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Booksellers' Association... VVil'iam P. Kennedy, treasu"*r
Booksellers' Society of Edinburgh and Leith Wni^am
Oliph.mt, treasurer j
Botanic Gardens, tnverleith row. ..James Macnab, curator
British League of Juvenile Abstainers, Rose street. ..John
Hope, patron; W. B. Turnbull, superintendent; George
M'uibbnn, secretary
Bristo Place Hall, Kristo place.. .Ann Mcintosh, keeper
Buccleucli Street Hall, Buccleuch street
Calton Convening Kooms, Waterloo place
Cattle Market. l.ausiston...Robet Somerville, market offl*«-»r
Chamber of Commeice, 23 Bernard street, Leith Pillan
Scarth, secretary
Chamber of Cmincrce and Manufactures, 11 Melbourne place
..George Harris mi, secretary
Chamber lait's Offii e (Cits), t ity chambers. Royal Exchange...
David J. Robcitson. chamberlain
Church ot Scotland Odices,22 Queen st...Alex.Mnrrie, collectr
City Accountant's Office, City chambers, Royal Exchange...
Robert Aiam accountant
City Chambers. Royal Exchange
Cily Clerk and Sasines i ifrice, City chambers, Royal Exchange
...lamei< Laurie, conjunct city clerk
City Mission House, Gitiord park
City Mission Societv 10 George street.. Thos. Scott, treasurer
Cit> Paving Boatd Office, 273 High street
Cily Poor Rate Collector's Office, Eoirest road. .John Mackay,
Cily Session Clerk's Office, City chambers, Royal Exchange..
David Beatson.clerli ; W. S. Sutherland, assistant
Commissariat Office. 3 Hill street.. Philip Rolleston. c.G.
Commissary Office, Parliament square. .William Alexander,
W.S., commissars cleik
Commissioners of Universities Offii'e, 35 Moray plaee. .Robert
Berry, secretary
Conservative Association I Edinburgh). . Richard Wilson, C.4.,
secretary, 28 South Frederick street
Convenors ol the Tiades. .George 'i'ibbelts, convenor
Convent of the Sisters of Charily, Whitehouse luan.. Eliza
Langdale, superior
Convent of Sisters of Mercy, Lauriston lane.. Catherine
Hsnes. superior [intendent
Corn Exc ange, Grassmarket. .. Andrew Mackenzie, super
Council Chambers, 107 Constitution street, l.euh
Council Chambers, Cily Chambers, Royal Exchange
County Prison Board, 46 George street David .Murrav, clerk
Conn Room. City chambers. Roval Exchange. iRobt.Mnrham,
deputy city clerk and cleik to the justices and lieutenancy
Crown Agent's Office. Parliament square.. Sir John Melville,
Knight, crown agent
Dean of Guild's Office, 7 City chambers, Royal Exchange..
R. Morliam, clerk
Destitute Sick Society Hall, 150 High street.. John M'Culioch.
Diagnostic Society, Societies' hall, College. . VV m. Macintosh, sec
i.inectic Society, Liniversity..John M'Sloan, secretary
iUs en ting fillisters' Willows Funds. . Win. Peddie, o d . tresr
Ear liispensaiy, 405 Lawnmarket. .Thomas Keith, surgeon
Edinburgh Amateur Philharmonic Societv, 5o George street
Edinbn'rsh Association for Improving the Lodging Houses of
the Working Classes, 115 Colgate. .Geo. Meldrum, treasurer
Thomas Thomson, secrnary; John Smith, superintendent
Edinburgh Bible Society, 6 York place. ..Win. Sim, super
Edinburgh City Mission, York place... ReT. Alexander
Miller, superintendent
Etlmburgn Clothing Society. IS Bristo St.. Mrs. Ctegborn, sec
idinhurgh Conservative Association, 28 South Frederick st
Richard Wilson, secretary
Edinburgh Gazette Office, i3 North Bank street. . William
Alexander Laivrie, keeper
Edinburgh Highland Society. ...Malcolm M'Nab, treasurer,
lrj Saint Vincent street
Edinburgh Gas Light Company, 25 Waterloo place, and
115 Constitution street, Leith. .John VV atson, manager ; Wm
Johnston, agent at Leith
Edinburgh Mechanics' Subscription Library^Victoria terrace
...John Low, librarian
Ftlinbnrgh Racket Court, 180 Rose St. .Huntly Hallion, prop.
Edinburgh Total Abstinence Society, 2 Ncwth Bridge street.
Duncan Dochard, secretary
Edinburgh Water VI orks Company's Office, 123 Princes street
.Alexander Ramsay, manager; VVilliam H. Cameror
secretary; James Leslie, engineer ; William Black, surveyor
Edinburgh Young Men's Christian Institute Robert L.
Stuart, treasurer; Arthur Giles, secretary
Edinburgh School of Arts Friendly society ... David Macpher-
son, secretary, 33 Saint Andrew square; Alexander Hay
treasurer, 4 North bridge
Engineer's Office, Granton John Hovvkins, resident
Exchange Buildings Sin Assembly Rooms, Constitution st, L
Exchange Reading Rooms, 130 Constitution street, Leith
George Young, secretary
Exchequer Chambers. Parliament square John Henderson,
queen's and lord treasurer's remembrancer; Adam C. Long-
mo e, chief clerk; George Ross, presenter of signatures;
Francis George Souler, cleik to presenter of signatures;
Fletcher N. Veitch, clerk to port bonds
I je Dispensary, 405, Lawnmarket . D. Wilson. physician
i ■; . e Infirmary, 140 Geoige street.. Benjamin Bell and Dr,
P. H. Watson, acting surgeons; Agnes Scott, matron
Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland, 45 George street.. .4
Robert Balfour and John M. M-Candlish, hon. secretaries;
Geoige Auldjo Eas>on, honorary treasurer; William Thos..
