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IVJaCDUFF is a sea-port town in the parish of considered one of the best on the Moray Fritn ; as &
Gamrie, situated about a mile east from the town of station of the herring fishery,it is exceedingly valuable ,
Banff, on the opposite side of the Deveron river, and on - - ■
the declivity of a hill descending towards the sea shore.
This town has risen, since the early part of the
eighteenth century, from being little more than the
huttage of a few fishermen, to a place Gf respectable
size and trade. It is built on the property of the Earl of
Fife, whose fine seat lies in this neighbourhood; and
to this nobleman it. has been indebted for its chief
improvements and prosperity; through his influence,
it was created a burgh of barony by George ill., in
1783, when its name was altered from Doon, to its
present appellation; it has from that period increased
rapidly its extent and consequence ; contains a hand-
some church, a parochial school, and a school for poor
children of both sexes— the latter, called ihe 'Murray
Institution, 8 from its having been founded by a Mr.
Murray, of London, a canvass manufacturer, and a
native of Macduff, in 1849 : there is also a town house
and gaol.
The church, or rather chapel-of-ease, occupies a
conspicuous positiou on the eminence ; and Lord Fife
has ornamented his precincts with a cross, which is
highly effective at a little distance. The same noble
a greater supply of that fish being obtained and shipped
from this port than from any other between Fraser-
burgh and Cromarty. There are two branch banking
establishments — the Union 3ank of Scotland, and the
North of Scotland Banking Co. The greater pro-
portion of the grain produced for twenty miles east of
Macduff, is exported hence, as are salmon, cod, and
herring; and the country inland, is supplied with coal,
bone-manure, and lime, imported here. Several vessels
trade with London, and the Baltic, the number of
fishing boats is very considerable, and in the curing of
fish there are some respectable establishments, and
matiy of the inhabitants obtain in this branch com-
fortable and even lucrative employment. The town is
governed by a provost, bailies, and council ; and it has
a weekly market on Tuesday.
The parish of Gamrie extends about eleven miles»
by an average breadth of about two and a half. The
coast is bold and precipitous, and indented with caverns*.
The land is partly under tillage, and partly in pasture.
Thriving plantations greet the eye in several quarters,
and other beneficial improvements are in progress in
this parish, the greater part of which belongs to the
Earl of Fife.
man has munificently expended a vast sum in the
erection and improvement of the harbour, which is now
POST OFFICEj Macduff, George Edward, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arriveffrnmBANFF)
every afternoon at half-past one, and evening at seven, and are despatched thereto, every morning at fifteen
minutes past eleven, and afternoon at a quatter to six, and night at nine.
Carny Mr- Alex., Macduff
Cruickshaiik Mr. Isaac, Macduff
Dallas Mr. Alex., Macduff
Duncan Mr. James, Duff st
.Findlater Mr. Wm., Macduff
Ingram Rev. Gordon. Macduff
Leslie Rev. Wm. Duff st
Munro Rev. John, Macduff
Nicol Mr. George, School lane
Ross Mr. John, Duff st
Watt Mr. Alexander, Macduff
Wilson Captain James, Skene st
Wilson Miss Susannah, Duff st
Wright Mr. Alexander, Macduff
academies and schools.
Established Church School,
School lane — WalteiGregor, mas-
ter, Isabella Wiseman, mistress
rFREE Church School, Duff st—
John Cowper, master, Isabella
Paterson, mistress
Murray's Institution — James D,
Camming, master, Mary Cum-
ming, mistress
Parochial School, Gardenston—
David Chalmers, master
Subscription School, Gamrie—
Alexander Shepherd, master
Allan James, Shore
Forbes James, Duff st
Panton James, Duffst
Steele George, Crook O' Ness
Valder William, Duffst
North of Scotland Banking
Company (Branch), Duff st—
(draws on the parent establishment
Aberdeen, and Barclay, Bevau &
Co. London)— Robert Morrison,
UnionBank of ScoTLAND(Brauch)
— (draws on the parent establish-
ment, Aberdeen, and Glyn, Mills
& Co. Loudon), Alexander Adam
Anderson John, Dubford
Barber George, Macduff
Fraser William, School lane
Littlejohn Alexander, Greenskairs
Murray William, Shore st
Sim Alexander, High st
Urquhart John, Church lane
Macduff Commercial Co., Mac-
duff—William A. Verel, mana-
Cruickshaiik John, Shore
Edward George, Shore
Henry Andrew, Duff st
Buie John, Buchan st
Craib James, Skene st
Gillan Robert, Duffst
Innis John, Duffst
Nicol Andrew, Duffst
Peterkin James, Gelly Mill st
Robb John, Ross st
Annand John, Duff st
Cruickshaiik Isaac, Duffst
Cruickshaiik Robert (& lime), Shore
Dallas Alexander (& lime), Shore
Kelman William, Crook O'Ness st
Leask Alexander, Market st
LeaskAlexanderA.,CrookO'Nes3 St
Leask John, Duff st
Watt Alexander, Shore
(See also Fish Curers &( Coopers.)
Gordon Robert, Gardenston
Greig Alexander Duff st
Levack John, Carny st
Skinner Benjamin', Macduff
Stevenson John, Gardenston
Cruickshaiik Robert, Shore
Dallas Alexander, Shore
Duncan James, Duff st
Kiloh James, Soiiter st
Wright Alexander, Buchan road
Aberdeen, James Martin, Shore
Alliance, George Wilson, Shore
Association of Scotland, Alex-
ander Adam Leask '■
Norfolk (cattle) Robert Morrison
Northern, RobertMorrison,Duffst
Andrew Henry, Macduff
(See also Coopers.)
Carny Alexander, Carny st
Cruickshaiik Isaac, Duffst
Farquharson John, Shore
M'Eachran James, Shore
Nesbit & Co. Crook O'Ness st
Runcie James, Market st
Shand William, Kirk laue
Watt Alexander, Shore
Wilson Andrew, Carny st
Young William, Shore
Abernethy George, Shore
Annand John, Duffst
Clark James, Duffst
Coull Mary, Duffst
Cumming Barbara, Shore
Dick Margaret, Dockiewell st
Fordyce Sophia, Shore st
Henry Christian, Gelly Mill st
Ingram William, Dubford
Kelman William, Crook O'Ness st
Kennedy David; Gardenston
Laing Hugh, Market st
Leask John, Duffst
M-Donald William, C'ushnie
Murray Alexander, Shore
Neish George, Duffst
Pearson John, Shore
Peterkin Christina, Duffst
Pyper John, Gardenston
Rafiir. Ellen, Gelly Mill st
Roy Barbara, Market st
Simpson John, Manners sfc ,
Stephen James, Protstorhilfc
Watt William, Gelly Mill sfr
Wilson Elspet, Crook O'Ness st
Young Margar.et t Shore- .

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