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Anderson Mary, tobacconist, 7 Worth Pitt st
Mary, tobacconist & newsagent, 51 Pitt 3t
Marion, spirit dealer, 1 St. Patrick square
â–  P. ham curer, Granton rd
Peter, purveyor of silver plate, cutlery, glass and china, and
tables and forms for marriages and evening parties, 16
North St. Andrew st ; res. 11 Scotland st
E. agent for E. Lazenby & Sons, (London), pickle and sauce
manufacturer, 34 St. Andrew square
E. & Son, printers, 35 South bridge
E. Eowand, a.r.s. a. architect (Anderson & Browne), Aller-
muir House, Colinton
Eobert, printer (E. Anderson & Son), 15 Spottiswoode st [st
Eobert, spirit dealer, 3 & 5 WestEichmond st ; res. 16 Marshall
Eobert, bookseller (Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier), 21
George square
Robert, painter, 13 East Register st ; res. 2 Johnston place
Robert, painter (Anderson & Barclay), 12 Beaver Bank place
Robert, shopkeeper and dairyman, 14 George st. Leith
Robert, eating house, 16 Canongate
Robert^ treasurer (Southern Floral & Horticultural Society),
18 Cumin place, Grange
Anderson Robert and Co metal merchants and paint,
&c. manufacturers, agents for Vieille Montagne
zinc and Pascoe Grceniell and Son's copper, Jane st.
Anderson Robert T. tea merchant (Anderson & Montgomery), 12
Polwarth terrace
Anderson Roderick & Sons (late of Dunkeld), fishing
rod & tackle makers by special appointment to Her
Majesty the Queen, and patentees of the curling
stone and golf club, 56 Princes st
Anderson Samuel, slater, 44 Coburg st. Leith ; res. 1 Laverock
Bank rd. Trinity
Samuel, bookseller, 3 Gillespie place, Trinity
Thomas, earthenware dealer, 101 Fountain bridge
Thomas, commission agent, 8 Henderson terrace
Thomas, commission agent, 2 Sylvan place
Thomas, C.E. r.n. 15 Marchmont st
Thomas, tinsmith, 2J St. Leonard st
Thomas, builder, 100 Great Junction st. Leith ; res. Pentland
Villa, Summerside
Thomas D. agent (Bank of Scotland), 21 Picardy place
W. H. accountant, 19 Clarence st
W. O. confectioner, 2 Waverley market
William (Bank of Scotland), 5 Granville terrace
William, superintendent (Prudential Assurance Co.), 11
Lauriston park
William, tailor & clothier, 36 St. Patrick square
William, writer, 11 Dundas st
William, schoolmaster, 7 Derby st. Leith
William, dyer, 115 Kirkgate & 22 Easfer rd. Leith
William, reporter, 15 Warrender Park terrace
William, hairdresser, &c. 2 East Register st ; res. 8 Brunton pi
William, slate merchant (W. Anderson & Son), Crieff
— - William, shopkeeper, 2a Tarvit st
William, greengrocer, 3 Orwell place
William & Son, slaters and slate merchants. Marshall st. and
lessees of Craiglea Slate Quarries, Perthshire
' William & Sons, clothiers & military outfitters, 17 George st
Wiiliam E. Craigmount Academy, 52 Dick place
William J. E. clothier (W, Anderson & Sons), Cousland,
Fountainhall rd
Andersons and Williamson, general merchants, hoop
and willow merchants and basket manufacturers,
5 Quality st. Leith
Andreoli M. carver and gilder, 1 High Calton ; and confectioner,
93Eose st
Andrew George, S.S.C. agent for Eoyal Bapk of Scotland, and
consul for Austro-Hungary in Edinburgh and Leith ;
3 Hope st ; res. WoodviUe, near Colinton, Midlothian
