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i £3i
Would recommend this Microscope to the Naturalist, Mineralogist, and Botanist, not only
for its extreme portability and convenience, but also its suitability for adaptation to the
different objects to be examined.
It has been highly recommended by the Professors in the University of Edinburgh, and
is in use at the Botanic Gardens. Complete in Mahogany Case, with two Object Glasses,
one 1^ in. Focus, magnifying 60 diameters or 3,600 times superficial, and one Triplet of | inch
Ifocus, magnifying 200 diameters or 40,000 times superficial.
A great variety of Electrical Apparatus,includingWinter'sElectricalMachine,from £6 10*.
Galvanic Batteries of every description, Hart's New Medical Galvanic Apparatus,complete25*.
Table and other Air Pumps, &c, manufactured and sold by W. D. Hart.
Hart's Patent Gas Economising Gas Burners, producing greater purity and brilliancy of
flame, warranting a saving of 40 per cent, 4s. per dozen.
7 & 8,
i ® H Xk v
An Illustrated Catalogue of Philosophical and Chemical Apparatus sent on application,
17 129 S 59

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