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Drtwnie Bolort, Almada st
Frame D. & Co. Lnrkball
Gowfiu Erotliors, Hamilton
HiraiUoi Alexander, Hamilton
Hebron Thomas, Larlthall
Hciudorsou William, Bothwell
Howison John, Abington Cot. Uddingston
5.lt,tlejohn James, Uddingston
*iI'^Elrov Ebeuezer, Uddingston
*M'EIroy William, Auchin Villa, Fallside
Paterson & Whelan, Hamilton
Purdio John, Hamilton
Scott & Smith (mounraental), Brandon st
♦Stevenson Kobei-t, Uddingston
Thorn Robert, Uddingston
Walker Wilson, Uddingston
Allan Robert, Orchard st
Brand Charles & Son, Hamilton
Brown & Henderson, Hamilton
Brown William, Hamilton
Downie Robert, Meikle Earnock
Gowan Brothers, Hamilton
Hamilton Alexander, Hamilton
Meikle John, Heapielaw
Paterson & Whelan, Hamilton
Paterson William, Quarter
Purdie John, Hamilton
Turner James &Co. Hamilton
Crawford William, m.d. Lincluden House
Uddingston ,
Donaldson James, Auchingramont
Fail-less William Dean, m.d. (private insti-
tution for tbe insane), Bothwell
Goff Bruce. M.D. The Lindens, Bothwell
Lennox WalterW.M.D.Aucbinerden.Cadzowst
LoudonJaraes,M.D.Linnwood House,Uuion st
Mitckeuzie W. S. m.d. Larkhall
Marshall John S. m.d. 63 Cadzow st.
Middleton David, m.d. Dechmont Lodge,
Robertson Robert M. m.d. Duke st
Stewart Charles, m.d. Larkhall
Wilson John, M.D. Larkhall
Brown John, Quarry rd
Dick J. & W. Baillie's causeway
Hendprsou Walter, lI'Ghie st
Maxwell & Turner, Almada st
Watson Gavin. Larkhall
Watson James, Larkball
Brown Robert, 2 Quarry st
Chalmers David, 2 Church st
Fleming George, Bothwell
M'Kenzie Andrew, Uddingston
Naismith Gavin, 21 Cadzow st
Paterson John, '6 Young at
R-ie John. Brandon st
Stewart Charles, Larkhall
Cairns James (manufacturer), 7 Church st
Cree James S. BothAvell
Dick John, 2 Cadzow st
Edwards Adam, 53 Cadzow st
G>'<irdiQer Henry (& fancy ^oods
warehouse), IlSarybasilt place,
opposite Central Station
Hendry David, 42 Cadzow st
Reid John, Uddiiigston
Wilson William, Uddingston
Marked thus t are also Clothiers.
IBaird David, Larkhall
tBarrie John N. Larkhall
Brown William, Larkhall
fliright John, Uddingston
â– fChassels John, 8 Duke st
iChristie Charles, 12 Cadzow buildings
f Cooper William, 78 Cadzow st
jCossar John. 8 Cadzow buildings
jCrawford John, 4 Chapel st
ICross Gavin, 79 Quarry st
I Cross William, 18 Townhead st
JDick David M. Larkhall
IDownie William, Bothwell
JFerguson David, 17 Cadzow st
JFrame & Co Laikhall
iGilehrist Alexander, Larkhall
JGilchrist Robert, Larkhall
JHamilton John, 32 Townhead st
Kylo Jamca, Low Waters
•|-irCalloch Alexander, Townhead st
M'Gehan Charles, 13 Quarry st
M'Gehan John, Portland park y
fM'Leish Daniel, Uddingston
JBI'Lcod William, Larkhall
Mason Matthew, Larkhall
tMorton Tohn, Uddingston
•fPark William, 61 Cadzow st
jPaterson James, S3 Townhead st
Russell Andrew, 21 Duke st
+RusseU Gavin. Clydesdale st
Sinclair John, Larkball
tSmith Robert & Son, 29 Cadzow st
ISommervillo R. & J. 14 Cadzow st
iSommerville John, Uddingston
JThomson R. & J. 13 Cadzow Bt
tWood WiUiam, Bothwell
Gibson & Gillon {& leather merchants), Post
Ifowe &. Bell (a:id leather mer-
cliants). Baillie's caiiseway
Naismith J. & S. Greeniide Tan Works
Caldwell Margaret, Bothwell
Chalmers Thomas, 15 Duke st
Dick iMargaret, 2o Brandon st
Dunn John, 3U Campbell st
Gardiner James, 2 Castle st
Provau Ellen, Uddingston
Shearer Agnes F. 3 Quarry st
Wilson Henry, 12 Cadzow st
M'Taggart Godfrey, 73 Almada st
Pomphrey John, 33 Townhead st
Wallace William, 20 Cadzow st
Young Thomas, 33 Chapel st
Sharp James, BailUe's causeway
Young John, Campbell st
Frame & Co. Larkhall
Hamilton James, 21 Campbell st
M'Call Henry, Uddingston
Spiers Wilham, 39 Cadzow st
Struthers James, 7 Cadzow buildings
Wiseman James, 46 Cadzow &t. & Larkhill
See Manufacturers of Fancy Dress Goods.
