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Blair John, spirit dealer, 127 Paisley road
Blair John, fishmonger, 29 Stock well st
Biair John (J. Blair & Co.), Pollokshields
Blair John (J. Blair & Co.), 26 Cathcart st, Kingston
Blair John, clerk, Broomloan cottage, Govan
Blair John (Hunter & Blair), 17 Centre st
Blair John & Co. joiners and builders, 9 Cathcart st,K
Blair John & Co. hat and cap manufacturers, 34
Howard street
Blair John H. victualler, 276 Hieh st
Blair Lydia, householder, 151 New City road
Blair M. dress maker, 163 Cowcaddens st
Blair Margaret, milliner, 7 Salisbury st
Blair Mary, lodging house, 4 Killermont
Blair Robert, boot maker, 8 College st
Blair Win. & Son, general agents, 52 Glassford st
Blair William, victualler, 104§ Garscube road
B)airWillwm, smallware dealer, 23 Garscube road
Blair William Smith, spiiit dealer, 142 Paisley road
Blair William, manager, 26 Taylor st, Stirling road
Blair William, cabinet maker, 156 Hope st
Blake Wra. manufacturing stationer and lithographic
printer, 64 Howard st, and 11 Renfield st
Blakeney John, master mariner, 54 Clyde place
Blane Andrew, confectioner, 92 Stevenson st, and 10
New st, Calton
Blane James, confectioner, Ritchie lane, Calton
Bleaymire William (Kennedy & Bleaymiie), 13 Hill st
Blelloch Andrew, cashier, Downie place, Partick
Blench Thomas W. cleik, 37 Arlington st
Blenkinsop Thomas, householder, 161 Shamrock st
Blue Vale Sessional School, Duke st
Blochairn Iron Company, malleable iron manufac-
turers, 43 West Regent st; works Blochairn, near
Bloom Kate, lodging-house, 124 West Nile st
Blyth Margaret, lodging-house, 23 Cowcaddens st
Blyth Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 98 Buchanan st ;
house, 23 Carl: on place
Blythswood Academy, 423 St Vincent, St Andiews,
H. Service, master
Blythswood Estate Oitice, 81 St George's place,
Jonathan Ranken, factor and commissioner
Boag James, spirit dealer, 79 Main st, Bridgetoti
Boag John, boot and shoe maker, 271 Geoige st
Boag John, metal merchant, & agent for John Freeman
and the Copper Co, Bristol, William Parsons, Esq.,
Swansea, the VieilleMontaene Zinc Mining Co. Liege,
and Adam Eyton, Esq. Liverpool and Holywell, 100
Holm st ; house Carntyne House, Parkhead
Boag John, junr. stationer &c, 312 Buchanan st
Boag Robert, joiner&packing-box,maker, 164Tiongate
Bobczynski, Kconstantz & Co, commission merchants,
72 Wilson st
Bock Isabella, upholstress, 116 Renfrew st
Bogie Margaret, householder, 23 Houston st, K.
Bogle Andrew, bank clerk, 56 Dundas st, Kingston
Bogle Hugh & Co. painters &c. 66 Gordon st [st
Bogle John Yuill, stay maker and milliner, 291 Aigyle
Bogle Peter & Co, cotton spinners, 1 Si Vincent p'ace,
woiks Banowfield spinning factory, 149 Reid st, B.
Bogle William R. hardwaieman, 296 Aigyle st
Bogles Jno. & Wm. linen&woollen drapers & milliners,
56 & 58 Oxford st, Lauiieston
Bogue Ann Jane, householder, 145 New City road
Bogue R. A. clothier and hatter, 113 Ingram st
Boland Michael, boot maker, 35 Salisbury st
Bolton A. M. teacher of dancing, 5 Tylefield place
Bolton George, victual dealer, 186 West Nile st
Bolton J. C. (Ker, Bolton & Co), of Carbrook, Stirling
Bolton James, confectioner, 66 Thistle st
Bolton Jane, furnisher, 24 Clyde terrace
Bolton William, teacher of dancing, 235 Buchanan s$
Bon Accord Loan Co, Brunswick place — J. Quigley,
Bonar David, grocer and spiiit dealer, 6 Eglintou st
Bonar John, sewed muslin designer, 33 Nth Fredrick st
Bonded and Free Stores, 66 Warroch st — John
Fleming, storekeeper
Bone Alexander, spirit dealer, 88 Nelson st
Boness Robert, lent dealer, 22 Low Green st
Bonnar Mary & Jane, milliners, 5 Richard st, A.
