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iXojBJMfnre, &t.
X AIN is a parish, a royal burgh, and a market brewing, an iron foundry, and in the vicinity of the
town. The latter 46 miles n. from Inverness, and 26 town a woollen mill. There are two banking houses
N. by e. from Dingwall, occupying a gentle acclivity established here — they are branches, respectively, of
about a mile from the frith of Dornoch, across which the British Linen Company, and of the Commercial
arm of the sea several ferries are established, and near Bank of Scotland. Seated almost on the shore of an
its head an iron bridge crosses it. The ancient Gaelic arm of the sea, Tain has of late years improved very
name of the town is Baldnei, signifying 'the town of considerably with regard to shipping, a tew shipowners
St. Duthac' (or Duthus), to whom the old church and being now resident in the town. As a royal burgh, it
chapel in the parish had been dedicated. The church, . is governed by a provost, three bailhes, a dean 'of
which was founded by Thomas, Bishop of Ross in guild, treasurer aud nine councillors ; and unites with
1428, and was an elegant structure, is now in a state of Cromarty and other contributory burghs (named under
[melancholy dilapidation. St. Duihac seems to have that town), in returning one member to parliament,
been a saint who enjoyed a considerable reputation in A sheriff small debt court is held iu Tain every Tues-
Scotland, in the fifteenth century, as tradition records day during session, and ajustice of peace court every
that James IV. once made a pilgrimage on foot from Thursday fortnight. The places of worship area
Falkland, in Fife, to his shrine at the church of Tain, ' church of the Establishment ; a Free church— a baud-
for the expiation of some offence. He travelled with some building erected in 1844, and a United Presby
unsual expedition, resting only a short time by the *■■■■'
way, at the monastery of Pluscardiue, and on his
arrival bestowed upon the town of Tain extensive
giants of laud, with other immunities. The inhabi-
tants hearing of his approach, constructed a hasty road-
way over a peat-moss within a few miles of the town,
which is still called ' the King's causeway.' A rich
agricultural district surrounds the town, which is old
and irregularly built; but of late years it lias received
improvements and additions by the erection of many
good houses and some buildings for public use — among
the latter is a large modern edifice for assemblies and
public meetings ; a new town hall sun-mounted by
pinnacles, and presenting a handsome appearance; the
il churches, and the royal academy. The last named,
I which is agreeably situated in an open park, at the
iwest end of the town, and is a superior educational
I institution, was founded by royal charter in 1809, and
'"l opened in 182'2; the cost of its erection having been
'I'M raised by subscription. The courses of education are
j| conducted by a rector, with a classical master and
,J assistants. The town hall previous to 1833 was used
I as a place of confinement for debtors ; in April of that
)<1 year it was destroyed by fire, when three persons
'■'I perished in the flames ; the new town hall is erected
1 on its site. The trade of Tain is of the usual character
i found in country towns where manufactures have not
I appeared. The most prominent branches are distilling
POST ©FE'ICE, Tain, Harriet Calder, Post Mistress— Letters from all parts South arrive every
M night at half-past eight, and atone in the morning; and despatched at seven morning, and half-past twelve
■ noon.
Letters from the North arrive at a quarter before twelve, morning ; aud are despatched at ten minutes
1,1 past twelve, morning.
Letters from Largs, SfC. arrive es-ery evening at ten minutes before niue, and are despatched at two
in the morning.
Letters from Fearn and Port Mahamack arrive at half-past eight in the evening, and are despatched at
six in the morning.
Post Office Orders issued and paid at this office.
Post Office, Bonar Bridge, Robert Munro, Post Master — Letters from all parts South arrive at half
past four in the morning ; and are despatched at twenty minutes before seven in the evening.
terian church. The first mentioned edifice is of con-
siderable dimensions — in form quadrangular, with a
castellated tower at each corner, which, not rising
above the main body of the building, renders the gen-
eral appearance of the whole more massive than
elegaut. The parish of Tain extends eight miles along
the south shore of the Dornoch Frith, by a breadth of
two miles inland. The ground in general is flat, but,
towards the west, rather hilly. Thedistrict is tolerably
well wooded, much improved by agricultural operations
and upon the whole, of pleasing appearance. The sea
shore is flat and sandy. The principal markets are
held on the Wednesday after the second Tuesday of
July, on the Wednesday after the third Tuesday of
August, and on the third Tuesday of October.
Port Mahamack, or, as it is variously wr'ittmPort-
ma- halmack, and Port-halmuck, is a small sea-port
and fishing village in the parish of Tarbat, 12 miles e.
from Tain ; situated on the north coast. The curing
of fish during the season is carried on here very ex-
Bonar Bridge is a considerable village in the parish
ofdiech. 15 miles vv. from Tain; situated on the
great north mail road, and on the north side of the
Frith of Dornoch, which is here crossed by an elegant
iron bridge, erected by government in 1812, at a cost
of £13,971. Fairs are held in the village on thethird
Tuesdays in July, August, and September.
Aird Rev.'^Gustavus, Manse, Bonar
Bruce Elizabeth, Springfield
Cameron Mrs Margaret, Tower
Campbell Rev. Geo. Tat bat Manse
Clark Mrs. Captain, Little Tain
Ferrier Rev. David, Nigg Manse
Ferrier Rev. Robert, Rose place
Fraser Rev. Donald, Manse, Fearn
Eraser Malcolm, Esq. North Glas-
Gair Mrs. Elizabeth, View place
Gardiner A. F. Esq. Hartfield House
Geddes William, Esq. of H.ighfield
Gordon Mrs. Donaldina,§Cameron
buildings [Manse
Gordon Rev, John, im.a. Edderton
Grant John Esq. Aldie
Grant! Rev. Thomas, free Church
Groves Capt. John Joseph, Inver-
carron House
Humphry William, Esq. of Bayfield
Kennedy Donald, Esq. Mounteagle
M'AndieMr. James, St. Duthus st
! M'Callurn Rev. Donald, Edderton
M'Callum Rev. John, Kincardine
M< Donald Rev. John, Manse,Fearn
M'Donald Rev. Murdoch, Free
Church Manse, Logie Eastou
M'Intosh Rev. Douald, Edderton
Manse [Manse
M'Intyre Rev. Donald, Kincardine
M'Kenzie Rev. Alexander, Logie
Easter Manse
M'Kenzie Geo. Ross, Esq. of Aldie
M'Kenzie William, Esq. (of Downs
Lodge, Kent), High st
M'Kinnon Rev. Neil, Creich Manse
M'Pherson Rev. William, Kilmuir
Matheson Rev. Charles Ross, m.a.,
Kilmuir Easter
Munro Andrew, Esq. Rockfield
Munro David, Esq. of Allan
Munro Rev. John, Nigg
Munro Thomas S. Esq. Hartfield
Murray Fitzgerald, Esq.ofWestfield
Murray Kenneth M. Esq. Lochslin
Murray William H . Esq. of Geanies
PeploeMr. William, Lower Tain
Robertson Mrs. Ann, Mounteagle
Robertson Major Chas. of Kindace
Rose Colonel Alexander R. Knock-
brock House [Tarlogie
Rose Major H. M. St. Vincent, of
Rose Rev. Lewis, Tain Manse
Ross Sir Charles W. A. Bart., of
Bain a gown
Ross Daniel, Esq. of Hartfield
Ross David, Esq. of Mineral Bank
Ross David, Esq. Moorfarm
Ross Miss — , of Shaudwick

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