(See also Cart do Wheel wrights.)
Ban* Andrew, Bothwell
Barr William, Uddingston
Brown Jobn, Quarry rd
Burns John C. & Co. Larkhall
Cockburn William H. Ferniogair
Crew John, Larkhall
Currie Richard, Larkhall
Downie Robert, Portland park
Frame Robert, Larkhall
Gray John, Dalserf
Hewitt Gavin, Bothwell
Kent John, Bothwell
M'Call A. & J. 33 Campbell st
Maxwell & Turner, Almada st
Millar Alexander, Uddingston
Millar Robert, Grammar School square
Neilson William, M'Ghie st
Robertson Archibald, Gatesido st
Robertson James, James st
Sinclair Daniel, Wellhall rd
Watson Gavin, Larkhall
Watson James, Larkhall
WiUtie Alexander, 21 Quavi;y st
Wilson Francis, Portland park
Wilson William, Larkhall
AVright James (^t wood turner), 33 Church s^
Archibald & Kay (Robert Archibald, notary
public ; James "Cunnint;hame Kay.secrecary
to the Societj" of Solicitors, & law agent for
the Motherwell Building & Investment So-
ciety;, Cadzow st
Bairnsfather John H. M. 29 Almada st
Barclay William, 47 Almada st
Barrie J. & W. 25 Almada st
Brown William & Cn/Wra.Brown,notary pub-
lic, clerk & treasurer to Hamilton Parish
Landward School Board & to Bothwell and
Blantyre School Boards, & dean to the So-
ciety of Solicitors of Hamilton, 2 Beck-
ford st
Campbell William (& law agent),14 Almada st
Christie John, 5 Bothwell rd
Dykes T. J. & W. A. (W. A. Dykes, clerk of
supply of the county of Lanark & to Income
Tax Commissioners for middle wai'd of
Lanarkshire ; Edward P. Dykes, town
clerk, & clerk of Ueutenancy &. to Water
Works Commissioners), Cadzow st
Keith & Patrick {Patrick Keith, treasurer &
clerk to Hamilton School Board; David
Patrick, assessor of property & income tax
for middle ward of Lanarkshire), Cadzow
Miller David, 1 Quarry st [John st
Naismith James (justice of the peace clerk),
Pollok William, 11 Campbell st
Torrance John, Cadzow Villa, Union st
Anderston James, inspector of poor and
registrar of births, &c. Larkhall
Barr James, railway contractor, Uddingston
Bell John, potato merchant, 16 & 18 Gate-
side st
Cairns James, tallow chandler, 7 Church st
Caldwell Margaret, Beilin wool repository,
Cameron James, lath splitter, Townshead st
Clark Alexander, coal dealer, Uddingston
Davidson Thomas, hardware dealer, Bum-
Devanev James, tobacco pipe manufacturer,
2 Campbell st
Dolan John, horse dealer, Bothwell
Duncan Thomas, collector of rates, and clerk
and treasurer to the Dalserf Road Trustees,
and clerk to Dalserf and Larkhall School
Boards, Larkhall
Fleming John, grain merchant, Almada st
Freeburn & Stevensou,rop0 makers, Baillie's
French Henry, millwright, M'Ghie st
Irving James, dogger, Larkhall [st
Kane Dennis, marine store dealer, 45 Church
Kemp James & Son.messengers-at-arms and
stamp distributors, 16 Almada st
M'Queen Norman, surgeon dentist, 33
Cadzow st
Marshall Alexander, commercial traveller,
Martin John, treasurer to the East & West
Lanarkshire Road Trust, Auchingramont
Maxwell Daniel, cork manufacturer, 8
Holmes st [da st
Monteith John, sand quarry owner, 33 Alma-
Moore James,travcUiug tea dealer, AUanbank,
Quarry rd
Nicol William, milk dealer, Brandon st
Paterson George, clerk of works, Edin-
burgh road ftlo st
Rankin William, cork manufacturer. 14 Cas-
Robb William, cattle dealer, Clydesdale st
Samson & Co. bedding manufacturers and
upholsterers, 37 Campbell st
Schroder Heinricb F. F. professor of lan-
guages, Bouriroe hill
Scott Adam, picture frame maker, 7 and
44 Quarry st
Singer (The) Sewing Machine Manufacturing
Co. 32 Cadzow st
Steel James, cart owner, Tuphall rd
Steel William, potato merchaut, Uddingston
Toner John, dogger, 35 Castle st [st
Watson John, marine store dealer, 44 Church
Wilson Pirobert, town surveyor, 19 Cadzow st
Wilson William, umbrella maker, 15 Cad-
zow st
Public Suildiiogrs, 0£Qces» &c*
and their ministers.
Established Churches—
Bothwell— Rev. John Pagan &ReY.Thoma3
Church st. & Chapel of Ease, Union st—
Rev. Henry Monteith Hamilton, lirst
charge ; Rev. Edward L. Thompson,
secnnd charge
Quarter — Rev. James A. Campbell
Dalserf — Rev. William P. Rorison
Larkhall — Rev. John Crichton
Uddingston — Rev. John Macintosh
Episcopal Chapel, Auchingramont— Tha
Very Rev. Dean Henderson, m,a.

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