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ilorton J,i ues, tiottbjr iiierchaiit, PeiibnltQ st. Anderston; house,
509 SitachiohaU st
Mortoa James, baker, 330 Argyle at. & 860 New City rd
Moi'toQ JaiiiQS A Co. merchaats, 20i West Guorge st
Morton Janet, spirit dealer, 13 Richard st. Anderston
Morton John, draper (Dykes & iloi-tou), 12 Elmgrove place, Blyths-
wood square
Morton John, grocer, 535 Springburn rd [Garnethill
Morton John, commission agent, 85 Queen st ; house, 152 Hill st.
Morton John, accountant, sheriff's officer & insurance agent,90 Hos-
pital st; house, 2 Beaufort gardens. Grosshill
Morton John, sewing machine manufacturer {Kimball & Moi'-
ion), 7 India st
Morton John & Sons, curriers & leather merchants, 96 Saltmarket
Morton M. & Co. muslin manufacturers. 3 West Regent st
Morton Margaret, victualler, 195 Cumberland st
Morton Margaret, householder, 343 Duke st. Denuistouu
Morton Matthew, manufacturer (M. Morton & Co.},Buccleucli st
Morton Matthew, currier (J. Morton & Sons), 51 Cumberland st
Morton Robert, spirit dealer, 2 Mallas Mire place, Aitkenhead rd
Morton Robert, dairyman, 8 Blackburn st
Morton Robert, spirit merchant, 4 Clyde place
Morton Robert, miuing engineer, West Nile st ; house, 20 Wilton st
Morton Robert, manufacturer (Morton & Young), 3 Roseberry ter
Morton Robert, boot top maker, 47 Oswald st
Morton William, tobacconist, 575 Duke st. Dennistoun
Morton William, plumber, &c. 318 Dumbarton rd. Partick; house,
3 Hamilton st
Morton William 0, grocer, 27 Commercial rd. & 196 South Welling-
ton st ; house, 33 Abbotsford place
Morton William, jun. grocer, 430 Duke 1st. Dennistoun, and 9 Ste-
venson st. Calton
Moscrip George C. writer, 51 West Regent st; ho. 43 Carnarvon st
Moseley David & Sons, indiarubber manufacturers, 57. Miller st
Moses Richard, tea merchant, 20 Howard st ; house, 2 TulliallaD
place. Paisley rd [agent
" Bloses, Son & Davies, warehousemen, 84 Oswald st — Robert Reid,
Moses William, ironfouuder (W. Moses & Co.), 1 Percy st. Paisley rd
Moses William & Co. ii'onfounders, Plantation Foundry, Vermont
St. Paisley rd
Moss Alfred, teacher of music, 12 Arlington st
Moss John, accountant, &c. Corn Exchange chmbrs. 29 Waterloo st
Moss Stanley, tobacconist, 128 Nelson st. Tradeston
Moss-end Iron Co. malleable iron manufacturers and coal masters,
92 West Regent st ; works, Holytown — Thos. M'Ciymont, manager
Mosser Francis, grocer, Great Eastern rd
Mossman James, grocer, 29?7o North Frederick st
Mossmau John, sculptor (J. & G. Mossman), 44 Mason st
Mossman John & George, sculptors in marble & freestone, Granite
Polishing Works, 36 & 40 Mason st. & Church lane, High St.—
See advertisement
Motherwell Catherine, dressmaker, 12 Abercromby et
Motherwell John, optician, 295 Argyle st
Mouggo Wm. spirit dealer, 94 George st
Moulders' Hall, 18 South Albion st
Moulds & Co. bill posters, 150 Stockwell st [Frederick st
Moultrie Alexander, oil skin maker (Patou & Moultrie), lUO North
Mounsey James & Co. brewers (Carlisle), 3 Madeira court, Argyle
et— Thomas Train & Co. agents
Mount James, confectioner, 16 Portugal st
Mountain Charles, plumber, 74 Cambridge st
Mowat & Muir, confectioners, 36 Caudleriggs, & East Neilson st
Mowat Grace, victualler, 16 Cl>de terrace, Gorbals
Mowat James, confectioner (Mowat & Muir), 3 Alexander parade
Mowat James, timber merchants, &c. (James Mowat &. Co.), 9 Rut-
land place, Govan rd
IVSowat James &, Co. home timber mercbants.
board and veneer cutters, &.c. G-reenaugrb Saw
iraUls, Robert &. Helen streets, Govan
Mowat James & Co. tailors, 255 George st
Mowat Jane, householder, 465 West St. Vincent st. Anderston [st
"Mowat John, tea merchant ^J. Mowat &. Son), 172 Bedlord pi. Renfrew
Mowat John & Son, tea merchants, 5 and 7 Montrose st
Mowat Robert, tea merchant, 51 Campbell st; house, 130 Holland st
Mowat Wm. flesher, 127 West Nile st
Mowat William, tea merchant (J. Mowat & Son), 3 Holyrood ores.
