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Association tor Improving the Condition of the Poor, 69 Hanover |
st— Rev. A. D. Robertson, secretary and superintendent
f 01 - the Improvement of the Condition of the Poor in Leith,
1U3 Constitution st. L— Alex. Paterson, superintendent
f or incurables, 6 North St. David st— J. T.Maclagan, secretary
and treasurer
f Sworn Meters and Weighers, Port of Leith, 2 Dock place
Asylum for the Industrious Blind, 58 Nicholson st—
See Royal Blind Asylum.
Atkinson Miss — , teacher, 11 West Catherine place
Mrs. G-. teacher of dancing. lAHill st
Isaac, tailor & clothier, 12 St. Andrew square
Joseph, baker, 8 Jamaica st ; res. 10 Jamaica st
Robert & Co. coach proprietors, 8 North West Circus place
Atlas Assurance Office -For list of Agents, see Fire, -Life, SfC.
Offices, in Classification of Trades
Parcel Express, 1 Frederick st— John Henderson, agent
Auckland Agricultural Co. Limited, 35 Queen st— Hamilton, Kin-
near & Beatson, agents
Auditor's Office (Court of Session), 16 Royal Exchange
Auld & Macdonald, W.S. 21 Thistle street
â–  Hugh, W.S. (Auld & Macdonald), 18 Grosvenor crescent
James, bootmaker, 146 Pleasance
James &Son. bootmakers, 675 High st
' John C, W.S. (Auld& Macdonald), 18 Grosvenor crescent
W. Wallace, depot of Johnson's fluid beef, Holyrood square,
South Back Canongare ; res. North fielrl, Liberton
Aungervyle Society, 12 Castle st— Edmund Goldsmid, f.r.h.s.,
Austin Brothere, grocers, 5 & IS Gladstone place
James, grocer (Austin Brothers), 25 Queen's crescent
â–  Samuel H. S. manager (Royal Lyceum Theatre), 6 Upper
G-ilmore place
â–  W. & J. wine merchants, 20 Chapel st
William, grocer (Austin Brothers), 5 Mintb st
Australasian Investment Co. Limited, 26 George st— Paulin,
Sorley and Martin, C.A. secretaries
(The) Mortgage & Agency Co. Limited, 10 Castle st— R. & E.
Scott, C.A. secretaries
Australian & New Zealand Mortgage Co. Limited, 36 Castle st—
Mylne & Campbell, agents
(The) Deposit & Mortgage Bank, Limited, 4 Thistle
court— James Balfour, agent
Avern G. artificial flower maker, 469 Lawnmarket
Ayer James, jun. tailor & clothier (James Ayer and Son), 16
Broughton st
James, tailor (James Ayer & Son), 13 Union place
James & Son, tailors and clothiers, 18 Catherine st
Ayton Alexander, photographer, 43 North Bruntsfield place
James, solicitor, 11 Eyre crescent
James, writer, 9 Marchmont st
Aytoun James, writer, 13 G-ayfield square
BABING-TON William, W.S. 110 G-eorge st ; res. 83 George st
Bach Albert B. teacher of musie, 13 Caatle terrace [Hanover st
Back Christian L. manager of the Singer Manufacturing Co. 8a
Henry, baker & confectioner, 29 Pitt st
Bahr and G-orklns, moulding manufacturers. 26 Forrest rd
Baikie & Dixon, hosiers, 23 South St- Andrew st.
James M. fringe & trimming maker, 7 Queen's place ; res.
