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BORROWSTOUNNESS, &c. &mliti)gQb)0f)fre.
terminates at the harbour, which has a large mineral
traffic. Bo'ness is the chief place on the Forth for the
manufacture of salt, of which article a considerable
quantity is exported annually. Besides these works
there are a distillery, an earthenware nianufactury, a
fire brick works, a ropery, two iron foundries, and a
chemical works. And at Kinneil, about half a mile
westward, is an extensive iron works, erected about
twelve years ago, which affords employment to fifteen
hundred persons. At these works are four blast fur-
naces for smelting the ore, with which, as well as that
of coal, the Kinneil estate abounds; from this cause the
population of the parish and the shipping of late years
has been greatly increased. In 1839, the aggregate
tonnage of the port was 6,521-; iu 1851, the tonnage
inward was 14,148; outward 97,565: total, 111,713.
A branch of the Clydesdale Bank is established in the
town. The Duke of Hamilton is superior of the burgh,
and he appoints a haillie for its government. The
places of worship are a chinch of the Establishment,
a Free church, and a chapel for United Presbyterians;
also a parochial and several other schools. Kinneil
House, one of the family seats of the Duke of
Hamilton, is the most remarkabls building in the
parish, here the celebrated Watt realised some of his
earliest improvements upon the steam engine. The
barony of Kinneil is one of the most ancient posses-
sions of the house of Hamilton. The Roman wall of
Antoninus, commonly called ' Graham's Dyke,' passes
through the paiish ; and within a short distance of the
town to the south-east the traces of a Roman camp
are still visible. The village of Borrowstoun lies
about a mile inland from Bo'ness.
The parish of Carriden is bounded by Bo'ness on
the west, Abercorn on the east, and Linlithgow on the
south; it lies on the south bank of the Forth, and is
not more than two miles iu length by one in breadth .
he whole district is well enclosed and cultivated.;
This and the adjoining parish of Bo'ness were amongst
the first localities in Scotland, in which coal was found.
At present mining operations in both coal and iron are
carried on very extensively. The other branches of
trade form part of what is given under Bo'ness.
Within the parish of Camden, besides its owo
village are those of Grange-Pans, Muirhouses,
Bridgeness, and Blackness; the latter, which in
former times, previous to the rise of Bo'ness, from
local advantages, was a harbour of considerable im-
portance, was also celebrated for its castle, which,
during the reign of James VI., was the principal state
prison in Scotland, and as such received within its
gloomy walls many distinguished persons ; one of the
most remakrable of its prisoners was Lord Ochiltree,
who, for accusing the Marquis of Hamilton of aspiring
to the Scottish crown, was here confined during neatly
the whole reign of Charles I. — upwards of twenty
years— and was not liberated till the countiy fell under
the dominion of Cromwell. Blackness Castle is one
of the ancient fortresses, whose preservation was
gtiarranteed by the act of union. The edifice was
converted to tlie purposes of a barrack in the course
of the long protracted war; it is still preserved in a
sufficient degree of repair, and in charge of an inferior
officer. The pier of Bridtjeness affords good accom-
modation for vessels employed in the exoortation of
salt, coals, iron, and stone. ' The place of worship is
the parish church. There is a parochial school, and
one for girls, with a subscription school, at Grange-
Pans. Colonel Gardiner was born at Barufoot in this
parish. j\
S»OST OFFICE, South-street, Borrowstounness, Thomas B. Macintosh, Post Master.— Letters from
all parts anive (from Linlithgow) every morning at twenty minutes before eleven, and in theevening at
twenty minutes before seven; and are despatched thereto every morning at tweuty minutes before six, and in
the afternoon at tweuty minutes past two.
Money Order Office open from nine a.m. till six p.m.
Cadell Henry, Esq. Grange
Connell Rev. David, Bo'ness
Fleming Rev. David, Carriden
Savings' Bank, Session House—
(open every Saturday from seven
till eight p.m.) — Reid Kenneth
Mackenzie, actuary
Henderson W. John, View Forth Broome Francis, South st
Hnpe Admiral James^CariHen Hse
Mackenzie Rev. Kenneth, Manse
Wilson Rev. Daniel, Bo'ness
Wilson William, Esq. Dean House,
Carriden School (girls'), Carri-
den — Helen M.Stiacban, mistress
Infants' School — Janet Affleck
Miller Margaret H. North st
Parochial School, Borrowstoun-
ness— John Stephens, master
Parochial School, Carriden—
Adam B. Doinard, master
Paul Janet, North st
Subscription School, Grange
Pans — Thomas Dickson, master
Fraser John, South st
Gray Thomas, Grange Pans
Hartley James, South st
Hastie William, North st
Kinloch James, North st
Niinmo Robert, North st
Oliphant Thomas, North Si
Paris John, South st
Taylor Alexander, North st
Twe-iel Janet, South st
'V ai son David, South st
Wilson Datid, West end
Clv des r> ale B a nkingCo. (Bianch),
N.ath st ; head office, Ghsgow —
(draws on Batnetts', Hosre&Co.
London)— Heudersca & Forgan,
Mackintosh Thomas B. South st
Brown P lexander, West eud
Dick William, North st
Rattrick Agnes (dealer), South st
Robertson John, North st
Todd Henry, South st
Weddel William, South st
White Alexander, North st
Hushes Frederick Robert & Co
Cadell Henry (& iron ore), Grange
Fergnsou James & Co. North st — —
Henderson & Co. shipping agents
Russell James & Son, Horborn—
James M'Kelvie, agent
Wilson William & Co. (cannel)-
Kinneil Iron Works— John,
Begg, manager
Danish, Peter L.Forgan, Clydesdale
Netherlands (consular agent),
P. L. Forgan, Clydesdale Bank
Nimmo John, Borrowstounness
Pollock James (pit), Richmond pi
Vannan J. & A. Borrowstounness
earthenware and rag
Duncan Thomas, North st
King David, South st
Liston Petfcr, South at
Jamieson James Sf Co. North st
Black Thomas, Gauze
Fleming James, Kinneil Mills
Fleming Alexander, Rousland
Henderson John, Jinkabout Mills
Hill Isabella, Cauldcoats, Carriden
Johnston Alexander, Woodhead
Kirk wood Alex. & Geo. Hainings
Learmonth Alexr. Muir House
Learmonth Alexr. North bank, Car-
Learmonth Robert, Nether Kinneil
Learmonth William, Borrowstown
M'Ewen John,Burrowstown mains
Miller Thomas, Burnshott.Carriden
Miller Mrs—, East Bonhard, Car-
riden [Kerse
Mitchell Andrew, North Kiuneil
Mitchell Andrew & Alexander, Kin-
neil Kerse, Mains
Mitchell Peter, Balderston [riden
Robertson Andrew, Grongfoot, Car-
Thomson William, Upper Kiuneii
Walker William, Inneravon
Grange Fire Brick Co., Grange
Pans— Alexauder Bowie, manager
fire. &c. office agents
Life Association of Scotland,
Henderson & Forgan, Bank
National, Henry Rymer, North st
North British, Patrick TurnbuH,
View Forth
Royal, John Swan, North st
Scottish Union, George Paterson
& Co. North st, and George Hen-
derson, North st
Standard, Alexr. Bkur 3 Eas' quay

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