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Caldwell Findlay, calico printer, 20 Kelvinhaugh st
Caldwell Grare, milliner, 86 Sauchiehall st
Caldwell Hugh, wood turner, 49 Oallowgate
Caldwell Jas.(C.Robertsnn&Co.), Row, Dumbartonshire
Caldwell Jane, victualler, 27 Green st, Calton
Caldwell John, baker, 70 Houston st
Caldwell John, grocer, 60 Weaver st
Caldwell Margaret, cloth cutter, 123 Graeme st
Caldwell, Robertson and C<>.. drysaltery and . manu-
facturing chemists, 12Croy pi ce, Maxwell st
Caldwell William, warehouseman, 10 Royal terrace
Caldwell William, viettialler,93 Maiflarid st
Caldwell William, traveller, 19 Portland st, George st
Caldwell Wm (J. M'Aulayci Co.), 10 Royal terrace
Caldwell William, victualler, 73 Parliamentary road
Caldwell Wm., cabinet maker, 136 ami 146West Nile st
CalduelhWilliam H'., iranmo'bger; 242 Buchanan st
Caledonian and Saucel Distillery Office, 74
Jamaica st — James Drysdale, agent
Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance Company
64 Saint Vincent st — William C^vvan. secretary to
Glasgow boa- d : agencies,68 St. Vincent st, 101 West
Nile st, 135 Buchanan st, 25 Bath st. 1 Princes sq, 48
Buchanan st; John Maun, 153 Queen st ; M'Lure,
Naismitb & Biodie, 11 Buchanan st; Robert Gait &
Son, 20 St. Vii cent place ; Wm. Hair, 16 Hope st;
Hay Wright, 17 Gordon st; John Tod Dickie, 105^
St. Vincent st
Caledonian Hotel— William Bell, 51 Clyde place
Caledonian Patent Ri\et Company, rivet and bolt
manufacturers, Partick
Caledonian Pottery, Canal basin, Townhead
Caledonian Railway (Hamilton Section), head of
Main street, Gorbals
Caledonian Railway Company's Branch Office
(for narcels), 30 Queen st
Caledonian Railway Company's Works, Spring-
burn road, St. Rollox — Wm.Lester,eeneral superndt.
Caledonian Railway Goods Station (Greenock
Section) — Win. Mathieson, goods manager; office,
302Bncbanan st; house, 148 Renfrew st
Caledonian Railway Stations— 302 Buchanan st
and Bridge st, Tradestou : Christopher Johnstone,
geueial manager; Archibald Gibson, secretary
Caledonian Rope Works, 232Stobcross st
Caledonian Tube Works, patent lap-welded iron
boiler tube makers, Coatbridge— William Baker,
proprietor — See advertisement
Callaeher Charles, pawnbroker, Parkhead
Callander James, wriglu, 13 Norfolk st
Callander Jaines,wright, 1 Warwick st
Callen James, rope and sail manufacturer, 108 and 114
Broomielaw ; works, Dumbarton — See advert
Callend'-r & Co v bell-hangers. &c, 7S Renfield st
Callender Christina, lodging house, 18 Pollock st
Callender Mary, milliner, 38 Sauchiehall st
CallenderThos.(T.Callender&Sons),14Landsdown cres
Callender Thos. & Sons, hide, bark and leather factors,
17, 19 and 21 North Albion st
Callender Thos. jun., (T.Callender & Sons), 64 Kelvin-
grove st [Hill gardens
Callender W.O. (T. Callender & Sons),Norwood, Dowan
Callender Wm., teller, St. Kilda lodge, Dowan Hill, P
Callum Isabella, hosier, 68 Cowcaddens st
Galium John, cart owner, 100 Hunter st
Calton Cemetery, Clyde st, Calton — Andrew Hay
Calton Established Church, Tobago st
Calton Mechanics' Institution, 46 Canning st
Calton Mission Free Church, Bell st, Calton
Calton Police Office, 33 Stevenson st, Calton
Calver William, master R.N., 37 Eldon place
Calvert Ellen Maria, teacher of music, 40 Hill st
Cameron Agnes, longing house, 196 North st
Cameron Alex., commission merchant,38 Robertson st
Cameron Alex., letter carrier, 296 Buchanan st
Cameron Alex.,sewed muslin mnfetrer, Virginia bldngs
Cameron Allan, spirit dealer, 84 Cowcaddens st
Cameron and Blakeney, mathematical, &c. instrument
makers, 102 Great Clyde st
Cameron & Co., hosiers, 148 New City road
Cameron& Waterston, shipping agents, lOCommerce stT
Cameron Ann, furnishings dealer, 185 Main st, B
Cameron Ann spirit dealer, 7 and 9 Cathcart place
Cameron Archibald, spirit dealer, 132Garnead road
Cameron Archibald, cabinet maker, 22 Surrey st
Cameron Catherine, dress maker, 149 Hospi'al st
