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Allan Jtfarbara. dressmaker, 8 brougham at
C. Syui, M.B., cm. surgeon, 1 Esplin x^lace [rd. Merchiston
Chas. bootmaker (James Allan & Sod), Glenalniond, Gilsland
D. & Co. boat builders, G-ranton
â–  David, fishing reel maker. 112 Rose Street lane
David H. grocer (Todd & Allan). 31 Warrender Park terrace
G. & Kerr, lath renders. 15 Bowling Green st. Leith
George, chimney sweeper, 14 Gt. Junction st. Leith [st
â–  Henry, bookbinder, Catherine Street court ; res. 93 Broughton
Isabella, draper, 14 Albert st
J. & J. corn factors, 70 Constitution st. Leith, & Bo'ness
J. & R. drapers aud milliners, 80 to 84 South bridge
James, draper (J. & R. Allan), Windsor House, Wardie
James, dairyman, 14 Nelson st
James, superintendent of detective police, North British
Railway, Waverley station ; res. Durham rd. Portobello
James, china dealer, U Haddington place
James & Son, bootmakers. 123 Princes st. & 42 Leith st
Jame* S. joiner, Mackenzie place
James S., S.S.C. (Inglis and Allan), 1 Belle Vue crescent
Jane, stayniaker, 137 George st
Jane, greengrocer. 23 Coburg st. Leith
Jessie, apartments, 7 Roxburgh terrace
John, tailor, 1 Teviot row
John, marble cutter (Young & Allan), 39 James st
â–  John, smith, 39 leven st ; res. 17 Drumdryan st
John, tobacconist, 33 North Bruntsiield place
John, leather dealer, 1 Guthrie st
John, ironmonger, 1 Gillespie place
John, printer, 35 Barony st
Joseph, toy dealer. 49 Bridge st. Leith [agents
Line of Steamers, 11 South St. David st— J. & T. Allison,
â–  M. dressmaker, 2 Montague st
Mark S. tailor. 51 Cumberland st
Robert, draper (J. &. R. Allan), 10 Minto st [st
Robert, glass painter & embosser, 58 Leith st ; res. 20 Hillside
â–  Robert, apartments, 13 Walker st
Robert, engineer (Aitken & Allan), 3 Salisbury square
â–  Robert, smith, South Back Canongate
hobert, leather seller, 1 Guthrie st
Robert C. grocer, 3 Admiralty st. Leith
T. painter, 12 Shrub place
â–  Thomas, letterpress printer, 23 Elder st
Thomas, dairyman. 19 Leven st
Thomas, bank messenger, 25 St. James's square
â–  Thomas C. wine merchant (Scott & Allan), 9 Brunton place
— William, confectioner, 3 Grove st [gardens
William, chemist, 15 Argyle pi ; res. Charlotte Villa, Sciennes
William, coal merchant, 12 Port Hamilton ; res. 31 Grindlay st
William F. comb merchant, 31 North bridge
Kilardice Alexander, restaurant. Haymarket
Thomas D. tobacconist, 34 West Register st
Allardyce William, secretary of the Scottish Coast Mission. 5 St.
Andrew square ; res. 17 Claremont terrace
Allaway William, stationer, 7 St. Andrew square
Allen Squire W. dentist, 40 Queen st
Alliance British & Foreign Life & Fire Assurance Company, 95
George st— David Lawrie, manager
Heritable Security Co. Limited (in liquidation), 2 York place
Marine Assurance Office, 45 Constitution st. Leith— John
Warrack &. Co. agents
Allied Golf Club, 27 Wright's houses
Allison Mrs. — , fruiterer, 10 Deanhaugh st
J. & T. house agents, accountants, emigration & shipping
agents, 11 South St. David st
James, provision dealer, 63 Grassmarket [rd
i James, house agent (J. & T. Allison), Craigieburn, 6 Kilgraston
James, greengrocer, 3 Deanhaueh st
â–  James, plumber, 2 Deanhaugh st
James & Son, plumbers & brass founders, 2 Deanhaugh st
â–  Margaret, fishmonger, 3'> West Richmond st
R. chimneysweeper, 57 Bristo st
Thomas, house agent (J. & T. Allison), 24 Findhora place
Allsopp S. & Sons, ale stores, Caledonian Goods station — T. D.