Isabella, teacher, 13 Cobden terrace [mont st
James, solicitor and N.P. 34 St. Andrew square ; res. 4 March-
James, m.d. surgeon, 2 Atholl crescent
James, potato merchant, 37 Lauriston gardens
â–  James, school master, 4 South Findhorn place
James & Co. smiths and waggon builders, South Norton place
John, corn and potato merchant, 139 Pitt st. Bonnington ;
res. 156 Ferry rd [st. Leith
John, wine merchant (J. G-. Thomson & Co ), 31 St. Andrew
William, inland revenue officer, 30 St. Bernard's crescent
Andrews Helen, greengrocer, 2 Yeaman place
Anglo-American Land Mortgage and Agency Co. Limited, 31
George st — John Eobertson & Co. agents for Scotland
Egyptian Banking Co. Limited, 10 Drummond place— Sprot
and Wordie, agents
Angus Alexander, bootmaker, 118 Eose st
George, bootmaker, 31a Dundas st
â–  Jessie, milliner, 12 Church st
John, chimney sweeper, 127 Nicolson st
John, builder, Washington Place lane
Neil, victual dealer, 87 West port
â–  William S. draper and hosier, 15 North Bruntsfield place ;
res. 105 Warrender Park road
Annan James, modeller and plasterer, 27 Torphichen st
John, artut and photographer, 97 George st
Annand James, grocer and spirit dealer, 36 Grove st
Annandale Professor Thomas, f.r.c.s. surgeon and lecturer on
surgery, 34 Charlotte square
Anstruther and Leith Steam Shipping Company, Limited, Custom
House Slip, Dock place
and St. Andrews Eailway Co. 63 Hanover st— J. E. Dovey,
Anthony James, coach proprietor, Craighall rd; res. Summer
Cottage. Tork rd. Trinity
Antiquarian Society and Museum, Eoyal Institution, Mound
| Antonio u- writer, S4 Great Eing st
Appleton, Maehin & Co. tea merchants, 30 St. Andrew square-
James Hutchison, agent
Apthorpe Albert, 1 Exchequer chambers ; res. 18 Eaeburn place
Arbuckle J. & W. millmasters, Coltbridgc Mills, Murrayfield
Archer Alexander, dairyman, 1 Allan st. Ferry rd. Leith
Gilbert, registrar tor South Leith, S3 Constitution st ; res.
2 Wellington place, Leith [place
John, farmer and dairyman, Lnverleith Mains, 3 Blenheim
John M. insurance agent, 83 Constitution st ; res. 32 Great
Junction st
Archibald & Peck, geographical draughtsmen and engravers,
6 Hanover st
Andrew, slater and chimney sweeper, 1 Eichmond lane
Andrew, baker, 82 Kirkgate J Leith ; res. 1 Eestairig terrace
Elizabeth, newsagent, 5 West Preston st
George, bookbinder, 14 Barony Ft
Henry, bookseller, 15 St. James's square
Isabella, milliner, 325 Leith walk
James, bookseller, stationer & newsagent, 13 Clifton terrace,
& 1 Dairy rd. Haymarket
James, actist, 11 Marchmont rd
Janet, fruiterer and florist, 15 Bristo st
â–  â–  John, greengrocer, 8 Church st
John, dairy, 28 Warrender Park rd
Eobert, joiner, 21a Lauriston st
William, S.S.C. (Duncan and Archibald), 10 Albany st
William, painter & decorator, 249, and res. 172 Causewayside
Architectural Association, 20 George st— T. Fairbairn.hon. secretary
Arcus George, jun. goldsmith and working jeweller, 1 Balfour st
George, gasfitter, 20 Haddington place [agent -
Ardrossan Shipping Co. 22 Bernard st. Lt-ith— Eobert C. Ewart,
Argentine Consulate, 4 North St. David st — George Denholm,
Aris Wiliam, provision dealer, 75 Grassmarket
Arizona Copper Co. Limited, 62 Frederick st— J. Duncan Smith,
