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ALLOA, &c.
ON THE DUNFERMLINE & STIRLING | To ALVA, John Drysdale, from the
AND GLASGOW LINE. j from lhe i> )own l D „, Wert. & Saturday
Station, top of High s'... George Cromer, ! To L'ALKIRK, James Robertson, from
station master; David Kinnimonih, | War street, Monday and Thursday
inspector of permanent wny; Wordie i To KINCARDINE, -Luke, from the
& Co., carrying agents, 1 Hisrh st i Crown Inn. three- times a week
' J 5 & s | To STIRLING, Wiliiani M'Pherson,
: from Westvennel, Friday
' | To TILLICOULTRY, David Akin, from
i the Crown Inn, daily
To LON DON,CarronCoinpanv'sSciews,
twice a week
(frorn Stilling), calls at Alloa, daily,
according to tide; also the Stirling
Castle, twice a week — David Snaduon
agt-nt, Shore
To NEWCASTLE, the Times Smack-
Charles Stein, agent
To STIRLING, a Steamer (from Edin 1
burgh and Leith), calls at Alloa, daily,
according to tide
'LACKMANNAN, the capital of iis county suid
likewise of the shire, though not entitled to rank as
the latter from either its size, eommeieia! impm tance,
or population, is 32 miles n. w. fiom Edinburgh, and
yearly shipped at this port. The places of worship are
the parish church, a Free church, and one for United
presbyferians. The first -mentioned was erected in
!8l4,"atan expense of £4,500, aud is a spacious and
two from Alloa pleasantly situated on an eminence. | handsome structure, equal to the accommodation of
gently rising out of a plain from east to west to
height of nearly two hundred test above the }w\ oi
the Forth. At one period, this was a town of some con-
sequence; but since the improvement of Alloa, Ht»d
the superior commercial facilities posseted by t ! :»'
place, Clackmannan has sunk into comparative hw.#-
nificance : the surrounding scenery, however, is r>( a
very delightful description, and is viewed to great ad-
vantage from Clackmannan Tower, which occupies a
commanding site a little west of ihe town. Tradition
states that th'S tower was built by King Robert liruce,
close to which he had his palace, not a vestige of winch
latter now remains. The tower is eighty feet high and
contains a variety of apartments, reached by means of
a spiral staircase.
The principal trade is that derived from the coal
mines, which supply employment and humble compe-
tence to many of the industrious classes. The soil of
the parish is considered the richest arable in the shire.
and is under the best state of cultivation. It has a
two thousand persons. The other public institutions
are the parochial school, a ladies' school, two other
subscription schools, and a society for general religious
Tue village of Logie is most agreeably situated at
the base of the Ochil hills, at the entrance to Sheriff
Mnir, and presents a singularly plea-ing scene of
•natural beauty; a favourite resort for families, from
the large towns, during summer, lodgings being gener-
ally full during the season. The kirk, which is small
and neat, stands about five milps from Alloa. The
parish of Logie, or Blair- Logie, lies partly in the shires
of Stirling, Perth, and Clackmannan — the larger portion
neing on the North bank of the river Forth, opposite
Stirling. Within the parish, on a flat peninsula, formed
by a sinuosity of the river, the tall and desolate ruin
of Cambuskenneth abbey presents itself; the plain ad-
jacent was the arena in which Wallace obtained his
first open and signal victory over the arms of King
Edward. Fairs 4th September for cattle and horses.
shipping port of its own ; thousands of tons of coal are
POST OFFICE, Clackmannan, Joseph Russell, Post Master. — Letters from all parts arrive (from
Alloa) every morning at a quarter past six, and afternoon at half-past twelve; and are despatched thereto at
«ix in the morning, and evening at five.
Nearest Money Order Office Alloa.
Kirk Samuel (Crown)
Love Francis (Royal Oak)
Rennie Francis (Crown)
Smeatoii James, Powside House
VVylie Mary
manure manufacturers
Kilbegie Chemical Manure Co.
Kincardine-on-Foith — Rudolph
Naish, manager — [See advert ]
Balfour Kev. Peter, the Manse,
Brown Rev. William, Clackmannan
Bruce Robert, Esq. Kennett House
Bruce William Downing, Esq. Killa-
gie House, Clackmannan
Cameron Hugh (surgeon), Clack-
Christie Capt. James, Hillend
Drummond Rev. J. the Manse
Johnston Rev. J. J. Logie Manse
Siein Miss — , of Loanside
TateJohn,Esq.(sheiiff ofthe county) i Bachop William, shoe maker
Montague Cottage, Meustrie i Bayne David, grocer
Wilson the Misses — ,TetlandCottage i Blcloch — , coal proprietor, Kennet
In Clackmannan when not otherwise
Brown John, Craigton
Consen James, Grass mein stone
Edmund Matthew, Hilton
Mackie William, Gartarric
Morison James, Hawk hill
Stevenson Robert, Park farm
Thomson William, Bow house
Thomson William, Jelly holm
Wingate Andrew, Broad carse
Wright John, Tulligarth
innkeepers & vintners.
In Clackmannan.
Bayne David (ales and spirits)
HalleyJohn (posting)
Kirk Samuel (Commercial Inn)
Higgins James, shoe maker
Home Francis, wright & joiner
Kirk Saml. grocer and spirit dealer
Macmorrich Frances, grocer&spirit
dealer, Kennet
Patersou George, tailor
Russell Joseph, grocer and spirit
Sharp John, foreman ofthe Clack-
mannan brick w orks
Smeaton David, master of parochial
school [dealer
Taylor William, grocer and spirit
Walker John, teacher, Kennet
Watt James, baker
Carmichael Lilias, grocer and spirit
Clackmannan Coal Company,!
William Wallace, manager
Drysdale James, smith
Ferguson William, baker
Fogger John, Wright
Fogo John, joiner, Kennet
Forrester Margaret, grocer
Forrester Robert, grocer, spirit
dealer, and wright
Forsyth Hugh, grocer
Gillespie David, fire brick maker
Grier Francis, Kennet Colliery,
Kennet pans
Henderson James, smith
Established Church, Clackmannan-
Rev. Peter Balfour
Established Church, Logie — Rev. J.
J. Johnston
Free Church— Rev. J. Drummond
United Presbyterian— Rev. William
The Stirling & Dunfbrmlinb Rail-
wi v, passes within a quarter of a milt
of the town

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