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Brown George, victualler, 68 Hospital st
Brown George, (A Johnston & Co ), 7 Hamilton diive
Brown George (J. & C. Brown & Co.). 16 Newton st
Brown Hosea, turner, 49 Gallowgate st
Brown Hugh, boot maker, 36 Hope st [Eglinton si
Brown Hugh, saw maker, &c. 213 Arevlest ; house, 37
Brown Hugh, spirit dealer, 384 Gallowgate
Brown Hugh, victualler, 23 Eglinton st
Brown Hugh & Co. manufacturers, 104 Ingram st
Brown J. & C. & Co. sewed mnslin manufacturer?, 92
St. Vincent st
Brown James, victualler, 33 King st
Brown James, janitor, Roial Infirmary
Brown James clothier, 5(i Ttongate
Biown James, boot & shoe maker, 313 Argyle st
Brown James, hookseller, 25 Bridge st, Tradeston
Brown James, cabinet maker, 39 Surrey st
Brown James, hatter, 58Trongate
Brown James (J. & T. Brown), Govan park
Brown James, bookseller, 5 Garscubr road
Brown James, flesher, 73 Rose st, Hotchesoutown
Brown James, clerk, Fahiie park, Particle
Brown James, sub-inspector of poor for the Barony
parish, Park head
Brown James, slater, 153 Hunter st
BrownJames,wright& packing box maker,273George st
Biown James & Co. commission merchants (home &
foieign), 7 Princes square
Brown Jame- & Thomas & Co. wholesale tea & coffee
merchants & importeis of fruit, 21 St. Enoch square
Brown James D. bookkeeper, 49 Hnlmbrad st
Brown James M restaurant keeper, 22 Howard st
Brown James Kay (Watson & Co.)2 Park terrace East
Brown Jane, dairy keeper, 33 Broad st, Mill end
Brown Jane, householder, 57 Oi chard st, Pariick
Brown-Jane S. & Co. stationer & furnishing ware-
house, 288 Argvll st
Brown Janet, confectioner, 50 Maitland st
Brown Janet, householder, 52 Weaver st
Brown Janet, greengrocer, St. James st, Paisley road
Brown Janet, dressmaker, 10 Strutbers st
Brown John, lithographic write', 37 Glassford st
Brown John (Brown 8r M Aithin), 1 Annfield place
Brown John, clerk, 35 Steven st
Brown John, victualler, 140 Gallowgate
Brown John, hou-efactor, 48 Great Hamilton st
Brown John, manufacturer of checks, 52 Glassford st
Brown John, hosier, 8 Candleriggs
Brown John, perfumer & hair cutter, 8 Glassford st
Brown John, pattern de-igner, 3 West Nile st; house,
38 Ap-ley place
Brown John, victualler, I Florence st
Brown John, clerk, 66 Eglinton st
Brown John, spirit dealer, 118 Polloksliaws road
Brown John, housefactor, 2y2 Argyle st ; house, 26
Robertson street
Brown John, tobacconist & news agent, 203 Castle st
Brown John, pattern designer,65 Pollock st, Kingston
Brown John, clerk, 31 Paterson st, Kingston
Brown John, draper, 71 George st
Brown John, hatter, 22 Market st
Brown John, measurer, 57 Miller st
Brown John (Brown & Sharp), 42 Windsor terrace
Brown John, fruiterer, 15 Thompson's lane, Calton
Brown John, spirit dealer, 32Crown st,Hutchesontown
Brown John, manager, 135 Renfrew st
Brown John, joiner, 27 Stanhope st
Brown John, grocer, 171 Sauchiehall st
Brown John, victualler, 124 London road, Calton
Brown John, victualler, 38 Main st, Btidgeion
Brown John, smallware dealer, 253 Duke st
Brown John, dairyman, 263 George st
Brown John & Co. fruiterers, 2 & 4 Glassford st
Brown John & Co. Roman cement manufacturers,
merchants & general agents, 2 Oswald st — See aclvt
Brown John & Co. dining rooms, 7 Mitchell st
Brown John C. clerk, 9 Breadalhane st
Brown John D. spirit dealer, 117 New City road
Brown John George (Yates Brown & Howat), Tilly-
coultry house
Brown John, jun. (Brown & Sharp), 42 Windsor
terrace, St. George's ro <d
Brown John H. bank clerk, 30 Watt st
Brown Jonathan, baker, 27 Stohcross st, Anderston
Brown Joseph, victualler, 139 Main st, Gorbals
Brown Joshua, wright, trunk & packing box & tin case
maker, 273 George st.
