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Blackwood William, silk mercer (T. & J. Blackwood). 5 Clarendon | BlythTliomaa, confectioner, 19 Albert place
ouiui>Yuu^^^ , yj & Cq dr a per3j 73 Haymarket terrace
"William & Sons, publishers, 45 George st
William & Sons, letterpress printers, 32 Thistle st
Blad worth R. & W. cutlery & hardware merchants, 4 Guthrie st
Richard, wholesale ironmonger, 11 Melbourne place ; res. 2
Buccleuch place [Warrender Park rd
' Richard, juu. hardware merchant (R. & W. Bladworth),
Blartc I [ugh. ship broker (H. Blaik & Co.), 7 Hermitage place
. . Hugh, leather dealer, SI St. Mary st ; res. 13 Albany st. Leith
Hugh & Co. ship brokers & owners, 21 Bernard st. Leith
Blaikie George P. consulting engineer & inspector of gas meters,
16A Coekburn st ; res. 4 Comely Green place
James, m.a. H. M. inspector of schools, 26 Leamington terrace
James, teacher of music. 21 Salisbury rd
., James, grocer, 19 St. James st ; res. 19 Rankeillor st
â–  Margaret, dairy, 4 Shandon place
. Robert H. surgeon, 2 Newington terrace
- — Walter B. householder, 22 Heriot row [Newington terrace
William, grocer, 1 Preston st. & 201 Causewayside ; res. 1
Blain Eliza, china dealer, 29 Dundas st
Blair Miss — , dressmaker, 4 St. Patrick square
. Alexander, advocate, 7 York place ; res. 35 Moray place [walk
Andrew, marble mason (Ferguson & Blair), Brunswick st. Leith
Charles, brewer, Craigwell brewery, North Back Cauongate ;
res 3 Newington terrace
F. C. Hunter, wine merchant (Wauohope, Moodie & Hope),
5 Melville st
Hugh, C.A. (M'Andrew & Blair). 12 Clarendon crescent
J. R. solicitor, 90 Constitution st. Leith ; res. 8 Hillside st
James, drysalter & spice merchant, 40 Leith st; res. 4 St.
Catherine's place
James, hatter, 131 Kirkgate, Leith ; res. 9 Lochend rd
James & Son, hatters, 15 Leith walk. Leith [st
John,manager of Marr Type Founding Co. Limited, 2 St. Giles
John, W.S. (Davidson &Syme) 9Ettrickrd
John, artist, 20 George st
John, contractor, 2 Forth plaCG, Wardie
â–  John, milliner, 55 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
John D. hosier, 2 South College s r -
John S. confectioner (R. Bbiir & Sons), 31 Nelson st
Margaret, spirit dealer, 49 Frederick st
Patrick, W.S. (Hunter. Blair & Cowan), 19 Ainslie place
Robart, confectioner (Robert Blair & Sons), 24 Napier rd
â–  Robert, jun., C.A. 44 Frederick st; res. 24 Napier rd
Robert & Sons, confectioners, 37 George st
Thomas (Royal Bank of Scotland), 2S Constitution st. Leith
William, grocer, 12 Dean path
Blake, Alexander, smith & bellhanger, 20 West Nicol-
son st
Blake Alexander, tailor & draper, 8 Forth st
David, plumber, 3 St. Giles st ; res. 13 Drumdryden st
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 14 Earl Grey st ; res. 4 Upper
Gilmore place
Peter, dairy, 8 Teaman place
Blakeley William, professor of music, 23 Gillespie crescent
Blakey James, organist. 21 Salisbury rd
Blanc Madame et Fils, .ladies' French boots and shoes,
69b George st
Blanc Auguste, bootmaker (Madame Blanc et Fils), 6 Howe st
Hlppolite, architect, 73 George st ; res. 2 Thirlestane rd. West
Blanch Henry, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 East Richmond st
Blanche & Co. Italian warehousemen, 31 South Brur.tstield place
Brothers, grocers & wine merchants, 54 St. Leonard st
Peter J. shopkeeper, 20 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Blane William, grocer & spirit dealer, 7 Buccleuch st
William, ironmonger, 14 Hall place
Bleakey Mary Ann, medical nurse, 25 Queensferry st
Bleakley John, boot & shoe maker, 131 High st ; res. 2 Lauriston
Bleloch Archibald, m.b., cm., d.sc surgeon, 2 Lonsdale terrace
Blind Asylum — See Royal Blind Asylum
Blossom William Gibson, manager of the Scottish Metropolitan
Life Insurance Company, 25 St. Andrew square; res.
