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EDINBURGH, &c. lEttfrimrgllgfiftt.
Stretton Louisa, 14 Broad wynd, L.
Sutherland Andrew, 29 Bread st
Sutherland Ann, 28 N. Richmond st
Sutherland Daniel, 26 Water la,L.
Sutherland Hu«h,l Cannon st
Sutherland Joseph, 70 St. Andrew
> st, Leith
Syme Sarali, 261a Cowgate
Tague Bernard, 74 Giles st, Leith
Tait James, 26 Jamaica st
Tait Thomas, 14 South College st
Taylor Ann, 184 Rose st
Tavlor Daniel, 11 Chapel st
Tavlor Isabella, 33 Home st
Taylor Martha, Pier pi. Newhaven
Taylor William, 5 Chapel st
Taylor William, 11 Atholl pi .
Temple James, 2 Union pi
Thomson Chas. 49 Bridge st. Leith
Thomson William, 14 Charlotte pi
Thorburu Francis, 8 Heriot build-
ings, Leith walk
Trainer John, 46 Buccleneh st
Trotter James, 75 St. Andrew st. L.
Turner Richard, Fort st
Tweedie Jane, 131 High st
Underwood Thomas Samuel, 4
Walker Alison, 61 Potter row
Wallace Agnes, 1 John's lane
Wallace William, 48 B rough ton st
Wardlaw John, 2 Wain point
Warrick Jane, 12 Portland pi
Watson Elizabeth, 94 Rose st
Watt John, 483 Lawnmarket
Webster James, 31 Baltic st. Leith
Webster William, Burns st. Leith
. links
Weighand William, Colt bridge
Weir William, 32 Elbe st. Leith
VVeston Thomas, 3 Duke st. Leith
White Alexander, 22 North-west
Circus place, and 39 Dundas st
1 White Johu, 5 Shrub pi
IWhite John, 14 Moray st, L. walk
jWhitson Isabella, Dalkeith road
! Whyte Johu, 515 Lawnmarket
Williamson Catherine, 64 East
Williamson Isabella, 2 Pitt st
Williamson William, Newhaven
Wilsou Adam, 22 Water lane, L.
Wilson David, South Back (if Ca-
Wilson George. 24 Bridge st. Leith
Wilson John, 37 Cowgate
Wood Andiew, 45 Whitfield place,
Leith walk
Wood John, 1 Potter row
Wood Robert, 34 Water lane, Leith
Wright James, 142 Kirk gate, Leith
Wright John, 142 Kirkgate, Leith
Wright Peter, 57 Giles st. Leith
Wright Thomas, 23 Carnegie S3
Young James, 5 West Adam afi
Young James, 88 Giassmarket
Younger Henry, 157 Rose st
Viaegar Makers.
Barr & Co. 12 South Niddry st
Chalmers & Chishohn, 39 Potter
! row
Turner, James & Co. 6 South Nid-
dry street
Alexander & Macnab (mourning),
84 South Bridge st
Brunton William & Co. (woollen) ,
13 Nicolson square
Clapperton John & Co. 371 High st
Cooper Thomas & Co. 1 & 2 South
Bridge st. and 2 North Bridge st
Copestake, Moore, Crampton and
Co. 15a Priuces st—Charles W.
Watson, manager
Crawford & Co. 11 Leith st. terrace
Crawford Jatnes,50 South Bridge st
Hanlie Chas. (woollen), 86 South
Bridge st
M'Laren, Oliver & Co. (carpet and
general furnishers), 329 High st
Mather John & Son, 11 High ter-
race, Leith st
M tingle, Paterson & Co., 4a North
Btidge st
Oldbam Joseph, 51 N. Bridge st
Robertson J. & J. (Scutch and Eng-
lish), 128 and 142 Highst
Romanes & Paterson (tartan man-
ufacturers to the Queen), 59
North Bridge st
Williamson J as. & Co. 377 High st
Waste Merchants
See Has; and Waste Merchants.
Watch &. Clock Makers
Vitchison Hector, 74 Candlemaker
Aitchison James, 15 Bank st
Barclay David N. 20 Bread st
Barnett John, 1 St. James's Si|
Bar tie Andrew, 24 Princes st
Blackie John R. 36 Bridge st. L.
