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Brown William, clerk, 287 St. George's road
Brown Win. (Brown, Downes Sf Co.), 30 Corurma st
Brown William (W. Brown 8f Co.), 100 Crown st
Brown William, householder, 46 Dnndas st, Kingston
Brown William, baker, 383 Gallowgate
Brown William, flesher, 148 Possil road
Brown William, upholsterer, 62 Robertson st
Brown William & Co. warehousemen, 56 Trougate
Brown William Sf It. muslin manfactrs. 100 Queen st
Brown Wm. & Son, manufacturers, 16 Montrose st
Brown William, jut), secretary to the Standard Life
Assurance Co (Glasgow Branch), 35 Saint Vincent
place,; house 21 Newton place
Brown Wm. jun. sewed muslin manfetr. 7 Frederick st
Brown Wm. Sons, & Co. oil and colour merchants,
22 St. Enoch square; works Parkholm, Paisley road
Browne & Drysdale, smallwaie trimming, Berlin wool
and fancy repository, and fringe and tassel manufac-
turers, 93 Buchanan st
Browne &c Watson, ship brokers, &c. 80 Union st
Browne George (Browne <Sj- Watson). 4 Corunna st
Browne Jas. P. manager. Muil houses, Pollokshaws rd
Browne John (Browne&Drysdale), Glasgow st,Hillhead
Brown", Maxwell Sf Co. iiisuranre brokers, 21 Saint
Vincent place
Browning Janet, dress maker, 9 Stock well place
Browning Matthew, grain weigher, 21 York st _
Browning T.J. teacher of music, &c. 16 Sauchiehallst
Brownlee Alexander, cabinet maker, 20 Shuttle st
Brownlee & Co. hat block makers, &c. 27 Montrose st
Brownlee James, city saw mills, 125 Craighall road
Brownlie Alex, victualler, 117 Canning st. jCalton road
Brownlie Archibald, timber merchant, Port Dnndas
Brownlie Catherine, furnisher, 46 King st, Tradeston
Brownlie Chiistina, grocer, 61 Tylefield st
Brownlie James, victualler, 169 Main st, Bridgeton
Brownlie James, spirit dealer, 75 & 77 Stirling road
Brownlie Jane, dress maker, 9 Cathcart st, Goibals
Brownlie John, ham curer, Brunswick st ; house 14
Taylor st, Stirling road
Brownlie John, commission agent, 14 Shamrock st
Brownlie John, flesher, 8 Norfolk st
Brownlie Peter, saddler, 54 Dumbarton road
Brownlie Robert & Son, farmers and contractors,
Burnhouse, Old Dumbarton road
Browulie Thomas, spirit dealer, 289 & 177 Argyle st,
house 16 Hope street
Browulie Thomas, b<>ot& shoe maker, 46 Stock well st
Brownlie Thomas, hair dresser, 61 Main st
Brownlie Thomas (Blochairn Iron Co.), Garscadden
House, near Duntocher
Brownlie William, confectioner, &c. 207 Sauchiehall
st, and 15 Argyle street [and Pollokshaws
Brownlie William R. boot, Sfc. maker, 20 Renfield st,
Bruce Agnes, victualler, 25 Marlborough st, Mile end
Bruce & Co. paper makers, South Woodside road
Bruce Ann, fishmonger, 5 Sauchiehall st
Bruce Ann, milliner, 391 St. Vincent st
Bruce Henry, tobacconist, 129 Ealinton st
Bruce James, furniture broker, 136 Stobcross st
Bruce James, dye wood grinder and dye liquor manu-
facturer, &drysalter, Pout Eglinton Chip Mills,
Canal st, Poit Eglinton ; house Janefield place,
Eglinton street
Bruce James, spirit dealer, 2 Main st, Auderston
Bruce Jessie, fent dealer, 45 Loudon st
Bruce John, draughtsman, 7 Kinningst, Kingston
Bruce Margaret, lodging house, 184 Crown s', Hutche-
Bruce Mary Ann, tobacconist, 33 John st
Bruce Robert, grocer, 70 Gallowgate
Bruce Robert, dyer, 16 George st
Bruce Robert, printer, 35 Hutcheson st
Bruce Robert, milliner, 35 Nelson st
Bruce Robert, corn factor, 20 Union st
Bruce Robert (Bruce & Co.), 7 Great Kelvin terrace
Bruce Robert, warehouseman, 106 North Frederick st
Bruce William, furnishings, 74 Parliamentary road
BruggisttiPeter,plaster figure maker, 187 Sauchiehall st
Bruhus Gustavus, commission merchant, 57 Miller st
Brunsdon Richard (J. & C. Brown & Co.), 56 Hill st
Brunt Robert, clerk, 287 St. George's road
Bruntou Charles, bricklayer, 3 Pitt st
Brunton James, tailor, 2 Clyde terrace
Brunton Thomas, tailor, 9 Canon st
Bryan Hugh, church officer, 62 Dover st
Bryan James, slater, 14 Railway arch, Nelson st
Bryan Margaret, painter, 63 Dale st
Bryce A. S. manufacturing chemist, 47 Calton entry
Bryce Alexander, spirit dealer, 27 Clyde st, P. D.