Anderson, manager
Alston Miss — , dressmaker, 9 Antigua st
Ambrose Susannah, ironmonger, 2a Summerhall place
American Freehold Land Mortgage Co. of London, Limited, 22
Albany st
(The) Mortgage Co. of Scotland, Limited, 16 Queen street-
John K. Lindsay, S.S.C. manager and secretary
Amoore John S. l.d.s. Eng. dentist (Hepburn & Amoore), 7 Aber-
cromby place
Amos Miss — , dressmaker, 17 Arthur st
â–  D. carver, 4 West Adam st
â–  Walter, cattle dealer, Gorgie Mains, Slateford rd
Amour William, dairy, 78 Queen st
Ancrum J. & Son, corkcutters, 13 Young st
â–  T. & Son, butchers & poulterers, 3 Melville terrace
Thomas, jun. butcher. 118 Nicolson st
Anderson Miss — , teacher of illuminating, 11 Nelson st
Misses — , teachers of music. 11 Nelson st
A. & G. coal merchants. 9 Port Hopetoun, and at Glasgow
â–  A. G. fishmonger (John Anderson & Sons), 38 Castle st
• A. H. clothier\W. Anderson & Son), St. Brides, Boroughmuir-
head, Merchiston
- — Alexander, grocer & spirit merchant, 5 Bernard st. Leith;
res. 47 Charlotte st
— Alexander, shopkeeper, 32 South Back Canongate
- Alexander, seedsman & florist. 3 Polvrarth crescent
• Alexander, plumber. 27 Gordon st
1 Alexander, fishmonger. 7 Spittal st
Alexander, fiesher, 25 High market [Grange rd
â–  Alexander H. accountant (National Bank of Scotland), 16
i & Barclay, painters & glaziers, 1 Howard place
- — & Co. iron manufacturers (Musselburgh), 14 Forth st
Anderson & Co. ladies' outfitters, il7 Princes st
& Co. rectifiers & British wine makers. 39 Potter row
& Ferrier. bookbinders, 31 & 33 St. Marv st
â–  & Montgomery, tea merchants, 49 York place
Andrew, hoop merchant, &.C. (Andersons & Williamson), 30
Woodbine terrace
Andrew G. fishmonger (John Anderson & Son), 38 Castle st
Andrew M. stockbroker, 16 Scotland st
— '— Ann, dairy, 4 Castlebarns
Annie & Fuphemia, drapers & milliners, 74 Haymarket ter
Archibald, confectioner, 6 Cathcart place, Dairy rd
Archibald, advocate, University Club, 127 Princes st
Archibald M., civil engineer, 21 Salisbury park
Arthur, ironmonger, 84 Coburg st. Leith
Brothers, bootmakers, 6 Nicolson st. and 11 Port Hopetoun
C. & R. publishers of the North British Agriculturist and
Forestry, 377 High st
Charles, jun., publisher (C. & R. Anderson) , 16 East Claremont st
D. keeper of Chapel Royal, Holyrood
D & R. mourning warehouse, &c. 81 George st
David, confectioner, 189 Pleasance
David, greengrocer, 5 Brand field st
David, hairdresser, 130 Nicholson st
David, tailor, 104 High st
David, district manager of the Economic Life Assurance So-
ciety, 7 York buildings ; res. Glenluss, Trinity terrace
David, cashier (Northern Insurance Co.), 61 Warrender Park rd
David & Son, bakers and confectioners, 20 Richmond place
David B., W.S. 8 Regent terrace
David P. fancy stationer, 8, 15 & 16 The Arcade, Princes st ;
res. 1 Livingstone place
E. G. writer, Logielea, Priestfield rd
Ebenezer, butcher, 2 East Montgomery place
Elizabeth, dairy keeper, 20 Wilkie place, North Fort st. Leith
Elizabeth, newsagent, 25 Montrose terrace
Elizabeth, dairy keeper, 1 Tait st
Elizabeth, confectioner, 24 Lothian st
Elizabeth, dressmaker, 2 Wellington place, Leith
Eupbemia, shopkeeper, 40 Potter row [place
