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To the Qneeti; the Botanic and College Gi r^ens G'asgow; the Zoo'c-Tica' Card ns m d (.ueen's Opera House, Edinburgh .
iSxe principal Regatta Clubs in Scotland ; t] e Theatres-Royal Glasgow, Greenock, ai d I el ast,andthe Royal Queen s, Dublin.
DXSPXAVS 13? FIREWORK prepared on any scale of splendour, from £10. to £500.— Fireworks
of every denomination ; Parachute Rockets, Sky Rockets, Line Hockets, tongreve Mortars, Chinese Trees,
Balloons. Water Fountains, Water Floats, Water Rockets, Tourbillions, Suns, Chinese Flyers, Roman Can-
dles, Devil among the Tailors, Volcanoes, Jerbs, Chinese Streamers. Vertical Wheels, Mines, Triangular
•Wheels, Maltese Stars, Rose Wheels, Bombay Lights, Jack in the Box, Pot of Aigrettes, Miners Fusees,
Changing Lights, Torches, Flambeaux, Star Candles, Blue Candles, Pin Wheels. Maroons. Crackers, Squibs,
Port Fires, Lights for catching Rabbits, Cartridges if every description, Lights for destroying Wasps, &c.
A Price List sent free on application.— ESTABLISHED IN GLASGOW 1846.
V The inly Artiste in Fireworks in Scotland ; others assuming to be such are only Dealers, aot Manufacturers.
194 $ 5®

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