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British Linen Company Bank, 110 Queen st. and
Ingram st — Patrick Biodie, manager
British Plate Glass Co. glass manufacturers, 80
Great Clyde st [street
British Protector Life Assurance Co., 13 Dixon
Briton Martin, tailor, 1 Melville place&132 Tropgate st
Broadfoot Alexander (Broadfoot, Douglas, & Co.),
Lochside liouse, Lochwinnoch
Broadfoot, Douglas, & Co. printers and shawl manu-
facturers, 4 John street
Broadfoot James, cashier, 146 West Graham street
Broadfoot James, master mariner, 6 Linden terrace,
Broadfoot John, plumber and lead merchant,28 Lance-
field quay, and Alma place, Govan
Broadfoot John, agent to the Liverpool and London
Assurance Co., and accountant and house factor,
7 South Portland st.
Broadley Ann, fruiterer, 25 Wes> Milton st
Broadley Eliza, househol u-r, 146 West Graham st
Broadley James, tobacconist, 9 Goan st. H.
Broadley Marv, shopkeeper, Black friars st.
Brock Andrew (W. Biock & Son). 212 Sanchiehall -t
Brock Archibald, eating house, 110 Main st Anderston
Brock Gabriel, dairyman, 50 Ann -t. Pott Dutnias
Brock Hugh, spirit ciealei, 74 Car rick st
Brock James, tobacco mauufactuier, 60 Stockwell st
Brock John, fruiterer, 104 St. George's id
Brock John, clerk, 62 Houston st. Kb g ton
Brock John, draper, 28 Kent st. Calton
Brack John S. engraver, 62 Argyll st.
Brock Robert, victualler, 6 Ruiherglen road
Brock William ( W. Brock & Son), 48 Rosebank terrace
Brock William & Son, corn and flour merchants, 88
Hope street
Brockat William, joiner, 20 York st [st
Brockie Ellen & Isabella, dressmakers, 51 We-t Regent
Brocklehurst Jas.(Sigkt-hillTavern), 149Springburn rd
Brodie Alexander, spirit dealer, 8 Tobago st, Calton
Brodie Alice, householder, 10 Rosehail st
Biodie, Burnet & Malcolm, wholesale si raw ba» ma-
nufacturers and artificial flower importers, 28 Royal
Exchange square
Brodie David, householder, 34 Houston st
Brodie David, victualler, 465 Gallowgate
Brodie Dugald, victualler, 134 Nelson si, Tradeston
Brodie Hugh (Muirs. Council & Brodie), Mayfield
House, Pollokshields
Brodie John, spirit merchant, 49 Piccadilly st
Brodie John, compositor, Love loan
Brodie John, spirit dealer, 118 Stobeross st
Biodie. John Alison (Kerr, Anderson & Biodie), 167
St. Vincent st
Brodie James, victual dealer, 24"Dalmaninck road, B.
Biodie Julius, fancy box manufacturtr, 3 Eagle lane
Brodie Mary, spirit dealer, 3 Cranston st
Brodie Mary, tobacconist, 84§ Eglinton st
Brodie Patrick, banker (British Linen Company), 5
Woodside place
Brodie Peter, victualler, Smith's place, Govan
Brodie Robert, coal agent, 88 Johu st
Biodie Robeit (M'Clure, Naismith & Biodie), 11
Buchanan st
Brodie Thomas, spirit dealer, 153 Louden road, Calton
Brodie William, dairyman, 4 Landressey st
Brodie William, tailor, 70 Oxford st, Laurieston
Brodie William, carter, 25 Melville st, Tradeston
Brodie William, cashier, 29 Paterson st, Kingston
Brodlv John, shopkeeper, 60 Muse lane
Brook Eliza, milliner, 41 Charlotte st, Calton
Brook Jonas & Brotheis, cottou thread manufacturers,
25 Cochran st, and Mehham Mills, Huddersfield
Brooks Charles, fruiterer, 165 Ingram st
Brooks David, Citv Refreshment Rooms, 90 Glassford st
Brooks Win. Baltic timber merchant, 52 'Vest Nile st.
Broom Daniel, confectioner, 155 Canning -t, Caliou
Broom David (Buncauso,n & Broom), 75 Bath st
Broom John & James, commission merchants & dry-
salters, 67 George square
Broom M. & A. milliners 8f drapers, 90 Cowcaddens st
Broom William, bootmaker, 39 Soaih Portland st
Broom William (Blochairn Iron Company), 160 Hill
st, Garnet hill
Brotheis James, eating house, 138 High st
Brown — , day & boarding school, 55 Abbotsford place
Brown A. & F. smallware dealers, 451 Gallowgate
Brown A. C. coal master, '0 Oswald st
Brown Agnes, hVher, 126 London st
Brown Alexander, clerk, 5 Stanhope st
Brown Alexander, dyei, 14£ Hospital st [Paisley road
Brown Alex. (Robertson, Brown &Co.), Alma place,
Brown Alexander, victual dealer, 34 West College st
Brown Alexander, storekeeper in Custom-house, 26
Cathcart st
Brown Alex, grocer & spirit dealer, 64Go>'an st, H.