Brown Charles, 4 Bristo st
Brown James, 71 St. Mary's wynd
Brown Matthew, St. Leonard st
Bryson Robert & Sons (and chro-
nometer makers in ordinary to
the Queen), 66 Princes st
Christie Robert L. 16 Bank st. and
19 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Clark James, 30 Fountain bridge
Cohen Solomon, 5 Leith st. terrace
Crouch William & Son, 32 North
Bridge st
Edey James, 57a North Hanover st
Errick James, 31 Blair st
Esehle R. (clock), 227 High st
Farquharson Chas. H.26 Leith st
Farquharson Win. 48 Fountain bdge
Ferenbach Pius, 132 Princes st
Finlay James, 56 Leith st
Gellatly Robert, 78 Princes st
Gray Charles. 14 Bank st
Gray James, 27 Nicolson st
Greenshields Alex, 67 Kirkgate, L.
Grierson Robert, 36 Leith st
Hay Alexander, 45 Princes st
Henderson George, 1 Cumberland st
Howden James & Son, 37 Princes st
Hunter Pat., 31 South Frederick st
Ketterer, Carrie & Co. 23 Green-
side st
Kilgour Alex. J. 429 Lawnmarket
Klausman Anthony, 4 South Col-
lege st
Lai n g George, 50 Leith st
LauleFidely 5 North Bridge
Legget John, 14 Nicolson st
Macdonald William J. 31 South
Castle st
M'Gacbie John, 43 Princes st
M'Gregor James Sf Son, 25 West
Register st
Mackay, Cunningham & Co., 54
Princes st
M'Lauclien Walter, 47 Nicolson st
M'Nees William, 153 High st
Marshall & Sons, 87 George st
Marshall James & Walter, 41a
George st
Marshall W. & Co. 62 New build-
ings, North bridge
Mathers & Co. 12 Brunswick st
Melrose Wm. 5 Leith st. terrace
Middlemass Thomas, 5 Spittal st
Millar Adam, 62 Leith st
Millar Andiew, 5 West Nicolson st
Millar John, 44 North Bridge st
Millar Richard, 58 Bridge st, Leith
Miller Robert, 6 Royal Exchange
Millidge & Son, 28 Princes st
Mortimer Wm. 18 North Bridge st
Mossman A. & Co. 50 Princes st
Qtt Willam, 48 Leith st
Picket! William, 18 Victoria st
Ritchie James & Son (and steeple
clock manufacturers), 25 Leith st
— See advertisement
Robertson Robert (case), 8 Nicol-
son square
Sharpe Francis, 28 Clerk st
Shaw Alexander, 32 Clarence st
Simpson Thomas S.48 George st
Smith John, 18 North Bridge st
Smith Wm. 33 West Nicolson ft
Stalker David, 9 Commercial pi. L.
Taylor John, 81 South Bridge st
Thomson James, 2 St. James's pi
Vernon John Edward, 54 Leith st
Webster John, 107 Westport
Whitelaw Jas., 28 West Registr st
Wighton fy Son, 17 Queen st
Wighton William, 27 Rose bank
Wilsou Thomas, 11 Leith st
Winter Ulrich, 6 North-west Cir-
cus place
Wood Robert & Co. 9 Leith st. ter.
"Waterproof Goods and In-
dia S£ufofoer Warehouses.
M'Farlane Robert & Son, Stead's
place, Leith walk
North British Rubber Companv,
Castle Mills, Fountain Bridge-
Henry Lee Norris, manager
Scott Andrew (oil), 32 Commer-
cial place, Leith
Thornton & Co. 78b Priuces st
Whip and Thong- Makers,
Leggat George & James, (to Her
Majesty), 4 Brown square
?.- : Phersou Charles, 50 High st
Window Blind Makers.
See Venetian Blind Makers.
Wine and Spirit Merchants.
(See also Spirit Dealers, and also
Wine Merchants.)
Adams Andrew, 13 Duke st
Aikman Colin C. 17 Constitution
st, Leith
Alexander Lewis, 10 Mansfield pi
Btyce John (and importer of, and
dealer in rare old wines and
brandies), 135 Princes street,
west corner of Charlotte st — See
Buchan Mathew Sf Co. Assembly
street, Leith
Carter Nicholas, 44 North Hano-
ver street
Cattanach Wm. jun. 102Nicolson st
Chalmers&Chisholm, 39 Rotter row
Christie Alexander, 23b George st
and 67 North Hanover st
Christie Robert.53North Hanover st
Cockburn J. & G. 21 South Castle
street, and 3 India st— See advrt.
Condamine & Co. 4 Duke st, Leith.
Cowan Thomas, 1 Bristo port
Gumming James, 7 Grassmarket
Cunningham & Co. 17 Clyde st
Currer Adam, 79 Queen st
Dewar & Co. 1 Kirkgate, Leith
Dunlop James Usher, Coatfield la,L
Fairley James, 67 Lauriston place,
and 1 Gilmore place
Falconer David, 18 Home st
Fenton Alexander & Co.79Shore,L
Fisher William, 17 Home st

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