Bonner Joseph, householder, 3 Houston st, Kingston
Boog John, saddler and harness maker; IS Renfield st
Booklass George, carver, 27 Dunlop st
Bookless Agnes, lodging-house, 44 Sauchiehall st
Booth John (Rob Roy Tavern), 43 Argyll st
Borland & Guthrie, tailors, 192 Argyle st
Borland & Steven, fire brick makers, 26 Market st,
Borland Francis, secretary, to Glasgow Athenaeum, 100
Ingram st
Borland Hugh, clerk, 17 Shamrock st
Borland John (Borland & Guthrie), York st
Borland Robert (Borland & Steven), 502 Gallowgate
Borland Robert, confectioner &c. 20 Elderslie st, A
Borland Thomas, provision merchant, 203 High st, 190
and 470 Gallowgate, 79 Kirk st, Calton, & Main st;
house 39 Duke st
Bon on, Price & Co. glass bottle manufacturer, Glasgow
Glass Works, Port Dundas &Andeiston; office 13
Princes square, Buchanan st — See advertisement
Borron William Geddes (Borron, Price & Co), aud lead
manufacturer at Lead/tills, 217 West George st.
Borrows Jeremiah, baker, 73 Saltmarket
Borthwick Adam, teacher of writing, 4 West Princes st
Borthwick Alexander & Son, smallware, trimming, &
Beilin wool merchant,91 Buchanan st, 309 Sauchie-
hall st, & 94 Argvle st
BorthwickElzabih.(A.Borthwick& Son),124DougIas st
Borthwick, Gilkison He Co. iron merchants and in-
surance hrokers, 131 Buchanan st
Borthwick Hector G. S. (Borthwick, Gilkison & Co.)
Rose cottage, Hillhead [ford place
Borthwick John B. (A. Borthwick & Son), 24 Sandy-
Borthwick Thos. householder, 102 St. George's road
Borthwick Wm. day school, lONewton st, Sauchiehall st
Bost A. & Co. metal brokers <% commission agents,
135 Buchanan st
Bost Amie (A. Bost &Co.) Dalmuir cottage, Dalmuir
Bost Timothy (A. Bost & Co.) 6 Clarendon place,
Great Western road
Boston John, engraver, 12 Arayle arcade
Boston, New York, & Halifax Royal Mail Steam
Packet Office, 9 Buchanan st — G. & J. Burns
Boston Thomas, seal engraver, 12 Argvle arcade
Boston Tho;nas (David M'Farlaue & Co.) 25 St. Vin-
cent crescent
Boswell Ronald, bias-founder, 53| Thistle st
Boucher & Couslanri, architects, 5 Bath st
Bow A. & T. brickmakers & builders, aud drain-pipe
and roof-tile manufacturers, Shields Brick and
Tile Works, West st, Tiadeston — See advertisement
Bow & Co. coal masters, Mid wharf, Poit Dundas
Bow Ebenezer (E. Bow & Co.) 35 Port Dundas road
Bow Ebenezer, householder, 2 Park bldgs. Paisley road
Bow James, clerk, 27 Castle st
Bow Janet(A.&T.Bow), Havelock villa, Pollokshields
Bow John, woollen yarn anent, 15 Candleriggs
Bow May, chemist & druggist, 141 Garngad road
Bow Peter, householder, 36 Watt st
Bow William, shopkeeper, 85 Commerce st
Bowden M. J. bank accountant, 150 Bath st
Bower Oliver, bookseller, 30 Well st, Calton
Bowes Thomas, dairyman, 87 Bridgegate st
BovvieAudw.tngineer& machine rakr. 116Cheapsidest
Bowie Archibald, wright, &c. 5 Thistle st
Bowie, Campbell & Co. house painters, decorators,
gilders, ty paper hangers, 26 Boihwell st
Bowie Caiherine,dressmaker,135 Nelson st,Tradeston
Bowie David, brush manufacturer, 56 Gallowgate
Bowie Elizabeth, milliner, 14 Cadogan st
Bowie James, commission merchant, 37 Glassford st
Bowie James, joiner, 22 Campbell st
Bowie James, spirit merchant, 1 Cathedral st, ^220
Buchanan st
Bowie John, spirit dealer, 41 Tobago st, Calton
Bowie Margaret, shopkeeper, 43 Kyle st
Bowie Thomas, clerk, 103 Renfrew st
BowieW illiaui, householder, 20 St. James st, Kingston
Bo\ilingSaloon,27Dud1op st — A. M'Laren, proprietor
Bowman Dvd. painter & paper hanger, 60 Oxford st,L
Bowman James, dairyman, 185 Dalmarnock road, B
Bowman James, photographic artist, 65 Jamaica st
Bowman James, dairyman, 17 Nicholas st
Bowman Margaret, householder, 15 Watt st
Bowman Robert, sculptor, Sighthill cemetery
Bowman Thos. spiiit merchant, 119 Main st, Gorbals

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