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GENTRY &c._ Continued'
Moore John, Esq. (baillie). New
road, Newton
MorrisontheMisses — ,6Charl«tte st
Morrison Rev. Walter, 6' Mont-
gomery terrace [Racecourse id
Murdoch Mrs. Agnes, KairficldLodge,
YlurdochJas.K.E»q.l2Al!oway place
Nichol M r-. — , 1 1 Fort st
Nicholson Mrs. Agnes, BarnsHouse
Nkbel Mr, Alexander, John stieet,
Wallacetown [town
Nisbet M rs. Annie, John st, Wallacc-
O'Neil Major Win. 11 Charlotte st
Orr Rev. George, 12 Barns ten are
Oswald Alexr. Esq. of Airchim ruive
Oswald George, bsq. Orar.gefield,
Faterson Miss Agnes, Prestwick
Paterson Andrew, Esq. J. p. Rose
Villa, Victoria Park [lington sq
Piierson Martin Thos. Ksq. 2 VVel-
Paton Miss Agnes, 2 Barns st
Paton Alexander, Esq. Maeneirston
Paton .las. Esq. J. p. Blackburn Cott.
PatonJamesJun. Esq. II Alloway pi
Paton Robt. Esq. J. P. 10 All-may p|
Taul John, Esq. Well pari: Villa,
Racecourse road [House
Pennel Admiral Follint', Pauchlmd
PetcyMrs. — ,Cornhill, Prestwick id
Pollock William, Esq. Spriugvale
Rae Rev. Francis, New Market st
Rankin Mrs. Marion, Brnce terrace
ReddieMnj >rG( orge,6Wellingtnii sq
ReidMrs.Margt.John st.Wallaeeuvn
Ridley Mrs. Jane, 5 Charlotte st
Robertson Ri.v John, 14 Academy st
Robison James, Esq. 1 Alloway pi
Rose William, Esq. Savoy Cottage,
Racecourse r<>ad [road, Newton
Rowan Rev. Andrew, Sea view, New
Shaw Col. Michael, Bourtree Park
Shaw Rev. Win. Mans-, Townhead
Sloan Mrs. Janet, 27 Sandgate st
SlossMrs.Marv,Jobii st.Waliai etwn
Smith Miss Ann, Sandgate st
Smith Mrs. Dr.—, Brown!"!] Cot-
tage, Midton road
Smith Miss Ellen, -.0 Mill st
Steele Thomas, Esq. Seabank Villa
Stevenson Rev. James, Manse,
Prestwick road
Stewart Boyd, Ksq. 6 Barns terrace
StewartJames, Esq. 29 Queen's terr
Stewart Mr. Thomas, 6 Sandgate st
Stewart William, E-q 3 Barns terr
SymMrs. Loui-a, 1 Bath place
Taylor Mr. Robert. 11 Harbour st
Tenant Miss Agnes, Broomfield pi
Tennant Miss Agnes & Susan, 4
Barns st [Racecourse road
Tennant Mr. Wi liam, Eden Villa,
Terry Captain Thomas, Newton terr
Tweedy Mrs. Eliza, 11 Barns st
Waddell Thos. Esq. 5 Wellington sq
Walker Miss Margaret, 8 Alloway pi
Wallace Miss Marion, 2 Bains terr
WallaceRev.Robei t, Newton Manse
Weir Mrs — , 12 Academy st
While Peter, Esq. Newark Cattle
Whiteside VVm.Esq.MD.Nw Bridge st
Whyte Mrs. Ann, 12 Cathcart st
Williamson Mrs. Agnes Blackburn,
Racecourse road
Williamson Mrs. Mary, Newton terr
Willock Mr. Thos. Green st, Newton
Wilson James, Esq Covsehill
Wilson Miss Jane, 30 Mill st
Wilson Mrs. Janet, 8 New Bridge st
WilsonMrs.Margt. New id, Newton
Wiison Kev. W. S. Queen's terrace
Wilson Rev. William, Free Church
Manse, Monkton
AYR, &c.
Withers.poon Miss Margaret, John
st, Wallacetowi:
Woorlburn Alexr. Esq. 14 Alloway pi
W.,!lieMrs.Elizaheth, ItSSanrtyaiest
Yom.g Mr. Houston, 2 Montgoir.-:r>
tenace [Dalblair road
Young Capt. Jas. Sprragpark Villa,
Young Mrs. — , 7 Sandgate st
Young Mrs . 2 Bath place
Ayr Academy, Fort street : —
Rector— Qv. Win. Hunter, L. L. D.