Bryce Alex.&Co. wine, &c. merchant, 42St. Andrew st
Bryce & Orr, spirit dealers, 06 Saltmarketst
Bryce & Ross, writers, &c. 136 Buchanan st
Bryce Andrew, smith, 181 Dalmaruock road, B.
Bryce Andrew C. boot maker, 49 Adelphi st
Bryce Davi<l, victualler, 7 Struthers st
Bryce David, bookseller & stationer, 129 Buchanan st;
house 19 India street
Bryce Elizabeth, householder, 44 Shamrock st
Bryce J. D. (Piayfair, Bryce& Co.), 13 Buckingham terr
Brjce James, spirit dealer, 191 Castle st
Bryce James, slater, 51 Norfolk st
Bryce James, spoil dealer, 1 Broomhill st
BryceJames,teacher, 5 Lansdowue crsct.Gt. Western rd
Bryce James S. (Bryce & Ross), Osborne place,
Copland road
Bryce Janet, householder, 30 Steven st
Bryce Janet, householder, 30 Watt st
Bryce John, plumber, 10 Dunlop st
Bryce John, hatter, 55 Argyle st
Bryce John, spirit dealer, 20 Cheapside st
Bryce John, clerk, 4 St. James st. Kingston
Bryce John, spirit dealer, 61 Clyde st, Port Dundaa
Bryce John, slater, 45 Shuttle st
Bryce John, victualler, 104 Govan st, H
Bryce Morrison, upholsterer, 162 & 166 Hope st
Bryce Peter B. victualler, 31 & 33 Cathcart st.Gorbals'
Bryce William, (Iivine&Bryce), 1 West Princes st
Bryce William, baker, West end, Govan
Bryce Wm. ( vV. Bryce & Co.), 3 Queen's pi, Western rd
Bryce Wm. & Co. commission merchants, 61 Miller jS
Bryce's Reading Club, 129 Buchanan st
Bryden &Christie,CQin mission merchants,ship brokers,'
and steam packet and insurance agents, 62 Jamaica st
Bryden James, commission agent & hou*e factor, 2{|
Union st ; house 39 South Apsley place
Bryden John &f Sons, brass founders, bell hangers, &
window blind manufacturers, 112 Buchanan st, anffl
Bryden William & Son, bell hangers. Venetian and
roller-blind manufacturers, 7 Royal Bank place, and
Bryden Wm. C. (J. Bryden Sf Sons), 124 Douglas st
Brydou Catherine, shopkeeper, 166 Krlvinhaugh st I
Brydon J. & Co. commission agents, 5 Dixon st
Brym tier Jane, boarding house, 63 Cumberland st Wesf
Bry-on Andrew, spirit dealer, 47 Nelson st, Tradeston
Bryson Andrew, dairyman, 22 Marlborough st, Mile end
Bryson Catherine, lodging house, 1 Holmhead st
Bryson Elizabeth, fruiterer, 54 Stockwell st
Bryson George, linen draper, &c. 34 Bridge st
Bryson James, flesher, 10 Kinning st, Kingston
Bryson John, flesher, 554 St. Vincent st; house atM
BrysonJohiijgutta percha hoot,&c. dealer, 6 Candleiiggs
Bryson John, boot, S,-c. maker, 30§ Eglinton st, and*
Bryson John, victualler, 128 King st
Bryson John, fiesher, 66 Abbotsford place
BiysonJohUjboot&shoe maker, &c. 175 CowcaddensS^
Bryson John, house factor, 60 Renfrew st
Bryson Margaret, smallwaie dealer, 28 Dundas st
Bryson Mungo, flesher, 475 St. Vincent st
Bryson Robert, victualler, 148 Main st, Goibals
Bryson Robert & Son, merchants, 111 Ingram st
Btichau Alexander, school, 114 West Regent st
Buchan Henry, shopkeeper, 27 Brown st
Buchan John, accountant, &c. 96 South Portland tt
Buchan Robert, clerk, 169 Shamrock st
Buchan T. & H. brass founders & gas fitters, Liverpool
court, 249 Argyle street
Buchan Thomas," timber merchant, 20 Thistle st
Buchan W. R. writer, &c. 43 Renfield st
Buchan William, gieengrocer, 45 Garscnbe road
Buchanan A. tinsmith, 195 High st
Buchanan A. D. (Buchanan & Maclean), 98 Parsott Si
Buchanan Alexander, spirit dealer, 15 Parson st
Buchanan Alexander, spirit dealer, 25 Stobcross st, A
Buchanan Alexander, cupper, 11 Oxford st, L
Buchanan & Kerr, sharebrokers, &c. 157 Buchanan st

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