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See Gardeners and Seedsmen
Sheep Smearing Material
Campbell Alexahdt r,lti Westhurn st
M'Crae Dannl ( manufacturer — and
patent grease for ships bottoms),
44 Dairy m pie St. — See advert.
Macfarian, ftrown & Co., Custom
House place
Sheriffs Officers.
Crookshanks James, 3 Bank St
Shearer William, 3 Bank st
Ship and Insurance Brokers
Caird Culm S. 34 Cathcait st
Cuthbert Win. & Co. 23 Cat heart st
Fould- & Bone, 11 Sug nhouse lane
Gray & Buchanan, 4 Bode st
Hunter John, West quay
Lindsay Win. & Co. ExcNe bldgs.
M'Anhnr 8f Binnie, 23 Cathcart st
M'Kay John V. 32 Cathcart st
M'Ltrtv Donald, Excisn buildings
M'Lean A. & Co. Custom House pi
M'Lellan James & Co. 14 Cathcart si
Shankland Robeit, 21 Cathcait st
Smith, Doak & Co. 8 Cathcart st
Ttmpleton Win. & Co. 2 Church pi
Ship Builders.
{See also Boat Huilders).
Caird & Co. (iron), 13 Arthur st
Hill Laurenre&Co. Poit Glasgow rd
M'Millan James, Bay ot Quick
Scott & Co. Cartsdyke
Scott John & Sons,"50 Daliymple st
Steele Robert & Co. 4 Rne end st
Taylerson Robert & Co. Pott Glas-
gow road — William Macmillan,
Ship Chandlers.
CallendaiThos & Co. 11 We-tbiea t
FergUMTii Brothers, 5 '.Vest breast
Lowe John & Co. 2 Open shore
Macalister & Fyfe, 4 East breast
MacphersoiiJohnii Co 3 East breast
Rodger & Biowt',25 Rne end st
Scott William & Co. 2 West quay
Watson James, 11 Cathcart st
WilsonAlex. & James 65 Uue end st
Ship Owners.
Adam Archibald, lCnhcartst
Baine & Johnston, 19 West Black-
ball street
Ba'nd Robert & Son, 56 Rne end st
Balderston David, 69 Kegeut st
Clyde Shipping Company, 9 Cus-
tom Hon-e place
Crawford William, 12 Eldon st
Cunningham & Co. William st
Cuthbert Robert, 1 Watt place
Dunlop Robert, 21 Cathcart st
Hamilton James, 1 Cathcart st
Hamlin Thomas Sf Co. 2 West quay
JohustoiiAlex. R. HolmscroftHouse
Kerr John, 4 West quay
Kerrsty M'Btide, 24 Westburn st
Kincaid Thomas, 5 Eldon st
Little James & Co. Excise buildings
M'Alpine Duncan, 4 Forsyth st
Maccunn John, Excise buildings
M'Kethnie Archibald, Men house
M'Lartv Donald, Excise buildings
M'LeaKemieth&Sou,18 Westburn st
Martin & Co. 8 William st
Miller Robert, 41 Union st
Ross,Corbeit A Co. Shannon's close
Russell Alexander, 44 Brougham st
Pattens & Co. 23 Bak.:r st
Shankland Dougald & Co. 21 Cath-
cart street
Shankland Robert, 21 Cathcart st
Stewait Jas. & Win. 12 Westburn st
Templeton Win. & Co., 2 Church pi
Shipping A;;ents.
[See also Agf/ts. likewise Mer-
chants, and also Ship Owners).
Alexander James. 2 Union comt
AtiMriither John F. 11 Cathcait st
Baine & Johnston, V> Wesr Black-
hall st eet
Br inner Graham, CnstomHoiise pi
Cuthbert Robert, 1 Watt place
Ewing Robeit Sf Co. 4 Bogle st
Fcrgu-nnDauieM Co. 30 Cathcart st
FouIds& Boue, 11 Sngarhnuselane
) Hamlin Thomas* Co. 2 West quay
Hunter James & Co. 41 Rue end st
Hunter Thomas O. 16 William «t
Jamieson Roltt. & Co. Excise bldg-
Keir John, 4 We-t quay
Kens & M'Biide, 24 Westburn st
Laird Alexander & Sons, 2 Cioss
Slime street
Lindsay Win. & Co. Excise bldgs
Litie Jame* & Co. Excise buildings
M 'Arthur & Binnie, 23 Catlicart st
M'Caity Donal i & Co. Exci-e bld«-
Maccunn John T., Ex'i-e buildings
Mack-<y John F. 32 Cathcart st
M'Kenzie Archibald, We-t quay
M'Latty D"iiald, Excise buildings
M'Lean A & Co. Custom House pi
Mam HiU'h Cu-fom Hone hhlgs
Mahu&Sntherland CnstomHou.se, pi
Martin Sf Co. 8 William st
Miller John & Co 5 West qnay
Munro Andrew & Co West quay
Ross.Corbe t <& Co. Shannon's dose
Shankland Dugald & Co., 21 Cath-
cait street
Todd Heorg" & Co. 21 Shaw st
Shopkeepers and Dealers in
Brown Bettv,19Vennel
Campbell Donald, 15 Market st