23 Regent place
Rohert, m.d. physician, 55 Melville st
Baildon H. & Son, pharmaceutical chemists & manufacturers of
aerated water, 73 & 148 Princes st ; res. Duncliffe, Murray-
Bttiley & M'Cathie, ironmongers, 123 High st
Bailie and Admiral Courts, Town Hall. Leith
& Sequestration Office. Royal Ex change
Bail lie Brothers, grocers and spirit dealers, 1 Madeira st. Leith
Edward, provision merchant (Thomas Baillie & Co.), 12
Abbotsford crescent
George, householder, 12 Clifton terrace
â–  J. T. printer, 8 Infirmary st
James, Aird House Academy, Spylaw rd
- — James, grocer & spirit dealer (Baillie Brothers)
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 36 Canongate
John, engineer (Fettes College), Comely bank
â–  John, confectioner. 161 High st
John, merchant (Thomas Baillie & Co.) 15 Thirlestane rd
John A. wine merchant (W. Baillie & Son), 11 Qeensberry ter
â–  N. & Co. commission agents, 10 Quality lane
Nicol, provision merchant (N. Bailhe & 'Co.), PortobeUo
Robert, surgeon dentist, 1 Coates crescent
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 39 Cumberland st [crescent
Thomas, merchant. (Thomas Baillie & Co.), 12 Abbotsford
Thomas & Co. provision merchants, India buildings, 15 Vic-
toria st
■; — Walter, wine & spirit merchant (Walter Baillie & Son), 18
Buecleuch place
Baillie Walter & Son, wine & spirit merchants, 6
Foxe's lane, Leith
Baillie William, grocer & spirit dealer (Baillie Brothers), 7 Mel-
gund terrace
Bain A. G. lemonade manufacturer, 130 Canongate
Mrs. Ann, apartments, 1 Queensferry st,
Catherine, Berlin wool repository, 18 Hall place
David, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 32 North Bruntsfield pi
â–  Donald> joiner, 65 Lauriston place
J. teacber of music. 22 Forrest rd
' James, furniture broker, 15-1 Leith walk
— — .lames, horse dealer, Sunny Cottage, Granton
John, silversmith & electro plater, 11 Elder st;
* John, printer, 25 East Crosscauseway ; res. 1 Gladstone ter
â–  John, cutter, 7 W. Newington place
â–  John A, insurance agent, 15 Marchmont crescent
— — R. & Co. commission agents, 52 Constitution st. Leith
7 Melgund
Bain Robert, provision dealer, 85 Kirkgate [and 121 Cowgate
Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 49 Great Junction st. Leith,
Robert C. grocer and spirit dealer, 7 East London st
Thomas, cabinetmaker, Thomas st ; res. 2i Brougham place
William, accountant, 2 Eyrie crescent
William, superintendent of pol ce, 51 Buecleuch st
William (B ink of Scotland), 6 Coates gardens
William, wire fencing, &c, manufacturer (Wm. Bain & Co.),
19 Queen's crescent
Bain William & Co. manufacturers of patent wire
fencing, patent bar fencing, patent hurdle fencing,
wire netting, gates. &c. Lochrin Iron Works, Lower
Gilmore place
Bain William W. clothier and outfitter, 35 Cockburn st ; res. 22
West Mayfield
, Young & Co. iron and wirework contractors, wire netting
manufacturers, &c. Lowlinn Iron and Wire Works, 27 and
29 East Crosscausewav
Bainbridge Andrew Ferguson, printer (Scott & Ferguson and
Burness & Co.), 1 London st
Baird Alexander, grocer, 34 Home st
Archibald, veterinary surgeon, 17 Union place [place
Colin C. veterinary surgeon, 8 Clyde st. and 7 St. James's
David, lithographic writer, 2" Elder st
Georgina, shopkeeper, 64 St. Andrew st. Leith
Jane, draper, 231 Leith walk
John & Son, plasterers and lath renders, East London st.
