valuator, upholsterer & under-
taktr. 2 York place ; res. 11 Abercromby place
John, householder, 21 Castle st
John, draper, 11 North Bruntslield place
John, advocate, 11 Abercromby place
M. tobacconist, 3Sa Frederick st
Margaret, apartments, 100 Lauriston place
Robert, house agent, 2 Queensberry terrace
Robert, tobacconist, 5 Clerk st ; res. 16 Montague st
Thomson, publisher (Oliver & Boyd), 14 Royal terrace
WilKam, boot and shoe maker, 23 St. Mary st
William, warehouseman, 19 Panmure place
William, broker, 23 St. Mary st
Boyes Charles R. m.d. 8 Lansdowne crescent
Joseph, bootmaker, 20 Caledonian terrace
Joseph, wholesale boot and shoe manufacturer, Gorgle
rd ; res. 15 Glenorchy terrace
Boylan James, china dealer. 29 Canongate
Luke J. pawnbroker, 240 Canongate, & saleroom, 52 High st ;
res. 5 St. John st
Thomas, clothier, 120 High st
Boyle Miss — , agent for sewing and knitting machines, and
Butterick and Co.'s paper shapes, 51 Princes st
Jane, furniture broker, 51 Pleasance
Susan, cap maker, 105 Pleasance
Brabner A. & D. plasterers, Salisbury place
&Co. coach builders, Annandale st
John, coach builder (Brabner & Co.), 24 Gayfield square
Braby George, messenger, 13 London st
Bracey Annie S. governess, 4 Glengyle terrace, Dairy rd
Brack A. J. grocer, 187 Cowgate
Bracken John, traveller, 18 Polwarth crescent
Bradbury and Co. sewing machine dep6t, 13a Bristo place
Bradford James, engineer, 38 St. Patrick square
Brady Patrick, bootmaker, 234 Canongate
Thomas, spirit dealer, 81 Grassmarket ; res. 13 Downie place
Bradley Charles, teacher of music, 6 South Charlotte st
H. teacher of music, 41 St. Patrick square
Henry, bootmaker, 6 Gibb's entry
Braid Miss, dressmaker, 13 Oxford st
Francis, chief clerk (G.P.O.), 10 Coltbridge terrace
G. builder, Henry place; res. 10 Parkside terrace
George, teacher, 10 Marchmont crescent
James, householder, 34 Gillespie crescent
John, joiner, 22 Carnegie st
â–  Mary, ladies' school, 6 Claremont place
.biauiwuou mios — , uressmaker, ou hl. JUeuuaru. sc
& Fowler, wholesale and retail grocers, & tea & coffee mer-
chants, 1 Sandport st. Leith
D. W. fire brigade superintendent, 1 Parliament square
William, hosier and glover, 78 Lauriston st
Brakenridge David, physician, 10 St. Colme st
Bramley John, grocer and spirit dealer, 71 Dean st
Bramwell Byrom, physician, 23 Drumsheugh gardens
Brand Mrs. — , dairy* 6 Howe st
David, advocate and sheriff of Ayrshire, 9 Albany st
Jane, confectioner, 27 Albert place
George, basket maker, 3 Broad wynd
James, puolic health inspector, 6 Albert place
Olivia, dressmaker, 10 West Preston st
Brander William, butcher, 24 Parkvale place
William, joiner, 3 Sciennes ; res. 2 Gladstone terrace
Branford W. C. professor of anatomy and veterinary surgery, 22
Clarence st
Brannan James, fish dealer, 165 Canongate
Brash Isabella, apartments, 21 Alva st
James, confectioner, 54 India place
James, traveller, 2 Lord Russell place
William, grocer and spirit dealer, 210 Canongate; res.
9 John st
Brass Jessie, milliner, 2 Wilkie place, North Fort st. Leith
Brearton Patrick, sawdust merchant, 230 Leith walk
Brebner Alan, civil engineer, 11 Bright crescent
James, wood carver, 1 Circus lane
Robert C. civil engineer, 122 George st ; res. 10 Woodburn ter
Brechin Bros, butchers, 1 West Newington terrace, and 39 St.