Chalmers William, 31 Daliymple st
Cunningham David, 20 Venuel
Denny J >»liti, 35 Main st
Donaldson Ellen, 18 Mearns st
Douglas Annibella, 4SShaw st
Ewing William. 65 Daliymple st
Hunter John, 17 Dalrymple st
Inglis — , 23 Ingli-mn r..ad
Kiinia Martin. 2^ Dalrwnplest
Lewis John, 49 Daltytii|> e st
Logan Jane, 22 Dalrymp e st
Lvie Georae, 5 Shaw st
M'Fay'denJoauna,6 WestStewart st
M'Kay Dnnald, 8 East Shaw st
M'Kay John, 25 Market st
M'Keli'ie Bella, 6 West Stewart st
M'KelvieMaiy. 39 Ann st
M'Kenxie Donald, 30 Vennel
M'Kinlay Peter, 26 Sir Michael st
M'Lachlan Lawrence, 6 Vennel
M'Lean e'lora, 39 VVest BlaCKhall st
M'Pherson John, 44 Inverkip st
Miller Catherine 40 Crawford st
Moody Allan, Main st
Morrison John, 9 Market st
Morton Alexander, 29 Market St
Park Robeit, 27 Market st
Rmhertoid Ann, 4 Ann st
Sco't Jane, 12 Vennel
Smith Robert, 16 Daliymple st
Ur'juhatt Kenneth 2o' Charles st
W-illace William, 1 Sit Michael st
Watson William, 38 Ann st
Wood William, 5 Shaw st
VVyllie William, 3 Ann st
MacfarlanTli'>mas\i.l7Cartshurn st
Marshall William & Son, Ladyburu
Slate Merchants
Bums George, 24 Crawford st
M'Kav Peter, 7 Ea-t India breast
Robertson John, 16 Kilblain st
Swan William, 5 Sir Michael st
Burns George, 24 Ciawford st
Davidson John, 7 East Stewart st
Handyside & Adam, 39 Inverkip st
M'Kay Peter, [8f slate uurchautjJ
7 East India breast
Robertson John, Kilhlain st
Swan William, 5 Sir Michael st
(See also Author Smiths.)
Adam Donald, 1 D. llingburn st
Aiuslie John (and grate maker),.!'
Hamilton stieet
Boaa Robert (& gilvanizer), 5
Shaw st. — See advertisement.
Boae Thomas, 7 W' -t Blackball st
Catnphell John & Co. 9 Wc-t breaa
Chalmers James (and mate maker)
51 Vennel
Colcolioun & Ainsle.y,3I Hamilton I
Cook Duncan Sf Archibald, 19Catu
cait street
Feiguso'i John, Virginia st
Ha-tie John, 6 East Stewai t st
Johnston Daniel, Browolee's coin
Shaw >t
Love Andrew, 50 Rue end st
M'Coll John & Co. (and suga
mould makers), 13 Chapil st
Mackellar Duncan, 41 Crawford st
M'Le.tn Roland, 2 i-ast Bl ickhall
M'Vicar Robert, 3 S aw st
Macvicar Willi tin, 7 East Stewait
Mills Robert, 4 Dock breast
Mowat William & Co. 22 Arthur
Neilson John, 10 To -ago st
Priugle Ja ties (o>d store grate ni
ker), 8 Taylor's close
Robinson Alexander & Malcolm
Cartsburn si and Vennel
Rohinson Archibald (and farrier
Scott George, 33 Hamilton st
Scott Jame-, 5 East India breast
Shaw Thomas, 18 Shaw st
Smith Alexa der, Crawford st
Smith John, 6 E st I dia breast
Suttie Thomas, 18Ca'hcart st
Spirit Healers.
(See also Vintners ,■ also /fine
Spirit Merchants ; and also Spirt
Dealers, under the head Grocers]
Alex iiider Jane, Lower Inglistor, d
Allan Sarah, 46 Inverkip st
Allison Enphemia, 31 Recent st |
Allison William & Co. 57 Venuel
Andeison Margaret 39 West lilack-
hall st [st
Bmnatyne Robert, 10 Rnpewalg
Baxter Elizabeth, St. Andrew s 1
Baster J'dm, 35 Vi nnel
Bell Francis. 31 Hamilton st
Biguani David. 32 ('harles st
Biggam John, 35 Da'rymple st
Blair & Son, 5 Custom House pi
Blair Hugh R. B 11 eiun.A'iav'enaJ
Blue James, 34 Sir Michael st
Blue John, 8 Chailes st
Boyce Edward, 81 Shawst
'Brown James, 13 Shaw st,
Bucha'nnJauu-,8East India brei
Bums Huuh, 26 Market st
Burion William, 17 Shaw st
Cameron Alexander,34 Dalrymple
Campbell Daniel, 48 Shaw st
Campbell John. 6 Smih'slane
Coey Jatne«, 16 Stanners
Choilev Rob. rt S. 26 We<tburn st
Clark Donald, 9 Rue end -t
Coa's John, 18 Sir Mi. bad st
Cochran Thomas 31 Market st
Cook Margaiet, 10 East India breast
Clacher Thomas, 40 Rue end St
Craig Mary, 43 Inverkip sf

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