Craigholme, Tipperlinn rd
Blume Mrs. — , boarding school, Russell place, Trinity
Arthur professor of German, Russell place, Trinity
Feodor, professor of music, Mansfield Villa, Stanley rd
Maria, professor of music, 27 Danube st [square
Blumenreich Rev. John, teacher of German & Hebrew, 29 Gayfield
Blyth Miss — , dressmaker, 5 Duke st
Alexander, bootmaker, 17 Salisbury st
& Brown, watchmakers, 140 Rose st
& Co. s;.»ice & commission agents, 40 T.ady Lawson st
& Cunningham, civil engineers, 135 George st
Benjamin Hall, civil engineer (Blyth & Cunningham), 17
Palmerston place
â–  David, greengrocer, 73 St. Mary st [Belgrave cres
Edward L. J. civil engineer (Blyth & Cunningham), 12
Elizabeth, grocer & spirit dealer, 19 Yardheads, Leith
F. William, watchmaker (Blyth & Brown), 146 Rose st
George, baker. 14 Gladstone place & 160 Albert st ; res. 19
Livingstone place [crescent
Henry, draper, 19 & 24 Earl Grey st ; res. 13 Warrender Park
James, bootmaker, 16a North West Circus place
James, tobacconist and newsagent, 159 Pleasance
John, draper, 2 Carnarvon terrace ; res. 19 Catbcart place
John, shoemakers' furnisher, &c. 12 Baker's pi. Stockbridge
John, draper, 11 Dundee terrace
John, commission agent (Blyth & Co.), 16 East Adam st
Phcehe, private school, 9 Hope st ; res. 3 South Mansion
House rd
Rev. Robert B. teacher, 3 South Mansion House rd
Robert B., W.S. & N.P. (Macandrew, Wright, Ellis & Blyth),
4 Rutland square
Stewart, householder, 7 Brougham place
[Leopold pi
William, spirit dealer, "96 North Back Canongate ; res. 21
William, draper (W. Blyth & Co.), 68 Haymarket terrace
William & Co. drapers, 25 Dairy rd. & 13 Queensferry rd
Boa James, dairyman, 72 Potter row
Boa Peter (successor to John Mackay), chemist, 119
George st; res. 11 Shandon place
Boag J. & Co. esparto and chemical merchants, 46 Constitution st.
Robert, dairy, 23 Fowler terrace
Boak Alfred B. teacher of elocution, 10 Abbotsford park
Boak's Tanworks Co. Lim. 53 West port— Jno. Richardson, mngr
Board of Lunacy for Scotland, 51 Queen st
of Supervision for the Relief of the Poor in Scotland and of
Public Health, 125 George st [Bolam, head master
of Trade Navigation Sohool. 2 Commercial st. Leith— James
of Trustees for M-mufacturers, &c. Royal Institution
Bbdtker A. consul general for Sweden & Norway, 8 Commercial
st. Leith
Boe David, stevedore, 37 Sandport st
Jane, daii-y, 11 St. Mary street
John, spirit dealer, 1 Buchanan st ; res. 34 Cambridge avenue
Lilias, shopkeeper, 3 Sandport st. Leith [Rosslyn cres
Samuel, wine & spirit merchant (Kidd, Eimson & Co.), 17
Bogie Catherine, lace cleaner, 51 Hanover st
James & Son, smiths, South East Thistle Street lane
Bogle John, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Trinity crescent, Trinity
Bogue James, draughtsman, 5 Pitt street
William P. pianoforte tuner, 12 Armiston place
Bohrns William C. spirit dealer, 42 Bernard st. Leith
Bokless Julia, shopkeeper, 16 Pleasance
Bolam James, teacher of navigation, 2 Commercial st. Leith
Bolan John, clothier, 35 Victoria sb
i homas, clothier, 120 High st ; res. 13 Tantallon place, Grange
Boles Peter, proviaion dealer, 11 West port, 22 St. Mary st. 33
India place, & 54 Bristo st
Bolland E. K. engineer 8c boiler inspector, 6 Pembroke place