BiownM.&J.nurseiymen,seedsmen,&c.29 Glassford st
Brown M. & J. potato merchants, 117 Eglinton st
Brown M. & W.jun.&Co. merchants, 35St. Vincent pi
Brown Malcolm, spirit dealer, 91 Mam st, Anderston
Brown Margaret, shopkeeper, 21 Diygate
Brown Margaret, confectioner, 107 Saltmarket
Brown Marion, greengiocer, 21 Bedford st
Brown Man ha, hosier, 203 Main st, Gorbals
Brown Mary, letterpress printer, 85 Blackfnars st
Brown Mary, lodging house, 27 Renfrew st
Brown Mary, victualler, 47 Thistle st
Brown Mary Ann. tobacconist, 64 Centre st
Br wn Mather (M. Brown & Co.) Saltcoates
Brown Matthew «fj- Co. shawl & dress printers, 20
Ingram st
Brown Meiklejohn, milliner, 76 Bath st
Brown Moses, tobacconist, 236 High st
Brown Neil, wine ant! spirit dealer, 89 Maxwell st
Biown P. M'T. merchant, 124 Hope st
Brown Peter, baker, 56 Nelson st
Brown Peter, shopkeeper, 25 Taylor st, Stirling road
Brown Peter & George, manufacturers, 25 Gordon st
Brown Peter D. clerk, 30 Kelvinhaueh st
Biown Robert (Kenny & Brown), 47 Renfrew st
Brown Robert, commission merchant, Old Post-office
court, 114 Trongate [st, & 91 Bridgegate
Brown Robeit, baker, 84 King st ; 126 Cumberland
Brown Robert (W. & R. Brown), 144 West Graham st
Brown Robert, clerk, 44 Pollock st, Kingston
Brown Rohei t, wood merchant, joiner, trunk & pack-
ing box maker, 81 Mitchell st & 15 Melville lane ;
house, Browhill, Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire
Brown Robert, spirit dealer, 68 Cranston st
Brown Rohert(Denholin&Brown),49WestCampbell st
Biown Samuel Russell iS. R. & T. lirown),8Windsor
terrace, St. George's road
Brow, i Samuel R. & Thomas, sewed muslin manufac-
turers & bleachers, 80 Queen st; works Bowfield,
& at 1 Milk st, Cheapside, London
Brown Susan, fishmonger, 538 Gallowgate
Brown Thomas (duichison & Brown), 20 Bloomfield
place, Hillhead [chauau st
Brown Thomas, wright, trunk, &c. maker, 191 Bu-
Browu Thomas, shoemaker, 31 Kent st, Calton
Brown Thomas (S. R. &T. Brown), Bowfield house,
Howwood, Johnstone
Brown Thomas, victualler, 156 Main st, Anderston
Brown Thomas, flesher, 188 Main st, Anderston
Brown Thomas, clerk, 204 Dumbarton road
Brown Thomas, spirit vaults, 161 West Nile st
Bro^n Thomas, stationer, 571 Gallowgate
Brown Thomas (Brown & Dunlop), North Haghill
Brown Thomas, jun. accountant & sharebrolser,? 5
Dixon st
Brown William, baker & grocer, 60 & 62 High st
Brown William (Black Bull Hotel), 259 Duke st
Brown William, nail maker, 172 Hiah st
Brown Win. (Baird & Brown), Canal Bank House, P. D.
Brown William, cabinet maker, 239 Argyle st
Brown William, victualler, 29 Cleland st
Brown William, surgeon, 57 Sauchiehall st
Biown William, grocer, 193 Dalmarnock road
Brown William, spirit dealer, 20 Nicolson st, L
Brown Win. sewed muslin manufacturer, 47Cochranest
Brown William, tailor, 246 Argyle st
Brown Wm. wine, &c. dealer, 10 Turner's ct,87Argylest
Brown William, clock maker, 49 Muslin st, Bridgeton
Brown William, confectioner, &c. 8 Bridge st; house
66 Portland st, Lauricston
Brown Wm. assistant manager, Clydesdale Bank, 24
Newton place
Brown Wm. (W. Sf R Brown), 144 West Graham st
Brown Wm. (W. Brown, Sons & Co.), 179 Bath st
Brown William, spirit dealer, 15 Croy place
Brown William, tailor & clothier, 6 Croy place
Biown William, victualler, 47 Bedford st
Brown William, boot maker, 39 South Portland st
Brown William, pattern designer, 44 St. Vincent cract
Brown William, spirit dealer, 12 South Coburgst
Brown William, stevedore, 173 Finnieston st
Brown William, warehouseman, 2 William st, T

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