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V^ULLfrN is a royal burgh, a maratime town, and
the capital of the parish of its name; 191 miles n.n.e.
of Edinburgh, 22 e. of Elgin, 13 n.e. of Fochabers, 14
w. of Banff, and 6 w. of Portsoy ; situated on a com-
manding eminence, overlooking the Moray Frith.
Until within lhe last forty years it consisted of three
independent and distinct towns — the New Town, near
the sea, with a harbour; the Auld Town, more in-
land, and adjoining to the parks of Cullen House ; and
the Fish Town, a low village, exclusively inhabited
by fishermen and their families. The Auid Town no
longer exists, and the park of the Earl of Seafield
occupies its site. To this nobleman the town is in-
debted for those improvements and modern erections
which have conferred upon it that aspect of neatness
and respectability so apparent, and raised it to the rank
of the third town in the shire. The curing offish and
its exportation is carried on by several of the inhabit-
ants. Besides these occupations, a branch of the
Union Banking Company, six insurance companies'
agents, and a good inn, are the principal establish-
The acting magistrates are the provost, three bailies,
with a treasurer, dean of guild, and thirteen council-
lors. The burgh joins with Banff, Elgin, Inverury,
Kintore, and Peterhead, in returning a member to <
Parliament. The gentleman at present sitting is
Mountstewart Elphinstone Grant Duff, Esq.
A very elegant temple of stone was some years i
since erected upon an elevated spot of ground, very j
near the sea, and not far from Cullen House. This
latter is an ancient and irregular edifice ; the interior
is, however, furnished with modern taste, and adorned
with paintings by the most eminent masters. Cullen
stream passes under the south walls; and on the op-
posite side are the park and pleasure-grounds, which
are connected with the house by an elegant arch of
eighty-four feet span. Not far distant are the ruins of
a dwelling in which Elizabeth, queen of Robert Bruce,
is said to have died. An eminence, called Castle Hill,
at the western extremity of the town, is the site of aa
ancient fortification, which must formerly have been a
place of great strength. An almost perpendicular rock
renders it inaccessible from the north, and it is sur-
rounded in every other direction by a deep ditch. It
is supposed to have been destroyed by fire, as vitrified
stones have been frequently extracted from beneath
the surface. Fairs are held on the 7th January, the
third Friday in May, and second Friday in November
(new style). T,
POST OFFICE, Grant street, William Smith, Post Master.— Letters fresa the Sooth arrive every
afternoon at twenty minutes past two, and are despatched thereto every morning at a quarter-past five. Box
closes every night at ten.
Letters from the North arrive every morning at half-past ten, and are despatched thereto every
afternoon at twenty minutes past two.
Money Order Office open from nine till six.
Anderson Mr. Wm., the Square
Bruce the Hon. T.C., Cullen House
BrysnD W. G., Esq. (factor), Cullen
Fraser Mrs.— , Seafield place
Gordon Sir James, of Letterfourie
Gordon John, Esq. of Cairnfield
Henderson Rev. George, Old Town
M Kay Rev. John, Seafield place
Seafield the Right Honble. the Earl
of, Cullen House
Sinclair Mr. William, Seafield st
Brodie Eliza, Cullen
Free Church School, Church st
Duncan Stewart, master
Parochial School, Square—
Charles R. H. D. Gordo^ m.a.
Young James, Seafield st «„,
Allan James, Grant st
Lawrence Wm., Upper Castle st
Simpson James, Seafield st
North of Scotland Banking
Company (Branch), Seafield st
(draws on the head office, Aber-
deen, and on the Union Bank of
London, and Barclay, Bevan,
Tritton & Co., London)— Alex-
ander Sim, agent
Union BANKiNGCoMPANY(Branch)
Grant st— (draws on the head
office, Aberdeen and Edinburgh,
and on Glyn, Mills & Co , Lon-
don—William L. Taylor, agent
Savings' Bank, Cullen House-
John Thomson, actuary
Forbes Thomas, Church st
Duncar John, Church st
Murray A. & D., Davidson's lane
Sanderson Robert, Pesford st
Findlay William, Seatown
Hay George, Seatown
Ross John, Seatown
Sinclair Alexander, Seatown
Cowell Alexander, Seafield st
Davidson George, Upper Castle st
Davidson William, Seafield st
Innis Alexander, Seafield st
M'Donald Joseph, Upper Castle st
Stewart Duncan, Seatown
Anderson Alexander, Grant st
Duff us W. & J. (& cabinet makers
and upholsterers), Seafield st
M'Beath John, Seatown
Ross John, Seafield st
Sinclair John, Seatown
Whyte William, Red Haven sS
Anderson William, Seatown
Gamie William, Seafield st
Mitchell Andrew, Seafield st
Thomson James, Seafield st
Amicable (life), John Cairncross,
Seafield st
Life Association of Scotland,
David Lumsden, Seafield st
National, Alex. Sim, Seafield st
Northern, Geo. Grant, Seafield st
Scottish Equitable, and Scot-
tish Union, W. L. Taylor,
Grant st
Scottish Provident, Alexander
Sim, Seafield st
Addison John, Seatown
Dickson John, Seatown
Downie William, Seatown
Findlay James, Seatown
Grant Alexander, Seatown
Forbes John, Seatown
I M'Ronald Alexander, Seafield st
Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers. .
Allan Jno. (and clothier), Seafield s6(
•Anderson Alexander, (and iron-
monger and general merchant),
Seafield st
Cairncross John (draper and general
merchant), Seafield st
Chrystie James (and plasterer),,
Seafield st
Findlay Alexander, Seatown
*Gamie Ann & Co., Seafield st
Grant Robert (and ironmonger and !
general merchant), Grant st & Sq.j
Lumsden David (and druggist and
bookseller), Seafield st
Munro Mary Ann, Grant st
Smith William (and linen ami;
woollen draper), Grant st
Will George (& clothier), Seafield sV
Commercial Inn,WilliamRobertson,
Grant st
Davidson John, Upper Castle st
Nicol Elizabeth, Seatown
Seafield Arms Hotel (commercial
and posting house), — Caird, Sea-
field st
Skakel Alexander, Seatown
Gaudy John, Upper Castle st
Lobban Alexander, Seafield st
Clark Alexander, Seafield st
LavsHrence Alexander, Giant st
Straehan William, Seafield st
Mitchell Andrew, Seafield st
Straehan William, Seafield st
Thomson James (& general mer-
chant), Seafield st
Grant George (and distributor ot
stamps and collector of taxes), ^
Seafield st
Sim Akxauder, Seafield st

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