Brown Alexander, shoemaker, 20 Dale st, Bridgetou
Brown Alexander, victualler, 16 Bi-hop st
Brown Alex. (A. Brown 8f Co.), 65 Shamrock st
Brown A'ex. & Co. spirit de ders, 179 New City road
Brown Allan, master mariner, 48 Houston st, Kingston
Brown Allan, victualler, 34 West College st
Brown Allan, tailor, Springburn
Brown Amelia, lodging house, 18 Rosehail st
Brown & Caldwell, wholesale grocers, 70 Howard st
Brown & Co. corn & flour factor-, 11 Hope st
Brown & Co metallic cask manufacturers, 135 Bu-
chanan st; works, 63 vVigtqu st
Brown & Co. drapers, 116 Candleriggs
Bri'Wn & Dunlop, vvi iters, &c. 49 Viiginia st [das st
Brown 6i Gi av, joiners & packing box makers, 45 Dun-
Brown & M'AiMmr, merchants, 32 VVesi George st
Brown & M 'Cotill, smiths, &c. 385 Parliamentary road
Brown & Millar, hardwai enien 20 Jail square
Brown & Pol-on, patent corn flour, and starch manu-
facturers, Paisley, near Glasgow — See advertisement.
Biown & Sharp, cutton brokers, 163Ingiam st and 100
Queen street
Brown Andw. victualler, 164 Rose st, Hutchesoniovvn
Brown Ann, eating house keeper, 165 Canning st, C.
Brown Ann, lodging house, 6 Killermont st
Brown Anna, householder, 144 West Graham st
Brown Anthony, warper, 19 Cochran st; house, 184
West Nile st [Lauiiestofl
Brown Archibald, spirit dealer, 28 and 30 Oxford st,
Brown Archibald, victualler, 104 Canning st, Calton
Brown Archibald, spirit dealer, 89 Blackfriars st
Brown Archibald 8[ Co. manufacturers, 104 Ingram st
Brown Brothers, cartwrisjhts, 24 Barony st [gate
Brown Brothers, chemists & drngwists, 110 & 112 Ti on-
Brown C. leather merchant, 163 Bridggate st
Brown C. R. (C. R. Brown & J. Macindoe), Kirn,
Brown C. R. & J. Macindoe, auctioneers of fine art and
literary properties, 119 St. Vincent st
Brown Catherine, hosier, 73 Fiunieston st, Anderston
Brown Catherine, milliner, &c. 2 William st, Tradeston
Brown Charles (D. Brown &Co.), 48 Windsor tei race,
and 1 Graeme st
Brown Chailes(W. Biown, Sons &Co.), Wemyss bay
Brown Colin (Stewart and Brown), 6 South Welling-
ton street
Brown Colin, victual dealer, 81 Dalmaruock road, B.
Brown Colin & Co. sugar merchants, 41 Virginia st
Brown Daniel, confectioner and pastry cook, 60 Queen
st; house, 92 Regent terrace, Stirling road
Brown David, shoe maker, 157 Canning st, Calton
Brown David, clerk, 7 Hopeton place [gyle st
Brown David, merchant, Madeira buildings, 253 Ar-
Brown David, proprietor of the Philharmonic Hal), 75
Argyle street
Brown David, spirit dealer, 1 Wesleyan st
Brown David, hardware broker, 134 Bridgegatest
Brown David & Co. manufacturers, 51 Brunswick st
Brown, Downes & Co. merchants, 24 Dunlop st
Brown Duncan, grocer, 370 Gallowgate
Brown Duncan, victualler, 2 Calton mouth
Brown, Duncan & Co. drysalters and wool merchants,
Brown Duncan Campbell, commission aetnt & mer-
chant, 1 Primes square, 48 Buchanan st; house, 8
Man-field place
Brown Ebeiiever, clerk. 27 Paterson st
Brown Elizabeth, furnisher, 30 Bedford st
Brown Elizaoeih, dress maker. 47Noith Albion st
Biown Elizabeth Ann, children's oiess maker, &c. 117
Paisley road
Brown Gavin (Brown & Co.), 92 Great Hamilton st
Brown George, grocer, 377 Gallowgate

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