Findlay B., C.A. (Lindsay, Jamieson, & Slaldane), 1 Lynedcch
George, grocer(Braidwood & Fowler). 2 Wellington place,Leith
George, schoolmaster, 4 Willow Brae villas, Jock's Lodge
George, dairyman, 268 Morningside rd
George, builder. St. Anthony place ; res. 6 Rochester terrace
Gilbert, ironfounder (Bonnington Foundry Co.), 33 Howard pi
Henry, cabinet maker, 47 St. Patrick sq
Henry, stationer. 51a Kirkgate, Leith
Henry, basket maker, &c. , 111 George st ; res. 12 Clifton terrace
Isabella, milliner, 6 Bristo st
Isabella, householder, 10 Marchmont terrace
Isabella, greengrocer, 2 Johnston place, Stockbridge
J. grocer, 11 Saunders st
J. & F., W.S. 48 Castle st [Mentone ter
J. F. R. secretary (Lawson Seed & Nursery Co. Limited), 14
J. R., W.S. & N.P. (J. & F. Anderson), 52 Palmerston place
James, greengrocer, 96 Bonnington rd. Leith
James, bookseller and stationer, 33 Marchmont rd ; res. 65
Warrender Park rd
James, plumber, 1 S. E, Circus place ; res. 5 Higher place
James, upholsterer, 28 Candlemaker row
James, coach hirer, 8 St. Patrick st
James, tailor, 3 East Register st [miliar villas
James, slate merchant (William Anderson & Son), Craig-
James, bookseller & stationer, 2-i Broughton st; res. 1 London st
James, dyer & cleaner, 96 & 118 Causewayside [Lauder
James, wine merchant (Cockburn & Co.), Claremont, South
James, tailor & clothier, 1 West Nicolson st
James, agent (British Linen Co. Bank), 7 Laverock Bank
terrace, Trinity [Wardie
James, agent (Commercial Bank), Carron vale, Wardie rd.
James, printer, 39 Barony st
â–  James, agent for Wm. M'Laren, Sons & Co. (Glasgow), 60
North bridge ; res. 2 Argyle Park terrace
James, inspector of weights & measures, 7 Guthrie st
James, grocer, 52 Thistle st
James John P. secretary, Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assur-
ance Society, 9 St. Andrew square ; res. 7 Mayfield ter
James L. solicitor, 14 George st ; res. 6 West Savile rd
James M., S.S.C. (Watt and Anderson), 1 Blackford rd
James S- teacher of music, 1 Fingal place
Jane, grocer, 56 Dean st
Janet, spirit dealer, 1 Washington place, Dairy road
John, glass stainer, 35 Scotland st
John, printer, 377 High st
John, tool maker (Alex. Mathieson & Son), 54 Findhorn place
John, greengrocer, 12 High Riggs
John, draper, 109 West port
John, draper, 154 & 156 Canongate ; res. 11 South Gray st
John, plumber and gasfitter, 3 West Lauriston place
John, dairy, West Bowling st
John, tailor, 13 North bridge
John, blacksmith, 11 Dock st [crescent
John, tea merchant (Melrose and Anderson), 11 Dalrymple
John, grocer, 42 Albert st
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 11 Saunders st
— —John, fishmonger (John Anderson & Sons), 38 Castle st
John &, Sons, fishmongers and game dealers, 106 George st. 1
St. Patrick square, & 64 Haymarket terrace
— — John H. ironmonger and tinplate worker, 22 Victoria st ; res.
16 Johnston terrace
John O. teacher of musflc, 13 Roseneath terrace [place
John Ramsay, W.S. & N.P. (J. & F. Anderson), 52 Palmerston
John T. wine merchant (Anderson & Co.), 31 Grange rd
Joseph, curator, Antiquarian Museum, 14 Gillespie crescent
Margaret, dairy, 359 Leith walk
Margaret, milliner, 52 South Back Canongate

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