Thomson, convenor
Free Church Assembly Hall, Castle hill
Free Church Ministers' Widows' Fund, 20 George stree
Free Church Offices, 58 North Frederick street
Free Church Society (for the children of ministers anft
ssionaries), 95 George street. . D. Maclagan, hon. secretary
Gaelic School Soeie'y. 6 York place
Gas Light Company (Edinburgh and Leith), 8 George street.*
Charles Arthur, treasurer; Norman Spence, clerk
General Assembly Hall, Johnstone terrace, High street.. Rer.
George Smith, D D.
George Street Hall, 51 George street. .Alex. Wemyss. keeper
Goldsmiths' Hall, 98 South Bridge st. Geo. Carstairs, deacon
Gover esses Institution, 4 Charlotte place
Gtaiilon Pier, Gr mton Capt, Thomas A. Wemyss, R.N., pier
matter; John Watt, ship master
Greenside Society and Sessional Rooms, 5 Greenside place
Hay and Straw Ma ket, Gtassm uket. . Thos. Henderson.clerk
Heriot's Hospiial (Works Office), 12 Royal Exchange. .John
Chesser, superintendent
Heriot's Hospital (Treasurer's Office), 11 Royal Exchange..,
John Dick, treasurer
Herring Fishery Office. 2 Dock gates, Leith
Highland Agricultural Society ot Scotland, 6 Albyn place;
museum. George IV. bridge. John Hall Maxwell, c B.secry
Hopeioun Rooms, 72 Queen street .Robert John Barry, prop
Horticultural Societies' Gardens, Inverleith row.. James
M'Nab, manager , James Bruce, assistant manager
Hopita 1 lor Sick Children (building). .Messrs Jollie, Strong
anil henrv.secretaiies
Ht.use of Recovery, 15 West Preston street.... Catherine
Scoular, matron
Humane Society, Mill lane, Leith
Hunterian Medical Society. . Wi'liam Robson, secretary
Incurables (Institution for the Reliel ofj Mill lane, Leith...
Miss Tough, matron
Indian Reliet Fund, 95 George street... D. Maclagan, hon. sec.
Indigent Gentlewoman's Fund Office, 7 Castlo terrace. .
John K. Fullarton, secreiary
Irish Evangelical Society, 52 Princes street ... VVilliam F.
Watson, treasurer
John Knox's House, 45 High street
Juridical Society ..William Lamond, secretary
Justice of Praee Cuuit (for the city). Royal Exchange.. .Robert
Morharn, clerk
Justice of Peace Fiscal's Office, County buildings . . Alfred J.
List, fiscal
Justice of Pence Small Debt Court (county), County Hall...
George R. Maitland, principal, clerk ; John A. Ru-se 1 and
A. G. Milne, deputes [son, assessor
Lands Valuation Office, 6 South Hanover street... Kobt. Pater-
Leith Hall, 18 Tolbooth wynd...John Adam, proprietor
Leith Public Library. 116 Constitution street, Leith . .George
Young secretary
Leith Shipping Office for Seamen, 59 Tolbooth wynd...Capt.
Thomas Thompson, shipping master
Lloyd's Surveyor's Office, 3d .Sand port street, Leith. ..Walter
Paton, surveyor
Lord Provost Chambers, Royal Exchange. ..Francis B.O00"' •-,
lord provost [Scarlett, snetary
Market Gardeners' Committee Room, Greeninarkrt .Robert
Masonic Hall (Grand Lodge of Set '-\ndj, 98 George street...
His Grace the Duke of Athole. gran, master ; W. A. Lawrie,
grand secretary; Samuel Hay, grand treasurer; A. J.
Stewart, grand clerk ^librarian
Mechanics' Library, 15 Tolbooth wynd,Leith...Geo Buchanan!
Meichants' Hall, 4 Hunter square...Charles Cowan, Esq.,
master; John Moinet, Esq.,tteasurer
Metropolitan Lodging House, 139 Grassmarket... John Disliart,
Ministers' Widows' Fund Office, 6 North Saint David street
...Rev. J. Grant, d.d , collector
Mi-sionary Society (Baptist Home)...H. D. Dickie, treasurer
Missionary Society (London)... .W. F. Watson, treasurer
52 Princes street
Moravian Mission. ..Robert Wilson, treasurer, 4 George street
Museum of the Royal Scotch Society of Arts, 51 George street
...John Beatson Hell, honorary sreretars ; — Jameson, curator
Music Hall. 54 George street. .James Macaulay, keeper
Naval and Military Bible Society. ..VV P. Kennedy, treasurer
and depositary, ISSonth St. Andiew street
Nelson's Monument, Calton hill [Banks, steward
New Club, 84 Princes street. ..David Home, secreiary; Wm.
New Edinburgh Property and Investment Company and
Accumulated Fund. ^97 High street.. .George Banks, manager
New Shelter (Females), Gilmore close, Grassmarket. ..Cecilia
M'Conochie, matron
Nicolson Street Hail, 52 Nicolson st. Jessie Hall, keeper
Night Asylum, Old Fishmarket close. ..Wm. Fraser, superindt.
Northern Light Houses (Commissioners of ) Office, 84 George
street.. Alexander l unningham, secretary ; George Stewart,
accountant; John Sherar, cashier
Observatory (Short's), Castle hill...Robt. Henderson.proprietor
Ordnance Stores, Leilh fort...Capt. Richard H. Siolherd, r.b
ordnance Survey Office. II Melbourne place
Otago Emigration Office, 20 Saint Andrew sqoare...James
I Crawford^ juo., and John Auld, joint agents j Thomas
I D. Currie, secreiary
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