Great Western rd
Mowat Wm. & Son, cabinet makers, 280 Sauchiehall st
Mowatt & Reed, grocers, 50 Stevenson st. Calton [Newton
Mowbray Charles, galvanizer (Smith & M'Lcan), Newton House,
Moxon Richard R. surveyor of customs, 46 Grant et [street
Moyes James, house factor (R. it J. Moyes),223Hope st. *& 9 Roxburgh
Moyes James R. hardware & fancy warehouse, 5U9 Sauchiehall st
Moyes John Y. brush maker & perfumer, 49 St. Vincent place, and
41 Argyle arcade ; house, 34 Piupert st West
Moyes Laurie, secretary to the Upliall Mineral Oil Company Limited,
130 West Nile st ; house, 3 Sauchiehall st
Moyes R. & J. house factors, brickmakers, & stone quarry pro-
prietors, 223 Hope st
Moyes Robert, house factor, 223 Hope st ; ho. Edge Bank, Billhead
Moyes Samuel, manager, 367 Duke st. Dennistoun
Moyes Wm. perfumer, &c. (Lorimer & MoyesA 63 St. Vincent cres
Mucklow Edward, drysalter tSc manufacturer of garancine, dye
extracts, &c. Albjn Works, South York st
Mudie Andrew, sub-editor, 8 Regent Park terrace, Strathbungo
Mudie Corbet, singer (Corbet Mudie & Co.), 42 Old wynd, Trongate
Mudie Corbet & Co. singers, 42 Old wynd, Trongate
Mudie Wm. jun. chartered accountant, insurance agent and manager
for the City of Glasgow Building Society, 67 West Regent st ;
house, 24 Chalmeis st. Edinburgh
MuGgo Alexander, hairdresser, 70 Woodland road
Muir A. M. drogf.'ist, 79 Reid st. Bridgeton
Muir Agnes, milliner, 243 Sauchiehall st
Muir Alexander, confectioner, 194 North Woodside st
Muir Alex, mason & builder, 65 Eglinton st
Muir Ales, victualler, 684 Gallowgate [Kinning Park
Muir Alexander, engineer (Muir & Houston), 2 Great Wellington st.
Muir Alexander C. commission agent, 76 Buchanan st
Muir Alexander S. engraver, 67 Oswald st
Muir & Caldwell, engineers & boiler makers, Scotia Engine Works,
130 EUiot St. Anderston
Muir & Co. clothiers & shirt maoufacturers, 88 Queen 8t
iMuir & Eunson, agents for Shetland goods, 18 Dixon st
Muir & Gardner, City of Glasgow Mercantile and Professional Em-
ployment Registry; Household Fire Insurance Co. Limited;
Carriage Accident Insurance Co. Limited; Loudon & County
Plate Glass Insurance Co. Limited ; Commei-cial Guarantee
Society Limited; rt^sident secretaries of the Colonial Assurance
Corporation Limited, and the Star Accident Insurance Co; pro-
prietors of the National Guaranteed Servants' Registry & Tutors'
& Governesses' Institution, 96 Buchanan st ; branch offices, 169
North st. Charing Cross ; Victoria st. Hillhead, and Eduibargh
and Manchester
Muir & Houston, engineers & machine makers, 35 St. James's st.KP
Muir & Son, jewellers, watchmakers, &c. 140 Trongate & 81 Argyle st
Muir & Thomson, file mauufactmers, 47 Dale st. Tradeston
Muir Andrew, clerk, 349 Duke st. Dennistoun
Muir Andrew, traveller, 4 Viewheld terrace, Pollokshieids
Muir Andrew, teacher, 79 Kent rd
Muir, Brown & Co. Turkey red dyers & calico printers, 29 Welt
George st ; works, Bridgeton
Muir Dalrymple, spirit dealer, 317 London rd
Muir Daniel, bootmaker, 512 New City rd
Muir David, confectioner, 549 New Dalmarnock rd. Bridgeton
Muir Eupheiuia, milk dealer, 5 Camden et. Gorbals
Muir Francis, ll.d. agent (Muk & Gardner), 32 Bank st. Hillhead
Muir G. & J. accountautn, house factors, «ic. 25 Bath st
Muir Gavin, spirit dealer, 34 Green st. Calton
Muir George, writer, 25 Bath st ; house, 13 Albert drive, CrosBhill
Muir George, grocer, 220 High st. & 9 George at
Muii- George, chemist, 166 Cumberland st ; ho. 81 Abbotsford place
Muir George, watchmaker, 39 Jamaica st ; ho. 66 William st. A
Muii- George, William & John, boot makers, 210 Duke at
iluir Hugh, engineer (Muir & Caldwell), 345 Bath crescent
