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EDINBURGH, & c# fEWnfcurg&Sfifoe.
Dobson David, 24 West Preston st
Don John (& packtbg case maker),
Great Junction st, Leith — See
Donaldson George, 1 Elder st
Doul James, Society
Dow Wm. Dean path, Water of Leith
Dow William, 3 Mackenzie place
Dunbar 1 nomas, 4 Lanristou st
Duncan George, Coltbridge
Edwards Henrv, 212 Canongate
Emos Joseph, 70 Candlemaker row
Ewart John (& builder), 56 Piit st
Flemfig Leslie, Robertson's close
Forbes Alexander, 3 West New-
ington place
Fountain James, 48 Bridge st. Leith
Fraser John, Rose-street lane
Fullerton Thomas, Spittal st
Gilfillan John, Castle terrace
Goalen Thomas & Son, Morton st,L
Graham David, St. Leonard st
Gray Alexander, Johnston st, Leith
Grieve William, 1 Semplest
Hall William, 28 Duke st, Leith
Hamilton James, Lothian road
Harkess James, 131 Cowgate
Harlow David, 78Constitution st, L.
Harvey Thomas, 22 Westbow
Hay William, H addon court, 112
Nicolson st
Henderson George, Victoria terr
Henderson Robert, St. Cuthbert's
lane, and 19 Rose st
Honeyman Alexr. 44 Causewayside
Honeyman David, Young-st la.North
Hume John, 8 Laurie st, Leith
Hunter Robert, 3 Albany lane
Ireland George, North Back of
Ireland William, 18 Elder st
Jackson Thomas, 17 Lothian road
Jeffrey John & Edmund, 26 Hill st
Johnston Alexander, 9 Charles st
Johnston & Son, 69 Rose st
Johnston Daniel, 101 South Back
of Canongate
Johnston James, Dunbar st
Johnston Robt. 91 Fountain bridge
Laing Alexander, 50 High st
Laing George, 11 Lothian road
Laing George, Palmer's buildings,
West Nicolson st
Lawrie John, 64 Causewayside
Lawson Adam, Black friars wynd
Lavvson James, lToll cross
Leadbetter Akxander,48Nicolson st
Lovvrie John (wheelwright), 77
Abbev hill
M'Culloch John & Co. 22 Castle
M'Dougall Thomas, 2 lYgst Cross-
M'Gilvray A. 29 Horse wynd
Macglashan Robert, Hope st lane
Mackay Adam, 20 Horse wynd
M'Kean James, 3 Charles st
M'Lean William, Fountain bridge
M'Neil Isabella, Northumberland
M'Pherson Peter <$• Son, (general
brewers' work), Norton place,
London road
Marr John, Golden acre, Ferry rd
Mathiton James, Keir st
ftlatile John, Low Brougliton
Melville Thomas. Newhaven
Miller John, 51 Pleasance
M.ills Alexander, Cants close
Mitchell John, Abbey hill
Moffat Robert M. Hope st lane
Moffat William, Yardheads, Leith
Munro Daniel, 3 Dounie place
Murray James, 141 Fountain bridge
Neilson Sf Sons, Sandiland's close
Neilson John, 25St. James's square
Notmau David, Quality court, L
Pirrie David, 8 St. Anthony st, and
43 Gieat Junction st, Leith
Ponds Joseph, 10 Portland place,
North, Leith
Porter Thomas,Northumberland st,
lane West
Proudfoot 8f Gourlay, Morningside
Pursell William, Constitution st, L
Ramage James, Rose st
Reid David (aud mangle maker), 3
Reid John, 19 Ingliston st [race
Reid William, 2 &3 Johnstone ter-
Richardson Jas. Sf Son, Mainpoiut
Riva Alex., 79 Chambers's close
Robertson Alex., East Cumberland
street lane
Robertson James, Morningside
Robertson John, Newhaven
Robertson Magnus, Regeut st, L
Robinson Jas., Canaan lane, Morn-
Robson Stephen, 7 North Junction
st, Leith
Russell Alex. Carrubber's close
Russell John, 6 Lauriston place
Russell William, Seafield row
Samuel John, 25 Leven st
Saunders John, 15 Mitchell st,Leith
Scott James, 10 Clyde st
Scott Thomas, Silvermills
Scott William, Rose st lane
Shanks David, Leslie place
Shanks Matthew, Davidson's mains
Smith James, Riego st
Smith Thomas, 10 Hope Park end
Smith William, 79 Clerk st
Steven Thomas, Victoria st
Stirling William, 272 Cowgate
Swan John, 133 Rose st and 21
Broughton st
Temple Alexander, Morrison st
Thomson & Craw, Lothian road
Thomson Jas. 57 Constitution sr,L
Thomson John, North-east Thistle
st lane [lane
Walker James, South-west Rose st
Wallace David, 179 Fountain bridge
Wallace James, 10 Church lane
Watherston John & Sous, 8 Char-
lotte place, and Lothian road
Watson George, Thorney bank
Whillas John, 20 -Riego st
Wightman William, 44 Whitfield pi
Wilkie James, Gorgie
Wilson Andrew, 18 Leven st
Wilson David, Sitnm's court, Cal-
ton hill
Wilson James & Robt., 23 Riego st
Wilson John, Morrison st
Wilson Robert, Victoria st
"Writers to the Signet.
