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Craig & Donald, William st— See
Donald James, High st
Macdowall John & Sons, Walkin-
shaw Foundry — See adverlitemnt
Aiaedowall John & Son?, Dimity st
Nail RXakers.
Arrol James, jim. High st
Bennie James (and holt and rim),
High st [liam st
Crawford Thomas & John, Wil-
Gordon Hugh, William st
Yates James, High st
Painters and Glaziers.
Fimister Alexander, Houston sq
ftlunro George, High st
Pollock George, High st
Watson James, High st
Patent Tube manufacturers.
vVeenis & Starke (lead and compo-
sition), High st
Hamilton James, Macdowall st
Hamilton James, High st
Inglis James, Quarry st
Saddlers & Harness Makers.
Klockhart John, High st
Watson Archibald; Hiah st
Saw Mills.
Boag James, Dimity st [barchan
Grant Alexander (and bone), Kil-
M Gavin James, Thomhill
Shawl Printers.
Caldwell, Parker & C >. Linwood
Print Works
Ronalds & Co. Patrick BankPrint
Works, near Pauley
Shopkeepers and Bealers in
Anderson Christina, William st
Anderson Robert, Graham st
Cochrane William, Kilharchan
Dickson Margaret, Macdowall st
Donald Robert, Quarry st
Grant Lachlan, Collier st
Jamieson John, Collier st
Lang Robert, Kilharchan
M'Faulds Andrew, Houston square
M'Golrick Hugh, Graham st
M'Neil Mary, Rankin st
Smith Ludovic, William st
Svmington William, Thomhill
Walker Peter, Graham st
Wotherspoon Ann, Macdowall st
Wright John, High st
Slaters and Plasterers.
M'Kay Peter, Macdowall st
Robertson John, Ludovic square
Bowie Allan, Thomhill
Bowie Matthew, Kilharchan
Davies Hugh, Elderslie
Davies William, Macdowall st
M'Gavin Robert, Walkinshaw st
Paterson Charles, Linwood
Sharp James, High st
Tavlor William, Rankin jj
Welsh John, Kilharchan
Spirit Bealers and Tavern
Allan James, Kilharchan
Antieiton Krskine, Houston square
liarr James, Hiah st
Black Hector-, Houston square
Blackwood John, Quanvlton
Bonner Charles, High st
Bonner Thoma-', High st
Brown John, Elderslie
Caldwfli Janet, High st
Campbell MaNiolrh, High st
Caimichael James, Elderslie
Connelly Michael, Macdowall st
Ct;mmock Peter, High st
Dougal James, Thomhill
Gall Thomas, Houston square
Gardener Matthew, Linwood
Holm Agnes, Elderslie
Johnston Ann, High st
Lang Gabriel, Higb st
Lang Sarah, Kilharchan
Law Jean, Macdowall st
Logan John,Qnai!e!ton
M 'Arthur Archibald, George st
M'Creath John, Houston square
M'Dotigall James, Thomhill
M'Kechnie Robert, Kilharchan
M'NaughtMury, High st
Neilson Walter, Elderslie
OrrJ oh n( Masons' Arms),
PurdouWin.(Bhi4.l; l!uil),Kiibarchan
Roberton David, High st
Roberton David, Houston square
Sheddeii Henry, Over Johnstone
Shields Francis, Highst
Steel Catherine, Houston square
Stevenson Robert (Bull's Head),
Thomson Mary, Macdowall st
Wiiite John, Cartside
Whiiehill James, Highst
Wilson Joanna, Kilharchan
Woods Hugh, Elderslie
Stone Masons.
Jaffrev D. & W. (and contractors),
Graham street
Muir James, Macdowall st
Campbell William, Kilharchan
Colhgan William W. High st
M'Laren Malcolm, High st
Stilling Patrick, High st
Marked thus * are also Drapers.
•Barbour Matthew, Kilharchan
•Blair John, Linwood
•Bovd John, High st.
