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QUAY lane, east side of 88 New
Sneddon to Quay
Queen street, south side of 7
Broomlands to George street
RALSTON square, south side of 50
George street
Eenfrew road, continuation of Ren-
frew street
Eenfrew street, north end of East
Croft to Gateside
Rowan street, east side of Lylesland
SANDHOLES, head of Well street
to King street
Saucel, east end of Gordon's lane to
School wynd, west side of 6 Moss
street to Oakshaw street
Seedhill, from Cart street eastward
Shuttle street, south side of 30 New
street to Brown's lane
Silk street, east side of Lawn street
to Gauze street
Sir Michael street, south side of 24
George street to Canal street
Smith's lane, north-east side of 72
New Sneddon to river
Smith street, from Stock street to
Neilston street (Calside)
Smithhills, from east end of Old
Bridge to Gauze street
Snodgrass' lane, Seedhill
Stevenson street, head of 63 Cau-
seyside (west side)
Slirling street, west side of Calside
St. James place, from foot of Mess
street to Love street
St. James street, from Love street to
Underwood street
Stock street, west side of Lylesland
to Calside
Stcney Brae, from Oakshaw street
to St. James street
Storie street, south side of 37 High
street to Canal street
Stow place, foot of Storie street to
Stow street
Stow street, west side of 80 Causey-
side to Stow place
St. Mirren street, from Cross to
TERRACE Buildings, 109 High
street, and fronting River, west
end of Old Bridge
Thomas street, north side of 36
Thread street, from Bank street to
Cart street
Twigi^'s lane, north side of 62 New
Sneddon to river
UNDERWOOD lane, from 21 Well
street eastward
Underwood street, from St. James
street to foot of Well street
Union street, north side of Under-
wood street
Union street, south side of Stock
VICTORIA place. Lady lane
WALLACE street, east side of 50
Love street to Carlile place
Wallneuk, north end of Lawn street
to East Croft street
Wardrop St., south side of George
street to Canal street
Water brae (Burgh), foot of St.
Mirren street to river
Water brae (I'^ew Town), west side
of 4 New Smithhills to river
Water lane, south side of Maxwell-
Waterloo place, 2 Gilmour street
Wellington place. Caledonia street
Wellington street, west side of
Caledonia street
Wellmeadow, west end of High st.
to Broomlands
Well street, north side of 27 Well-
meadow street
West brae, north side of 31 Well-
meadow to Oakshaw street
West st, south side of 20 Broom-
lands to Newton street
Williamsburgh, east end of Garth-
land street to East Toll Bar
Wilham street, north side of 68
Wilson's place, from Seedhill Mill to
Clark's place

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