Marked thus * are also Notaries.
[See also Notaries, and also
Adam & Kirk, 9 Charlotte st,South
Adamson & Gulland, 16 Nelson st
AlexanderVVm. 7 North St. David st
Alexander William, Parliament sq
•Anderson J.&F. 50 North Castle st
Anderson Robert S. 4 Athol place
Anderson Thomas S., 1" Athol place
Arnott James, 5 Wemyss place
AmoU John, 1 St. Vincent st
Auld & Chalmers, 21 Thistle at
Aytoun James, 26 Nelson st
Baillie James W. 20 Hill st
Balfour J. M. & J. 4 Thistle court
•Baxter Edmund, 9 Rutland sq
i Bell Alexander M. 11 Royal circus
♦Bell & M'Lean, 5 Thistle st
Binny Graham, 9 Hart st
Black David M. & Henry, 21 St.
Andrew square
Blackwood James, 19 St.Andrew sq
Boele Andrew, 21 St. Andrew sq
♦Bridges James.lOSouthHauover st
•Brodies' & Kennedy, 59 Northum-
berland st
Brown John, 2 Gayfield place
Bruce Alexander, 2 Thistle court
Burn James, 51 Great King st
Cairns George & Henrv, 35 George
IV bridge
Campbell A. & A. 22 Dublin st
Campbell & Trail, 7 Melville st
Campbell John A. 2 Albyn place
Camp bell William, 6 Rutland square
Cassells Alexander, 8 Northumber-
land st [square
Cay Robert Dundas, 23a St. Andrew
Cheyne & Stuart, 9 Plcardy place
•Cook Walter & John, 32 Aber-
cromby place
Cowan Robert, 9 Carlton terrace
Cox Robert, 25 Rutland st
Crawford James, jun. 12 Duke st
Cullen John, 34 York place
Cunningham James, 50 Queen st
Cuthbertson William, 66 Northum-
berland st
Dalgleish James, 14 Rutland sq
•Dalmahoy & Wood, 12 Hill st
Dalrymple William, jun. 11 Pitt st
Darling James S., 64 Northumber-
land st
^Davidson & Syme, (and law agents
to the Bank of Scotland), 22
South Castle st
Dickson David S. Thistle court
Dickson H. G. & H. G. 3b Dundas st
Douglas Alexander, 22 Young st
•Douglas Christopher, 8,2 Young st
Douglas David, 21 South Castle st
Douglas J. B. & Smith, 5 Fettes row
Duncan & Dewar, 6 Hill st
Duncan James, 46 Queen st
Duncan John, 27 Dundas st
•Dundas Sf Wilson, 163t. Andrew *q
Dunlop G. & G. (and law ag; ntaj,
17 Hill st
Duthie Waiter, 6 Great King st
Elder John, 3 South-west Circus pi
Kilts & Wilson, 4 Royal terrace
Ferguson John, 1 Regent terrace
Ferguson William, 1 Dundas st
FerrierThom.'is Henry, 136 Princes st
Findlay Charles P. 17 Northumber-
land st
Fleming Alex. 20 Lynedoch place
Forman John N. 4 Hill st
Forrester John, 8 Drunimond place
•Fraser William, 54 North Castle st
French John, 6 Graham sr,
•Gibson & Hector, 1 Northumber-
land st [5 Thistle st
•Gibson-Craig, Dalziel and Biodie,
Gibson J. &H..G. !2CharlottestSouth
•Gillespie & Chalmers, 81 AGeorgese
Gillespie J ohn,58N T <>rthuniLierlat)d st
Goldie Archibald IV. 8 York place
Gordon Arthur Forbes, 16ilutland sq
Govan John, 13 Walker st
Graham Humphrey, 11 Shandwick
place, and 14 Atholl crescent
•Graham Patrick, 14 Royal crescent
Grant & Cuthbertson, 5 North
Charlotte st .
•Grant & Wallace, 30 Drunimond pi
G«pf.«nri Andrew 15 St. Andrew so
Guthrie Alex. S.S.C., 47 ASbany st
Hagart&Skein,39 Northumberlnd st
Haldane Robert,! 7 Charlotte square
Hamilton & Kinnear. 35 Queen st
•Hamilton John, 81a George st

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