•Colville Lachlan, High st
George Alexander, Kilharchan
•Holmes Alexander, Kilharchan
Loehhead Archibald, High st
*M'Lean Dougald, High st
•Mote Alex. & Son, High st
•Semple John, Houston square
*Smith llobert, High st
Stevenson William, High st
•Thomson William, High -t
Timber Merchants
Boag .lame-, Liiinin st
M'Gavin James, Thomhill
Morison Alexander, H'gh st
Tin and Copper Smiths
Love Kidifit, Hiiiii st
M'Ara Alexander, Macdowall si
M'Callan Geo. (& gas titti r), High st
Riddell Jas.(&gas fitter), Clrnrch >t
VWems John <\> iilumher), H'gh st
Watch and Clock Makers
Boyd U iiliam, H'gh >t
Dawson David. High st
"Wrights, Cabinet Makers
and Joiners
Allen John nigh st
Andrew John, High st
Andrew William, Linwood
Harbour John, Kilharchan
Chapman Alexander, Macdowall st
Houston Robert, Kilharchan
Macdonald Hugh, Graham st
iM'Phful Alexander, William st
Si ax ton John, i-t^nkin st
MoiiMjn Alexander, High st
Oatt James, Church st
Pardon Alexander, Killbarchan
Scott David, Kilharchan
Semp'.e William, Rankin st
Sinclair James, Elderslie
Smith George, Wiliiam st
Walker Malcolm, Thomhill
Writers, Notaries, and
: Holmes John, Collier st
I Reid John, Houston square
i AitKen John, hiiir dresser, Houston sq
| ISaxter Robert, haiv dresser, High st
] Hennic James, ai;ent fur Go ggun & Co.'s
| fell. High st
I Braidwodd John, broker. Rankin st
j Cameron Daniel.clothes dealer, tf illiara st
Crawford GeoTgeJiorse dealer, William st
Dnlfy.luhn.mannestoredeciler'Willinm st
] Fleming Archibald, registrar; of births,
| deaths and marriages, VVnlkioshaw st
1 Fvfe James, wood turner. Macdowall st
Higgins Janifes, fishmonger, dish st
Houstoun Matthew, inspector of poor,
| Kilharchan
i Lan; Alexander.collector of rales, tf unit-
shields, Kilharchan
M'Leod William, soap and candle maker,
Clnirch street
Marshall Idler,, furnishing- de iler.High st
MillcrMary .clothes dealer/. Vlacdowall st
Morrison John, distiller, GleniiIer...Wm.
M' Donald, manager
Porter Thomas, accountant and hill
broker, High street
Purdon Andrew, bleacher, K'ilhafciiaf!
Rayson James, revenue ollicer, GleniffcT
Reid William, carter, Macdowall st
Salmon ,lohn,factorlo L. Houstouu.Esq.,
Johnstone Castle
Scott David, toy dealer, Church st
Smith Margaret, eating house. High st
Steel John, umbrella maker and clothes
dealer, Macdowall st
Taylor Samuel, revenue officer, GlenilTer
Distillery [st
Wardrop Gavin, confectioner.Macdowall
Watson William & Co., lope maker,
Church st
Wilson Alexander, auctioneer, and factor
to Capt. Stirling, Kilharchan
Places of Worship,
i Johnstone.. .Rev. William Gaff
j Kilharchan... Rev Robert Graham
I Elderslie... Rev. David Reston
i Free Church, William street. ..Rev.
I William Hutchison
| United Presbyterian Chapels : —
Church st.. .R^v. James Inglis
Walkinshaw »t...Rev. George l'rJi>oS>>
Kilharchan. ..Rev. George Aliso
Independent Chapel, K Hb > ohan...
ministers various
Roman Catholic Chapel (Saint Mar.
garel's), Graham street. ..Rev. Donald
M'l-'achen, priest; Rev. Thomas A.
j Fiimigan, curate
! Burgh Coerrr, Houston square. .John,
| Phillips, fiscal ; James Reid, town
Gas Works, Walkingshaw st... Robert
Blair, manaser [manager
Gas Works, Kilharchan. ..James Miller,
Glasgow, Paisley and Ardp.ossa.v
Canal Company, Canal basin. ..John
Sharp, agent
Justice of Peace Ccup.t, Assembly
Mkchanics' Library and Reading
Room, Hawton square Wiliiam
Wbyte, secretary
Police Office, Houston square.. John
Phillips, superintendent
Reading Room & LiBRARV,Qnarrelton
...Ludovic Houstoun, Esq., patron
Conveyance "oy SSailway,
Station, within five minutes walk of the
town. ..Peter Hall, station master
Station, Milliken park (for Kilhar-
chan)... John Falconer, station master
Semple, from, Kilbarehan, daily
Conveyance By Water.
To GLASGOW and PAISLEY, from thb
Canal basin, daily. ..John Sharp, agent

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