Greek $ Lat iuMatier— theRector
Modem Languages— Thos. Crie
tinglish— Arthoi; Lang
Arithmetic— John Shand *
Drawing Matter— Patrick Auld
fVrv.ing Master— Lawrence An-
Carrick st— John M'Laren,master
Baird M. (ladies'), 4 Charlotte st
Burgh School, Prestwick— John
Wardrobe, master
Calligan John, Lymond's wynd,
Episcopal School, Charlotte st—
J. P. Boyd, master [cart st
Fvignson Jane (boarding), 20 Cath-
Fkfe Church Schools : —
74 Highst — Jas. Gemmell, master
Linionds wynd, Wallacetown —
Main st, Newton— William Adam
Monkton— John Dinning, master
Grr.ss Ellen, 19 Wellington square
Infants' School, Charlotte st—
Margaret M'Farlane, mistress
Lyle Annette (boarding and day),
John st, Wallacetown
Parochial Schools: —
Cross street, Wallacetown — John
Gib>on, master
Green st, Newton — John M'Rae,
master ; Agnes M'Rae, mistress
Monkton James M. Cowan,
St. Qnivox — Jas. Miiler, master
Whiteletts — Jno.Rohertso!i,m.is'r
Ragged School, Carrick st
Roman Catholic School, John «?
Wallacetown— Michl. O'Gorman,
Smith's Institution, Townhead —
James Dobbie, master, Marion
Dobhie, mistress
Subscription School, Alloway—
James Stafford, master
Thorn Susan (sewing), Alloway
Gibb Gavin, 18 Bams st
M'Cubbin Alexander, 7 Charlotte st
{See also Fire, Sfc. Office Agents)
Affleck Elizabeth (for tne- Glasgow
and South Western Railway Co.)
Nmth quay
Ballantine John (for the Gauchal-
land ColHerv and for Langdale's
manures), J59 High st
Brvden William (sewing), Main st,
Cowan William (for the Mersey line
of Australian packets and for the
Galway& New York line of steam-
ers), 23 New Bridge st
Cutrie William Campbell (lor John
Gilmonr & Co. fire bricks &c.) 30
Fnllarton st
Cuthbe't Agnes (sewing), Garden
st, Wallacetown

Dalrymple Mary (sewiug), Garden
st, Wallacetown
Dalziel John (sewing), River st
Dick John (for the sale of the ord-
nance survey maps)28 New Bridge
st [st, Newton
Douglas John (shoe makers'), Main
Egglesoni Robert (weaving), Mill st
Ferguson John (for Pender tx. Son,-
bleachers), 109 Highst
Fnllarton Alexander (for the White
Star line of Australian packets),
Souch quay & 13 New Bridge st.
Girvan Hugh (sewing). 11 New
Market st
Hunter David (for the Black Ball
li n e of A ustralian packets) H arbo'i r
Keane Michael M. (to the Dalniel-
ling Iron Company), North quay
Kiikland R.(for Percaton Fire Clay
Works), South quay
M'Jaimet James (for J. & W. Craig
fire bricks &c.),Corn Exchange ct
Montgomerie Peter (sewing and
weaving), River st
Murdoch William & Co, (for the
British Economical Manure Co.),
87 High st [Wallacetown
Park Mary (sewing), Garden street,
Ritchie Alexr. (sewing), Wallace xt
Scott William (for Croggon & Co.'s
roofing felt), 22 New Market st
St-'el 1 ? Thomas (weaving) Green st
l.'Uc, Newton
Steele Thomas (for the Glasgow &
Liverpool steam packet; theOcean
Steam ShipConipany and forSabii
& Seat le, emigration agents,Liver-
pool), South quay
Stewart Walter (for TownsendV.
ai tificial manures), CornExchange
court [152 High st
Girvan Hugh (& appraiser), 11 New
Maiketst [Markets*
Hazel Gilbert (& appraiser), 16 New
Wils< » Robert (and appraiser), .'.
."sandgate st
Auld Ellen, 11 Fnllarton st
Strathie David, 14 Sandgate st
Brownlie Robert, Wallace st, Wal-
Caldwell Andrew, 1 Alloway jt
Dickie John, 112 High st
Economical Society, tfO High st
and George st, Wallacetown
Robert Main, manager
Girdwood Gavin, 18.'. High st
Gordon J. T. Whitlctts
Kennedy Hugh, 105 High st
Livinston William, High st
M'Jaimet, Hugh. 25 Highst
M'Kinna John. George st. WallaccT
Smith Robert, 11 High st
StewartJame*, Maia st, Newton
Wright Daniel, 150 High st
Wright David & Sons, Main street.
Bank of Scotland (Branch), 24
Sandgate st (draws on the Bank
of England, on Coutts & Co., and
on Smith, Payne & Smiths', Lon-
don)— Charles Campbell, Esq.
agent; Thos. Willock,accountaut
City of Glasgow Bank (Branch),
47 New Market st (draws on the
London Joint Stock Bank, Lon-
don) — William Pollock, iisq.agent

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