Cameron Charles, spirit dealer, 143 Barrack st
Cameron, Clark & Co., envelope makers, stationers
and publishers, 12 St. Enoch square
Cameron Colin, spirit dealer, 110 Havanaah st
Cameron Colin, victualler, 184$ Castle st, St. Rollox
Cameron D. A. surgeon dentist, 75 Bath st
Cameron David, spirit dealer. 37 Ori- st, Calton
Cameron Daniel, church officer,, 62 Duvet st
Cameron Dttgald, grocer, 39 Well road, SpiingbaiVtr
Cameron Dttgald,heddle manufacturer, 116 Green st C
Cameron Dugald, smith, 43 & 45 Bishop st
Cameron Duncan, broker, 18 Princes st, Saltmarket
Cameron Duncan (Bowser & Co.), Govan Bank House
Cameron Duncan, eating house, 59 Clyde ts P D
Cameron Dun an, clerk, Springfield house, P
Cameron Duncan, shoemaker, 82 Parliamentary road-
Cameron Eliza, victual dealer, 53 High st
Cameron Ellen, lodging house, 4 Shamrock st
Cameron George, export & wholesale stationer, pub-
lisher, and bookseller, 194 Buchanan st, house 113
Hill st, Garnet hill
Cameron George, shoemaker, 9 Bishop st
Cameron George, basket maker. 12 St Andrew st
Cameron Hugh, commission agent, 4 Robertson st
Cameron Hugh, boot, $r. maker, 402 Argyle st
Cameron Hugh & Co. dyer, 77 John st, Bridgeton
Cameron J. teacher of drawing. 75 Bath st
Cameron James, spirit dealer, 211 Stobcross st
Cameron James, victualler, 397 Galloweate
Cameron James, spirit merchant, 118 Main st, B
Cameron James, earthenware dealer. 78 New City road
Cameron James, victualler, 51 Surrey st
Cameron James, dairyman, 147 Main st, Gorbals
Cameron James, letter-press printer, 63 John st
Cameron James, dairyman, 4 Greenhill st, Anderston
Cameron Jane, householder, 11 Rosehall st
Cameron Janet, shopkeeper, 95 George st
Cameron Janet, rope maker, 594 Gallowgate st; house
Henrietta st
Cameron Janet, shopkeeper, 149 George st
Cameron Jessie, dress maker, 19 Hunter st
Cameron John, wholesale stationer & publisher, 5 & 7
Renfield st ; house 24 St Vincent crescent
Cameron John, grocer, 68 & 70 Abbotsf >rci place
Cameron John, chemist & druggist, 51 Noith Albion st
Cameron John, spirit dealer. 73 Green st, Calton
Cameron John, victualler, 60 Portugal st
Cameron John, smith ^p machine maker, 39 Old wynd
Cameron John, coppersmith &c, 29 Lancelield Quay
Cameron John, spirit dealer, 117 Gallowgate
Cameron John, commission agent, 65 Jamaica st
Cameron John, smallware dealer, 36 Duke st [st
Cameron John, warehouseman, 26 Portland st, George
Cameron John, tobacconist, 178 Main st, Bridgeton
Cameron John & Co. carvers & gilders, 71 St Vincent st
Cameron J . & P. general carriers, contractors, & railway
and forwarding agents, and agents to the Caledonian
Scottish Central, Scottish Midland, and Dundee
Perth & Abet been Junction Railways, 21 and 29
Mitchell st, and 164Trongate— =Jas. Ramsay manager
Cameron M. pawnbroker, 81 Gallowgate& 6East Nile st
Cameron MacMillan, & Co. calendered, 71 Virginia st,
and 81 Virginia place, Virginia st r >
Cameron Mary, dress maker, 26 Brown st &
Cameron Mary, spirit dealer, 33 Cowcaddens st
Cameron Mercy Janet, grocer, 26 Westminster terrace]
Cameron Michael, spirit dealer, 631 Galiowgate [st!
Cameron N. & J. W. house factors &c. 123 vVest Georgei
Cameron Ntcol, messenger at arms, 123We»t George stl
Cameron Richard, agent far the Perceton fire clay
works, 22 Cathcart st, Kingston
Cameron Robert, grocer &c, 155 Main st, Maryhill [stl
Cameron R. H. silk bandana manufacturer, 13 Virginia''
Cameron Samuel, wood merchant, 5 Haitfield st
Cameron Thomas & Co, agents for Londonderry, Por*i
trush and Sligo steamers, 75 Jamacia st
Cameron William, smith and gas fitter, 34 Duke st
Cameron Wm. spirit dealer. 64 Main st, Bridgeton
Cameron William, spirit dealer, 129 Dumbarton rd, P
Cameron William, coaebmaker, 191 Buchanan st
Cameron William W. brushmaker, 25 Stock-well place
Campbell A. (A. & J. Campbell) IB Douglas st
vo 817

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