Muir Isabella, victualler, 146 Watt st. Kingston
Muir James, newsagent, 543 Great Eastern rd
Muir James, grocer, 55 Crown st. Hutchesontown
Muir James, grocer, 132 Blaiu st. Maryhill
Muir James, accountant (Kerr, Anderson & Co.), SBurnbank gdufl
JIuii- James, bookseller, ll^a Morrison st. Kingston
Muir James, bookseller, 4 Caprera place, Paisley rd
Muir James, liesher, 125 Pai-liameutary rd
Muir James, manufacturer (Muia-, Toward & Co.), 1 Foremount
terrace, Partick
Muir James & Co. general furnishing & machinery merchants, and
agent for Black & Co.'s patent smoke consumer, 75 Jamaica Bt
Muir John, accountant, 2 Athole terrace, Crossbill
xduir John, victualler, Saracen st. LambhiU
Muir John, manufacturer (James Fiulay & Co.), 6 Park gardens
Muir John, grocer, 53 Smith st. Whiteinch
Muir John, flesher, 115 Gloucester st. Kingston
Muir John, china & glass dealer, 63 Main st. Bridgeton
Muir John, grocer & spirit dealer, 350 Saracen st. PossU park
Muir John, commission agent, 49 Virginia st
Muir John F. spirit dealer, 272 Stobcross ^t. Anderston
Muir Mary & Agnes, milliners, lU Sandiford st
Muir Matthew, miller (M. Muir & Sons), Greeuhill, Paisley
Muir Matthew A. ironfouuder (Anderston Fountlry Company), 30
Park terrace
Muir Matthew & Sons, millers, Tradeston Mills, Commerce st
Muir Peter, bird stuffer,39 Crown st
.Muir B. S. & Co. shirt manufacturers & wholesale clothiers, 42 & 46
Ingram st. and 19 Cochrane st
jiuir Richard, commission merchant, 95 Hutcheson st
-\iuir Robert, boiler maker, Henrietta st ; bouse, 13 Belgrove st
Muir Robert, saddler, 84 Oswald st
^IXuir Robert, manulactui'er (Stewart, Moir & Muir), 1 Battleiield
crescent, Langside
Muir Robert, flesher, 139 Govan rd. Govan ; bo. 2 Copeland rd. Gn
Muir Robert, resident secretary Staflordsbire Fire Office, 37
West Nile st ; bouse, 2 Ailanton terrace. Crossbill [C'ampaie
Muir Robert S. shirt manufacturer (R. S. Muii- & Co.), Glenmill,
Muir Samuel, bootmaker, 30 Duke st
Muir Sarah, spirit dealer, 34 Green st. C, and 94 Main st. B
Muir Sarah, dressmaker, 126 South Portland st
Muir Thomas, miller (M. iMuir it Sons), BaUancleroch, Campsie glen
Muir Thomas, cart owner, Clarence st. Kingston
Muir Thomas, slater, 13 Saint Andrew st ; house, Myrtle Bank, Hill
St. Springburn
JIuu- Thomas, shoemaker, 186 Dumbarton road
Muir, Toward & Co. manufacturers, 3 North court, Royal Excbanga
Muir Wilham, agent (Muir & Eunson), 5 Kelbuin terrace, Croesbii
Aluir William, grocer, 93 Maclean st. Plantation
iluir William, householder, 39 Stockwell st
Muir William, comuiission agent, 28 St. Enoch square
Muir William, flesher, 64 Bedlord st
Muir William, flesher, 67 Abercromby st. Calton and Tolorosi
Muir William, flesher, 158 Cumberland st
Muu.' William, dining-room keeper, 35 London st
Muir "WiUiam, manager, 345 Bath at
Muir William, grocer, 4 Plantation buildings, Paisley road
Muir Wm. m.d. surgeon, 686 Gallowgate, & 369 Duke st. Dennistoun
Muir William, boot and shoe maker, 24 Eglinton terrace, Crossbill
Muir William, watchmaker, 134 Cowcaddeus st ; house, 16 Claren-
don st
Muir William, surgeon, 164 James st. B ; bouse, 16 Monteith row
iluir William, umbrella manufacturer, 361 Sauchiehall st
Muir William & Co. cloth manufacturer, 46 Tobago st. Calton
Muir William C. baker, 129 Hill st. Gallowgate; bouse, 6 Wester-
Muirhead Alexander, cashier, 115 Finlay drive, Dennistoun
Muirhead & Arthur, watchmakers and jewellers, 80 Argj-le st
Muirhead Andrew, leather mercbiint (A. Muirhead & Co.), Lock^
Muirhead Andrew & Co. tanners, cuiTiers, leather merchants,
machine belt t&c. manufacturers, 14 Brunswick lane

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