and Pirrie st. Great Junction st. Leith
John W. engineer (Thomas Long& Co.), 4 Drummond place
Mary, bootmaker, 19 West Lauriston place
Robert, temperance hotel, 90 South bridge
Thomas, fruiterer. Inverleith row â– 
Thomas, builder, Royal crescent ; res. 6 Duncan st
Thomas, joiner and builder, Silvermills ; res. 1 Eildon st
Thomas, draper, 30 Melville terrace [st. Leith
— • Thomas W. custom house officer. Custom House, Commercial
' William, plasterer (J. Baird A: Son), 58 Pilrig st
William, coal merchant. Murraylield station
William, plasterer and modeller, 40 North Pitt st ; res,
1 Henderson row
Wilham & Sons, hakers, 175 Pleasance [Belford place
Bairnsfather John H. M., S.S.C., 4a St. Andrew square ; res. 2
Bairstow Thomas, surgeon, 13 Buecleuch place
Baker Robert, m.d., surgeon, 55 Melville st
Louis, paraffin oil dealer, 21 Gilmour st
Bakers' (Employers') House of Call, 2 Blackfriars st
House of Call, 34 North bridge
House of Call (Leith), 10 Riddle's close, Leith
Balcanqoal John, furniture broker, 61 St. Mary st
Balfour E. S., C.A. 45 Frederick st
Eleanor, apartments, 9 Bruntsfield crescent
George D. (General Register House), 9 Grange loan
George W. m.d., f.r.c.p. physician, 17 Walker st [Princes st
I. Baylev, D sc, M.B. professor of botany, University Club,
J. & J. H., W.S. 4 Thistle court, Thistle, st â– 
3 . Craig.L.R.c.p., s.E. physician, 17 Walker st. and 12 Minto st
James, newsagent, 4 Roxburgh place
James, W.S. (J. & J. H. Balfour), 13 Eton terrace
James H., W.S. (J. & J. H. Balfour), 7 G-lencairn crescent
John Blair, Esq., Q.c. M.P., 14 Grtat Stuart st
Leslie M., W.S. (J. & J. H. Ba'four), 31 Abercromby place
R. pattern maker, 12 Hawthornbank place
Robert, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 77 Fountain
bridge ; res. 4 Panmure place
Thomas A.G. physician, 51 G-eorge's square
Balgarnie Marion, Berlin wool, &c. dealer, 48 Hanover st ; res. 42
G-ilmore place
Ball Charles, teacher of boxing & calisthenics, 5 St. James's square
Ballantine Alexander, glass stainer (James Ballantine & Son), 9
Lynedoch place
Archibald, tea dealer (G. Ballantine & Son), 3 East Mayfield
George, dairyman, 9 Albany st. Leith [miliar park
George, tea dealer (G Ballantine & Son), St. David's, 1 Craig-
George & Son, tea dealers, 62 North bridge
James, glass stainer (James Ballantine & Son), 7 Warrender
Park rd
James, merchant (James Ballantine & Co.), 3 Rosslyn crescent
James & Co. provision merchants, 19 Quality st. Leith
James & Son, glass stainers & decorative painters, 40 & 42
George st
William, joiner & builder, 5 Balearres st. Morningside
Ballantyne Andrew, joiner, 15 Douglas terrace
, Hanson & Co. printers, electro & stereo-typers, & bookbinders,
Causewayside [1 Grange loan
James & John, bakers & confectioners, 9 South Clerk st. &
John, eoal merchant, "i2 Rowling Green st [Buecleuch st
John J. baker & confectioner (James & John Ballantyne), 33
William, jeweller, 4 Queensferry st [st
William, butcher, 40 Tolbooth wynd, Leith- ; res. 45 Primrose
Ballingall Alexander, artist, 34 St. Andrew square
Ann, provision dealer, 71 Kirkgate, Leith
David, grocer, &c. 15 Kirkgate, Leith : res. 5 frown st
George D. solicitor (Fraser, Stoddard & Ballingall), 3 West
Maitland st
James, millwright & smith, 31 Bangor rd. Leith
Ealloch Robert & Co. tea merahants, 30 St Andrew square
Balsillie David, governor of Donaldson's Hospital, 2 Osborne ter.
James, m.a. teacher of English, 29 George square
William, dairyman, Springwell place
Balthasar, Hickling & Co. lace manufacturers (London), 68 George
st— A. W. Morris, agent
Baltic Company of Porters. 31 Quality st
Bamborough James, portrait & landscape painter, 7 Dick place
Baneks Henry, householder, 16 East Preston st
Bank of Africa, Limited, 102 George st— A. P. Furves, W.S. agent

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