Bolster William, bookbinder, 23 Warrender Park terrace
Bolt James, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 Dock place, Leith
Bolton the Misses — , milliners, 20 Teviot place
& Co. ship chandlers & oil & colour merchants, 15, 16 & 17
Commercial place, Leith
George, corn & flour dealer, 75 Kirkgate, Leith
James B. ship chandler (Bolton & Co.), 3 Madeira st. Leith
Jane, milliner. 28 Forrest rd
John, assistant superintendent, Telegraph Department,
G.P.O. ; res. 2 Queensberry terrace
Bomont Frederick, photographer, 75 Princes st. & 9 Dairy rd
Bonallo Charles, brewer, 3 Buccleuch st
Thomas, brewer, 31 Buccleuch i>Iace
Bonar Horatius, W.S. (Mill & Bonar), Commissioner for Courts of
the Provinces of Ontario & Manitoba, in Canada, 15 Hill st ;
res 15 Strathearn place
Bone Job, tailor & clothier, 8 North bridge ; res. 6 Findhorn place
Bonella George, butcher, 25 Albany st. J eith
Boni Anthony, confectioner, 27 Home st; res. 79 Grassmarket
Bonnar Mrs. — , teacher of music. 21 West Maitland st
John, artist, 15 Leopold place
Miss Mina, 2 Atholl place
Bonnar Thomas, painter, gilder, carver, and decora-
tive art designer, 127 George st ; res. 7 Ann st
Bonnar William, assistant manager, New Zealand Laud Co. 8 Lau-
riston park
Bonne Thomas J. photographer, 105 South bridge
Bonnyman Alexander, baker & confectioner, 8 Marchmont terrace
Miss E. dressmaker, 30 Queensferry st
Bonthron Robert, commission agent, 23 Comely bank
Boon Adam B. (H.M.C.), 8 Great Junction st. Leith
Robert, manager, 53 Bonnington rd. Leith
Boorn Eliza, furniture broker, 4 Richmond lane
Booth William, coal merchant, 2 Port Hopetoun ; res. 5 Kier st
William, fish and egg dealer, 99 Rose st
Boothe George F. e.jj. 2 Haddington place
Bootland Elizabeth, billiard saloon, 20 Elder st
Joseph, bootmaker, 51 Great Junction st. Leith
Bordeaux & Charente Steam Packet Office, 16 Bernard st. Leith—
James Currie & Co. agents
Borland Robert, baker & confectioner, 15 Deanhaugh st
Borley W. M. photographer, A Charles st
Borrie Miss — , apartments, 16 Randolph crescent
Borthwick Lieut-Col. A. chief constable for Mid & West Lothian,
County Buildings and New Club, Princes st
Alexander, butcher, 27 High market ; res. 97 Nicolaon st
Archibald (G.P.O.), 10 Collins* place
Charles, provision dealer, 24 West port
James, cabinet maker, 23 Upper Grove place
John J. farmer, 53 York place
Mary, dairykeeper, 5 Wilkie place, North Fort st. Leith
William, butcher and poulterer, 11 West Newington terrace
res. 14 Minto i lace
William, butcher, 68 Grove st ; res. 9 Fowler terrace
Bosisto James & Co. brokers & druggists' suudryrnen, 13 West
Register st
Boss James, clerk of works, 11 Lewis terrace
William Graham, glass stainer, 16 Union st ; res. 11 Lewis ter
Boston Mrs. — , nurse, 15 Walker terrace
Oil Co. Limited (registered office), 3 Hope st— George
Andrew, S.S.C. secretary
Boswell Alexander, jon. brush, trunk, &c. manufacturer, 8 Han-
over street ; res. 6 Abercromby place
H. A. manager, 29 Alva st
William, bootmaker, 4 Gilchrist lane
Botanic Gardens, Inverleith row
Botanical Society, 5 St. Andrew square— Dr. J. Macfarlane, assis-
tant secretary

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