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; Utrccioig.
Jeffrey Robert, cotton and linen power-loom manufac-
turer, 118 Brunswick street
Jeffrey Win. and Son, tailors and clothiers, I70Trongate
Jenkins David, baker, 109 Canning st, Calton
Jenkins James, iron, &c. merchant, 28 St. Enoch sq
Jenkins Jauet, householder, Alma place, Govan
Jenkins Robert, bookkeeper, 39a St. George's road
Jenkins W. and J. grocers, 202 Kelvinhaugh st
Jenkiuson Elizabeth, lodging house, 18 Rosehall st
Jennings Thomas, victualler, 91 Salt market st
Joekel Louis, flesher, 41 Saurhiehall st
Joe:! Thomas, blacksmith, 218 Duke st
Johnson Agnes, dress maker, 52 Bell st, Calton
Johnson Alfred C. professor of music, Berkeley ter.
Johnson J. & Co. stoneware manufacturers, Elgin
Pottery, David street
Johnson James, grocer & spirit dealer, 649 Gailowgate
Johnson James (J. Johnson & Co.), 649 Gailowgate
Johnson John, flesher, 101 Saltmarket
Johnson John, victualler, 448 Garscube road
Johnson John Henry, solicitor, and commissioner for
administering oaths in the English Court of Chan-
cery, 166 Buchanan street
Johnson W. and J. H. patent agents, 166 Buchanan st
Johnson William, boot and shoe maker, 94 South
Wellington street
Johnson William, civil and consulting engineer and
patent agent, and editor of the ' Practical Mechanics'
Journal;' 166 Buchanan st; house Vernon House,
Johnston Alexander, victualler, 186 Kelvinhaugh st
Johnston Alex. (Smith & Wright], ICO St. George's rd
Johnston Alexander, commission agent, 23 St.Enocli sq
Johnston Alexander, clerk, 100 St. George's road
Johnston Alexander, clerk, 9 Hopeton place
Johnston Alexander & Co. West India merchants, 4
Bothwell street
Johnston & Ballantine, plumbers, 165 Renfield st
Johnston and Black, plumbers and gas fitters, 100 and
102 King st, Tradeston
Johnston and Co. distillers, 25 St. Enoch square-
Buchanan, Wilson and Co. agents
Johnstou & Co. fancy paper box makers, 35 Miller st
Johnston and Fairie, cotfon yarn mcht*. 62 Wilson st
Johnston Andrew, tailor and clothier, 30 George st
Johnston Andrew, shoe maker, 9 Ciieapside st, A
Johnston Archibald, tobacconist, 23 Main st,- B
Johnston Archibald, surgeon, 41 Buccleuch st
Johnston Archibald, tailor, 40 Cowcaddens st
Johnston Archibald, painter, 13 Cathcart place
Johnston Brother.-., shoe makers, 12 Saltmarket
Johnston Brothers, tea merchants, &c. 79 K. Howard st
Johnston C. sewed muslin dealer, 25 Brunswick place
Johnston Catherine, dtess maker, 163 Craigholm road
Johnstou Charles, baker, 6 Abercrombie st, Calton
Johnston Daniel, baker, 27 Cathcart st
Johnston David, manager Gourock Rope Company, 56
Clyde place
Johnston David, householder, 5 Rosehall st
Johnston David and Co., wine, &c. merchauts, 9
Garthland st and 76 Glassford st
Johnston Francis, wright, 37 Gtasme st
Johnston Francis, clerk, 79 Dnndas st, Kingston
Johnston Frederick, clerk, Westfield ter. Pat-tick hill
Johnston George, juii. spirit dealer, 15. Bedford st
Johnston George, tailor, &c. 18 Hutcheson st
Johnston Hugh, spirit dealer, 172 Dalmarnock road
Johnston Isabella, spirit dealer, 88 John st, Bridgeton
Johnston J. E. writer, 83 West Nile st
Johnston James, clothes broker, 102 New wynd,
Johnston James; tailor, 68 Canick st ■?'»«.
