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4J| As-gyle Sireef ? GLASGOW.
" We have had an opportunity of minutely examining this Novel Invention, which has been secured by
Letters Patent, and have no hesitation in recommending it to the Notice of the Public." — Glasgow Herald.
" Our Townsman Mr. Fu lton, has contrived a realy good method of ventilating h Hat. The means are so
simple, and yet so efficient, that the only wonder is how it should have so long escaped discovery." — Daily MaiU
Sent Free by Post on Application.

75, 77, 79, 81 8c 83, Norfolk Street, LIVERPOOL
In calling the attention of Captains and Owners of Ships to their large Stock of ANCHORS and CHAINS'
Messrs. WW. & JOHN NORR1S beg to state that their NEW PATENT ANCHORS are now fast superseding
anything hitherto invented. Instead of being made of solid lumps of iron, which when subjected to heat
cannot be got to amalgamate in all its parts, and consequently are liable to imperfections, which are not.
apparent till put in use, these New Anchors are composed of best scrap hammered iron plates, placed longi-
tudinally, and fastened in such a secure manner as that every part adds to the strength of the other, and thus
presents a security against breaking and twisting that no other Anchor possesses.
Among o'her testimonials, Messrs. Wm. & John Norbis have received the following from two American
Captains who were supplied in Liverpool some months ago, and are now in London.
" London, 23rd September, 1857.
We have great pleasure in certifying that we have used Messrs. Norris & King's Patent Anchor under very trying
circumstances, and have found them to possess great holding powers, to he extremely strong, and comparatively light and
easy to handle. J. a BASTOW,
Anchor tor 'Advance,' 36cwt. Iqr. Olbs. American Ship 'Advance,' 1,275 tons.
Anchor for 'Silvanus Blanchard,' 31cwt.3qr. Olbs. Ship 'Silvanus Blanchard,' 1,100 tons.
The Largest and Best Stock to Select from in SCOTLAND.
237 S 59

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