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|[ Jnedden C'.ai'ie-, Halfway
liablitt) Janet, High st
jKmpld Elizh. Eagle, High st
Idam Audrew, Ki'nigegate st
iniith James, Brirfeegare
SV>e Cabinet Makers and Joiners.
\ Marked thus * are Noiaries, and thus +
fBlair John (f->r the justice o,
peace court, and sheriff clerk
depute), High st
'fBlair (Patrick (and depute clerk
of (he peace, and clerk 10 the
property and income tax com-
missioner* for the district of Cun-
ningbame), High st
JPDickie .lames, High st
(•Robertson Alexander, Bank st
PfSmith lV Gilmour. Kirkgate
[Anderson James, hosier, Fullarton place
BBrcnvo (lobti'i, inspectorof poor andcol-
] lector of taxes, fullarton st
Campbell J .uiies Arthur, clerk to the lieu-
tenancy ol the county of Ayr and to the
commissioners of supply, Hinh st
Campbell William, turner, High st
Dean John, town's (Victor, High st
Dick Maxwell, inspector of weights and
measures. High st
Bardner Margaret, temperance hotel
keepeer, High street
Izet Jrimes.sail maker, 3 M'Doiigall's la
laflrey .lames, lime burner. Quay
Lewis James, fruiterer, LJriilgegate st
M'Cready Robt. plasterer, East Backway
■Kerns' Robert, saddler, Bridsjegate st
JMacready Robert, plasierer. Buck way
Millar George & Co. manufacturing che-
mists, Fullarton st
iMnrohie Peter, shipbuilder, Shin yard
Parker James, storekeeper. Kirk;ate
Parker V, illiam, beer retailer, High st
Pemielliili Crawford umbrella maker,
Bridge»ate st
Reside James, gardener, Townhead
Robertson Andrew, ins| ee!ov of poor, Si.
collector of rates, Briilgegate st
Smith John, clerk to 'die road trustees,
Smith John, greengrocer, IJridgegate st
Waison James, blacking maker, High st
Places of Worslxip,
Established Chuuch, Irvine ..Rev.
James Sommerville
EsTABbtsHEuCnuKcn, nreghoin.. Rev.
John Campbell Jaiuieson, and Rev.
James Milroy
Quoad Sacra Church, Fullarton, Ir-
vine.. Rev. Alexander M Crawfurd
Free Church, Seggin b.mt .. Rev
William Cousin [David Wilsph
Free Church, Fullarton place... Rev.
Fhke Church, Peicetou..Rev. John
tJN'TFD Peesbvteiuan (East). . Rev.
William B. Robertson
United Presbyterian (West) ... Rev.
James Urummond
Baptist, Bridgegate street
Poor Ziaw Union.
Workhou-e Town's iMuir, Irvine.
Governor. . David H unter
Matron...Mts, D- Hunter
Surgeon. .William Wylie Gray
Inspectors of Poor and Collectors of
Taxes.. Robert Brown, Fullarton st,
and Andrew Robertson, Bridgegate st
Town Hall,
Town ClerTctfBi/let Master. . DavidGray
Town Factor John Dean
Inspector of Wei'/hts and Measures.... m
Maxwell Dick
ATHEKiEUM, Bridgegate si.. John Kiers,
Ayrshire Temp eiunceUnion, Irvine,
Robert Uojd, secretary
Gaol, High street
Gas Works, Bank St.. John Gunnion,
Harbour Opuce, Qijay .. Alexander
C M'Kitilay, harbourmaster
Justice op the Peace Court (held
every Monday). .Patrick L>lair, clerk to
the justices,
STA.-utOFFicE,High St.. W illiam M' Jan-
net, sub-distributer
Tax Office, High st. . William M/Jan-
net, collector
Weights and Measures Office,
High st, .Maxwell Dick, inspector
For Irvine .. James Arthur Campbell,
Briiigegate street
For Dregltorn. . John IVI'Gavin,Dreghorn
Custom I2or.se,
Collector.. Janvs Giieve, Esq.
Cowpti oiler and Surveyor .. John H.
Snitch, Esq.
Tide Wa'dei . . Robert Boyd
To KILMARNOCK, from the Egliuton
Arms, every Friday
Conveyance by Kailway.
