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U LLAPOOL is a sea- port and fishing village in the f parts of the east and west coast, and even from Ireland
parish of Loch Broom, 61 miles w. by n. from Inver-
ness, 50 N. w. by w. from Dingwall, and 30 n. e. from
Poolewe, situated on the west coast of Ross-shire, on
the north side of an extensive islet of the sea, called
Loch Broom ; and it is overhung by a long rugged
precipitous face of rock. It was begun to be built
under the auspices of the British Fishery Society, in
1788, and has been gradually increasing since that
period. It possesses a spacious and excellent harbour,
and there is a good quay for the use of vessels, some of
which sail regularly to Portree and Stornoway in
Lewis. The nearest railway station at present is at
Inverness, but an extension of the line to Dingwall and
Tain is in contemplation. When this line is com-
pleted, thirty hours wiil suffice in travelling from
London to Ullapool. The chief trade of this place is
the herring fishery, which is the main dependence of
its inhabitants. Prodigious shoals of this fish appear
off the coast of Loch Broom as early as May, but. they
pass on towards the south, and do not strike into the
lochs and arms of the sea as to be of benefit to the in-
habitants until the month of September, when their
appearance is anxiously looked for, great preparations
made, and considerable expense incurred by the poor
people, to profit by their expected bounty. When the
shoals set fairly in, and remain. in the lochs and bays,
the number taken is very great, and of the very best
quality. Ullapool, in the season, is attended from all
by curers, and during this period the place presents a
very animated appearance.
The want of good roads in this district has been an
inconvenience long felt by inhabitants of the circum-
jacent country; this deficiency has been ascribed justly
to the absence of the proprietors of the land. Within
the last few years, Hugh M'Kenzie, Esq. of Ardross
and Dundonnell, became a resident proprietor, and
opened up new roads in various directions. Now
Ullapool is the property of the Marchioness of Stafford,
Sir James Matheson, Bart., M. P. being the feuer,
he has conferred great benefits on Stornaway, and
otLer parts of the Lewis, by his spirited and costly
improvements in roads, &}c. : Ullapool may therefore
look confidently forward to future days of prosperity
under his fostering care.
The parish church was erected at the head of Loch
Broom in 1817, and contains sittings for a congregation
of twelve hundred. There is a. quoad sacra church
with a district, attached ; it was erected into a parish
quoad sacra in 1859. A Free church is also hituated
in the village. Schools are connected with each. The
parochial school, which is eight miles from the village,
is an admirably conducted one, and the departments
of education entered upon are of the first class : the
present talented master is Mr. M'Leay. A justice of
peace court for the recovery of small debts sits on the
first Tuesday of every month, in the village.
POST OFFICE, Ullapool, Donald Maclean, Post Master. — Letters from all parts arrive (from Ding-
wall), every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at four in the afternoon ; and are despatched on Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday, at nine in the morning.
Money Orders granted and paid at this office.
Bankes Meyrick, Esq. of Letterewe
Cameron Rev. William, LochBroom
Davidson D. Esq. of Tulloch
Ferguson David, Esq. Langwell
Macgtegor John, Esq. m.d. Ullapool
Mackenzie Hector, Esq. Ullapool
Mackenzie Hugh, Esq, of Ardross
and Dundonnell
Mackenzie Jas., Esq. Monk Castle
Mackenzie Kenneth, Esq- Morefield
Mackenzie Sir Win., Bart, of Coal
Maclean Rev. Charles, Manse,
Macleod Rev. George, Ullapool
Marshall , Inverpolly
Mundell David, Esq. Achindrean
Mundell George, Esq. Rhinachroisk
Mundell Walter, Esq. Inverlael
Robertson Chas. Esq. Keanachulish
Robson , Inverpolly
Scott — , Esq. Ullapool
Assemblies' School, Coigach—
Donald M'Rae, master
Dundonnell School— — — 'JMac-
donald, mistress
Free Church School, Ullapool
— William Davidson, master
Government Scho»l, Ullapool —
William Mackay, master
Ladies' Association School —
Duncan Macfarlane, master
Ladies' Association School,
Strathcanard— Alexander Mac-
kenzie, master
Letters School— — Alexander
M'Kay, master
Parochial School Loch-Broom
Murdo M'Leay, master, 8c session
clerk, & registrar of Loch Broom
Campbell John, boat builder
Dawson Benjamin, mason
Dawson Roderick, tailor
Fraser Donald, shoemaker
Mackay Isabella, hotel keeper
Mackay Robert, gemeral merchant
Mackenzie & Co. general dealers
Mackenzie Kenneth, shoemaker
Mackenzie Murdo, tailor
Mackenzie Peter, general dealer
Mackenzie William, tailor
Maclean Murdo, general merchant
Maclennan Alexander, tailor
Macleod Alexander, shoemaker
Macleod William, shoemaker
Macrae James, shoemaker
Matheson John, general dealer
Morrison John, shoemaker
Morrison Roderick, shoemaker
Robertson George, millwright and
Ross — , inspector of poor and col-
lector of poor rates
Ross Paul, weaver
Tolmie John, shoemaker
Urquhart James, house carpenter
Watson John, house carpenter
The Mail Gig runs between Ullapool
and GARVE,three times a week; at the
latter place, the Skye Mail meets it.
Conveyance by Water.
There are two steamers plying regularly
between Glasgow and Ullapool.
The Clansman steamer calls in summer
and during harvest once a fortnight;
in winter and spring, once a month,
and oftener if required. The Islesman
calls regularlyonceafortnight through-
out the year.
NOWAY IN LEWIS, Packets from
Ullapool sail occasionally

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