(The) Trust and Mortgage Co. Limited, 123 George st—
Francis A. Bringloe, secretary
Arklay E. butcher. 2 Eichmond terrace ; res. 18 Caledonian rd
Thomas (National Bank), 6 Gilmout rd
Armit Archibald M. shipping agent, 6 Bayton terrace, Granton rd
Armitage Alex. B. accountant (Dickson & Armitage) 14 Dick place
Armour & Co. printers, 5 Hanover street
Anne, eating house, 4 Shrub place, Leith walk
G-. Denholm, artist, 4 Charlotte place
Harry (Scottish Accident Insurance Co.), Flodden Lodge,
3 Banner place
Isabella, greengrocer, 47 Duke st. Leith
John, shopkeeper, 7 Dumbiedykes road
Eobert W. cashier (National Security Savings Bank), 16 North
Bank st ; res. 6 Findhorn terrace
â–  Samuel, advocate, 3 North Charlotte st
— — William, dairyman, 7S Queen st [terrace, Trinity 1
William T. stockbroker (Hamilton & Armour), Laverock Bank i
Armstrong A. cabinet and clock case maker, Castle wynd
Alexander K. cabinet maker, 19 Bristo st
Armstrong & Hogg,. gas engineers, decorators, brass-
finishers, plumbers, & sanitary engineers. 57
Lothian rd ; works, Lady Lawson st. & Spittal st
Armstrong Jane, dressmaker, 13 Bank st
Janet, draper, 5 Bristo place
John, missionary, 10 Society
John, grocer, 1 Home st ; res. 17 Portland place
John dairyman, 9 Hamilton place
John, architect, 2 Queen st ; res. 7 Hillside crescent
Sarah, confectioner, Abbey mount
Thomas, cashier (Bank of Scotland), 15 Eaeburn place
William, marine store dealer, 16 Greenside row
WilliamE., S.S.C. 26 Hill st;res. Northend, Trinity rd. Trinity \
Army Scripture Eeaders' Society in Scotland, 5 St. Andrew 1
square— Captain Eoderick M'Kenzie, secretary
Arnette Mdlle. J. feather & flower merchant, 34 Frederick st
Arniston Colliery Office, St. Leonard's depot— T. F. Weir, 8 'j
Frederick st. secretary
Arnold Andrew, tobacconist, 40 Earl Grey st; res. 12 Grindlay st
Arnot & Co. drapers and clothieis, 105 South bridge
George, victual dealer, 13 West Ma.tland st
James, bookseller & stationer, 17 Lothian rd ; res. 35 Lauris-
ton gardens
James, m.a. clerk to Edinburgh School Board, 25 Castle st;
res. 57 Leamington terrace
M. & H. china & glass dealers, 84 Candlemaker row
Arnott Elizabeth S. teacher of drawing and music. 47 Great Eing st
John, chaplain. North Leith Poorhouse, 29 Eestairig terrace
, John & Co. drapers, 1 North Junction st. Leith
Margaret, confectioner, 17 South College st
Eobert, china merchant, 19 Morrison st
Art (School of), Eoyal Institution, Mound
Arthur & Co. Limited (Glasgow), warehousemen, 57 North bridge
& Muir, slaters and chimney sweeps, 30 Indian place
John, plasterer, 35 Buccleuch place
Thomas, butcher, 24 St. Mary st
William, flesher, 36 Morningside rd
William, mason, 5 Saunders st
William, eating house, 21 Albert place
Artists' Club (The Scottish), 28 Queen st
Ashenheim E. picture frame maker, 25 Gifford park
Asher Alexander, photographer, 34 Haddington place ; res. .1
2 Baxter's place
Alexander, advocate, Q.c, m.p. 31 Heriot row [walk
William, S.S.C. &N.P. (Snody & Asher), 2 George place, Leith
Ashley Zelcous, greengrocer, 103 tit. Leonard st
Assay Goldsmith's Office, 98 South Bridge st
Assembly Booms, 54 George st
Assessed and Property Tax Office, 6 Waterloo place

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