Leonard st
; George, spirit dealer, 38 Potter row [Melville ter
George, painter and decorator, 25 and 27 Lpthian st ; res. 23
James, butcher (Brechin Brothers), Glencairn,Fountainhall rd
Malcolm, butcher (Brechin Brothers), 7 Craigie terrace,
Dalkeith row
R. M. & Co. contractors, decorators, &c. 16 Picardy place
Breck David, householder, 9 Melville terrace
James, slater, 23 Dundas st ; res. 22 Dundas st
Breekenridge John B. traveller, 152 Morningside rd
Bremerhaven Steam Packet Oifice, 16 Bernard st — James Currie ■
and Co. agents
Bremner Alexander (inland revenue), 72 Northumberland st
Bruce Allen, m.d. Canaan lane, Morningside
Catherine, dressmaker, 30 Cumberland st
Catherine, dairykeeper, 17 Montrose terrace
D. cabinet maker, upholsterer and French polisher, 22 New
Broughton ; res. 17 Munti-ose ten-ace
E'izabeth, bookseller, stationer, and printer, 4 West Register
st; res. 11 Scotland st '
George, confectioner, 229 Canongate
George G. cabinet matter, Rose Street lane
Hugh, working jeweller, 10 Nicolson st
James, manager, 23 Brunton place
John S. upholsterer, 5 Nicolson square
Mary, newsagent, 67 St. Leonard st [res. 48 Ann st
William, Clydesdale Bank Branch, 2 Drumsheugh place ;
Brenuan James, eating-house, 57 Candlemaker row
Brewis John, C. A. 42 George st ; res. S Leopold place
Nathaniel T. physician, 59 Queen st
Brewster A. S. artist, 21 Salisbury rd
David, artist, 19 Noble place, Leith
James M. inland revenue officer, 30 Dairy rd
Mary, apartments, 75 Gilmore place
Breyen C, A. shipbroker (Breyen,;Richardson & Co.), 58 Pilrig st
, Richardson &, Co. shipbrokers, &c. 54 Bernard st. Leith
Brichta Francis & Co. shipbrokers and commission agents, 2
Commercial st. Leith [ter
Frank, merchant (Francis Brichta & Co.), 14 Laverock Bank
Brickman Mrs. — , register office for servants, 3 Charlotte place
Brickmann Frederick W. wine and spirit broker, 94 Constitution
st. Leith ; res. 4 Albert terrace, Trinity
Bridges Euphemia, draper, 78 Duke st. Leith
G. (N.B. Railway), 5 Maitland place
James, householder, Myrtle Bank, York rd. Trinity
James, ironmonger (R. & D. Slimon), Myrtle bank. York rd
Bridgman F. William, professor of music, 13 Findhorn place
Brien Michael C. grocer, 2 Caledonian crescent [4 Chester st
Briggs Francis, timber merchant (Ferguson, Davidson & Co.),
William, asphalter, 254 Leith walk ; office, 12 Henderson ter
Briglnen Charles W. engineer, 1 Livingstone place
Birigstock James F. master mariner, 63 Maderia st. Leith
Brims Charles, church officer, 12 Palmerston place
Bringloe & Penney, C.A. 123 George st
Francis A., C.A. (Bringloe & Penney), 12 Coates' gardens
British & Foreign Marine InsuranceCo. Limited— A. H. Smith &Co.
56 George st. and James C. Hill, 30 Bernard st. agents
& Oriental Ship Coating Co. Cramond — Thomas Swinton,
Canadian Loan and Investment Co. Limited, 17 Duke st —
Scott, Moncrieff & Traill, agents
League Mission Hall, 73 St. Andrew st. Leith
League of Abstainers, 53 Rose st— George M'Gibbon, sec
Legal Life Assurance and Loan Company Limited, 13 Bank st
—Thomas Geddes, superintendent
British Linen Co.'s Bank, 38 St. Andrew square— James
Syme, manager ; John Gunn, secretary ; Thos. E. Stewart,
assistant secretary ; James R. Mackay, accountant ; John S. K.
Maclean, cashier ; D. S. Allan, signs ty manager. London
Office, 41 Lombard st. E.C. — Andrew Kingsmill, manager ;
William Johnson, deputy manager. Branches in Edinburgh:
Grassmarket — A. M. Milroy, agent ; George IV. bridge — David
Curror, agent ; Newington — J. W. TJrquhart, agent ; South
bridge— Wm. Macleod, agent ; West End— Edward Chancellor,
agent ; Leith, 48 Bernard st— J. Ross Cundell, agent ; 2 North
Junction st— James Anderson, agent— See advertisement

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