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ALTCOA'fS is a sea-port, partly in the parish of here on the first Monday of each month Th*> ftovai
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Stevenston and partly in that of Ardrossan ; 74 miles
w.s.s from Edinburgh, 30 s.s.w. from Glasgow, 19 N.
from Ayr, 14 \v. hy s. fioni Kilmarnock, and one from
Ardrossan (to which latter ihere is a railway) ; eligibly
situated on the Frith of Clyde, near to its northern ex-
tremity. The general appearance of the town is by no
Bank of Scotland and the City of Glasgow Bank have
branches in Saltcoats, and each occupy a hand-
some building. The places of worship comprise an
Established Church, a Free Church, two for United
Pre.sbyterians.a Baptist meeting-house,a Gaelic Church
and one for Roman Catholics. The children ot the
means prepossessing; but its situation and proximity ] town have the advantage of Free, Parochial, and Sab
to Ardrossan, and the passing and repassing of the
different steam packets and railway carriages, all con-
tribute to give life to this ancient place. Formerly
Salt-cots was the name of this town, and it then
consisted only of a small number of cots or cottages,
the inhabitants of which obtained a livelihood by
making salt. At the beginning of the last century, a
harbour was constructed for the convenience of ship-
ments of coal; the produce of the mines in this
neighbourhood and the little hamlet began to assume
the semblance of a village ; but in recent years the
entire exports of the neighbourhood are shipped at
Ardrossan, leaving Saltcoats without any maritime
trade. Daring the war it possessed an extensive
trade, and ship-building was carried on with great
spirit; but since the peace its commerce has been
entirely reduced. The manufacture of salt is now con-
siderable; many looms are employed in weaving
muslins, &c, for the Glasgow and Paisley houses. The
town-house, the foundation of which was laid in 1825,
consists of a spacious hall, with two smaller apart-
ments adjoining, and a lock-up for prisoners. The
edifice, which is surmounted by a steeple, is a promi-
nent and effective ohject when approaching the town.
A justice court, for the recovery of small debts, sits
bath schools, and of a library of religious and moral
woiks. There arc several benefit societies, which
alleviate the sufferings and relieve the necessities of
the poor. A cattle and grain market is held every
Thursday throughout the year, and an annual fair is
hell en the la-t Thursday in May.
St«»e> , »t«»v is a tillage one mile north-east from
Sail, outt, and two south-west from Kilwinning. It
con«*si« chitCy of one street, half a mile in length, and
derives its i.ame from Stephen, or Steven, the son of
Richard, who obtained a grant of lands from Richard
Monille, constable of Scotland ; the latter, averycele-
brated man, died in 1189. Under this grant Steven
settled here, and j;ave his patronimie designation to
the place. The parish abounds with coal and freestone,
of which large quantities are annually shipped. The
dairy aud agricultural produce, comprising cheese,
butter, wheat, oats, and potatoes, is likewise of con-
siderable value. A small portion of the. inhabitants of
the village are employed in weaving, and through the
agents here the works of their looms are conveyed to
the Glasgow houses. The present church is a neat
and handsome building, of modern erection. The old
church belonged formerly to the monks of Kilwinning.
POST OFFICE, Harbour street, Alexander Campbell, Post Master. — Letters from Edinburgh,
Glasgow, Ayr, Irvine, Kilmarnock, Paisley, all England, Arran, and Stevenson arrive every
morning at seven, and are despatched to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Irvine, Kilmarnock, Paisley, the North
of Scotland, and Ireland every forenoon at eleven ; to London and all England, Edinburgh, Glasgow,
Paisley, and Ireland every evening at five.
Letters from London and all England, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paisley, Ireland, Ayr, and Kil-
marnock arrive every evening at half-past six, aud are despatched to Ayr, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Irvine,
Kilmarnock, and Stevenston every evening at a quarter-past seven ; to Ardrossan and Arran every night
at ten.