Station, Halfway Alexander Allen,
Telegraph Office, at the Railway
Station.. Thomas Hillhouse, agent
To ARDROSSAN, a carrier daily
To GLASGOW, Alex. M'Alpine, daily
To KILMARrNOCK, Archibald M'Wil-
liam. from High street, daily
To SALTCOATS. Will am Wilson,from
High street, daily
To STEWARTON, John Clark, from
High sheet, Wednesday and Saturda
jlVlLBlllNIK, or KiLBiRW, is a populous village in • noted for its manufacture of fishing nets, by machinery,
jthat parish, disuict of Cunningham; 61 miles w. by s. ft! r. James Walker being very extensively employed in
from Edinburgh, 20 s.s.vv. of Glasgow, the like r'j stance > that business.
fa. of Avr, ai d three from Beith, eligibly situated
the banks of the Ganrbck, in the heart of a fine emu-
try, and with'ii a mile of ihe loch of Kilbirny, which
extends two miles in length by halt a mile in breadth,
and js well stored with perch, trout and eel. Theimnor-
tance o this village has been greatly augmented ofliate
years by the estaolistHnentof three extensivemit's —
namely, two for ihe spinning ot flux and the mactifar>
tuie of linen iliread, worked by the Messis. Knox, at-.,
the Kilbirnie Col ton A oil;- Company's jViilHrnauaeeo'
by Mr. Archibald Prentice. A bi'anch from the Clydes-
dale Banking Company has recently been opened heri ,
under the mauagementof John Alexander, Esq. Glen-
[garnoek Iron Works is an extensive concern for the
^manufacture of pig iron, situated a ; )out a mile and a
quarter to the south-east of Kilbirnie. These wo- Us,
Winch employ moie than two thousand persons (in-
cluding those engaged id raising coal foi i he use ni the
Brnact-s), are stipei intended by Mr. John Jack, the
acting manager. The workmen inhabit a ne wly- erected
village, and the company supply thetii with the atces-
jjsaries required from, a store, aid their children with
jinsti in -tion in a. school maintained by them. The Kil-
birnie Iton Foundry is situated near the railway sta-
tion, and employs aisoagieatnuiubei' of hands. In L'il-
jbirnie aie two good schools — the parochial one,, rebuilt
)in 1849, partly by assessment, assisted by subscriptions;
land the Free Church school, erected by means of a
Biveriiuient grant, aided by subscriptions. [\iihijnie is
The old ca-tle of Glengarnock is perhaps one of the
nin-t aiiient, as well as the most stately,ruins in Ayr-
shire. It is supposed tr> have been the residence of the
once famed family of De Woiville, which flourished in
great splendour during the reigns of Alex-tnder 1.,
David I., j\ialco!m IV., and W illiam the Lion; they
he'd the high office of constable of Scotland, and were
[(in - of Galloway and Cunningham. There likewise
exists tin' extenMve njin of t!;e old house of KiJriirnie,
long r he residence of the ancient family of Crawford,
■ if Kilbirnie. Some time after the death of Geortre,
I it« Easi of Crawford, a person came from Ireland,
calling himself John Lindsay Crawford, and assumed
to be heir mare to the title and c-tates. This ciaiai
excited a great sensasion in the country for several
years, but the pretender, being convicted of vitiating
written evidence in support of his assumption, was
transported to Botany Bay for seven years. Upon his
return, however, he renewed his demand3, and a
society of noblemen and gentlemen in London assisted
biin ; but, after a minute and careful iuvestigation.the
claim was decided to be unfounded, and was conse-
quently abandoned. M the present time the estates
of Kilbinne are possessed by the Earl of Glasgow.
Congregations of the Established Church, the .Free
Church, and the reformed Presbvttrians have their
respective temples of worship. The parish of Kil-
hirma contained, in 18.31, 1,541 inhabitants; in 1841,
2,631, and in 1851,3.399.
■ ■/" , " C " ~* , -• , - l * *■* J -j ***#«,*-• i|ntw"o. lv i ■ ■» ii i ^ 1.3 _ r .. j 1 1 tX nil lit itVif u-*J+**f*
POST OFFICE, Malcolm Caldwell, Past Master.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Beith) every
morning at e'ght, and every iii«ht at ten minutes alter seven ; and are ilespatched thereto every morning at
[half past rive, and every aaernooon at quarter past three.
Money Order Office opeu from nine in the morning till ten in the evening,
to £67

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