Johnston James, fishmonger, 34 Saltmarket
Johnston James, shoe maker, 41 young st
Johnston James, earthenware dealer, 7 Fiudlav st
Johnston James (A. Hope, jun. and Co.), 89 North
Frederick street
Johuston Jane, tobacconist, 88 High st
Johnstou Jane, sp'rit dJr, 5 Laigh kirk close, Trongate
Johnston Jesse, stationer, 137 George st
Johnston John, boot maker, 41 Stevenson st, Calton
Johnston John, victualler, 127 Hospital st
Johnston John, boot maker, 334 Argyle st
Johnston John, hair cutter, 132 Castle st
Johnston John, victualler, 37 King st
Johnston John G. grocer, 89 Abercromiue 6t, Calton
Johnston Joseph, boot maker, 181 Main st, Maryhill
Johnstou Lloyd, master mariner, 42 Houston st, K
Johnston M. and M. milliners, 104 Abercrornby at
Johnston Margaret, lodging house,119Nth.Montrosest
Johnston Margaret, small ware dealer, 34 Main st, B
JohnstonMargaret,toy warehouse, &c. 41 Argyle arcade
Johuston Margaret, china, glass, &c. 80 M'Alpine st
Johnston Matthew (W. Johnston & Sou), 6 Croy pi
Johnston Neil, agent for the Britannia and the Gres-
ham Insurance Companies. 126 Renfrew st
Jcmnston Peter, tobacconist, 12 Stevenson st, Calton
Johnston Peter, fish merchant, 233 Sauchiehall st
Johnston Peter (Johnston and Co.), 42 Dundas st
Johnston Peter and Co. aerated water manufacturers,
13 Wood lane, Broomielaw street
Johnston Robert, victualler, 98 Saltmarket 4,-
Johnston Robert, turner, 49 Gailowgate ^
Johnston Robert, bricklayer, 94 Alma pi, Paisley road
Johnston Robert, potato dealer, 5 Noith Coburg st, L
Johnstou Robert, timber merchant, Old Basin
Saw Mills
Johnston Robert, carver and gilder, 8 Sauchiehall st
Johnston Surah, fruiterer, 6 Millroad, Calton
Johnston Thomas (Beith and Johuston), 11 Mon-
tague phce, Bath st
Johnston Thomas, surgeon, 146 Wellington st
Johnston Thomas and Co. writing ink makers, and
stationers. 137 George st
Johnston William, agent, Commercial Bank, St. Vin-
cent st, and Glenoi chard, Stirlingshire
Johnston William, metal broker, manufacturer of, and
agent for, lamp makers', brassfounders'& plumbers'
materials ; sole licensee of Ross's patent improve-
ments in water-closets, cocks, &c. ; patentee of the
everlasting tap, the Carlton closet, aud other sanitary
improvements, Glasgow Tube and Metal Ware-
house, 49 Mitchell street; house, 32 Buckingham
Johnston William ( M'Cnbbin and Johnston), 16
Lansdowne crescent
Johnston William, dairyman, 76 Main st, Bridgeton
Johnston William, secretary, _Nortli British Insurance,
63 St. Vincent crescent
Johnston Wm. plumber, 8 Herbertson st, Laurieston
Johuston William & Son, wholesale grocers, Sidney
court, 62 Argyle st
Johnstone Alexander, spirit dealer, 30 Maxwell st
Johnstone Alexander and Co. tobacconists, 217 High st
Johnstone Alex. H. Bank of Scotland, 19 Windsor st
Johnstone and Co. tobacconists, 217 Hiuh st
Johnstone & M'Gibbon.cabinet makers,8SauchiehalI st
Johnstone Christopher, general manager, Caledonian
Railway, 2 Clairmor.t gardens
Johnstone Helen, ladies' seminary, 106 Montrose st
Johnstone James, lodging house, 3 Brown st
Johnstone James, spirit dealer, 12Portugalst
Johnstone John, victual dealer, 73 Highst
Johnstone Ronald, civil and mining engineer, 204
West George st
Johnstone William, harbour master, 16 Robertson st
Johnstone William, corn merchant,16Hopest
Johnstone William, engineer and general manager,
Glasgow and South Western Railway, 14 India st
Johnstone William, foreman, 55 Grove st
Joiners' Hall, 2 Campbell st
Jollie Andrew, currier, 51 Great Hamilton st, Calton
Jonas M. L. commission agent, 16 Hauoverst
Jones Elizabeth, lodging house, 432 Parliamentary road
Jones Euphemia, milliner, Hay burn place, Partick
Jones James, tobacconist, 85 Dnndas st
Jones, Lislon and Co. grocers, 23 ^tobcross st
Junes Nathaniel, physician, 9 Kelvingroye at
Jones Richard, clerk, 174 Cowcadrlens st
JonesThomas, victualler, 55 Havannahst
Jones William C. clothier, 31 Renfield st
Jopson and Wintstanley, clog and clog iron makers,
17 Saltmarket
Jordan Alexander, stone mason, 22 Grant st
Jordan James, plasterer, 97 Ccwcadden st
Josephs William, comedian, 6 Cathedral st
Josez Francis North British Hotel, 7 North Queen st
Judge Andrew, bookseller, &c. 85 Catherine st, A

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