Money Order Office open from nine in the morning till six in the evening.
POST OFFICE* Stevenston, John Scott, Po?t Master. — Letters from Glasgow, Edinburgh,
Kilmarnock, and various places adjacent every inoNiin* at half-past five, aud are despatched to Glasgou,
Kilmarnock, Irvine, and various neigh bouiio? towns ,,t thi,-?y-five minutes after four every evening.
Letters lrom Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paoiey, latiA'D, London, and all England every evening at
two minutes after six, and are despatched to London and -A\ England, Edinburgh, <;laso\v, I'aislev,
North of Scotland, and Ireland every morning at tweaty-three minutes past eleven.
Anld Mrs. Margaret, Bradshaw st
Baillie Misses — Hill st
Baird Mr James, Ardeer cottage
Ballantyne Mr John, Kyles hill
B?rbour Robert King, Esq., Raise St
Bolton Mrs. — , Canal st
Brisbane Mr John, Hamilton st
Brown William, Esq ,Parkend House
Burns Miss Catheiine, Kyles hill
Campbell Mrs. Sarah, Hill st
Cook Rev. Alexander, Crofthead
Coulter Mrs Marion, Canal st
Craig Mrs. Jane, Ardrossan road
Cruiksliank Rev. James, Stevenston
Cunningham Aithur Wellesley Ro-
bertson, Esq. of Auchenhatvie,
Davidson Rev. Joseph, Hamilton st
Ellis Miss Agnes, Windmill st
Fiillerton Mr Duncan, Raise st
Fullertoa Gavin, Esq., of Kerelaw
Gibson Mis. Catherine, Bradshaw St
fiirYen Rev. James, Canal st
Howe Alexander Hamilton, Hnller-
hiirst House [terrace
Ingram Mr. Alexander, Melbourne
Jack Mr William, Raise k t
Kelso Mrs. Mary, Hamilton st
King Mrs. Jane, Hill st
M'Kinlan Rev. James, Canal bank
M'Nab Rev. P. F., Msnse
MonL' Mrs. Janet, P :"tsp s»
Morris Mrs M.u-y, Ap'ros-san road
Neil Mrs Agnes, Hamilton si
Neil Mrs. — , Ardeer
Orr Mrs Margaret, Raise st ^
Kitchie Mrs Annie, Hiil st
Ronald Rev. David, Hamilton st
Service Mr. William, Hamilton st
Shaw Mr. James, Hamilton st
Shaw Major, Mayvsle
Smith Mrs. Janet, of West Hayocks
Sterling Mrs. Aenes, Hamilton st
Stevenson Mrs. Grace, Raise st
Stirrat John, Esq. J. p., Raise st
Stobbs Rev. Simon, Ardrossan road
Thomson Mr. Adam, Rockvale
Warner Patrick, Esq. of Aid er
White Rev. James, Ardeer, Steven-
ston [san road
Williamson Rev. Alexander, At dros-
academies be schools
Female School of Industry,
Stevenston — Sarah Whitelord,
Free Church School, Bradshaw
s t_Geo'ge Giier.-oe, master
Iron Work?, Sciiooi, Stevenston
— James Pat on, m-ister
Movrin William C, kStevenston
Parochial School, Gree:i st— •
Charles Marshall, master, Jane
Marshall, mistress
Parochial School, sterrLsioo —
James Orr, master
Skencli Robert, Brauahiv* «'.
Smith Maiy (boarding), Ar.'io-gso
Fiillerton James (to the British
Economical Manure Company),
Dockhead st
Aitken James, Duckhead st
Barelav Andiew, Raise st
Bolton' Marcaret, Ch ipelwell st
Brownlee John, Raise st
Cnlvertson John, Saltcoats
Fleck Alexander, Bradshaw. st
Giimwood John, \\,\>a st
Mitchell Robert, Saltcoats
Mitchell James, Saltcoats

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